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"I don't care how great Zero Division is! You guys were relaxing above whille we were under attack! And now you come down to rebuild us? Is this a joke!?"

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True Heaven

True Heaven´s countryside.

True Heaven is the Dimension where the Spirit King and the Royal family live It is also the residence of the Royal Gurad and the location of both the Unamed Spirits Forest and the Royal Cities.

Unamed Spirits Forest[]

This is where the Zanpakuto spirits reside while their shinigamis are at the reincarnation stage of humanity (or any other living being). When the person who boast Reiatsu dies, and his soul either is sent to Soul Society or turns into a hollow, the zanpakuto spirits joins him/her and resides in their inner world waiting for the person to be able to listen to the name (those becoming an Arrancar or Shinigami).

Zanpakuto spirits always reincairnate with the same soul no matter what and will retain the memories of every life they had even though they won't reveal this to their shinigami unless it's absolutely necesary, prefering sometimes dying to revealing their secret.

Zanpakutos tend to retain the same type of abilities (melee, fire, water, air, ice, kido) despite changing their names from one life to another.

The Forest does not have a goverment system, with each zanpakuto doing as they please, thought some unwritten norms allow the coexistance.

The most reincarnations a zanpakuto has gone through, the more powerful it becomes, though its wielder might not be able to achieve their maximum power level on every life.

Royal Cities[]

These are the cities where members of the royal guards live. Along the years since it fundation a whole comercial system has grown up among the protection rings and outside them.

The five Great Noble Houses of the guards are situated outside of them though.

Five Rings of Protection[]

The five rings of protection are the squads in charge of protecting the Soul King and the Royal family. Traditionally, each ring is commanded by the head of one of the five great noble houses.


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