• So the fact of the matter is, you've been flooding the wiki's activity with stub articles, such as this one, which is little more than an image dump as it stands.

    While there is nothing stated in the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki:Manual of Style against greating stub articles, I'm going to say that you need to start including the four major sections described on the MoS, which include: appearance, personality, history and powers & abilities.

    I'm going to give you a week to start adding that info to the pages you've published on the wiki. I am also going to start tagging your articles with our "stub" template. If a week is up and you haven't added anything to the pages, they will start to be taken down (this is your first official warning).

    The quality of BFF is important to its wiki users, and the quality is determined by the individual articles that comprise it. Adding myriad stub articles with little to no significant information on them is unprofessional, and effects the site's image.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding,


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    • Also, my dude, you completely jacked the intro paragraphs from my Wing Bind and West Branch articles. You can't just take people's content, even if it's from a canon concept. It's still handwritten material by me that you're passing off as your own. Not cool.

      Also also, Wing Bind never had kanji in its name. "Dragon Riders" is not an element of their name. I don't even know where you're getting that from.

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    • Sorry Sorry Sorry guys I love and respect your work so much, I just got excited when I figured out how the editor works! If there's a way to completely delete the articles that are just pics and stuff please let me know, I can totally build my stuff up on my own before publishing. I guess i just got carried away. 

      And Seireitou, I love your stuff, you're like famous to me. I just wanted to use your ideas in my personal fanon stories, because I loved them , but I totally see how publishing it like that isn't cool at all. I'll make changes. 

      Again, Sorry guys. I love Bleach, but I'm gonna slow down and focus on quality over quantity. Never meant to step on any toes. 


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    • It's alright, I didn't mean to make that sound threatening or anything. I'm sure Shonen didn't mean that either. We're honestly a lousy welcoming committee. But yeah, I mean, if you wanted to use ideas of mine or even someone else's, all you have to do is ask next time. We're a pretty easygoing lot most of the time, so you'll hardly ever be turned down. Beyond that, I hope you enjoy your time here

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    • If you need any help in regards to organization or whatever, just reach out to us at any time. Me, Shonen, and User:Starving Skeleton are the current active admins right now and we're always willing to help any way we can, so just let us know

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    • Thanks Tycho. Just tag the articles you aren't actively editing and that have no significant content with the Template:Stub template and the admins will take care of the rest.

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