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"Phew that one is finally gone, man it's kind of unfair, i have no allies at all. Souren moaned , "huh who's reiatsu is that" Suddenly a young man with brown hair and a flame on his head flew down.

"Hello I am Kage, Kage Flame" he said casually.

"oh hello you have come to defeat me haven't you."

"oh you are very perceptive." he replied amusingly

" I could tell from your face, so shall we begin?" As Souren drew his sword.

"Why not." As Kage making flames on his gloves.

"Oh that's your spiritual pressure isn't it." Souren pointed out.

"Why, yes you indeed are perceptive." he replied.

" lets go."

The Speed battle two flashes collide[]

Both opponents used flash steps to collide."Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang"

"your skill with the sword is impressive I must admit, it is on par with vice-captains" Kage acknowledged

" Thanks you are really good at hand to hand combat" Souren acknowledged as well"

" Well then take this Mitsumeru Gingitsune." Souren chanted

The silver fox and the flying phoenix[]

A large amount of spiritual pressure rose out of him. Then Souren's attire changed into a silver cloak with 5 orbs surrounding him in a circular manner, " So hows that" he confidenly spoke.

" well I must admit that attire of yours is quite intimidating, but a silver attire and 5 orbs won't help you", "What the", Kage shocked as Souren appears out of nowhere.

" Gin ga hibana", an electric explosion occurs with Kage harmed very little," so what were you saying about this attire and orbs not helping me.

"hmph honestly is that all you got if that's it then I'll defeat you easily."

Swish,swish,swish, Kage surrounded Souren by using flash step.

"Damn I have to show his true nature already." Souren moaned

" Huh what the" Kage suprised as Souren disappeared from sight

"Gin kitsune no kage" suddenly Souren was appearing everywhere,"actually my zanpakutou's ability is to control the opponents perception, depending on their spiritual pressure they see what I want them to see forever or my control breaks after a few seconds."

"Interesting ability but I will defeat you quickly, Umarekawara seru, Yoso no chirashi."

" His gloves turned red and his head flame grew larger."

"TsuinKaosu", A huge fire blast instantly appeared out of his palm and defeated Souren in one hit.

A new ally is born the silver flyer alliance[]

"You are very strong but you aren't up to my level yet, I will let you join me if you follow these conditions, you will accept whoever I want to make a comrade, we will help each other only when needed and that we will work independently and find allies that will join us both." Kage said in a demanding tone.

"Fine i'll agree with those conditions, so when will we start." Souren replied cheerfully.