• Right, following our discussion yesterday, here's a list of all the Witch Bullets available to Vengeance. Along with a general explanation of how they work. I'll begin with that. 

    Unless otherwise specified, the bullet count is how many he has available on a roleplay-to-roleplay basis.

    How they Work: Ordinarily, curses require a name to significantly affect a target in any meaningful way. The Witch Bullets differ in this regard in that they take affect once they've made contact with a spiritual body, at which point the curse originates from within, effectively bypassing most of their natural defenses. For the curse to take effect it must penetrate the victim however, otherwise it will accomplish nothing. Once inside it would disintegrate of it's own accord in order to unleash this spell, but as we discussed before, it only works for low-to-mid level curses. Anyway, on to the good stuff. 

    Witch Bullet - Weakness: Probably the most common of the Witch Bullets, this one would deal with what we discussed earlier. It weakens the victims ability to exert and manipulate their reiatsu, making them progressively easier to harm, as well as reducing the damage they might do. Each additional hit from the same type of Witch Bullet empowers the effect. I surmise he'd have around 24 of these per fight. 

    Witch Bullet - White Crawl: These bullets are more or less tranquilizers, in that each of them is enchanted and enwoven with a powerful Hakufuku spell of around Shigenaga's level of skill. Can also be used in order to murder someone while they're incapacitated. It's rarer than the former, at around 12 Bullets. 

    Witch Bullet - Abolishing Flame: As the name states, these bullets are enchanted with the flames of Haien. The enchantment is exceptionally powerful and anyone hit directly would combust and be reduced to ash almost immediately. It's also got the ability to scorch it's way through almost anything, but, it's quite rare at only 6 bullets. 

    Witch Bullet - Namelessness: Shigenaga might send him to shoot specific targets without killing them at some points, in such cases, this would probably be the bullet used. The bullet contains a fairly advanced curse that is about as powerful as the witch bullets permit. If you read the name you can probably guess that it's about eroding or, more accurately, sealing away most of the memories of the victim. This would happen fairly slowly at first, with them appearing forgetful at first, before more and more crucial memories would be sealed as well. Until at last they'd struggle to remember their own children or lovers, never mind their own names. At this point, Shigenaga would be free to steal their former name and give them a new one, allowing him to assume complete control over them with a Geas. These bullets are probably limited to one

    Witch Bullet - Severing: This one is a bit unusual in that it's a low-level curse with an immediate effect, and with a duration that's mainly suitable for combat. If struck by this kind of Witch Bullet, a Shinigami or Arrancar would find themselves shut off from their Zanpakutō. They'd be able to feel it's presence, but they could not converse with it or call upon it's powers. If used on someone who already has released their Zanpakutō, it would forcibly reseal. The effect lasts for a couple "rounds" so to speak, and when it fades they can access their Zanpakutō freely again. He'd have only three of these, as they're quite rare. 

    'W'itch Bullet - Reversed Elements: For use primarily dealing with the typical battle-mage. This curse originates within the target and makes it difficult for them to gather reishi and cast spells that have elemental qualities, by disrupting their spellcraft in a sense that makes their intentions imprecise. A Kido Specialist hit by this would find that their elemental powers would have reversed, and the method to conjure a flame might suddenly produce a harmless splash of water instead, while ice spells might produce fire. a Tenran spell would conjure a slab of dirt, and a Hachitoge spell would create several gusts. With they can learn to work around it, but it would greatly reduce their battle potential for the rest of the fight otherwise. Provided he manages to hit them though. Like with the Severing, he'd have three such bullets. 

    Witch Bullet - Piercing: The final Witch Bullet for now, this one produces a lance of energy when shot which causes solid structures, such as barrers or other energy-based defenses to weaken and crumble in it's wake, should it reach a target it would do very little damage to compensate. But it would allow him to pierce many defenses he would otherwise struggle against.

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    • I like all of them pretty well. I also think it's interesting that he can only carry a certain number of each. One variation of Witch Bullet I thought of was something along the lines of Scattershot, a bullet that, when fired, detonates into hundreds or even thousands of shards and can cover a massive radius if there is enough distance between them and their target, but would otherwise function as a shotgun bullet of sorts. He'd only carry 4 at a time. What do you think?

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    • Sure, although that might just be a common shrapnel bullet, he doesn't need magic to accomplish something like that.

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    • True enough. I was also thinking that he carries a special witch bullet in his cigars, and should he ever be disarmed and his opponent is making a charge towards him, he can essentially fire one more, extremely powerful bullet from his cigar and likely kill his opponent in one hit if they're close enough. A last resort weapon if you will.

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    • Don't know how he can carry an extremely powerful weapon in his cigar while still using it as, well, a cigar.

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    • Hm, could the cigars themselves be cursed items, and the attack itself simply a powerful spell?

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    • But... why a cigar? There's not a whole lot you can do with a cigar, cause, it's... well, a cigar. Made of tobacco, enchanted tobacco, what?

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    • Not a whole lot- Naked Snake frowns on you, N. For shame! :P

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    • Kenji Hiroshi wrote: Not a whole lot- Naked Snake frowns on you, N. For shame! :P

      As do Venom and Solid.

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    • Not magically I mean! Leave me alone!

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    • A FANDOM user
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