This will be a page which will host the first RP shinigami/hollow/arrancar/vizard tournament. It will begin on March 3rd, 2009. Until that date, everyone who wishes to put a character in the tournament please put their name into the Entree's List below. Also, please read the rules before joining.

Important: Please Read

Match Selections

  • It will be a branch tournament
  • Match selections will be chosen randomly.
    • This means, don't whine about who your paired up with.

Please return to this page on March 3rd, 2009 to find out who you are paired with and to see the branches map for the entire tournament.


  • Only one character from each user is allowed
  • No new attacks/powers/weapons/ect, may be added during the time period from which the match starts to its end
  • All use of weapons of attacks must be reasonable within that character's abilities
  • If you wish to give up, merely say "I surrender" on your next reply
  • You are allowed only one reply during each person's turn (To keep it fair)
  • All use of weapons and attacks are allowed
  • Leaving the area (in the RP fight) will result in a complete disqualification
  • Matches last up to a maximum of one week, otherwise, the two characters will enter a "sudden-death" showdown, where each is allowed the use of only one attack and must take out the opponent as quick as possible (You will be warned when this happens)
  • This is meant to be fun and to bring the wiki members together as a group through shinigami/vizard fighting so in the ideals of sportsmanship, keep insults as small as possible (trash talk is still allowed, just keep it low).


If you agree to the following terms, please place your character's name in the list below and sign the discussion page saying you agree to the rules of joining the tournament.

List of Entries