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Yo, all BFF users. It's me, Sei. I had an idea to make a RolePlay featuring Hueco Mundo as the setting. So far, in the Manga and Anime, all we know about Hueco Mundo is Las Noches, and the Forest of Menos. While many other fortresses are around Hueco Mundo, still, we do not know what lies beyond the great white sand dunes.

So then, here is my RP idea. A group of Shinigami are chosen by the Head Captain, which will be Byakko Kirisake for this RP, to go on a Voyage to Hueco Mundo to map out and chart all unfamiliar territory. Now, from here on, there is no Plotline. How things turn out will be up to you, the users. Will two Espada groups wage war against eachother? or against the Shinigami Invaders? Or will a Shinigami betray the group? Or will another group of say, Quincies or Bounts... even Vizards enter with their own group, for other reasons? The story will decide from the minute the Shinigami group enters the Garuganta.

Rules and Regs[]

Like any RP, this will have a set of rules that MUST be followed.

  • 1. This takes place over 3 months after the Second Coming of Aizen arc.
  • 2. No taking control of other's characters.
  • 3. Only up to 3 Captains or Captain-level Shinigami will be allowed.
  • 4. Characters may be allowed to Die, however, that is only if both the Character's owner and the "killer's" owner both agree.
  • 5. Only up to Two characters per user allowed.
  • 6. Keep Swears and Mild language to a minimum, but if you can't help it. ^_^
  • 7. Like all others, No GodModing... I don't think I have to bring this up.
  • 8. Ahhhh... From here, I think Cyber-chan can lay off all the ground rules. ^_^

...More Comin Soon...


Put down your character if they wish to enter: