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Tiān (天, Tian; Chinese for "Heaven") is the land of the gods whom rule over the chinese afterlife.




Jade Emperor[]

Yù Huáng (玉皇, yu huangu; Chinese for "Jade Emperor") is the absolute ruler of Tiān.

Army of Heaven[]

Main article: Xiāoyīwèi Xiāoyīwèi (霄衣衛 (シャオ李魏), Shaori'ue; Chinese and Japanese for "Heaven-Clad Guard") is the military organization that protects the Jade Emperor and all of the spiritual land's citizens. They are composed of four guards, which each govern the four corners of the world via the cardinal directions, with a fifth center guard that is devoted solely to the protection of the Jade Emperor and Tiān itself.


Main article: Diyu


In contrast to the black color worn by the Shinigami kosode, the guard members of the Xiāoyīwèi wear a white changshan. It is generally form-fitting, and also worn along with a set of pants that are worn by Kung Fu practitioners.

The five Generals of the Xiāoyīwèi wear a specialized robe over their standard attire. It appears similar to that of the haori worn by the Shinigami Captains of the Gotei 13. It is generally a very dark red robe in color, over their white uniform. However, it appears to be rather mismatched. While it initially appears similar to japanese attire, it is strapped to the body like that of a chinese Qípáo with bright gold straps, bearing the colors of a phoenix, hence their namesake, with their sleeves being bell-shaped, similar to that of the hanfu.