• Well, then: First off, welcome back to the wiki! Please read all our policies, as they have been updated. If you need any help with anything site-related, please contact one of the admin.

    Now then, in case you're wondering why Zumorito has an RPCQE violation tag, it's because, while it's one thing to SAY they're a Fourth Seat, it's quite another for them to BE at that level of power. The RPCQE works by gauging the level of power shown by the character, not the title you decide to give them. A Fourth Seat level (meaning level in power) Shinigami would probably only be a master in one thing (not Zanjutsu AND Shunpo and etc.), would not have "vast" spiritual pressure, and would definitely not have a Bankai.

    Anyway, those are the current issues of the article. Please correct as soon as possible. Also, please sign in when you edit so we can actually talk to you! Because, right now, you're just an IP address. I don't know about you, but I personally like talking to faces as opposed to numbers. heh.

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    • greeting sir shonen! this is nathrezim.... i am very sorry for the Zumorito page i made. Due to family problems i had encountered from the past 8 months. I can't log on quite some time to continue my page activity. 

      thanks anyway for noticing my page ahahha :D

      i'll soon patch up my Page for ur RPCQE requirements. though it may took some to fix up my page. please be patient for me! ahaha.

      please message me, if there's any sort of corrections you want to add up. 

      Hoping for your greatest patience and consideration for this kind of matter.

      Yours truly,

      Nathrezim - Bleach fanfiction avid fan ( Weekly reads Bleach Manga)

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    • Well, uh... no need to call me "sir" there, I've never been called that by anyone before. O_O

      Don't worry: you're page isn't going anywhere. I'm not angry with you or anything like that, just trying to do my job and keep this wiki running smoothly. Take all the time you need, we all have lives here outside of Bleach after all, XD. Let me know if you need anything, and I can try to help.

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    • My apologies for the "sir" thing, it's just to show formality tho! And to honor you Chico-san or Chico-sama as part of an Admin of this wiki :D And for noticing my page as well.

      Anyway can i call u Mr.Chico-san? or Chico-sama? haha!

      I am now  recently fixing up my article the Zumorito page. But it will take some time as well to polished up some errors i made before. Just as soon i made my final touches on this, i wil message you on ur wall to assess my article and sign an application on the RPCQE exam talk page! i am hoping for you take part of the judging! XD

      Please give me some helpful advice on my page personally Chico-san! Chico-sama! Because you knew more about the do's and don't of such articles.And post some comments so i can refine more to it!

      Visit my page Zumorito Fugouka

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    • Mr. Chico-san would be like calling him Mr. Mr. Chico.

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    • Well, it's coming along so far. There are a few issues with the grammar but you can fix those as you go along. I would also recommend reading this study guide in addition to the "grading expectations" section on the RPCQE page in case you get stuck or in order to gain a sense of what should be on your article for the exam.

      Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) I am not on the RPCQE Judging Committee, so I won't be the one grading it. Z there ^^^ might. But yeah, when you get it ready to submit let me know.

      AND NO "SIR"!!! I am still young! You are making me feel super old!

      @Z: Or "Don Señor Chico," heh heh.

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    • I've removed the violation tag for now since he seems to be more fourth-seat level.

      Also, I changed Zurimorito's Quote box thing you were using, but if you want the other quote box thing it is easy enough to change back, just take out the "2" after "quote".

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    • thank you very much Chico-san!

      the guide you linked to me is very helpful. hahaha! its a good way to refresh my touches on my page.

      even though it's still incomplete otherwise. i am still building from my scratch-paper about Zumorito Fugouka's page article on Personality page and History. So, to make it more unique and extensive in a way that RPCQE Committee Judges can fully appreciate my article. Even, though i have still qualms in my head over the matter of their judging :D! (Hoping for a positive criticism on their part! )

      thanks again chico-san for the edit on my quote, i guess the "2" after "quote", had passed on my eyes! 

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    • Bueno. Your template is now under Template:Nathrezim because now it is an actual template page, not a template/article redirect page. I added this actual template to your articles where there was the "Templates:Template" thing, so now it is just "Template." Ojalá que entiendas, XD.

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    • muchas gracias senor chico! ahahah! 

      i am still waiting for some confirmation regarding on the RPCQ Exam..! i am so excited to see the results!

      very much appreciated senor chico!

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    • A FANDOM user
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