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This article, Tropes in Bleach: The Wrath of the Archdemon, was added by Blankslate who determines its usage on this wiki.

This article, Tropes in Bleach: The Wrath of the Archdemon, was added by Mangetsu20 who determines its usage on this wiki.


  • Badass: Ultharon and most every other character on the list (but Ultharon moreso than the others).
    • Ultharon takes a direct hit from Soifon's Bankai and emerges with quite a bit of damage on him, but acts like nothing happened. He then uses his unique claymore to stop a second missile from hitting him by slicing it in half.
    • He almost destroyed Soul Society nearly 2000 years ago by himself.
    • Most kings send delegates or officials to declare war on their enemies. Not Ultharon. He shows up in front of all of the Captains (minus Soifon) and declares war on them himself, showing no fear and even mocking the Captains as he does so.
    • Gravich applies to this trope when he first breaks into the Research Division and effortlessly incapacitates Mayuri Kurotsuchi, as well as nearly kill Soifon.
    • Caius Louisenbairn easily destroys the most powerful attack that Gravich possesses with a simple wave of his hand.
    • Raiken Uchiwa kills Gran Leviatan, one of the most powerful Hollows in existance, by slamming his fists into the monster's eyes and releasing a blast of energy out of the back of his head.
  • Final Farewell: Applies to when Yoruichi tells Soifon goodbye for the last(?) time, leaving herself to face Ultharon alone in the rain. Yeah, Soifon isn't doing all that good right now.


  • Ladies Man: As shown in his conversations with Rana Zolinder and Seu-Feng, Akisame seems to have a bad habit of always getting on their bad side.