• ...and I rolled a Taiga-Lancer T_T

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    • QP, you mean SQ?

      And aww. :( Well, I'll have you know that Taiga Lancer is actually very broken if you get her to NP3 or above. *nods*

      I have a Merlin that can buff her up too :P

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    • Yeah... Extella on the brain. Because apparently the money is canon to Type-Moon.

      Hehe, yeah, it was mostly meant jokingly. I also landed EMIYAssassin, the two Fem!Hassan's and Lu Bu. No complaints. None.

      I'm gonna kill myself grinding this shit, damn it. Q_Q

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    • Hahaha. Get everything from Valentine's event, prompto!!

      You can do it :D 

      Are you continuing from the account you had or starting a new one? 

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    • Is the Valentine's stuff that good?

      The old one, there isn't much of an advantage to starting over is there?

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    • Indeed there isn't.

      Well, you can get mats like Reverse Dragon Scales, Dragon Fangs, Gears, etc from the Valentine's event. I'm sure you'll need something.

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    • Definitely could use fangs. I will max ascend Sieg if it kills me!

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    • I got both Shinjuku's Avenger (Hessian Lobo) and Shinjuku's Assassin (Yan Qing)!

      Both hell to raise, though. :'(

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    • A FANDOM user
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