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"The wandering fool."
Abysmal Shadows
Tsuchimikado Shikizaki
Name Tsuchimikado Shikizaki
Kanji 式座鬼土海門
Romanji Shikizaki Tsuchimikado
General Information
Race Shinigami
Birthdate Unknown
Age 2,700
Gender Male
Height 167.64 cm (5'6")
Weight 57.15 kg (126lbs)
Eye Color Snake-like rust red
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Information
Affiliation Soul Society, Soul King, Royal Guard
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13, Kido Corps
Occupation Intelligence Operations Commander of the Shinsengumi
Previous Occupation Warden of the Dangai
Team Royal Guard, Shinsengumi
Previous Team Gotei 13
Base of Operations Human World, Seireitei
Personal Information
Marital Status Varies
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Family Tamamo-no-Mae (mother)
Education Shinō Academy
Status Alive
Shikai Namikazegatatsu
Bankai Not Yet Revealed.

Tsuchimikado Shikizaki (式座鬼土海門, Shikizaki Tsuchimikado; lit. "Sealed State Demon, Gate of the Earth and Sea") is the enigmatic and eccentric Squad Leader of the Shinsengumi Intelligence Operations Division. He is renown as having been inducted into the Royal Guard while serving only as a seated officer, for his development of and overwatch of the various safeguards of the Dangai. In his capacity as a member of the illustrious Zero Division, he served as the Warden of the Dangai following its addition as a penal colony.

Centuries later, he would step down from this post, and help form the Shinsengumi, taking command as the Intelligence Operations Division. Despite his vast accomplishments to the well being of Soul Society, Tsuchimikado remains an incredibly devious and shrewd man, whose true goals lie in obscurity. He is allegedly responsible for a number of conflicts, arising both within Soul Society, and across the spiritual realm, with many wondering if he is indeed a double-agent for a secret organization. Although he and the Shinsengumi remained largely absent during the Winter War, their efforts in communication, and intel provided much of the information Soul Society needed to handle the traitor.


For the Commander of the Intelligence Operations Division, Tsuchimikado takes few if any real cautions in keeping his identify hidden. With the appearance of a delinquent teenager, his unruly blonde spiky hair is the first indication that perhaps something is amiss. He is always seen wearing sunglasses, regardless of time or place, and despite whatever battle or injuries he accrues, his shades remain untarnished. His green aloha shirt adorned with white leaf and flower petals remains forever unbuttoned, revealing a broad shouldered muscular frame and tanned skin. A generously handsome body that he is only too proud to comment on. Combined with his blue denim shorts, red and white colored sneakers, he looks more like an Okinawan surfer than a powerful member of the Royal Guard.

Given his appearance and mannerisms few if any ever take Tsuchimikado seriously, especially when his attitude makes it apparent he could care less if they do or not! On rare occasions he has been known to "dress up", as far as Tsuchimikado is concerned of course. In such cases, he simply drapes a dark overcoat over his aloha shirt, with matching pants and business like shoes and calls it a day. Most of the time, this is because Tsuchimikado has serious business to attend to, and for the most part, wants to "look good" while doing it. Despite his casual dress, and disregard for anything formal in regards to typical Shinigami customs his appearance doesn't detract from his ability to woo his way through a crowd, nor convince even the most prestigious of nobles to honor him as though he were royal guest. If anything it seems to endear him to such people. Perhaps this is all apart of his charm, afterall when one has already established that he isnt a threat, it can be quite difficult to change one's impression.

And therein lies the deception. While Tsuchimikado has favored his current attire for the past half century (the change was very recent), he had for many centuries before taken on the appearance of a regal noble. His normally wild hair was smoother and slicked black, and his face appeared more adult and mature like a nobleman from the Heian period of Japan. He wore an elegant attire of fine spider-silk robes, in the place of his haori, with long sleeves, and leggings. Everything from his voice, gait and mannerisms were different, a stark contrast to his current appearance. Even then this persona had only persisted for a few centuries at best. Tsuchimikado has undergone several major physical changes, each so unique it is almost as if he were a different person each time. 


There are many mysteries surrounding the mystery that is Tsuchimikado. Amongst his comrades he is both a great ally and a formidable enemy. His disposition has been the subject of many a debate, though none are truly able to understand him or his actions. His sophisticated yet sarcastic and witty persona, mask the cunning of a devious snake. Tsuchimikado is generally polite, if mockingly so, and is prone to make light-hearted jokes, even snide ones if he's feeling particularly vicious. Most of the time, they are often deep and meaningful, offering great insight into a person or are used to express his own thoughts and opinions on the person or subject in a roundabout fashion.

Like the wind his zanpakutou embodies, he is a free spirit, unbounded and prone to seemingly random shifts in his personality. He can appear serious when light-hearted, relaxed and courteous while furious, even both at the same time, and feel completely apathetic. He is an impish man whose nature is wrapped in the cloak of chaos itself, his actions one day may be earnest and beneficial, going above and beyond friendship. And like a sudden breeze, the next day he will use all of his resources to destroy that very same person. Even Tsuchimikado himself is unaware of how he'll change from day to day. But he has a casual mood, one wrought with his trickster-like tendencies, he seemingly never takes anything seriously, something his allies are the first to comment about, yet his witty reply is that he is, "always serious". Despite these characteristics, he beguiles those around him with a practiced ease, weaving the strings of influence like a master puppeteer.

Sometimes though, the master is fond of cutting the string, and watching it dangle helpless before him. Yet in the same hand he may shed genuine concern and worry over one of his many thralls. His personality is chaos personified, a maelstrom of so many emotions that anything he feels while fleeting is felt tremendously and whole-heartedly. He uses this persona to inspire others, be this awe, irritation or hatred is entirely different and depends on the individual. There is one thing about him that regardless of whim remains constant. He is completely and utterly fearless. This stems not from the bravado of possessing near godlike powers, or even the arrogance and security of his own station. To Tsuchimikado, there is nothing to be feared, only experienced, touched and felt. In such cases he usually finds himself in wonder at experiencing something so raw, so new, and in any case thoroughly enjoys it while it lasts.

Fortunately Tsuchimikado appears to take his duties and responsibilities seriously, likely at the urging of his Zanpakutou spirit. Within the Shinsengumi he is a valuable ally and confident, as he earnestly completes his assigned responsibilities in a timely fashion. His information is rarely false, and he appears to care a great deal about his subordinates, often leaving them gifts or throwing welcoming parties for successful missions. However he is noted to be far more devious and malicious in his actions, likely to demonstrate that he is capable of his own ruthlessness and is very well able to betray any one of them at a moments notice...or not. It can be very difficult to tell either way when it concerns Tsuchimikado.

A man gifted with supernal cunning, and a talent for manipulation, Tsuchimikado does not lie about who he is. He warns those around that he is a spy and that they shouldn't trust him or anything he says, yet his actions only seem to draw them nearer. He is apparently a man of his word, assuming any can get it out of him, but even if he does, whether it ends in their favor is up in the air. The relationships he's built, even his friendship with many of his subordinates and fellow Captains in the Gotei 13, are they real and true, or merely a facade, a stepping stone towards some sinister goal? None are sure where his true motivations lie, for everything he does is a contradiction. Many are unsure of whose side he's even on, yet they all seem to overlook the most obvious answer ---his own. As for what plans he has in store, they will come in due time, whether or not they will have seen the signs is quite another.


Early Life[]

Tsuchimikado's origins are at first glance unremarkable. His father was a court advisor of moderate standing, and his mother a nameless yet inexplicably alluring and knowledgeable woman whose own origins were shrouded in mystery. It was said that the two met during a festival, that it was love at first sight and he could not stand being without her. His upbringing was typical, as a heir to his father's name, he was taught and instructed in the manners of the court. Tsuchimikado however took to it with an unusual zeal, he surpassed his brothers and sisters in sheer knowledge by the time he was six, and was quite adept at manipulating those around him with frightening ease by the time he turned ten. His father was ecstatic, eager to have his prized son prove their worth, while his mother, well his mother dotted on the boy, spoiling him with mystic tales and other mythical legends, that he began dabbling in the magical arts. Unbeknownst to his father and the rest of his family, his mother felt it was time to disclose his true heritage, and his destiny.

When Tsuchimikado completes his first divination, a true divination, not just a prediction of the weather, but of an event to come, down to the smallest of details, does his mother on the eve of the full moon, tell her son that he is indeed the offspring of a human and a kitsune. Her nine-tails illuminated in the moonlight glistening with delight as he revealed, that he had known since he was eight. This divination was his first demonstration in public. He had long since divined his own origins, but had waited for his mother to tell him herself, for that was something he too foresaw. Marveled at the maturity of her own son, she began her own plans. As much as she loved his father, he had grown old, and now it was time to move on, but not before having a little fun.

The next few months had gone by quickly, with Tsuchimikado's father enjoying a boon in his position, having advanced through the ranks of the advisor to be in the imperial court. He used his son's ability ruthlessly, completely focused on his own agenda, neglecting the affairs of his own household, and other sons and daughters. It didn't take much effort on Tsuchimikado's part, getting his family to eventually turn on one another was simple really. His mother stayed in the background working on her own plans as she bewitched her way into the bed chambers of the current emperor. Soon Tsuchimikado's father and the rest of his family was killed off, while he seperated himself behind false names and positions by the time he was just a young adult. His mother on the other hand, began the downward spiral of the king as he became obsessed with pleasing her in all forms, that he too neglected the affairs of his country. Soon the country fell into ruin, war broke out, and with it the fall of the dynasty. Tsuchimikado disguised as a well known priest to exorcize his mother from the woman she "possessed", an elaborate deception which served them well when the real priest came and performed the deed. Satisfied with their efforts mother and son departed from the mortal coil, entering the world of Doubutsu Kato.

Now, there is little if any information regarding his whereabouts or activities during his stay in Doubutsu Kato. Virtually all records of that era were destroyed in the ensuing battles against the combined might of Yamamoto's Gotei 13. Somehow he survived the slaughter of his clansman and the destruction of the spiraling metropolis, while his mother is believed to have perished, possibly sacrificing herself to save her son. Given their personalities however, its also possible that both may have had a hand in the destruction of Doubutsu Kato, or perhaps they hid amongst the humans and nobility such as the Kuchiki at the time. Sometime after the establishment of Soul Society, he would appear in Rukongai as a wandering spirit gifted with extraordinary magical capability. He was highly sought after for his talent and quickly inducted into the ranks of the Shinigami. 

Soul Society[]

Tsuchimikado was enigmatic at best during his brief stint within the Gotei 13. After he was approached and brought to the Academy for training he demonstrated uncanny talent and skill in all four forms of Shinigami combat, graduating within the span of a single year. At the time the Royal Guard was still in its infancy and required the aid of extraordinary beings who could perform tasks its members could not attend to and was inducted as a retainer to the Royal Guard. His training accelerated and he obtained an incredible amount of power in short span of time, introducing various marvels to Soul Society. He was particularly skilled with binding spells, and the manipulation of barriers, so much so that he helped found the facility that would watch over many of Soul Society's enemies in the Precipice World, acting as the Chief Warden. 

Indeed it was he who established many of the functions of the Dangai now used today by Shinigami such as the Kōryū (拘流, Wresting Flow) which regulates the current constantly flowing in the Dangai, as well as the Kōtotsu (拘突, Wresting-Surge) serves as an automated system that cleanses the Dangai. As the Warden, Tsuchimikado oversaw the containment of "dangerous elements" who were a threat to Soul Society and created many safeguards to ensure their compliance during their stay in his prison. Many of these were carried over to the Nest of Maggots now used by the Onmitsukidō's Detention Unit. For centuries he would remain as its Chief until the war once again loomed over Soul Society. One of the enemies primary goals was the release of the prisoners held in the penal colony, which would have flooded Soul Society in an even bloodier conflict. As a fail-safe, Tsuchimikado destroyed the penal colony, ripping it to shreds temporally, scattering its denizens across time and space, destroying many of the inmates. 

With the residents of the penal colony dead, the uprising soon settled once the Gotei 13 re-established order. As a Warden with no detainee's Tsuchimikado gracefully stepped down from his position and returned to his duties as a member of the Royal Guard. For the next century Soul Society was plagued with numerous uprisings, rebellions and the only one near invasion. These disasters soon made it apparent that while the Gotei 13 was capable of defending Soul Society, an external force would be necessary to detect these possible wars and prevent as many from reaching the walls of Soul Society. Thus it was decreed that a subdivision of the Royal Guard would be tasked with carrying out this mandate. Tsuchimikado and three other Captains would soon establish the beginning of the Shinsengumi.

Inventions & Equipment[]

Central Great Underground Prison (真央地下大監獄, shin'ōchikadaikangoku): As the progenitor of the barriers that contained the numerous criminals of Soul Society when the Dangai was used as a penal colony, Tsuchimikado developed several safeguards and security measures which were later remolded and implemented as a new containment strategy. The eight levels of this prison system were conceptualized and drafted by Tsuchimikado after he was relieved from his duty as Warden and serve as the chief prison center in Soul Society. The specifics of each level remain largely unknown but they all encompass a web of highly complex binding spells, and space-time transmogrification. As such, Tsuchimikado has the knowledge and capability to freely enter, and manipulate any of the prison levels as he see's fit, often arranging visitations to known criminals as "consultants" when faced with particularly interesting plots made against Soul Society. Since the fall of Aizen he has paid particular attention to this inmate and has on occasion "ruffled his feathers" so to speak.

Tsuchimikado's Theory of the Dangai: It is unknown if the Dangai was a creation of some entity or if it had always existed as a dimension separating the Human World and Soul Society. Tsuchimikado theorizes that if one assumes the notion that other spiritual realms exist, that there are other tangent heavens, then what separates them from each other? He proposes that the Dangai is a multifaceted dimension. It serves as a gateway between Soul Society and the Human World, as well as Hueco Mundo, yet this is not true for other dimensions. He further goes on stating that the Dangai is a kind of dimensional anchor binding these realms together, tying them to one another ensuring their existence. Soul Society is a realm, and one of many, but to be a realm on its own, it must be encapsulated, contained and self-sustaining. The Shinto pantheon serves as the foundation by which it is perceived, and that human belief, that the reishi that compose its structures and its people are born from the desires, wishes and fragmented wills of its living counterparts. If that is believed to be true, then the Dangai is much like a blanket wrapped around the idea of Soul Society, ensuring its existence. He likens it to a much larger and far more complex version of his Bounded Field: Turned World. Therefore to protect such a locale, measures must be taken. However as this is all conjecture, this theory is a highly controversial, heavily debated topic among Soul Society scholars, magicians and nobles. Regardless Tsuchimikado's contributions in both the form of the Koryu and Kotetsu cannot be ignored which hint to some grain of truth to his claims.

  • Kōryū (拘流, Wresting Flow): Tsuchimikado is hailed as the creator of the wresting flow within the Dangai, though he denies such a claim and merely asserts that he just "fooled around with the currents until it worked." Scrutiny though reveals much of the complexity that had gone into its creation. The Dangai is both an isolated space yet a space that exists between the known dimensions relevant to Soul Society. Research indicates that the time currents which are layered atop one another were used as a device to facilitate the perceptive reality of the Dangai, the physical manifestation of its walls, ceiling and floor. The wresting flow is a current that does not appear to originate from the Dangai nor Soul Society but seems to be drawn from outside its boundaries. Yet as it passes through the Dangai, capable Shinigami can use specific rituals and artifacts to interact with the flow and move about safely. This feature is indicative of a deliberate function that was woven into the wresting flow's construction.
  • Kōtotsu (拘突, Wresting-Surge): As the creator of the wresting flow, Tsuchimikado is also accredited with the construction of the wresting surge, which he indicates is a component of the wresting flow and by extension the existence of the Dangai. If the research is to be believed, the wresting surge is not so much a creature as it is an event. The wresting flow that exists within the Dangai eventually reaches a point where it becomes a very dense mass due to the compression of the layered time currents. This event is what is known as the wresting surge, which paradoxically destroys and creates the Dangai. Though it resembles a creature, the glowing "eye" is merely the focal point by which the space is condensed, the visible light shown is actually a refraction of the Dangai folding in on itself and emerging at the same time. Much like the wresting flow, sufficiently powerful spiritual beings can interact with this, and have shown the ability to destroy it.

Ofuda (御札, lit. Charm): These rectangular parchments inscribed with magical symbols utilize an ancient Japanese form of magic to function. Using the precepts in kotodama (言霊, lit. "word spirit/soul"), Tsuchimikado uses the charm as a lens to enact a magical ritual derived from the magical and symbolic meaning inscribed on the parchment. Typically the names of kami are written on the charms and are intended as a form of good luck or fortune. However, given his spiritual knowledge and understanding, Tsuchimikado created a method of inscribing magical spells onto the parchment as a formula. By infusing an ofuda with spiritual energy to act as a power source, he can a fully realized spell; spells that have included the entire incantation and ritual without needing to prepare on ahead of time. Even if he were to forgo the magical formula itself he can inscribe kanji that describe a specific intended effect, drawing from its kotodama roots. Given the utility of such a skill it is not necessary for him to specifically use the parchment, any sufficient surface is applicable.

  • 悪霊退散 (Akuryo Taisen, "Evil Spirit Disperse"): Purification charm. A charm possessing the same power and function as the "soul burial" ability of a zanpakutou. This charms most basic enchantment is the immediate dissolution of wandering spirits, which it performs by sending them off to the afterlife. However it is composed of higher level spell formula which can be activated to harm and bind higher level spirits such as Hollows, Youkai and other malevolent beings. Rather than performing a soul burial on the targeted soul, the charm rapidly converts reishi into kishi, effectively reinforcing the "reality" that is the human world. This when applied to a spirit is a terribly excrutiating experience, that greatly weakens them, and if not outright destroys them as their spiritual matter is transformed into the equivalent of atmospheric particles. When applied on a ward scheme, they can serve as a powerful barrier to protect individuals, homes and locale from intrusion by spirits. Due to the destructive nature of this charm, when used in its offensive capacity, it has been deemed a Level-Two-Class-Restricted-Magic, which requires authorization by the Kido Corps. 
  • 決壊魔導 (Kekkai Madou, "Sorcery Break Down"): Magic neutralization charm. This charm is simple in its execution as it forcibly gathers ambient spiritual energy, which the seal stores and then ejects into directly into a magical construct, most often a spell. Spells require highly refined spiritual control lest the spell unravel, and this charm exploits this weakness by introducing essentially erroneous spiritual energy into the magical array. This causes a cascade of failures as the magic becomes destabilized due to the rapidly increasing imbalance. Low to mid level Kido spells and other such effects can be summarily neutralized using this charm, though more complex forms of magic prove unusually resistant. This charm however has been adapted into containment cells, which can absorb the spiritual output of abilities exhibited by prisoners preventing escape. 

Powers & Abilities[]

Genius Intellect: Tsuchimikado's deceptive nature is equaled only by his immense intellect. As one of the oldest living beings, having lived before the very founding of Soul Society, he possesses an almost otherworldly knowledge and perception. To say that he is well versed in the inner workings of Soul Society would be in jest, it would more more accurate to say that he may have had a very hand in the direction in which Soul Society has grown! His understanding of its laws and infrastructure are seconded to none, and his awareness of its activities are virtually without equal. His genius served him well in evading the destruction of Doubutsu Kato, and even now as the head Intelligence expert of the Shinsengumi. There is little if anything that he doesn't know about the spiritual world, extending beyond the walls of Soul Society to the very nature of how the spiritual world operates, to the relationship between the various dimensions. This vast intellect extends from mere intellectual pursuits to his cunning and tactical acumen in the field of battle. He is a masterful trickster, masking his intent through veiled lies and half-truths, deceiving his opponent with knowledge of their own abilities that they didnt even possesses.

  • Master Strategist & Tactician: Tsuchimikado's chief role in his position as Intelligence Operations Commander is the acquisition and distribution of intelligence. He is also responsible for the dissemination of missions within the Shinsengumi, both of which are a testament to his immense capabilities in formulating strategies, and tactics for a wide range of individual skill sets and unique talents. Amongst the Royal Guard he is also prized for his incredible intellect and his ability to discern the movements of their enemies and allies. He demonstrates an unusual level of calm and perceptive capability to discern the very basis of his opponents abilities, yet such knowledge is not revealed until he has at last delivered the final blow! Tsuchimikado's strategy and tactics appear wildly complex, that such gambits would otherwise fail in normal situations, but at other times are so ridiculously simple, that one would could not believe that such a man is hailed as a genius among the Shinsengumi. In the end, whatever his scheme, tactic or goal, his objectives inevitably end up fulfilled, only hint at the depths of Tsuchimikado's strategic and tactical abilities.
  • Master Manipulator: One of his most well known or perhaps even least known depending on whose whim, is his ability to manipulate those around him. None are entirely sure whose side he's really on, given that he's both a criminal mastermind within the Shinsengumi. He has repeatedly manipulated those around him, even when they believe that he's the one being manipulated, and is known to have not just plots-within-plots, but additional plots going on around him. Some are there just for his amusement, while others have unknown long term benefits that so far, few have been able to discern.
Tsuchimikado Spiritual Power

"You think you know power, that you hold it in your hands, that by having it you can change the world around you, even fate itself. But really, power is the furthest instrument of change."

Immense Spiritual Power: As one of the first Captains of Soul Society and the current commander of the Intelligence Operations subdivision of the Shinsengumi, Tsuchimikado boasts a tremendous amount of spiritual energy. Even by the standards of those that possess a similar level and control of their energy, Tsuchimikado's spiritual power is considered "worlds apart" from other Captains. Yet it lacks the intensity and overwhelming pressure normally associated with power of his level. When he releases his reiatsu, its effect on the environment is very different from other Shinigami, its almost as if a deep void has descended upon them, seemingly masking the presence of other spiritual beings within its area. Like the man himself his spiritual power is extremely deceptive in its nature, the only hint of its exertion being just a prickling at the back of one's skull. Rather than affecting the environment with pressure, his reiatsu tends to wrap itself around the minds and wills of others in the vicinity. As it sinks into their minds, some have found themselves more friendly to him, and by extension, easier to manipulate. The environment itself beckons to his whim, as though it eagerly awaits his command with rapt attention. Its very nature and texture is difficult to discern, as it constantly flows from one axis to the next; supreme goodness and righteousness, to abhorrent evil and malicious intent, it is a chaotic power that changes and adapts at its own whim.

Shunpo Expert: Ever-changing, ever-shifting, wild, chaotic, he is like a willow in the wind, flowing around from one space to the next with a beguiling grace. Tsuchimikado's speed is as mysterious as it is immense, he does not move as a Shinigami does, in point of fact, there is little about his movements that's human at all. He is a magical prodigy, and thus has little use for the technique drafted by a clan of cats, instead drawing upon the spiritual world itself, riding along its currents. He moves with inhuman speed, swaying and drifting in impossible angles, fading into a wispy mist only to reappear again whenever it suits him. His formidable magic and mastery of Onmyodo, grant him instantaneous speed, almost as though he's teleporting. Like the snake is he often compared to, he is a slippery bastard, capable of evading attacks he has no right evading, as though dispersing his very form into the air itself. His movements are erratic, unpredictable, and seemingly at will, requiring little effort on his part. He turns the very force of an opponents own power against them, using it to further augment his speed, leaving a trail of flickering afterimages in his wake.

Hakuda Expert: Whether as a result of his exceptional experience and longevity, mastery of magic, or love for battle, Tsuchimikado is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Much like his speed, he moves in an unpredictable and erratic manner, the rocking and swaying motions of his body are hypnotic like the wind itself. He is able to bend, contort, and move into impossible positions, and bombard his opponents with a barrage of attacks; each one carrying the force of a miniature tornado, slicing and tearing apart where he strikes. Whatever his fighting style is, it is impossible to discern its origins, having nothing but an unnatural flow of unconnected attacks, transitions, and footwork. He is shown to be an extremely cunning and devious combatant who ruthlessly exploits the weaknesses of his opponent. With his wild movements he befuddles his opponent, as they attempt to strike at what appear to be openings, only to find themselves falling into one trap after another. He liberally interchanges his magic into his fighting style, utilizing kido to distract, disarm, immobilize or strike against his opponent. It is akin to fighting several powerful combatants at once, as a cascade of demon magic interrupts their attacks, confound their own strategies, and attacks with enough power to erode entire mountain sides, crash into their being. When one fights Tsuchimikado, they are fighting a force of nature unto itself, an avatar of wind, a master of magic, a cunning fox.

Immense Strength: Strength in of itself is in fact an illusion; the capability to exert sufficient force to enact a change around you is a concept that pervades all layers of existence. Rather than raw power, one must consider strength as an aspect of any given phase in the every revolving cycles. Knowing this and comprehending it are two very different mindsets and it takes renown Hakuda masters thousands of years to grasp such a concept. Tsuchimikado is not however but his grasp of the mysteries, and strange is such that he has demonstrated himself capable. He understands that the idea of strength existing as a force inheret in the individual is something that must be dissolved, leaving only the certainty of action. Strength as all things in the spiritual plane is relative, it is just as much a force as magic is, and one that can be just as easily manipulated. When Tsuchimikado strikes, the very world around him blurs as the spiritual presence that emanates twists around his body like a spiral, focusing the vast and boundless forces of the world, curling together in a knot. His strike is the catalyst that releases this built up tension that is capable of unleashing unto this world untold levels of devastation. In a single punch, a raging storm will evaporate revealing that which illuminates the heavens.

Enhanced Durability: Tsuchimikado demonstrates a ridiculous level of durability, and is able to withstand a great deal of punishment from his opponents. Although it has yet to be fully shown, its believed that Tsuchimikado makes frequent use of his onmyojutsu magic to create powerful barriers around his person, augmenting its defenses.

Kido Mastery[]

Advanced Kido Master: Kido is distilled from the ancient secrets and mystic arts of previous civilizations, combined with the knowledge gleaned from saints and hermits throughout the ages. As one who was there at its conception, who pioneered the system by which Kido is used and classified, it is no surprise that Tsuchimikado is considered one of its greatest masters and practitioners. The esoteric arts he brought into the art helped to codify the system of magic used by all Shinigami, thus as one of its progentiors he is a master of all of its associated skills. Following the destruction of Doubutsu Kato, Tsuchimikado became obsessed with unearthing the mystic arts. This partly stems from the library of knowledge lost when it was razed to the ground, so many secrets lost in the wake of conquest. He has journeyed to worlds stranger than our own, battled against demons, spirits and old gods, and through these experiences he has become masterfully accomplished as a magician. He is capable of weaving even the most complex spells like threads to form a tapestry, a manifestation of magic so brilliant as to be considered a modern miracle. The subtle ebb and flow of the world is known to him as intimately as a lover, he has unearthed ancient crossroads and dimensional gateways that lead to the edge of creation and beyond. 

  • Kōjutsu Eishō (後述詠唱, lit. "Spoken-After Incantation"): A class of Kidō Incantation where the incantation is recited after initiating the spell in order to boost its power. To those specializing in kido, this is one of the first significant techniques they learn. The earliest spell incantations were mantra's, and the utterance of their syllables, words or phrases served as a binding and anchor for their spiritual manifestations. As mantra's were the precusors to all known incantations, using the concept of a mantra for a spell incantation is to crystallize its existence, making it stronger and more powerful. However merely uttering the incantation in repitition is not sufficient to actualize this technique. The use of a mantra is often described as recasting the spell, but only to a point as to strengthen it or repair any weaknesses in it. This requires an immense level of spell familiarity and reiryoku control, for the manipulation itself can result in the spell destablizing entirely and unraveling. Rather than pour an immense amount of power into a spell at once, this technique can be used to empower a spell more steadily over a period of time, and need not require one to use his or her own reserves. Tsuchimikado having learned this technique while living in the human world achieved mastery of it in the spiritual world. He can utter a spells name to strengthen it, and by uttering the full incantation can more than double its power, or instantly repair a spell on the verge of breaking or one that is already broken. This concept works on the idea that a spell once cast can still be recast even after it has manifested itself, by taping into the residual traces of its casting. Spells opponents long thought disabled have been known to activate once more in the throes of heated combat, making this an invaluable skill.
  • Eishō Ichiren (詠唱一嗹, lit. "Incantation-Chain"): Considered by some as the technique that separates the practitioners such as those commonly seen in the Gotei 13 between the elite officers in the Kido Corps. It is one of the most powerful and versatile secret techniques of the Kido Corps, and one of the most difficult to obtain combat proficiency in. Ordinarily spells are distinct, unique manifestations, and though there exists combinations used in tandem, it is merely the resulting effect and that interaction. The act of using an incantation-chain however is the string two or more spells together by chaining their incantations together as a single seamless spell. The difference is that not only is the effect changed, but the characteristics of the individual spells merge together creating an entirely new different breed of spellcasting. It is possible to chain-cast a spell using the shape and form of other spells as templates, thereby allowing you to more easily alter its characteristics. This technique is the root of all advanced spell alteration, as it requires a highly focused mind capable of not only rapidly casting multiple spells in succession. But to cast a spell, and then create a spiritual knot to tie it to another spell and then merge the two together, and this is done for each additional spell. Skill practitioners of this technique can remove certain aspects of a spell or change them using the overlay of another, and it is this utility that makes incantation-chaining so crucial to the development of a Kido master. Having mastered this technique as well Tsuchimikado is well versed in its applications. Serving as the basis for the ability to turn a blazing ball of fire into a raging tornado of heat and fire, the incantation-chain is one of the defining skills of a Kido master.
  • Eishōhaki (詠唱破棄, lit. "Incantation Abandonment"): A class of Kidō Incantation wherein the Kidō practitioner forgoes using a spoken incantation, but at the cost of vastly reducing the power of the spell. Names in magic are a very potent and powerful force, and the very act of spell-casting is the invocation of mysterious forces by calling upon them by name. However kido for all its power and utility often has long-winded and lengthy incantations, a necessary evil to faciliate their strange yet powerful manifestations. Incantations are at the heart and soul of magic, their very existence synonomous with magic, but their existence makes wielding kido in practical combat cumbersome. In order to overcome this limitation it became necessary to develop a technique one that would later be called incantation-abandonment. There are two types of practitioners of this technique, the more well known are those who simply abandon the incantation, citing the name of the spell itself to invoke the effect. They have become familiar enough with the flow of energy as to reproduce it without the need for an incantation, and indeed they are able to manifest the spell in its totality, however the strength of the spell is drastically reduced. The other method is known only to those who truly master Kido, for they understand the inherent secret of this technique. The incantation is not truly abandoned at all. The incantation is sub-vocalized within the inner world of the Shinigami, its tones and intonations forming the essence of the spell itself. Then they use their own reiatsu as a lens to project the incantation through the flow of energy around them. The incantation is spoken it is simply done so on an entirely different level. Doing so allows a Kido master to seemingly cast spell after spell without utterance, as it requires only a thought. However even then such spells are still considered not at their full strength as they are cast through the realm of a lens, and transmitted outward. When a Kido master who is capable of using this technique recites the incantation they quite literally do so in the inner and outer worlds, therefore doubling its power. It is an application of the very first technique learned, "spoken-after incantation", which is why such spells are known to double or even quadruple in power when used with such techniques.
  • Hitei Kamae (否定構え, lit. "No (negative) Stance"): A class of Kido manipulation that allows the practitioner to perform kido without adopting a stance; ie the physical movements or gestures typically involved in the casting or performance of a spell. When Tsuchimikado performs a spell, there is no indication of his casting, he assumes no stance nor does he perform any elaborate or subtle gestures to aid in its casting. Such a skill is widely regarded as the trademark of an esteemed master of the magical arts. He is a master in understanding the flow of energy to such a degree, that he can perform all of his spells without motion, and with his heightened spiritual awareness, is fully capable of casting them from any angle or direction around his body. However by utlizing such gestures, he is able to increase their strength and speed twice over, a feat that he typically combines with his ability to abandon the incantation for his casting, to slam an onslaught of spells relentlessly against his victims.


Onmyōdō Grandmaster (陰陽道, "Way of Cosmic Dual Forces"): The subtle forces that flow in the earth and heavens are as mysteries as they are powerful. These dual cosmic forces comprise the very foundation of creation, the ever-shifting balance of light and darkness, and it is from their copulation that all things arise, it is believed that from this union that the world itself emerged from. Scattered across the physical and spiritual world are currents that carry these energies, they stretch and crisscross from one realm to another, for all things are connected. Magic is the art of tapping into these forces, drawing upon the collective consciousness that pervades the energies born out of the ideas, thoughts and souls of the living, encapsulated and manifested in those-who-are and those-who-have-yet-to-be. Tsuchimikado is the progeny of a divine spirit, and blessed is he with the gifts of divination and spiritual transformation. He was provided instruction from all manner of teachers who proclaimed themselves "master" but he did not grovel at the hands of these pretenders, for the greatest teacher was before him. Nature herself is a cruel and unforgiving task master, and will often leave questions where there should be answers.

He was patient however, he learned to watch her children, and those of heaven, he learned how to listen to the whispers of the wind, the secrets hidden in the depths of water, the lessons of life, and rebirth in the fluttering leaves. He was an attentive student and in but a few years time, was given a reward for his diligence, for when gazed upon the sky, eyes never straying even as day turned into night he finally understood. That however was the first step of many more to come, for with the power he obtained, he and his mother brought low a dynasty. When they vacated the human world, leaving naught but chaos in their wake, they ventured to the spiritual crossroads and there, they brought down a civilization. Magic as Tsuchimikado learned, truly is subtle, it is a difficult thing to grasp, like sand it slips through ones hands, held only for a moment. He spent centuries acquiring knowledge, traveling across the realms learning much, experiencing more, and ultimately discovering new things about the world in which he lived. His magical power grew steadily, slowly over the years, and in time one could say that he had finally grown content with his magic.

Onmyōdō is the study of these forces and their interactions with each other, how one inevitably gives rise to another, this cycle that is endlessly repeated. For that is what magic is, a cycle of thought revealed time and time again, each iteration through a different lens, another perspective. His grasp of this intricate complexity describing the transformation of energy is considered elite. There are few beings aside from the gods themselves who can claim to hold such knowledge. For nearly three millennia he has honed his craft, spent years, decades even in silent meditation, allowing the fullness and flow of the world to pass through him as a conduit. He has achieved immense skill in the manipulation of the natural forces, capable of utilizing the five elements with ease, creating and destroying them, altering them according to his will. Though he commands great power and skill in the art of Kido, it is in this system that he is truly powerful. The esoteric mysteries of the universe are revealed to him, time and space not mere concepts but tangible forces he can manipulate. The bonds shared between others, the boundaries that separate the worlds and bind them together, these are forces that can be molded and reshaped by his hand.

  • Aioui Soukoku (相生相克, lit. "Mutual Generation, Mutual Overcoming"): A state of understanding that is drawn from the observation and comprehension of the interaction of the elements. It is not necessarily a technique, as it cannot be taught, it must be experienced in a profound way and the manner in which it is revealed to a given practitioner differs. Essentially it refers to the transformation of the phases, widely regarded as the elements. Perception is an illusion, and that which we perceive to be different is in actuality simply an object in another form. At heart, they are the same, the kernel that composes their essence is no different than the forces that comprise all other things found in nature. The cycle of birth, growth, entropy and death are one in the same. Therefore to one who has obtained such understanding, Tsuchimikado is capable of influencing this cycle. All elements give rise to another, all elements fall to one other, all elements contain aspects of the element that gave birth to them and the element they will eventually father. This comprehension grants Tsuchimikado the ability to alter the state of the element, by tilting the axis of this cycle, he can change the element of fire, into earth or even water itself. The raging heat of an oncoming tsunami of flame, can be turned into a pleasant shower on a summer day, with but a wave of his hand. It is a subtle art, for magic in nearly all it forms dictates that one must command the magic itself, but Onmyōdō does not command, it guides, it nudges, and gently pushes at the realm of possibility and potential.

Yochinouryoku (予知能力, lit. "Divination"): The spiritual and physical worlds are built upon a series of patterns and cycles, thus those who practice Onmyōdō must learn to be able to discern and recognize these patterns. It is a crucial first step towards the spiritual enlightenment that is required to progress ever further in Onmyōdō. Observation is a skill that is easily acquired, and once learned, predictions of natural disasters and astrological events becomes an ingrained skill. However the true power of such discernment is in the recognition of not just these patterns, but in probability. The world is in flux, all things are in motion and all paths are real, so it is believed within Onmyōdō that the future is considered a tangible force. The future can be changed, and altered by manipulating the probability of events. Prediction becomes judgement, uncertainty crystalizes into form, and potential is realized. Onmyōdō is capable of altering the probability of events that may or may not happen in the future. This is accomplished by essentially borrowing the probability of other paths in order to increase or decrease the chances of the desired path. Yet for all its potential for abuse, this power cannot escape equivalent exchange. Choosing one path collapses the others, manipulating the probability of one action will effect the outcome of another future action. Having spent over two-thousand years practicing divination, Tsuchimikado has achieved such precision with this skill that he can directly influence the exact probability that he wishes to borrow from his future in porportions. With this its possible for him to absolutely reduce the probability of an incoming attack or event by any desired margin, if he so chose. However this inversely increases the chance of any future path directed against him or his actions.

  • Hakamono (計物, lit. "Object Reading"): ​Tsuchimikado possess the unique ability to synchronize with the spirits of all things, which grants him a type of prescience, allowing him to see and hear anywhere in the past, present or possible futures. This ability is not without limits, to view things in the present requires a foci, a name, a location, something that symbolizes who or what he is trying to view. Seeing into the past is much more difficult, given the vast amount of information. Tsuchimikado generally makes physical contact with a creature or object, as it provides the quickest acquisition of information regarding their past in a similar manner to psychometry.

Kyoukaisen (境界線, lit. "Boundary World Line"): As all things in the world are connected it is possible to use this flow to create a phenomena where specific patterns can be detected and turned away. This concept serves as the foundation for all forms of ward and protective magic, though within Onmyoudo, this has less to do with erecting powerful barriers that ward of attacks and instead emphasis the deflection of harmful influences and misfortunate events. This is achieved by the creation of a boundary world line, which causes the energy flow within a specific space or region to turn into itself, effectively creating a second world so to speak. This causes a separation of space between the world inside in the boundary line and the outer world. Though they remain physically connected, spiritual speaking, the inside world effectively exists as a separate dimension altogether. As one who establishes the boundary line, and supplies it with their spiritual power, they are given a greater degree of governance. The notion of "ward" in this aspect is a term denoting the subtle compulsions woven into the fabric of the boundary line that serve to dissuade or even outright bar entry inside its confines. Against living beings, such wards create powerful mental compulsions to ignore the happenings within the boundary world line, and evade the area entirely. However its greatest strength is against spiritual beings. As the spiritual paths are curved inward, spiritual beings themselves are deflected outright from entrance, as though the very existence within the space and their own are antithesis to each other. It is however possible for a strong enough spiritual force to brute force their way through the boundary line, but such cases are very rare. Boundary lines once established are anchored and cannot be moved, thus they are best used to create safe haven's or as a foundation for protection. Tsuchimikado is exceedingly proficient in creating a variety of boundary lines for his personal use, many of which are used by Soul Society today.

  • Kekkai: Tenkuiki (結界: 転区域, lit. "Bounded Field: Turned World"): A boundary line that establishes an unbroken perimeter creating a bounded field. Spiritual energy is traced along the boundary line that once connected causes the currents of spiritual energy of the outer world to turn away and be deflected around the bounded field. This is caused by the spiritual energy spiraling around the edges, as it subtlety guides the outside currents away from the space within. The purpose of this action is to lessen the degradation of magical energies within the space, this allows for the establishment of more permanent magical fixtures, while allowing the bounded field to draw energy from the passing currents. Magic woven into the bounded field spiral within, and along its edge, making it very receptive to more subtle forms of magic. Destructive forces are inherently incompatible due to the innerworkings of the bounded field which would cause such magic to disperse its effects weakening it as to render it non-existant. A potent fire spell woven into the field would only increase the interior temperature by a few degree's. Enchantments that affect the mind however are far more potent within the bounded field. With his skills in Kido, it is possible for Tsuchimikado to weave demon magic that targets the mind into his bounded fields, and layer them on top of one another. Beings who enter his bounded fields warded in such a fashion are constantly bombarded by the effects of these spells, making it an ideal defense against intrusion. This bounded field can also be used to as a powerful tool for territorial control, and it is most effective against other forms of magic. Within the space of a bounded field, the caster will almost always have a significant advantage over another, as their energy is suffused within, they can more easily take command of the environment.

Shiki Fuin (式封印, lit. "Sealing Ceremony"): Refers to the mystical interaction of objects through mainpulating its name. How this is accomplished is through the very real understanding that language and writing are fundamental aspects of the human conciousness. Imagination is rooted in our language, we think in language, speak in language and write in language, therefore the meaning of a word is just as important as the word itself, for they are intertwined, one does exist without the other. Binding is a powerful tool provided by sealing, for it allows one to attach a fixture to something that is named, thereby influencing it in some form. Though he is not one gifted with the insight of true name manipulation, Tsuchimikado is regardless a highly skilled practitioner of the sealing ceremony. Indeed his greatest work so far is the binding of his very name. The kanji that comprises his surname, "Shikizaki" is 'sealing' coupled with 'position' and finally 'spirit', that is then attached to the name Tsuchimikado. In essence he has bound the name to his own person, effectively hiding his true name, and for all intents and purposes any attempt to divine his true name reveals only Shikizaki Tsuchimikado. It is believed that he performed this effort in order to thwart Ichibe, whom expressed his wonder at such an achievement. Even with his own innate powers he was unable to divine Tsuchimikado's true name, and while the name itself is bound to Tsuchi, attempting to influence him through it, would almost always result in failure. However he further remarked, that while such a feat was impressive, he was fully capable of simply removing the binding itself, though refrained from doing so, as he wished to honor the effort of said feat. There are of course other applications of the sealing ceremony, as by attaching concepts to a name they can be altered or changed in some fashion.

  • Meirei Fuuin (命令封印, lit. "Command Seal"): Widely considered a form of forbidden magic, this form of sealing allows the practitioner to create an immensely powerful compulsion within the target, called an Absolute Command. When used they are able to vocalize a single command that will absolutely be obeyed, regardless of the targets desires or wishes, overriding their will completely. Even if their mind rebels against the command, their body will carry out the order to the best of its ability. The immense power of this seal is mitigated only by the fact that it only works on summoned spirits. The complexity of this magic must be interwoven into the very fabric of their spiritual body, and the only method that allows for this is the act of summoning which not only draws the summoned spirit, but manifests its body using the energy from the caster and the environment which is channeled into the sealing array. This is why even divine spirits that are summoned typically only have a faction of their true power. Furthermore the different classes of summons limit the number of command seals that can be applied ot them. The lowest level can be bound indefinately, and their existence is more akin to slavery. Elementals and mythological beasts however are much more limited in that capacity, reducing the number to a meager six, while divine spirits such as dragons have a limit of three.
  • Ketsugou Fuuin (結合封印, lit. "Binding Seal"): Are a far more flexible form of sealing that has a wide range of utility. Binding seals essentially allow the practitioner to add attributes or characteristics to objects, or persons, depending on what is being added and in what capacity. A recent use of such a power was Ichibe's ability to "conceal" the Royal Realm from the eyes of the Sternritter, by attaching the "conceal seal" to the location.

Shikigami (式神, lit. "Ceremony Gods"): According to Shinto belief, all objects found in nature possess a guardian spirit, a soul bound to its form no matter how small or insignificant. As a man attuned to the natural flow of the world, as one descended from its most powerful spirits, Tsuchimikado knows such a statement to hold more truth than many would believe. The cycle of life, death and rebirth is like a wheel, the souls of the past, present and future all flow within this tangled web. But a spirit is not as bound as one would think, and those found in nature are more prone to the beckoning charms of an onmyoujutshi such as Tsuchimikado. By communing with the elemental spirits that permeate through the world, Tsuchimikado can ask them for aid, typically by binding their essence inside a physical object, in order to create a shikigami. Whether these spirits are derived from the wind, the water, the earth or even the raging fire radiating from the sun they all answer his call. By infusing such beings with his own spiritual power he is able to forge powerful bonds thereby drastically increasing the power of the shikigami created as a result of this contract. 

  • Spiritual Power: All of Tsuchimikado's Shikigami boast a substantial amount of spiritual power, though lacking their own will their actual strength is on par with a low-ranked seated officer.
Bishamonten (毘沙門天): Named after the God of Warriors, this type of Shikigami is a combat specialist. Its abilities focus heavily on swordsmanship, and brute physical strength. Each one possesses great strength and durability, wielding dual katana's with expert proficiency. They are highly skilled swordsman, and with greater numbers can prove quite challenging to battle hardened Lieutenants.
B Shiki
  • Sworsmanship Specialist: Evident by whom they are named after, Bishamonten-class Shikigami possess considerable skill in swordsmanship, battling with a relentless almost berserker-like ferocity. It is highly skilled at using its incredible speed to great effect for precision and lethal blows against its summoners enemies. It also seem to possesses some form of limited intelligence as it is capable of adapting to its opponents attacks, and strategy.
  • Enhanced Strength: Bishamonten-class Shikigami possesses tremendous physical strength, capable of demolishing boulders with a single swipe of their blade.
  • Enhanced Durability: Another attribute of Bishamonten-class Shikigami is their incredible durability, and ability to suffer through a great deal of damage, yet not show any hint of damage in their movements or attacks. Their skin is extremely durable and very difficult to pierce through. As constructs they dont have any vitals to target making them very difficult to kill, and are the most resistant towards Kido affects and abilities.
Sōjōbō (僧正坊): Named after one of the mythical kings of the tengu. Sōjōbō-class Shikigami serve as Tsuchimikado's reconnaissance and infiltration specialists. While not as combat able as the Bishamonten-class they are used primarily for guerrilla warfare, assassinations, and special strike teams of necessary. Sojobo Shikigami are able to become invisible, transform their appearance to any human (typically Tsuchimikado himself), and are noted to be extraordinarly fast, outpacing the average seated officer. They are highly skilled assassins, and adapt at hand-to-hand combat.
S Shiki
  • Kage Buyo (影舞踊, lit. Shadow Dance): Sōjōbō-class are able to become invisible and completely erase their presence from the perceptions of spiritual beings. While in effect they cannot be seen nor heard and their spiritual power is suppressed. They also possesses some characteristics of being insubstantial while this ability is in effect, even towards other spiritual beings and constructs, allowing it to efficiently spy and gather valuable information for its summoner Tsuchimikado.
  • Henge (変幻, lit. Transformation): Sōjōbō-class Shikigami are extremely skilled at shapeshifting, being able to flawlessly take on the appearance of others. By touching a target they are able to instantly take on a targets personality, though they remain loyal to Tsuchimikado.
  • Master Assassin: Sōjōbō-class Shikigami are masters in the arts of assassination. They possess detailed knowledge of anatomy, and are extremely skilled at hiding their prescence even in the midst of combat.
  • Hand-to-hand Combatant: Despite its appearance, Sōjōbō-class Shikigami are highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, making use of their limbs and lightning fast reflexes to great effect in combat to quickly and silently kill its opponents. Sōjōbō-class Shikigami fights using guerrilla tactics, striking from the shadows only to fade away the next instant, making use of misdirection, and feints.
  • Shunpo Practitioner: Out of all of Tsuchimikado's Shikigami the Sōjōbō-class are by far the fastest, capable of utilizing the infamous Shunpo with some degree of skill. They are fast enough to create at least one "speed clone" while moving, making them very effective at hit and run or surprise tactics.
Konohanasakuya (木花之開耶): Named after the daughter of a mountain god, she represents "prosperity". The Konohanasakuya Shikigami, are the only ones possessing the ability to use magic and kido. However they are less durable and the slowest out of the Shikigami making them best used as support. They are able to cast a number of spells, and are as skilled as the average Seated Officer. Their true skill however lies in their ability to synchronize with other Shikigami, broadcasting information over the "network", thereby greatly enhancing their teamwork. With only one Konohanasakuya Shikigami, Tsuchimikado can control over a hundred at one time with effortless ease, and by utilizing more, he can easily control an entire army.
K Shiki
  • Kido practitioner: Konohanasakuya-class are unique class of Shikigami, in that they have been imparted with the necessary skill and knowledge to utilize Kido. They prove to be highly skilled practitioners, but due to their limited reserves are only able to cast low to mid level kido spells. However unlike most practitioners, they must use the full incantation in order to cast any given spell and are unable to bypass this limitation. For this reason they are largely regulated to being support, though it is a role they are well suited for.
  • Isshin (一心, "One Mind"): Similar to the power displayed by the 10th Espada, Konohanasakuya-class Shikigami possess the ability to broadcast information of whatever they are currently seeing or experiencing. They are also able to see or experience anything any other Shikigami under Tsuchimikado's control is experincing as well. This ability allows them to synchronize his collective army of Shikigami, and provide instant and constant communication, similar to a hive mind. As they can remotely view any active Shikigami broadcast this information all Shikigami are generally aware of a threat, and are able to adapt accordingly, and overwhelm opponents who are otherwise much more powerful than they are. This power also lends itself in providing Tsuchimikado all the informaton he could ever need, and allows him to coordinate group tactics.

Summoning & Spirit Binding[]

Ametsuchi Keiyaku (天地契約, lit. "Gods of Heaven and Earth Compact"): As there exist the physical laws of the universe so too does the spiritual have its own unique set of established rules. Mysteries, ephemeral yet all too real, their influence can be felt every level of the spiritual world. Gods whose power could reshape the earth remain checked in restraint, only able to exert their influence through proxy. Malevolent spirits who would fill the oceans of the world with the blood of its people are locked away, or bound by abstracts that stay their hand. Even magic itself is restrained, for why have those who've achieved such strange wondrous power not yet established their own rule of heaven and earth? There is a system in place, a set of rules that are abided by, not consciously but instinctually by all manner of spiritual beings. The very thought to defy this doctrine does not even exist within their minds, and if it does they are helpless before its vice on their will. Tsuchimikado has spent centuries if not millennia courting with all manner of beings, from the kami of heaven to the demons of hell, and he has observed these nuances. Eventually he was able to recognize these strange otherworldly rules, and when one gains understanding, exploitation follows. Tsuchimikado can bind spiritual creatures in a form of a compact, a mutual agreement of a sort. In the past Tsuchimikado's efforts in the Shinsengumi have garnered him many favors and debts that are owed and within the spiritual realm, beings of divinity, and even those of forged from hellfire itself are compelled to settle them. He has forged alliances with beings whose agendas he has on some level of terms agreed to pursue. Regardless of the nature of the binding, he has in his time acquired the services of numerous spiritual beings, monsters of legend, and creatures of heaven. He can summon them to his aid in battle, provide crucial information, even intervene on his behalf. While Tsuchimikado is capable of summoning entities of such terrifying and frightening power, the cost he would pay is often too high. However as a skilled onmyoudo, he possess the ability to bind under his command three classes of spirits; guardians, elementals, and divine:

  • Shugorei (守護霊, lit. "Guardian Spirit"): These are the most common forms of spirits, generally the deceased spiriti of a human who was later elevated to the status of a sort of kami over a household or town. Shugorei are rather amicable when it comes to the favor owed by their services, usually requesting some service for those under their protection.



"What lies in my soul is not for the faint of heart."

Namikazegatatsu (波風が立つ, lit. "Wind and Waves that Tremble and Shake") is the name of the spirit that dwells within the Zanpakuto of Tsuchimikado. Capricious, powerful and wholly without restraint, she is more akin to a force of nature, an unnatural thing infringing upon the natural laws that govern this world. Her existence is discord to chaos itself, as chaos is to order. There exists a balance, a duality of forces arising and transforming into the other, it is the most basic principle upon which the universe exists, and she is akin to an outside force alien to that. Tsuchimikado dare not keep such a being at his side, instead his weapon lies sealed away, cast adrift in the sea of space and time. There in its own world that where emptiness is not void, it remains sealed upon a shrine. Charms and enchantments meant to keep her power contained adorn her sheathed blade, and ceremonial seals infused to bind those to the Zanpakutou hang. Taking the form of a nodachi and bearing a modest elegance, a golden tassel is gently wrapped around the blade, in actuality is a Hitotsue containing the spirit of a rain-dragon which is used to power the seals keeping the blade sealed. So powerful and damaging to the natural order is this spirit, that its power must be filtered through another. When she emerged from the consciousness of his soul it was with a jagged screech as the sky was ripped open, the earth twisting and bending in unnatural angles, whole worlds passed him by before he could reign in her power. Lines of force can be seen writhing around the base of the blade, whether escaping the confines of its sheath or clawing their way in is undetermined. When one gazes upon her form, their eyes naturally shift and avert themselves as though unable to comprehend the existence before them, minds whose will is strong enough to simply see, cannot fathom nor comprehend what their senses tell them. As though recognizing such discomfort, the blade feeds on the insecurity and doubt. She is madness and chaos personified, antithesis to laws of heaven and earth. Glorious, and grotesque, raucous and soothing she is a contradiction made manifest, a paradox made real.

  • Appearance: Namikazegatatsu is a woman of peerless nobility and beauty, a vision only seen dreams yet not touched, a figure of such heavenly beauty as to bewitch the mind with thoughts dark and light. Flawless skin, smooth and pale like pearls, as though sculpted from the minds of artisans across the ages. Long and lavish is her midnight hair, that travels past her waist. Eyes as mesmerizing as the expansive sky; a peacock blue eye rings around a yellow sclera that seems to hypnotize all who gaze into it. Complimenting her exotic features is buxom and curvaceous frame hugging tightly around her dark blue kimono with pale red ridges. She seems to enjoy sakura petals, and has several sown throughout her outfit, including two tied into her hair. She is known to always have a fan with a similar design as her kimono on hand, using it to partially cover her face whenever she speaks. Namikazegatatsu knows she's beautiful and does not hesitate to let Tsuchimikado know it, often appearing seductively around him, with her arms draped around him. She is like a princess, thoughtful, whimsical, beautiful, and legends will one day speak of a beauty matched only by her cunning.
  • Personality: Namikazegatatsu is the natural foil to Tsuchimikado, as both are very similar individuals, playing off one another with natural ease. Both are witty, and sarcastic individuals, who love to play mind games, especially with each other, engaging in verbal games of wit, and charm. She has been known to scheme against his plans, in an effort to see how he will handle ever changing patterns and situations, for her personal amusement. She can also be rather vain, bossy, and overbearing when the time calls for it, often pressuring Tsuchimikado when necessary or refusing to help him when he has chosen not to listen to her advice. It's hard to determine whether or not Namikazegatatsu or even Tsuchimikado is the real master, since both are equally capable of ingenious schemes. Yet despite her supposed imprisonment across the time and space her spirit appears readily before him, manifesting from oily shadows that slowly merge into her form. She does not begrudge him for his excessive measures, instead she chides him for doing so little. She finds it adorable that he tries so hard to keep her at bay. As a reflection of Tsuchimikado, Namikazegatatsu speaks only truths, and not the falsehoods her wielder is known for, and has surprised many a Shinigami through partially manifestation. It speaks greatly of her power that she can even do so, given the measures Tsuchimikado has taken, but it is quite taxing. Still she is not above ruining his attempts at deception at times, as it is so very amusing to her.
  • History: The exact nature and emergence of Namikazegatatsu is one of the greatest mysteries to ever befuddle Tsuchimikado. Her existence as far as he can tell is a paradox, because he vividly remembers the day he first received an asauchi, and he was quite excited at the prospect of a spiritual companion. Only he discovered that he already had a soul companion at his side, and was reminded of this quite viscerally when her spirit manifested and batted aside the spiritless weapon. She asserts that she has always existed at his side, but if his own memories are to be believed he had not once encountered her nor the sword that hung from his hip in the entirety of his life prior to that point. Even after learning her name and wielding her power he was both fascinated at the wonder of her power and horrified beyond words at its capacity. Upon unleashing the might of her Bankai, Tsuchimikado sealed her away in a separate dimension, guarded by a sacred relic and empowered by a celestial spirit. Still she is able to partially manifest herself (against his own will at that) and appear before him at her leisure, and if that proves too troublesome she simply whispers into his heart and soul. Unlike other Zanpakutou Spirits, whom serve as spiritual guides to their wielders, Namikazegatatsu seems intent on foiling much of his plans and in point of fact making his life more difficult than it already is. Having been by her side for so long Tsuchimikado has simply come to expect her interference and will often laugh at his own expense.
Shikai Release: The release command is, "Break the Will of Heaven" (天機を砕く, tenko o kudaku)
Shikai Special Ability:
Bankai Special Ability:


  • Tsuchimikado's mother is alluded to be the infamous Daiji a nine-tailed fox spirit that was said to have possessed Daji and helped to bring about the downfall of the Shang Dynasty.
  • Umisenyamasen is a japanese four-character idiom meaning sly old fox or someone who has had all sorts of experience in life so that s/he can handle, or wiggle out of, any difficult situations through cunning alone. This meaning derives from an old saying that a snake lives in the ocean for a thousand years and in the mountains for another thousand years before it turns into a dragon. Hence a sly, worldly-wise person is referred to as an ocean-1000-mountain-1000 person.
  • Kazemonogatari's wind manipulation draws inspiration from Airbending in Avatar the Laster Airbender, credit goes to the original author for this great inspiration.
  • Tsuchimikado's divination is greatly inspired by the Ryuugan or Dragons Eye from Tenjo Tenge.
  • Kazemonogatari appearance is based off of Princess Hitei from Katanagatari and shares the same theme song; Peacock Blue Eyes by Iwasaki Taku.
  • His name and appearance are inspired by Tsuchimikado Motoharu from the series Toarumajutsu no Index.