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A boy with semi-long blackish-brown hair and light brown skin slowly opened his eyes to find himself alone in a empty room with no door.

What am I doing here? he thought. He looked around the room, and found a single letter sitting on the floor a few feet away. He opened it and read it's contents.

Dear Kai,

Welcome, today is the beginning of your training to become the Sage of Hearts. The Sage of Hearts is the guardian of hearts and it is his or her job to protect them from danger.

This may sound like the job of a soul reaper, and it in fact it is much like that of a soul reaper. However, you have no code of conduct, and nothing preventing you from putting everything you have into protecting hearts.

If you have concerns about this and why you alone must bear this job please understand that everything will be made clear as you progress though the training.

Your friend,

the former Sage of Hearts

Guess I don't have much choice in the matter... considering I probably can't go anywhere until after I finish training... thought Kai.

He looked around and suddenly a door appeared. Kai quickly walked over to it and opened it. Inside he found a table with a large book on it.

There was a note on the book, it read: Your first assignment, read this book. Kai shrugged he enjoyed reading for the most part and decided the book would probably be pretty interesting. He opened it and began to read.

Twelve hours and about 2000 pages later, Kai finsihed reading and walked towards the door that had just appeared.

A note on it said, Your first lesson is inside, good luck...

Kai opened the door after reading it and walked in.

The First Lesson: Light[]

To be revealed.

The Second Lesson: Darkness[]

To be revealed.


Kai walked into the room he had started in. A note fluttered down which Kai read: Now you must choose: will you continue to use the Darkness? Or follow the Road to Light?

Kai thought about it and wrote on the note: Neither suit me... so instead I will follow the middle road...

More writing appeared, the twilight road to nightfall?

Kai wrote, No... the road to dawn...

In a flash of light and darkness, a sword began to form in Kai's hand. It was pretty much a normal katana other then the guard which was composed of one angelic wing and one demonic wing. It's hilt was shaded the color of darkness, with diamonds of light lined in a row.

More writing appeared on the note, You have chosen a path no one in our organization has ever thought. And you've gotten your Zanpakuto to prove it. A little more training and you can go...

Kai smiled, Let's finish it, he thought.

To be continued...