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    • Is this a challenge?

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    • Btw, I'm revamping Kaiba a tad but I'm willing to participate in Kousa's little challenge declaration thing with the Juusanseiza.

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    • Oh yeah? That's dope. Hopefully other people we get on board with it. I want people to have fun with this, and actually try and draw some kind of experience from it. I, personally, would like to try and discover myself; I'm not too fond of person versus person yet. The only experience I have is against Brave, and we can't seem to come to a legitimate standing with our characters. So, this is kind of a fun little exercise for everyone I suppose.

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    • Yo, Ash. I know this is probably a little sudden, but do you think you can help me? I have an idea for Kōsa, and I've been able to implement it passively, but I'm struggling with broadening that idea. Seeing as Kaiba is Onmyōji, do you think he'd be up to teaching Kōsa how to utilize the basics of Onmyōdō?

      His contract with Sambō-Kōjin entitles him to the ability to manipulate flame which burns away impurity. He also has an ancestral background of a Seraph, giving him mediocre reign over light. To some, he seems more stacked than he should be. Though, I can assure you there is a reason for the way he's set up. I don't think I should be bothering you with this explanation though, huh?. . .

      Anyway, would you mind helping both me and Kōsa out? Even if Kaiba agrees to show him the basics, it won't be very effective unless I (myself) understand it.

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    • Uh, why exactly does he need Onmyoudou then?

      Also Kaiba teaching Onmyoudou to someone outside of his family is a little bit, well, difficult given his personal pride. So there's that to consider as well.

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    • That's understandable, I suppose. Though, I'm confused in regards to your initial question.

      Uh, why exactly does he need Onmyoudo then?

      Are you referring to his contract with Koujin, which would allow him to burn impurities? If so, I don't necessarily have an answer for that. I mean, I do, but it may not be as practical to you as it is to me. I love fire, and I enjoy using it in methods others may consider unorthodox. Though, fire is not absolute. I figured Kousa could learn how to make use of that impurity-burning ability through Onmyoudo; learning to focus on application rather than power.

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    • Well, in that case...

      Would Onmyoudou really help you out? The only purification that stems from Onmyoudou is tapping into a pure energy source, channeling it within your soul and purifying your own to ensure one's techniques possess the same purity.

      If Koujin has that purity as an innate attribute, Onmyoudou wouldn't really do anything, especially since you're taking the path of internalizing power with Shunkou anyway.

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    • That's just it, I don't know anything about Onmyoudou. So, this conversation alone is a learning experience. Though, if that is truly how things are, then its best Kousa just retain his contract with Koujin. Though, I'm curious. What translates to being impure?

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    • Lol well this is my own definition of Onmyoudou so don't take this as fact.

      But basically, reishi is constituted of two parts: a fragment of a deceased soul, and the pure energy in the particle.

      Tapping onto energy sources such as Ley lines, which go through a filtration process - and hence appear underground - means that one's body can be used as an anchor to flood this energy through. This is especially effective if one is a Quincy. By purging one's own spiritual energy temporarily with the pure energy source of the Ley lines, a Quincy's natural spiritual power (that destroys Hollows and other malevolent entities) is temporarily overrided and thus the Hollow is not killed, but reincarnated. (That's the gist of it, anyway.)

      "Impure" is basically when energy in its purest state is tainted by the willpower of a soul. Although, this isn't actually a bad thing, because it's how most spiritual beings fight (Kido, Hakuda, Zanjutsu, Hoho all run on the philosophy of will imposition in one way or the other.)

      The problem of impurity in the context of Onmyoudou is that it isn't an art that imposes will. If I momentarily take the description from Kaiba's page, it's basically:

      By utilizing spiritual mediums such as ofuda or their own body, Onmyōji can act as a "rock in the rapids", ultimately redirecting energy flow in the same way a catalyst enhances a chemical reaction without getting consumed by it.

      Because Onmyoudou works on energy flow, redirecting energy that does not abide by the typical flow is hazardous: energy that doesn't abide by the flow is energy that possesses a strong will concentrating it. (Of course other factors come into play but this is the gist of it.)

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    • I think the part I liked most about this explanation, is that I can understand it (thanks). Though, out of the entire thing. . . I think the portion in which you explained the term "Impure" is probably what'll end up helping me most. This simply means that everything you mentioned. . . Kousa has the ability to incinerate – yielding completely useless. Though, I assume there will be people capable of opposing such an ability; that won't be a problem.

      I guess, from this point, I just need to think of various ways to use this impurity burning skill. Y'know, Kousa-exclusive techniques.

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    • Well, except, you won't make it completely useless lol.

      If Kousa's flames work by incinerating impurity, then you're simply getting rid of the control associated with the energy in question (provided Kousa himself is powerful and resolute enough to break through another spiritual being's willpower.) Given that the pure energy composing anything would still remain, it'd undoubtedly have an explosive aftereffect because it's suddenly been removed its "shell" if you will.

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