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Random White Hair Guy by 30 Two
Race Shinigami
Birthday August 12th
Gender Male
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society, Earth, Ticky's Team
Occupation 'Fighter'
Previous Occupation Lieutenant of the 6th Division
Team Ticky's Team


Base of Operations Earth
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Shikai Unknown
Bankai Unknown

Ticky is an ex-Lieutenant of the Gotei 13, recently joining forces with the Fullbringer Jake, the Devil Clue and the Royal Hollow Kuro.


Allen-Walker-dgray-man-686893 420 600

Young Ticky

Ticky has straight silver hair, over time styled in many various styles and lengths. His eyecolor is normally in a blue color and he has a relatively straight and fit body. In recent times, he usually wears suits and white shirts, even in battle.

At one point he steadily used a black shoulder plate on his left shoulder, with many black ropes hanging over to the other shoulder and upper body of his.

As a child, he wore a black uniform with white stripes and lines, usually with a hood over his head.


Ticky is a very relaxed and laid-back person, but his sense of comedy and seriousness is very confusing. However, Ticky does never underestimate or mock his opponents. He seems to respect most people, even if their deeds have or is "evil". There certainly does exist a boundary, when Ticky looses all respect and does not even try to understand his opponent(s). Because of his relaxed personality, he and Clue has become good friends.



Abilities and Powers:[]

High Spiritual Power: As a previous Lieutenant, Ticky obviously has above-average Reiatsu. It is normally white or light blue and usually seems to flow around his body instead of flare, symbolizing.

Tattoo: As a child, Ticky discovered the ability to -when focusing reiatsu onto his left eye- he could make a tattoo appear around the eye. The eye gave him the ability to sense Reiatsu on a much greater scale than most beings.

  • Reiatsu Sensor: By activating the Tattoo, Ticky can sense the level of Reiatsu of any being he can see, and also detect other beings by putting up some sort of barrier in which he can sense where anyone is by locating their Reiatsu.


Ticky's Zanpakuto has not yet been seen precisely, but it is of the size of a regular Katana, and sports a black sheath. It's name has not been revealed yet either.

Shikai: Not yet revealed.

Bankai: Not yet revealed/Achieved.