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Before I leave, can I ask you a favor?


by: Myca Ermita

Hitsugaya Toushiro and Kurosaki Karin, a datefic

A/N: My first bleach fic, I usually make Harry Potter ones,

But today I decided to make a Bleach Fanfic, and not just ANY fanfic, it’s a DATEFIC!

I found the Toushiro and Karin thing cute, so yeah. It’s a short one-shot. So, no flames if I got anything wrong. But review please? XD

I hope you like it! Please review.




“Before I leave, can I ask you a favor?” said a sheepish white-haired, pale skinned boy.

“What is it, Toushiro?” said a black-haired girl. They were playing soccer, and the Toushiro was winning with his amazing kicks. Sweat was dripping happily from their foreheads.

“Do you want to eat dinner tomorrow night? Im leaving Friday.” said Toushiro. The girl stopped moving and looked thoughtful.

“It’s a Wednesday tomorrow right?” said the girl. Toushiro felt the pain of his heart stabbing his chest, he was nervous. A taicho should never be nervous.

‘What the hell is wrong with me?’ he thought, mentally slapping himself for asking a normal human girl out.

“You don’t have to Karin, I don’t mind.” said Toushiro a little too quickly.

“Ill go out with you, but where are we going?” asked Karin curiously. Kicking the ball higher.

“It’s a secret.” said Toushiro, while winning himself another game.

‘I have no idea, damn, what did I get myself into?’ he thought.

The game ended well, and Toushiro sweaty and confused, practically felt on high when Karin kissed him on his cheek and said cheerily,

“Ill see you tomorrow then! My place.”

A/N: Sorry if its short, but I made it like that on purpose. I promise though, the others are long enough. :)

A/N: Its easy to portray Matsumoto as an airhead, but honestly she a really smart shinigami... I love Haineko. (Its such a cute name!)

Chapter 1: Getting ready

Hitsugaya Toushiro is a taicho, the taicho of the 10th squad of the Gotei 13. His fukutaicho,

Matsumoto, is not only his vice captain but also his-

“Personal consultant!” cried Matsumoto, when Toushiro stepped into Inoue Orihime’s house.

“What are you talking about now, Matsumoto?” said Toushiro angrily, tick marks appearing on his pre-maturely lined face.

“Now now, taicho, you don’t want Karin to think you a grump do you? On your date?” she said happily, her over sized breasts jingling with serendipity.

“Have you been drinking again?” he sighed scanning the room for empty sake bottles.

“Of course not, taicho.” She said kicking what looked like a bag farther.

Toushiro glared at her.

“I’m tired, and yes, I do have a rendezvous tomorrow with Kurosaki.” He said curtly.

“Do you have something to wear?” she asked, ignoring his permanent angry face.


And with that he went to his room and slammed the door shut slightly amused as Matsumoto tried to pry it open.

When silence enveloped him, and his heart stopped beating, he started to think. Nobody knew that it was almost like he had another Toushiro inside him… A Matsumoto-like Toushiro that nobody ever seen or heard before… He didn’t like this Toushiro, but he was helpful at some times.

So a date with Kurosaki Karin eh?

Baka! Its called a rendezvous.

BAKA! Its called a date.

Why her? She is a normal human girl… Barely in her teens too.

I want to get to know her better.

So you like her shiro-chan?

Shut up.

Admit it. You like how she is competitive…


You like how she is tough and boyish.


You do.

Sure I do…

So you admit it?


Does she like you back?

I want to know that myself.

So what are you going to wear, Hitsugaya taicho?

Shut it, you’re like Matsumoto.


I don’t know…I don’t even know where we are going.

Im sure Matsumoto has gotten that handled.


Toushiro opened his eyes and stormed out of the room in time to see Matsumoto holding a piece of paper and dialing it on the phone.

“Matsumoto.” he said.

“Oh taicho, ive already booked you a restaurant.”

“Im sure you did. Stay out of our way.” he added warningly.

Matsumoto blushed and nodded.


Kurosaki Karin sat on her chair, she was officially confused. The question ‘why?’ pounced in her brain more and more.

Why did Toushiro ask her out? And most importantly, why did she care so much?

She felt Ichigo’s reiatsu burn.


She bounded to his room and kicked it open. Her mouth hung open on what she saw. He was not only a soul, but his body hung limply on his bed. And not only that, he also saw a girl carrying what looked like Chappy the bunny on her hands.

“Err— “ the girl said.

“ Karin!” cried Ichigo. “ Can you see me?”

“Obviously.” chocked Karin, the girl bounced of the bed and went to Karin.

“Kuchiki Rukia, nice to meet you.”

Then with that she gestured a dazed Ichigo out.

Karin went back to her room, memories flooding out. Then she heard a low growl of a defeated Hollow, and Ichigo’s reiatsu. He was back.

“Onii-san.” she said as she entered. The girl was still there, with a small smirk. She was holding a cell phone.

“Ichigo, have you heared? Hitsugaya taicho has a date tomorrow.”

“Toushiro?” said Karin without thinking.

“You know Toushiro?!” said Ichigo surprised.

“That’s Hitsugaya taicho to you, Ichigo.” said Rukia, snapping the cell phone shut.

“So, how do you know Toushiro?” asked Ichigo, ignoring Rukia.

“He asked me out… We have a date tomorrow.” said Karin. Rukia laughed then hugged her knees tightly.

“Yeah right… Him asking a human? Impossible.” she said.

“He did.” said Karin quietly.

Rukia stared. Ichigo was slowly turning purple and he looked like he wanted to strangle someone.

“What? Why that little white-haired kid! I forbid you to go out with such!” cried the over protective brother.

Karin rolled her eyes and smirked at his feeble attempts to jump out the window (Rukia had him on a headlock).

“Let go of me Rukia! Im going to strangle that son of a—“

But then Rukia clamped his mouth shut and pushed him in the closet, she slammed it shut, the silence. A very long silence.

Then they emerged. Ichigo was flushed. Rukia looked triumphant.

“So, dinner anyone?” asked Rukia.


“You can do this, it’s only a date… Only a date!” said Rukia, to Karin who was shaking.

“I know, im not always like this you know… Im just fidgety today.” said Karin.

Tonight she decided to wear something un-competitive. A nice blue jersey shirt, with plain black jeans. Rukia suggested a pretty black dress, but Karin wouldn’t budge, after all, she didn’t know where they were going and it would be easier to blame Toushiro if it was a formal date.

Matsumoto ordered Rukia and Yumichika, to get Karin ready because she had to check the last minute preparations for their date.

Yumichika, who was fixing her hair and make up, smiled at her.

“Don’t worry, im sure the date would be absolutely beautiful!” said Yumichika.

Karin stared at him. Ever since she was introduced to him, she always wondered if he was gay, because he constantly checks the mirror and fixes her- I mean- his hair.

Suddenly, a loud bang sounded from Ichigo’s room. Rukia, Karin and Yumichika went to check out what was wrong.

Apparently the noise was Ichigo who was kicking the cabinet door and Madarame Ikkaku, a bald guy with a huge katana, trapped him in it.

Ikkaku had a huge grin on his face that suggested he was either having fun or doing something evil, or both.

“What are you doing? That is so very ugly, Ikkaku.” said Yumichika his nose wrinkled.

“The fukutaicho said I should keep Kurosaki in his room to prevent him from ruining little Ichigo’s sister’s date.” he said with another evil smirk his bald head shining in the lamplight.

“Its Karin.” muttered an annoyed Karin.

Another bang sounded from the closet then a muffled sound.

“You put tape on his mouth didn’t you?” asked Rukia, mildly amused.


The closet door opened with a loud bang and shown Ichigo, his arms wrapped in tied up clothes, and his mouth placed together with tape.

With a smirk, Rukia punched Ichigo on his nose causing him to fall into deep sleep and a huge hill like bump appeared in his orange head. Ikkaku shut the door.

Then Rukia’s cell phone beeped.


On the other street at Orihime’s house…

“Are you ready, Taicho?”

Toushiro went out of the room dressed in his usual Black polo matched with blue trousers. Matsumoto giggled with delight.

“What is it, Matsumoto?” he asked annoyed.

He always hated Matsumoto’s giggles and surprising amount of energy for shopping. Without much of a preamble, Matsumoto hugged Hitsugaya, smothering him with her breasts. Toushiro pushed her with all his might.

“Don’t do that again or I will strip you off your fukutaicho badge.” said Toushiro angrily.

“You look wonderful, Hitsugaya taicho.” she said, in an unusual formal way. But her giggles gave her away.

Toushiro glared and went out.

“It’s the Red Box, I made you reservations there! 8 pm!!” called out Matsumoto.

With an annoyed wave of his hand, went off. While Matsumoto dialed Rukia that he is on his way.

A/N: I dont know if you know, but the Red Box is a fastfood restaurant somewhere abroad. lol. REVIEW PLEASE.

A/N: Review, or die. Kidding.

Chapter 2: the Redbox

Toushiro decided to walk, it gave him more time to think rather than if he jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

She will never like a 75 year old man

The Toushiro in him was talking in his head again. Hitsugaya grimaced. What if he was right? What if she just pitied him and accepted his offer?

But she does not know you are 75, you idiot.

Right, that’s because you haven’t told her yet

Toushiro shook his head, what was he worrying about? This was just a normal human date with a normal human on a normal human day in a normal human world. And besides, this was between friends.

Friends? Is that what you want?

Before Toushiro could ponder this question, he realized he was at the Kurosaki door step. Before he could knock, Rukia opened the door.

“I felt your reiatsu.” she said matter-of-factly. Toushiro nodded.

He entered the Kurosaki household with a feeling of dread. It looked clean, and saw a blond- haired girl, with her front at the stove, she looked like she was cooking something.

“Rukia-san you are back early, you want some din-“

She turned around and stop in mid-sentence. She stared at Toushiro for a few seconds and said in a motherly voice,

“You are?”

“Hitsugaya Toushiro…” he said, wondering if Karin told anyone about their date.

“Oh! Im Kurosaki Yuzu, it’s nice to meet you. Are you here to see Onii- san?”

“Who?” he asked looking around for Karin.


Toushiro stopped looking and stared at Rukia. He forgot about Ichigo, the over protective brother.

“Don’t worry, taicho. He is all bound up.” whispered Rukia, her face impassive.

Toushiro nodded again.

“ No, im here for Karin.” said Toushiro and he sat down.

“A friend from soccer?” she asked stirring.

“You could say that.”

“They’re on a date, Yuzu.” said Rukia, earning a glare from Hitsugaya.

“ Oh! A date! That’s wonderful.”

Then another bang. Rukia wondered if it was Ichigo, but it wasn’t.

It was Kurosaki Isshin.

“ My little Karin on a date?! Where is he?” cried Isshin, with an anguished face, he turned and faced Toushiro who was sitting there as if nothing was happening.

But when he saw Isshin, he looked shell shocked.

“Kurosaki Isshin taicho!?” he said not thinking.

“Wha-what are you talking about? Me a captain no.” said Isshin, who looked shocked at someone who actually knew his past.

Yuzu looked curious. Rukia excused herself to get Karin, but really she didn’t want to get involved.

“ Who’s a taicho?” she said. Then Hitsugaya narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

“No one, Yuzu. Who are you?” said Isshin, averting his eyes.

“Hitsugaya Toushiro, im here to collect Karin. But-“ started Hitsugaya, wanting to question the former taicho.

They didn’t get to talk though, because Karin who was blushing descended down the stairs. Toushiro gaped at her. He was surprised at how pretty she looked with a little outfit, make up and hair changed. Isshin, who was in tears, hugged his daughter and said,

“Oh my precious daughter is all grown up! She is dating… and next thing you know you are going to get married and have babies and-“

Karin slammed his father with her fist and said,

“Baka! It’s just a date!” she said furiously.

Isshin sobbed.

“My daughter…is all grown up.” he said through his nose bleed. “ Take care of her, Toushiro. And tell me when you are going to announce the wedding day.”

Hitsugaya flushed considerably. Karin looked ready to punch her father again.

Yuzu and Rukia hugged her.

And they were off.


Together they walked in silence. Except for the rustling of the leaves, the only sound was their footsteps. Karin turned to Toushiro, who white hair shone in the moonlight.

“Where do you plan to take me, Toushiro?” she said.

“I made reservations.” he said.

Again, in more silence. Karin wondered why they were being so awkward.

“Where?” she asked.

“The Red Box.” he said in reply.

Then a small thump from the leaves, a small burning perturbed at their stomachs. One familiar to Hitsugaya he didn’t have to guess.

“Matsumoto.” said Toushiro in a small growl. Then two other reiatsu, it was also familiar.

“MADARAME! KUCHIKI!” he said, this time in an angry voice. Karin was also wondering about those reiatsu and started to wonder why Toushiro could feel and tell who it was.

The three reiatsu disappeared.

‘Im going to kill those three with Hyounimaru.’, he thought angrily. He forced himself to smile at Karin.

“So lets get going.” he said.

“You smiled!” cried Karin.

“What?” said Toushiro in surprise.

“You don’t smile often do you?” said Karin.

Toushiro didn’t answer. He realized he rarely smiled, and it would obviously be quite a shock for Karin. Forced or otherwise.

Then they arrived at The Red Box, it looked a little expensive, and Karin was surprised Toushiro had the money for it. Toushiro opened the door for Karin and they both sat down at downy looking chairs.

The waitress who waited for them smirked at them both.

“Aren’t you two both too young to be here?” she said with a sing song voice.

“What are you talking about, woman?” said Toushiro.

“You don’t have enough allowance to afford this place.”

“Yes, I was wondering about that too, Toushiro.” voiced out Karin.

With a sigh, Toushiro brought out a wallet (Which happened to be a very expensive wallet from Soul Society). He brought out all his cash, all in all, 100,000 yen.

Karin gaped at the money. The waitress stared at him and said,

“Alright children, but lets keep this in the down low.” she said. Toushiro glared.

“Look here-“ he started but Karin cut him off.

“Can we please get our menus?” she said. The waitress nodded and took their orders.

When the waitress left, Toushiro glared at her retreating back.

“What do you expect? We do look like a couple of grade schoolers.” she said with an amused sort of smile.

“Im not a grade schooler.” said Toushiro for a hundredth time.

“Okay Toushiro, whatever you say.” she said and started eating.


When Karin swallowed her 5th gulp, the Red Box door opened and revealed a bright red haired woman with big boobs and a fedora with huge sunglasses.

“Matsumoto.” gritted Toushiro.

Karin who was saying something about soccer said,

“What was that?”

“Nothing, I have to go to the water closet, do you mind?” he said. Karin grinned and nodded her head.

“You mind I go?” asked Toushiro. Karin blushed, she shook her head.

“Uhh…So you don’t mind I go, do you?” he said.

“I meant, yes you may go to the water closet. And no, I don’t mind.” she said her face really red now.

Toushiro stood up and made his way to Matsumoto who was sitting there thinking Hitsugaya didn’t notice her.

“Matsumoto!” cried Toushiro angrily. Matsumoto took of her sunglasses.

“Aww, I thought this was a good disguise.” she said as she also took of the fedora.

“Shut up, what are you doing here?” said Toushiro angry tick marks appearing on his forehead again.

“Im here to watch you, taicho.” she said.

“I don’t need you here idiot!” he said.

But then the waitress who waited for them came over and said,

“Oh so you have a chaperone! Im sorry, well, don’t let me stop you then.” she said with a wink.

Toushiro glared at the waitress again and turned to Matsumoto,

“Im going to deal with you later. You, Madarame, and Kuchiki.” he added.

Matsumoto gulped and nodded vehemently, with one last angry glare at her, Toushiro went back to his table to find Karin picking with her food. She didn’t seem to notice at all that he was back so he cleared his throat loudly.

Karin looked up and plastered on her face a smile. More like a grimace. Toushiro who was not at all dense noticed it.

“Karin, what’s wrong?” he asked. It came out sounding a little too concerned though.

‘Damn, am I turning this soft? What’s with the concern?’ he thought aggressively, as if thinking like that could shake off his kind gestures.

He didn’t know, while he was over talking or reprimanding (whichever fits best) Matsumoto, Karin was thinking.

Kurosaki, what’s going on?

What are you talking about?

BAKA! You don’t usually blubber like that

It’s the chicken…It has soy sauce.

Good excuse.

It’s not an excuse! Im allergic to soy sauce.

Which explains the red face?


You like him.



No, stop lying to yourself.

Alright maybe—

Not maybe. It’s true.

Alright already!

Yeah, you don’t usually blubber and get a red face.


Karin spooned again one of the soy sauce induced chicken strips and smiled at Toushiro, this time more genuine.

“Nothing’s wrong! I was wondering if we could play at the park after?” she asked hopefully. Soccer was one way to take of her jingling nerves.

“Alright, whatever makes you happy.” said Toushiro.


“Anyway Toushiro, where is the WC?” asked Karin her stomach full to burst.


“I’ll go look for it myself, you go check the bill.” she said not being able to stand waiting for where it was.

As she stormed out of the dinning area, Toushiro looked over at Matsumoto who was looking anxious all of a sudden.

Toushiro mouthed for her to come over. As Matsumoto came to the table she said in a low voice,

“You can’t take her to the park, at least not yet.”

“And why is that?” asked Toushiro with gritted teeth.


Toushiro blanked. He didn’t feel it? Why? What was blocking the reiatsu to enter his body?

Some other feeling perhaps? A certain 10 year old girl?

Matsumoto was looking at Toushiro almost sadly.

“Don’t just stand here! Go get it.” he muttered angrily.

“Ikkaku is on it.” she said.

“Matsumoto, do you want me to use Hyounimaru on you?” he asked, as he felt his zanpakuto and its presence.

Matsumoto dashed out. Toushiro could almost hear her say,

“Growl, Haineko!”


Toushiro summoned for the bill and went out to wait for her. Then he heared the anguished cry of the hollow. Then Karin went out dusting her jeans.

“Let’s go.”

“I was thinking we should go to the arcade first.” said Toushiro quickly.

“Its sound like fun!” said Karin sincerely, she forgot about the arcade. It was another way to take off the jibes.

Toushiro looked up in the sky and heared in time for Karin to say,

“Race ya!”

A/N: I dont really know if Toushiro is 75 in soul society, i got no proof. Correct me if im wrong!

Water Closet is Washroom/ Restroom. They use that in the U.K.

A/N: Some of you DO realize that Hitsugaya taicho is not romantic. And so is Karin. It was really hard to do this chapter because I dont know how to fit it in their personalities to be romantic. So I put in a certain Orange Head and Co. lol. :) a little something something. And yes, I want Yumichika to say "Beautiful" all the time. I mean he does... Not unless its ugly. haha!

Chapter 3: Arcades and stars

They both arrived at the arcade, which was 10 blocks away, panting. It was queer for both of them, because one, Toushiro is a taicho and two, Karin is a sports player and she considers herself in good shape.

Arriving at the exact same time, Karin looked over to a sweaty Toushiro and put some coins in a vending machine. Out came two soda cans and she threw one at Toushiro.

Toushiro stared at it. It was an aluminum can. Heavy and sturdy. It also had a brand name right in front. He looked over at Karin who popped it open from the top.

Toushiro did the same. They both sat down at the nearby bench and downed themselves with soda. It was a comfortable silence. It was as if they didn’t want to break it.

But after the soda was gone, Karin took Toushiro’s hand. Sending sparks up to his spine.

“What?” he asked. Not only to Karin but also to himself.

What the hell was that?

“The arcade! I thought you wanted to play?” she said as she started to pull him up. But with her force and Toushiro’s unwillingness to cooperate, they ended up flying and in a heap on the ground.

Karin who was on top of Toushiro blushed and muttered a quick sorry, making to stand up and control herself. But Toushiro just looked at her and said,

“No, I like it this way.” he said in a voice he couldn’t recognize as his. Karin nodded and it seemed like a whole minute passed.

He has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Go on, kiss him.

Karin blushed at the thought. Toushiro felt his body burn and he clutched Karin’s arm and pushed her gently off, while not releasing his hand from her arm. Karin was looking like a burnt turnip.

They stared at each other, while Toushiro was still clutching Karin’s arm. Karin who felt sorely uncomfortable took his hand off, and in Toushiro’s surprise, she put her hand with his.

She smiled.

He smiled this time accompanied with a pink face. Then they walked hand in hand to the noisy arcade, not noticing someone watching them from the bush.


Ichigo was watching them all the while. Yumichika, who was the one watching after him, gone off to help with the Menos Grande at the park. Ikkaku, Rukia and Matsumoto, who were following Hitsugaya and Karin all the while, went there too. Leaving Ichigo alone.

He screamed for Yuzu to let him free not offering an explanation as he jumped out of the window and raced for Hitsugaya’s reiatsu. He saw the couple on a heap on the ground and gaped at them.

“Why that little pervert! Poisoning the mind of Karin.” he muttered angrily.

Of course Hitsugaya wasn’t doing that, but the protective brother in Ichigo made him say that.

Then he practically bounded after them when he saw them holding hands, but he realized Karin was the one who initiated it. He made to go after them at the arcade, but as he went out, a hand enclosed on his arm and he turned around and saw Rukia. And not only her, sitting on the bench was Ikkaku, Yumichika and Matsumoto.

“Going somewhere, Kurosaki-kun?” asked Yumichika with his pretty boy face in a sly sort of smile.

“Yeah. We went somewhere to have some fun, just to find you having fun on your own.” said Ikkaku staring at Ichigo.

“Bound him.” said the fukutaicho Matsumoto. Rukia summoned out of nowhere a piece of rope and bounded his hands.

“If you are going to spy at them, don’t do it without us, alright Ichigo?” said Rukia her face close to Ichigo’s contorted face.

Then they dragged him into the arcade.


Toushiro and Karin where having the time of their lives. Toushiro, who has never been inside an arcade before was enjoying actually hitting frogs who pops out of nowhere.

Toushiro, having hit every single frog, even in the highest level impressed Karin immensely.

“Are you sure you haven’t played this game before?” she asked suspiciously.

“Positive. I just get enough practice.” he said.

‘Not with frogs though.’ He thought, smiling inside.

After, they played driving and racing. Karin laughed at Toushiro. He obviously had never seen one before.

Toushiro who has never been inside a car, seeing as there are none in Soul Society, lost to Karin in the first game but got the hang of it and they both got a tie.

With all the tickets they got, Toushiro got Karin something. It was a bobble head with a funky cartoon on it.

Karin started laughing hysterically.

“What’s so funny? I thought you’d like this one. Not those disgusting looking stuffed animals.” said Toushiro.

“You’re absolutely right! Thank you.” she said. Accepting the bobble head

He’s perfect.

Then she kissed him on the cheek. Toushiro smiled, for the first time, genuine.


“Is it me? Or did Karin just kiss Hitsugaya taicho.” said Ikkaku in an awed sort of voice.

“Its not you, stupid.” said Rukia shocked that the taicho even obliged.

“That’s not what shocks me though.” said Matsumoto, frozen with shock.

“What does?” asked Yumichika and Rukia.

“Hitsugaya taicho… He smiled.” said Matsumoto.

The others realized she was right. Hitsugaya taicho… Smiled.

“Its like seeing Byakuya-sama smile.” said Rukia with a laugh.

Ichigo who was silent the whole time said,

“I guess it’s alright… As long as he won’t take advantage of her.” he said.

Then they followed the couple as the got out of the arcade.


The soccer game ended, and of course Toushiro wins. But Karin didn’t mind. They ended up lying on the grass and watching the late stars winking at them, as if in approval.

They were very close now, more comfortable with each other. Their fingers intertwined.

“Toushiro?” asked Karin. Toushiro looked at her with a calm face.

“What is it?”

“You said you’d be leaving soon.” she said, and with that she took her hand away from Toushiro, regretting it instantly because it felt cold. So she sat up and hugged her knees.

Toushiro who was trying to avoid this sat up too, but faced Karin.

“My family… Well, they live somewhere else. Very far from here… I went here because I had this thing I have to do. But you so realize that the reason I asked you out in the first place was because I like you right?” he said anxiously.

“Yes. But isn’t that enough for you to stay with me?” she asked before she could stop herself.

“Karin… I can’t stay here. I don’t belong here.” he said sadly. He should have thought about this before asking her out.

“Alright. But promise you’d visit me okay? Once in a while at least.” said Karin with a tiny sad grin.

“Yes, I promise.” he said. Not knowing if he could keep it.

Then Karin laid on the grass again. Hearing another thump, it was Toushiro lying down beside her again.

She closed her eyes, absorbing everything, and then falling asleep in comfort. It was warm.

They seemed to have fallen asleep in each others arms.


“That is so beautiful.” said Yumichika, tears in his eyes.

“I hate having to separate the two.” said Matsumoto. “Who would’ve thought my taicho would find love in a human girl?”

“I think they fell asleep.” said Rukia looking over at them.

“Yeah. Maybe we should leave them.” said Matsumoto.

“Are you kidding me? Im not leaving my sister in that position!” cried Ichigo.

“Shut up! You might wake them.” said Rukia clamping her hand on Ichigo’s mouth.

Then the shunpoed back to Ichigo’s house to wait for the two love birds.


“Karin…” said Toushiro shaking her, he woke up in time to see the sun rising. It was 5:45 am. 15 minutes until the alarm clocks of the Kurosaki house awakens.

“Toushiro?” said Karin wondering how he got to her bedroom. She opened her eyes. She fell asleep on grass next to Toushiro. They were still in their clothes the night before. The clothes were now wrinkled.

“Did I fall asleep here? What time is it?” she asked rubbing her eyes.

“5:45… We have to get you back now before 6… Come on, ill carry you. It will be faster.” said Toushiro. Then he picked her up in swift motion and ran to the shortcut.



“You look cute in the morning. With the rumpled hair and all.” said Karin with a smile holding tight to Toushiro her arms around his neck.

Toushiro blushed and nodded not knowing what to say.

Then he dropped her of on her doorstep.

“Thanks Toushiro. I had a great time…” she said, and then kissed him again on the cheek.

“Me too.” said Toushiro holding his burning cheeks.

Karin grinned and turned around to open her door.

“Karin!” called out Toushiro. She turned around again.

“Ill see you later? Let’s play one last game.” he said.

“Sure. Id love too.” said Karin.

Toushiro watched her retreating back. And he smiled again. He started walking back to Orihime’s house thinking.

You’ve been smiling a lot now.

Not really.

You’ve grown attached.

No comment.


When Karin entered her room she stopped in the door way.

Ikkaku and Yumichika were sprawled on the floor.

“Uhh, what are you guys doing here?” she asked.

The two stirred and bolted upright.

“Oh we fell asleep on the floor how unbeautiful.” said Yumichika and he looked at the closet mirror.

“We were waiting for you to come home. It’s 5 something… Well, we got to go and check your boyfriend.” said Ikkaku.

And with that they stormed out of the room and shunpoed from rooftop to rooftop.

“HES NOT MY BOYFRIEND!” called out Karin.

They didn’t hear her well enough.


Toushiro knocked on the door. No answer. Then he knocked harder, that the door might fall off.

Matsumoto opened the door and saw Toushiro with a grumpy face.

“Taicho! You just came back? How was your girlfriend? Did you have fun?” she started asking as he came in and sat on the couch.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” he said, stunned.

“Yeah right. Arcade, Bobble heads, hand holding, kisses and sleeping together in the moonlight—“

Then she realized she said too much. Hitsugaya taicho growled and screamed,


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Chapter 4: Goodbye?

They met together later that afternoon for their last game of soccer. Toushiro was distracted all afternoon, and he was also in a bad mood since Madarame and Yumichika started pestering him about Karin too.

But seeing Karin’s face that afternoon made him happy all over again. And right after the game, they were sweaty and tired. Karin collapsed on the nearby bench and sighed happily.

Toushiro who was not really as tired decided that he should treat her with ice cream.

“Karin, lets go get some of those flavored cream ice.” he said taking out his wallet.

“You mean, Ice cream?” asked Karin with a grin.

“Yeah that. Same difference.” said Toushiro with a wave.

They stood up and raced after the ice cream truck. When they- Toushiro, I mean- caught up with the van, they bought some minty chocolate chip ice creams.

They sat on the grass yet again, slurping their ice creams.

“Im going to miss this…” said Toushiro to Karin half-way to his cone.

“Why? Don’t you have ice cream at your place?” asked Karin, knowing what he really meant.

“I meant us. This calm environment. Im going to miss you.” he said as they finished their cones.

“Im going to miss this too.” said Karin, feeling tears in her eyes, she looked away.

“Karin don’t cry. Ill see you again.” said Toushiro. He thumbed her cheek and felt for the first time in his life the feeling of protectiveness, like he wanted to take her and brand her his. He wanted to kiss her. Make her feel like she was his everything.


Their faces where close now, so close that their noses were almost touching. Then a loud beep.


Toushiro forced himself to check his phone. And there it was a hollow approaching the Kurosaki household.

He looked back at Karin and saw she was in tears again.

“Karin, ill be right back. Stay here.” he said.

“Wait!” she cried.

“Stay here!” said Hitsugaya.

“Your’re one of them are you? A shinigami.” said Karin.

“How’d you—“ said a stunned Hitsugaya.

“I know onii-san is one. And ever since yesterday, I knew you could feel it too… Is that where you are going back too? Your shinigami life? Is that why they call you Hitsugaya taicho?” whispered Karin.

The hollow was gone in a few seconds. Ichigo must have gotten rid of it, because his reiatsu flared up.

“That was onii-san.” said Karin. Toushiro sat back down, seeing Karin’s sad face.

“Yes, I am a taicho. Of the Gotei 13… Im sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.” said Toushiro.

“I understand. It’s probably against the rules anyway.” said Karin.

Then Toushiro told her everything. From soul society to all the things he had to do there. When he was done, Karin stared at him.

“Tell me Toushiro, are you really coming back?” she asked, dreading the answer.

“I-I don’t know.” he said honestly.

They sat in silence. Then Karin stood up and looked over her shoulder at him.

“Make sure you contact me if you come back to the real world, Hitsugaya taicho.” she said and walked away.

Toushiro stared at her as she left not knowing if he should follow her or let her be.


The next morning, Hitsugaya was awakened by a little static. It was the huge TV in Inoue’s house. The sotaicho Yamamato-jin was there.

“Hitsugaya taicho. Your presence is required here in an hour. Please get ready. Your guide will be Kuchiki taicho of the 6th squad and Ukitaki taicho of the 11th squad.”

Then it blinked off. Hitsugaya stood up and shook Matsumoto who awoken instantly.


“Where leaving in an hour. Get dressed. There will be a formal meeting at the Gotei 13.” he said then went out.

“Where are you going, taicho?” she asked rubbing her eyes.

“To settle something.”


Then not letting her have another word, he dashed out and shunpoed to the Kurosaki’s house. He didn’t bother to knock. He went straight to Karin’s bedroom.

Karin was on her desk writing on her journal, then Hitsugaya jumped in. Karin started and turned around.

“Toushiro! What on earth—“ she said. But she was startled when he grabbed her none to gently and his face close to hers he said,

“Before I leave can I ask you a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Wait for me…Will you?” he said and he kissed her. At first it was sweet and gentle. But as soon as Karin started kissing back the kiss deepened in a passionate one. It seemed like forever and they couldn’t help it, they knew they wouldn’t see each other for quite a while.

When they finally broke, Toushiro smiled at her and Karin said,

“Thanks…That was nice.”

“So, what’s your answer?” he asked.

“Ill wait for you, Toushiro.” said Karin. She took his hand to his and squeezed it.

Toushiro who checked the time, saw that it was time to leave. He had to get there 30 minutes before because his guides come early.

“Karin. I have to go.”

As he said that he kissed her again, but this time on the forehead. Because if it was anywhere else, it would take more time.



Then he jumped out of the window, and shunpoed back to Orihime’s house.

And though he wasn’t there, and no one would hear it, Karin whispered to the winds,

“Im going to wait for you, Toushiro. No matter what happens.”


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"Take me away, dont let me go"

Take me away, don’t let me go


By: Myca Ermita

Hitsugaya Toushiro and Kurosaki Karin, sequel

A/N: This is the sequel for “Before I leave, can I ask you a favor?” Before it was actually kind of a one-shot, but I decided to make a cute little sequel for it.

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“Before I leave can I ask you a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Wait for me…Will you?” he said and he kissed her. At first it was sweet and gentle. But as soon as Karin started kissing back the kiss deepened in a passionate one. It seemed like forever and they couldn’t help it, they knew they wouldn’t see each other for quite a while.

When they finally broke, Toushiro smiled at her and Karin said,

“Thanks…That was nice.”

“So, what’s your answer?” he asked.

“Ill wait for you, Toushiro.” said Karin. She took his hand to his and squeezed it.

Toushiro who checked the time, saw that it was time to leave. He had to get there 30 minutes before because his guides come early.

“Karin. I have to go.”

As he said that he kissed her again, but this time on the forehead. Because if it was anywhere else, it would take more time.



Then he jumped out of the window, and shunpoed back to Orihime’s house.

And though he wasn’t there, and no one would hear it, Karin whispered to the winds,

“Im going to wait for you, Toushiro. No matter what happens.”

Karin Kurosaki was staring out the classroom window, the same daydream for 5 years. Its been 5 years. 5 years since her first date. And it was hard to imagine it would actually be her very last.

She is 15 now. In the age where guys ask for her number or try their witty charms to impress her. But no, she wouldn’t have any of that.

A promise was all it took to change everything.

And for the first time in her teenage life, she was starting to doubt it.

“He is going to come back. Don’t think like that… He promised. He is just busy.” she told herself. Her seatmate looked at her with awe. Karin returned it mockingly.


“Taicho?” whispered Matsumoto waving her hands in front of his face.

Hitsugaya Toushiro frowned at himself. He was wondering why he woke up with such a heartache. And being a taicho of the Gotei 13, it would be a medical emergency if he found out he had a heart attack problem.

“Matsumoto, what day is it today?” asked Hitsugaya to his fukutaicho. Matsumoto wondered where the conversation was getting.

“It’s a Monday, in the human world. And we have a meeting later with the others. Urgent said Yamamato taicho.” said Matsumoto.

Hitsugaya nodded and watched Matsumoto’s retreating back.

Does it concern her?

“Not Karin, no. Its impossible.” he said to himself in irritation.

But nagging at the back of his brain, he knew it did.

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A/N: Karin seems to be heartbroken, but no she is not. She is just doubting.

Chapter 1: Bobble heads and Decisive meetings

“ Kurosaki! You comin’ or what?” cried her soccer teammate. Ever since she entered high school she signed up on the soccer team, and of course she was accepted.

Instead of her usual guy friend team, now she has a bunch of other girls who treat her like a girl, and are an athletic bunch to boot.

“No, ill pass. I got to do something at home.” said Karin with a tiny smile. The girls looked at her in confusion but started running to the field anyway.

What’s going on?

What the hell are you talking about, Kurosaki?

Im talking about YOU not playing soccer today.

You know, im not feeling well.

It’s Toushiro.

Yeah well—

You’re doubting him aren’t you?

Why would I? I mean, I trust him.

Baka. You were 10 at that time.

So what?

Can you feel love at that age?

Who said anything about love?

Okay, maybe you can.

I don’t love him, I just feel a lot about him.

Whatever you say, Karin.

Karin slapped her face. She hated talking to herself, it made her feel lonely. She entered the Kurosaki household to catch a whiff of some soup Yuzu was making.

“Hey nee-san, want some dinner?” asked Yuzu, who was really a woman now. Though she was only 14, she looked mature and beautiful. Though she does not have a boyfriend yet, she has a lot of suitors.

“No. Have you seen onii-san’s new email yet?” asked Karin just for the sake of asking.

Ichigo went to college 2 years ago, but he never failed to email or send pictures. Also he never missed a single family gathering.

“No, I haven’t any time.” said Yuzu.

Karin nodded and made to go upstairs.

“Oh and if you want dinner, there is some in the fridge!” called out Yuzu.

Karin walked into her room and immediately was greeted by the flush of air from her window. She sunk on her bed and memories flooded back.

Then not letting her have another word, he dashed out and shunpoed to the Kurosaki’s house. He didn’t bother to knock. He went straight to Karin’s bedroom.

Karin was on her desk writing on her journal, then Hitsugaya jumped in. Karin started and turned around.

“Toushiro! What on earth—“ she said. But she was startled when he grabbed her none to gently and his face close to hers he said,

“Before I leave can I ask you a favor?”

“Can I ask you a favor, huh? This is pretty big for a stupid favor, Toushiro.” muttered Karin with an angry sniff.

She shut the window with a bang and looked over at her table. There lay a box. It was big enough to fit only a jumbo hotdog, but nothing else.

Karin took the box and opened it, there lay a bobble head. It was not just any bobble head though, it was a gift from Toushiro.

She shook it and smiled, the cartoon head was smiling at her and nodding his head vigorously. Karin put it back in the box and placed it bellow her pillow.

It was the same for 5 years, every time it was the anniversary of their date, she would end up getting the bobble head putting it in her pillow, and crying herself to sleep.


Hitsugaya pushed the door of the 1st squad. Meeting was always held there, not unless they didn’t need to and the room 46 handled it.

Matsumoto who was behind him snorted. She hated the formality. The captains and their vice captains where all lined up side by side.

“Hitsugaya taicho, so happy you could join us.” said Yamamato.

Hitsugaya nodded and positioned himself in the middle of 9th squads vice captain Isagi Shuuhei. ( Tousen Kaname, who happened to be the taicho of 9th joined the evil forces of Aizen Souske who was taicho of the 5th division).

Beside Matsumoto was taicho of the 11the squad Zaraki Kenpachi and his faithful (yet annoying) vice Kusagika Yachiru.

Hinamori Momo, who was Toushiro’s best friend grinned at him and waved. Hitsugaya nodded politely. Ever since the last war, he felt a like he wanted to avoid her at all costs.

“So, now that we are all complete, I received news from a shinigami stationed in the real world that there are news of an Arrancar attack…” said Yamamato. The captains nodded in understanding.

This was a meeting discussing who will be stationed at earth to battle. Hitsugaya felt his heart beat faster again. He thought he was going to have a heart attack, but then he realized it was mainly because of the idea of going to the real world and seeing a certain someone again.

Matsumoto gave Hitsugaya a sideway glance and smiled. She knew for one thing that he was thinking the same thing too.

They were going back to earth.

“Now, im going to assign this to the people who have once been stationed there too. Because it would be easier and more familiar that way.” said the 1st division captain. Kenpachi grunted. Yamamato looked over at him with a questioning glare.

“I think I should go too. After all me and Yachiru are pretty good at adapting to our environments.” he said.

“Yeah. Me and Ken-chan want to have fun!” said Yachiru with a bounce.

“But. Your idea of fun, unfortunately is killing people. And we cant afford dead humans now cant we?” said 2nd division captain Soi Fon.

Kenpachi glared at her, but Yama-jin nodded too and looked over at Hitsugaya and Matsumoto.

“10th division Hitsuagaya taicho and Matsumoto fukutaicho, you are assigned.”

Hitsugaya nodded and felt his heart drop.

Im going to see Karin again.

“You too 6th division Abarai fukutaicho, you go with 13th division's Kuchiki Rukia."

Renji nodded and grinned like an idiot.

This was met however with disapproval from 6th division captain Kuchiki Byakuya.

“I refuse to let Rukia to join in this mission.” he said.

“That’s not your decision, im afraid.” said 13th division taicho Ukitake Jyuushiro.

“Stay out of this, Ukitake.” snarled Byakuya.

“Im allowing her to go.” said Ukitake.

“Seeing as you are so keen for her protection, join her Kuchiki taicho.” Said 4th division captain Unohana Retsu.

“That’s a great idea.” agreed Ukitake with his rare smirk.

Byakuya positively blanched, but seeing the face of Yamamato Genryuusai, he knew he had to.

“Also im adding 11th division’s Madarame and Yumichika.”

The meeting ended with mixed feelings. But the feeling of Hitsugaya was the most different.

So, how are you feeling Shiro-chan?

I don’t know what to feel anymore.

I bet she looks different.

Yes, it HAS been 5 years.

I wonder if she ever followed her promise?

Hitsugaya frowned at himself again. He did… But did she? He didn’t know, at that exact moment, Karin was falling asleep… Her heart heavy with a burden she kept for 5 years now.

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A/N: I wanted Kenpachi to join the group, but I realized they'd be too many. AND you cant separate Yachiru... lol. :)

Chapter 2: The stars

“Why, taicho, are you so keen on going to the real world?” asked Matsumoto cockily yet in a whisper. They were at another meeting. Though this one was informal. The shinigami’s assigned at earth are going tomorrow, and tonight was their only available time to plan for it.

Byakuya was at the corner acting all tough, but he was feeling awkward. Rukia was sitting next to Renji and they were talking about Ichigo (no doubt, they don’t know that he is in college). Madarame and Yumichika were sitting and doing nothing.

“What are you talking about? This is a mission.” growled Hitsugaya, his brow furrowed.

“A certain, Karin-chan perhaps?” she said her eyebrow rose in a knowing glance.

“Shut up!” said Hitsugaya. Ikkaku and Yumichika stared at him then smiled also knowingly.

They were there. In his date with Karin, and he knew if ever they were in his division he had probably kicked them out and transferred them to the 12th squad where they could be examined by Kurotshuchi taicho.

But the 11th squad had lower tolerance. Zaraki did not care about their utter rudeness, the only thing that mattered to him was that they were able to fight and kick hollow butt.

“Kuchiki taicho, are you quite sure you want to join us?” said Hitsugaya, avoiding the stares and glances from the others.

Byakuya glared at him, no doubt trying to bite of his remarks at his meddling. But then he nodded and said,

“I am going to my quarters now. No one bother me. Renji and I have papers to do before we go to the real world.”

Then he went out without another word. Hitsugaya scoffed.

“Okay. Now we have a better chance with the Arrancar. Considering we have two taichos in our league and two fukutaichos. We might get this job over earlier than we expected.” said Ikakku.

“I wonder how many they are?” asked Rukia. Renji who was lying on the floor ever since Byakuya left, said,

“I think about 3 only. We have an over advantage for them. Maybe we should handle the hollow problems while we are at it.”

They nodded.

“Im quite excited to get back.” said Matsumoto.

“Rangiku-san, is it about shopping again?” asked Rukia with a small smile.

“They have cheaper items there!”

Hitsugaya gave them both a death glare, but they choose to ignore it especially since Yumichika joined in the babble of shopping trips.

Renji and Ikkaku started fighting over something trivial.

So Hitsugaya was left with himself. He wondered what Karin looked now. She would be 15 years old.

He glanced at the wall mirror. He definitely looked better now. He was not they puny looking grade schooler from before. In his standards he looked like a high school student senior.

What would she look like now?


Karin lied on the grass for the hundredth time in her whole life. It was the exact same spot where she and Toushiro slept in each other’s arms.

No one was around at this time. It was 9 pm, it was cold and the air that blew on her face was not at all soothing.

But she couldn’t help it. For some reason she felt like something magical was going to happen if she stayed.

She smiled at the stars. They seemed to still wink in approval. She closed her eyes, it was as if she could feel his presence in her.

“I wish… I wish I could see Toushiro again. Even for just one second, I wish I could be with him… To know if I should give up or not.” she told the stars.

Then she felt warm all of a sudden.

What’s going on?

She opened her eyes expecting to see white hair and electric blue-green eyes. But it wasn’t.

It was her father Kurosaki Isshin, she seemed to be in a bundle.

“Don’t worry, ive got you. You seem to have a cold. Your very warm.” he said.

Karin nodded disappointedly and felt herself get knocked out.


I feel like a thousand bricks poured over on my head

What happened last night?

I think I fell asleep at on the grass

On the grass? Baka, of course you’d get sick.

Ive done it once, Kurosaki.

Yah well, it was with someone else Karin.

Why don’t you open your eyes.

They feel heavy.

But she opened her eyes anyway. She was on her bed, a very warm towel on her head. Yuzu was on a chair sleeping with her mouth open in an annoying angle, that spit was spill from her sides.

“Yuzu.” said Karin and poked her sister on her tummy.

She woke up instantly and saw that Karin was awake.

“Karin! Are you okay? You have a cold.” she said and went to get the thermometer.

When she checked that Karin was indeed feeling better she went out to get her breakfast.

When she cam back she sat on the side of Karin.

“Nee-san, why where you there anyway?” she asked anxiously, as if she thought Karin was off her rocker.

“I just felt it.” said Karin honestly.” What time is it anyway, Yuzu?”

“Its 6am. I don’t know about you, but you are certainly not going to school today.” said Yuzu in an annoying way plus the finger wagging.

“Whatever, I know im not sick anymore. But I just don’t feel like it.” replied Karin burying her head in her pillow.

“Alright.” said Yuzu dismissively, and went out. Probably to get dressed for school.


Back at Soul Society the shinigami’s who will go to the real world have gathered over at the gates.

“Remember, if anyone dies in the attempt, don’t hold back.” said Ikkaku, his face splitting in a wide evil grin.

“Yeah right. That would be very un-beautiful.” said Yumichika, posing for the invisible camera.

“Shut up you two!” barked Hitsugaya, he was anxious the whole night, so he didn’t get enough sleep causing him to be extra cranky.

Then a strong reiatsu pounded in their bodies, it was the most familiar, because he seemed to be releasing it at most times. Or maybe he couldn’t help it, they had to guess.

Kenpachi was running to them, Yachiru flying or grasping not to fall from Kenpachi’s back.

“You people wont leave without a fight for who will able to go to the real world.” he cried, beaming.

Byakuya and Hitsugaya did not move when the others made a run for the open gate. They scoffed.

“Let me handle this idiot.” said Hitsugaya his face showing annoyance.

“You impudent little brat we have to go before the gate closes.” said Byakuya his face etched with dislike.

Then they ran after the gate. Sending a howling Kenpachi to shout in rage.


Karin bounced of bed all of a sudden.

That reiatsu… It can’t be?—

She took of the towel from her head and dashed out of the room. Everyone was not in the house so she locked the door and went after the familiar reiatsu. She ran faster to the park.

Karin looked up in the sky, as if expecting him or them (she could feel the others too), to just fall from the sky.

But to her surprise however, she saw a flying carpet above. Then she jumped into a bush when she saw it was going to descend exactly where she stood.

What surprised her most of all was not the carpet, it was the people who descended from it.

Her eyes widened most of all when she saw a man she dreamt about for days.

It was Toushiro.

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A/N: And for the second time, im trying to make this scene fit the attitudes of Toushiro and Karin (because they are both romantic... NOT!).

Chapter 3: Apology

How come I could feel her somewhere here? But where is she?

Toushiro was wearing his usual gigai, but he knew that she would know he was here. He looked around as if he expected her to be somewhere there. He turned to look at the others. They were looking around too.

Matsumoto was frowning.

“I could feel Karin, where is she though?” she whispered to Toushiro who shrugged, but he was wondering the same thing.

Rukia and Renji were looking for someone else though. They announced they were off to look for Ichigo. Byakuya, who was keen to keep an eye on Rukia 24/7 decided to follow.

Madarame and Yumichika stared at Toushiro.

“She’s here.” said Ikkaku.

“I wonder if she looks beautiful now?” asked Yumichika thoughtfully.

Hitsugaya started taking in the place, it has been 5 years and it did not look as different as he expected.

Then he stared at the bush, why was there some black thing inside?

A cat perhaps?

His heart started pumping as he went closer and reached for it, then he caught a whiff of a familiar scent.

“Karin, what are you doing there?” asked Toushiro, braver than he felt.

There was nervous laughter from the bush and Karin stood up and felt Toushiro’s eyes lock with her again, after 5 years.


Karin stared at him from the bush, he looked taller. Probably taller than Ichigo was. His hair still shone bright and white, but he seemed to have an aura of battle and stress around him.

They seemed to be talking. Most of the looked the same, but there was two other old guys with them. One with long black hair, the other with fiery red hair.

Then she saw Rukia, red haired guy and black haired guy take off.

Ikkaku and Yumichika started talking to Toushiro and Matsumoto.

Then to her surprise, Hitsugaya started walking to the bush. Her bush.

Oh damn! Did he see me?

Baka! Baka! Baka!!

Then he stopped a few inches from her bush. She thought she was safe, but surprised herself when she heard Toushiro say (in a voice different from 5 years ago),

“Karin, what are you doing there?” he said.

Karin laughed, nervously. Then she realized she had no choice but to face the music.

“Hi Toushiro, long time no see!” she said, her voice sounding a little too cheerful.

“Karin… I-“ he started. But Karin, who was starting to regain her poise, jumped out of the bush with perfect balance and started to make a run for it.

She didn’t know why, but seeing him there. Looking at her matter-of-factly, after giving her such a burden, made her sad and miserable at the same time.

And her only choice is to run away.


Toushiro leaped in shock as Karin started to run away, he didn’t know what to do. Though he realized, she gained much better speed after 5 years and her now tall frame making her look like a track star.

But her heart was still weak after everything that happened.

When she disappeared in the corner, Matsumoto made a grab for Toushiro’s arms and she said,

“Go after her taicho.”

Then he looked at his fukutaicho. She looked so serious, he knew that she was right.

He shunpoed away, not even bothering to look back.


Karin ran faster and faster, feeling her gut starting to hurt, she went to the usual soccer field and sat on the bench, her heart thumping harder than ever.

It was not only because she ran to fast for a long way, but it was mainly because her heart can not handle the suspense of it all.

Then even is she hasn’t cried in years, she felt herself burst into unwanted tears, her cheeks splattering unstoppable things. The feeling was over powering.

“You’re a pretty fast runner.” said a voice behind her. She recognized it immediately.

“Go away, Toushiro. I don’t want to talk to you.” she said, not wanting anyone to see her that weak.


He made to touch her but she shrugged him off.

“I know it has been a while…” he said as he sat down next to her with a loud thump.

Karin looked up at those words, he was watching her intently.

“A while? Damn you, Toushiro! It has been 5 years! 5 stupid years! And I was starting to think I was an idiot for even making a promise to you!” she cried.

Toushiro looked shocked to see her crying, but his expression softened when he heard those words.

“There was no time. And if I only knew how much I was making you suffer, I wouldn’t have asked you to wait.” he said quietly.

“Well you did make me suffer, and it is to late.” she said her voice stony.

She wiped of her tears with the back of her hand and they just sat there in silence.

“Karin, im sorry I made you wait. Im sorry I was such an idiot. I just wanted to say I missed you.” he said looking straight into her eyes.

The intensity of his gaze made her look away.

“I missed you too. A lot.” she said, and stood up.

“Where are you going?” he asked standing up too.

“Play soccer of course, that’s one way to be able to kick your sorry ass for making me wait.” she said her face much happier now, and her now long hair swaying in the wind.

Toushiro smiled too, he missed the game.


The soccer game ended in a surprising note. Karin won by a landslide, she poured all her anger into the game and it resulted with a strong win.

They both sat on the bench again, panting.

“You’ve grown weak, Toushiro.” said Karin with a note of amusement.

“I let you win.” he said with a small smile.

“And besides, you deserve it.” she said.

Then more silence.

“Why’d you come back anyway?” she asked. Turning to look at his blue green eyes.

Battle worn. He grew a lot. Much more mature.

“There are a bunch of Arrancar’s appearing at some farther part of Karakura town, we have more people now. As you have probably noticed.” he said sighing.

“You mean red hair and black hair?” she said. Toushiro looked at her in awe.

“That’s the 6th division’s fukutaicho Abrai Renji and taicho Kuchiki Byakuya.”

“Kuchiki? You mean black hair- I mean- Byakuya is related to Rukia-san?” she asked curiously.

“Kuchiki taicho adopted Rukia as his sister, when his wife who was her sister died.” he said patiently.

“So apparently, Rukia is like his sister in law but he adopted her as his sister.” She said, then added,

“Don’t they have romantic feelings for each other?”

Toushiro’s eyes widened even more than it really is.

“Don’t say that Karin, its against the law.” he said, but he knew that Byakuya wouldn’t commit that crime because he was too attached to the law… And thoughts like that would be beneath him.

Then more silence.


Karin was starting to blush, as if the feeling of it all was starting to come back to her. She turned and saw that Toushiro looked thoughtful and then she realized that they’re hands were intertwined together.

Toushiro looked at his hands, they were holding hands. He started to blush and said,

“Karin, I was wondering if you want to have dinner with me tomorrow night? Nothing fancy, just a meal at Orihime’s place.” he asked anxiously.

“Inoue-san left you they keys? I thought she and everyone of Ichigo’s friends are at college?” she asked.

“Yes, but she said we could stay over.” he said not entirely truthful, but Orihime told them about the spare key below the potted plant, and that they could always come over anytime.

“Oh alright…” said Karin, excited at the prospect of dining with Toushiro again.

“Do you want me to bring you home?” asked Toushiro, it was getting late.

“Yeah. Yuzu would freak if she found out I left without permission.” replied Karin.

They both stood up, still hand in hand, started walking slowly back to the Kurosaki household.

Then they stopped and Toushiro looked at Karin.

“Im sorry… And I mean that, because I don’t say it that often.” He said.

Karin nodded and made to turn the doorknob. But a hand enclosed on her wrist. She looked at him. He had a pained expression on his face, the he pulled her closer.

Then he buried a kiss on her cheek and shunpoed back to his other home, Inoue’s apartment.

Karin touched her cheek.

Wow, it must have really been a long time.

Yeah, but admit it.


That felt good didn’t it?


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Chapter 4: When Arrancar attack

Toushiro shunpoed to the house, and saw that it was open. When he got in, Matsumoto jumped to Toushiro and smothered him with her large breasts.

“Get off me!” barked Toushiro in an annoyed way.

“So, how’d it go with Karin?” she asked.

“It went okay… Where are the others?” he asked, avoiding the subject.

“In the living room. So you have a date with her tomorrow?”

“Matsumoto… Have you been spying?” he asked in a dangerous whisper.

“I wouldn’t call it spying… Just collective listening.” she said, her face slowly turning red.

“MATSUMOTO!!” cried an angry Toushiro.

But before he could do anything, a strong reiatsu knocked them off balance, then they felt it go away. Renji, Rukia, Ikkaku and Yumichika dashed to the room. Slowly followed by an impassive Byakuya.

“The Arrancar?” asked Hitsugaya. They nodded, except for Byakuya who popped in a substitute soul on his gigai, and out went his soul in his shinigami uniform with his taicho robe.

They all followed suit.


Karin felt the reiatsu and said out loud on the dinner table,

“What the hell was that?”

Isshin, who could also feel it pretended not to and said,

“What are you talking about? The peas are delicious.”

Karin glared at her father and asked permission to go out.

“No.” he said firmly. “Its dinner time.”

But actually he did not want Karin to go out, because he knew these Arrancar are stronger than the last time.

Karin tried to feel it again. There were three of them… But they were all above captain level. Or Toushiro’s level.

When she finished her dinner in a rush, she dashed out without listening to her father saying she was not allowed to go out.

She ran faster until she saw them in the air. Hitsugaya was fighting a huge Arrancar with Matsumoto, the smallest but speediest was fighting Ikkaku, Yumichika and Rukia. The one who was really good at flash steps was battling Byakuya and Renji.

Then to her shock, the huge Arrancar punched Matsumoto flat on the face, and then she fell 100 ft. from the ground. Karin ran to help her. Her face was bloody and almost unrecognizable.

“Don’t worry, ill help you get to the clinic later.” said Karin.

Matsumoto smiled painfully then said,

“Ill be alright. But you have to find help. Taicho will not be able to do it himself.”

Then she fainted. Karin looked up again in the sky. Toushiro was bloody all over, and his bankai form was slowly loosing its power.

The small Arrancar was gone, along with Ikkaku and Yumichika. Karin assumed they went somewhere else to do the fighting.

The bankai of Byakuya was released and thousand swords filled the air. Renji had collapsed on the ground too. Rukia thankfully had gone to get help.

Karin was about to stand up too. But another reiatsu had joined them. Which was all to familiar.

“DAD?” she said. Then she looked back. Her father was in shinigami robes and he looked menacing.

“Karin, stay back.” he said. Then he released his zanpakuto and slashed one of the arms of the huge Arrancar.

Karin watched in awe as Hitsugaya sent a freezing blast to it. And then his part was over, he too fell to the ground. Karin ran faster than her legs would. Then she cradled Toushiro in her arms.


“Its going to be alright.” she said and she stripped off a piece of her shirt and wrapped it like a bandage around his bloody chest.

Then she looked up in the sky, Byakuya had won his match. But he too looked bloody and mangled.


Right on time however a man named Uruhara and a woman name Yourichi came with Rukia. Instantly it seemed they were pretty good at contacting some people there.

A kid, who seemed like Karin’s age, got them all healed.

Then they took Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Renji and Byakuya to the Kurosaki clinic. Ikkaku and Madarame showed up a few minutes later both looking tired but had a few scratches.

The kid named Hanataro done a pretty good job, because even if they have bandages all around them, their skins showed no sign of being attacked.

Karin started to wonder if she could have some of those. Every time she played in a soccer match versus another school, she always ended up with a lot of scars.

But there was no time to think about that now. She looked over at Toushiro who was lying at the farthest corner. She sat on his bed and stroked his hair.

He looked so calm, and she always liked his face like that. But seeing him wrapped in bandages made him look so helpless, it made her want to strip it all off. But she knew better.

She bent to his ear and said almost laughingly,

“Get better alright, Toushiro? You owe me a date tomorrow.” she said.

Then he stirred and opened his eyes and stared in amusement.

“I owe you dinner. I don’t need reminding you know.” he said.

Karin laughed and without anymore words she kissed him on the forehead.

“Ill see you later. I have to get some sleep.” she said.

Toushiro nodded and said,

“Karin, good night. And thank you.”

“No problem. Good night, Toushiro.”


Karin went up to her room, and sunk into her bed. She was exhausted. There hasn’t been this much action in quite some time.

She smiled to herself.

Toushiro is back. What do you have to say for youself?

Three words.


I kissed him.

It was on the forehead.

I want him to initiate the real kiss.

Yes, but you can too.

We’ll see tomorrow.

Then she took the box where the bobble head was then told it,

“You happy? I don’t have to cry on you tonight.” she said, as the bobble head nodded vigorously.

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Chapter 5: School surprises

Karin woke up with a backache. Last night was very eventful, but she couldn’t put into her mind why it was.

Was it just a dream?

She checked the clock. It was 5:55. She woke up before the alarm clock did. Since it was a Wednesday, she had to go to school. She grunted and planted her feet firmly on the ground.

“Was it just a dream?” she repeated out loud to herself.

She shook her head, it seemed tired. Maybe it was real. She closed her alarm clock, then made her way to the clinic.

Their house never changed its look even when Ichigo left. It was still the same, and she passed the huge portrait of her dead mother. She smiled at it then blew it a kiss.

Some people would find it shocking, but whenever Karin’s day started horribly, she blew her mother a kiss and it all turns out better.

Then she went to doorstep to check for mail, she picked it up, there was a letter from Ichigo there.

“Ichi-nii!” she whispered to herself.

Inside the letter indicated, he was coming home for the holidays. Karin re-read the letter until she entered the kitchen, not bothering to look up as she sat down.

She pocketed the letter, then heared someone bustling to her left.

She looked up expecting her father and said,

“Onii-san is coming for the hol—“

Then stopped. Sitting at her left was none other than Kuchiki Byakuya, who was surveying her. His hands were on the table and his face shown no emotion. In front of her was Toushiro, who looked shocked at her presence.

“Good morning?” she said, then stood up but Toushiro stopped her.

“Its okay, Karin. We were about to leave anyway.” he said.

Byakuya was still looking at her.

“Is this the human girl Rangiku-san was talking about, Hitsugaya?” asked Byakuya to Toushiro.

“Yes. She is Kurosaki Ichigo’s sister.” he said his face impassive.

Karin was beginning to wonder why Toushiro was acting so different today. It was as if she was only a subordinate and not his date later tonight.

“You know the rules, it is not proper for a taicho to get involved with a human.” said Byakuya coldly.

“And you care so much for the rules, right Kuchiki taicho?” replied Hitsugaya in an icier manner.

Karin was beginning to understand. A taicho or someone from soul society in particular is forbidden to have a relationship whatsoever with a human.

Then why did he ask me out in the first place?

Byakuya stiffened.

“Caring so much for the rules, you were willing to sacrifice your sibling.” drawled on Hitsugaya.

“I did not have a choice.” said Byakuya curtly. “And besides, I fixed it.”

“Are you quite sure Rukia has forgiven you?” asked Hitsugaya.

Byakuya looked at him with dislike.

“I do not have a point to care if she has ever forgiven mo. Henceforth, that is particularly why I am here. To repay my debt, not only to her, but to my late wife, Hisana.”

With that he stood up, and held his hand out for the doorknob.

“I do not care for what you do her, Hitsugaya taicho. But remember what I said.” he said coldly.

Then he turned to Karin.

“Tell Isshin that I am thankful for hospitality and that I have work to do. Ill see you later at Inoue Orihime’s place.” added Byakuya to Toushiro, who nodded stiffly.

Then he left swiftly, even in his Gigai he looked impressive and taicho-like.

Karin turned back to Toushiro.

“What was that all about?”

Toushiro smiled.

“It is part of the rules not to have a relationship with a human.” he said matter-of-factly.

“Then what are you going to do with me?” said Karin, feeling her body starting to burn with anger.

“Do you actually think im not going to fight tooth and nail for you? Karin, you should know that Byakuya also done that once for his wife, and im not going to stop being with you just because of a stupid law.” said Toushiro, with a smile.

“Are you sure?” asked Karin light headedly.

“Yes, don’t doubt me Karin. Ive done my promises even if they took so long.” said Toushiro.

They stopped talking for a while, trapped in their own thoughts.

“Toushiro, where are the others?” asked Karin.

“Ikkaku and Yumichika went to get some of those boxed food to deliver at Inoue’s. Matsumoto is still at the clinic, and I don’t plan to leave without her. Rukia and Renji are also out.”

Karin nodded.

“I have to get to school.” she said and stood up.

“Okay.” then he too stood up and made to go to the clinic.

Karin watched his back than called out,

“Dinner later!”

Toushiro turned, his brow furrowed. Then he grinned and said,

“How could I forget?”


When Toushiro got in the infirmary, Matsumoto had her eyes open and in the sight of Toushiro, she smiled and said,

“Thank goodness. I thought everyone left me.”

“Shut up , Matsumoto.” he said and placed a palm on her forehead. “You seem to be okay.”

Matsumoto jumped out of bed and took of her bandages and band aid.

“Taicho, how could you say that? Im not weak.” she said, her boobs bouncing.

“Lets get going, I left a note for Isshin.” said Hitsugaya and he dragged her out of the window.

They shunpoed from rooftop to rooftop, then they felt a hollow spike.

Without consulting each other, they popped in a substitute and told it to stay there.

Then Toushiro’s eyes widened when he saw where the hollow was placed.

Karakura High school


Karin went out of the Kurosaki household, taking note that she couldn’t feel Toushiro and Rangiku-san’s reiatsu.

She started walking to school her head in the clouds.

“Yes, don’t doubt me Karin. Ive done my promises even if they took so long.” said Toushiro.

She smiled.

He is really serious isn’t he?

Yes, I wonder what he is going to do?

Don’t ask me, how could I know Im as clueless as you.

Ill ask him later.

Good idea.

Then as she came closer to the school, she felt a hollow close at her school. Then another reiatsu, it was Toushiro and Matsumoto’s.

She ran faster and faster until she reached the school gate. There she saw tow figures battling the biggest hollow she has ever seen.

“Karin! Watch out!” cried Toushiro.

The hollow swiped in the air as Matsumoto slashed her zanpakuto at the hollow.

Then she remembered what Toushiro told her 5 years ago. This was a Menos Grande.

Then Toushiro released his shikai. And with one slash, it was gone.

“Toushiro, you alright?” she asked when they descended.

Toushiro nodded.

“There will be more Menos Grande now that we defeated the Arrancar.” said Matsumoto.

“They will definitely be drawn now that we have so much spirit force in one place. It was enough when Ichigo was here. Now we added a whole bunch more.” said Toushiro with a sigh.

“So more will come?” asked Karin.

“Yes, Karin, I need to place a guide at your house.” said Toushiro.

“What? How about my dad? He is a shinigami.” said Karin, shocked Toushiro even suggested.

“But he is not enough. Menos Grande are tough. And Isshin has not used his power for years.” said Matsumoto.

“Im going to ask Rukia to stay with you.” said Toushiro.

“But does that not mean Byakuya has to stay there too?” asked Matsumoto skeptically.

“Damn. Your right. Maybe you could stay there Matsumoto.” said Toushiro. Matsumoto grinned and nodded.

“How about you, taicho?” she asked.

“Im going to stay on the roof.” he said.

“WHAT?” cried Karin and Matsumoto at the same time.

“Isshin will not allow me to stay there.” he said.

“Don’t worry, ill handle my idiot father.” said Karin with a smirk.

Then the bell rang in school. Karin sighed and started running for the gate.

“Bye! See you later.”

Matsumoto giggled.

“What?” asked Toushiro irritably.

“You should have seen your face.” she said then started laughing.

Toushiro glared at her, but when she continued laughing, a tick mark appeared on his head and he said,

“Im your taicho, and I have a right to strip of your badge off and station you somewhere else.”

That silenced her.

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Chapter 6: Burnt toast and meatballs on a stick

After school Karin grabbed her bag immediately not bothering to address her classmates’ cat calls about a soccer game.

Then before she could even exit her door, her soccer teammate Yusumi, stopped her with a fabulous kick on her bag.

Karin rolled her eyes.

“Where are you going? Don’t you want to play soccer with us? And we have a tournament coming up soon!” said Yusumi with an exasperated sigh.

“I can’t not today. I have a…uhh… Family meeting.” said Karin quickly then she ran out of the door.

Yusumi smirked at her. Then the other team mates asked why Karin wont join.

“She has a date.”


Toushiro looked at the mirror. He had 5 hours to prepare for the date, so he sat on the couch and watched as Ikkaku retold his story to Rukia, who wasn’t there.

Rukia laughed when Ikkaku said he attacked the other players on the team.

“And you attacked the ex too? Who happened to be bald huh?” she said. Byakuya was out (probably looking for Hollows, or Avoiding Toushiro), so she was her noisy self.

“I think she has a thing for ugly men.” whispered Yumichika to Rukia none to loudly. Ikkaku boiled and said,

“Im not bald!”

“You are too!” cried Rukia.

“Am not!”

The fight seemed to go on forever until Toushiro screamed,

“Shut up you two!”

He looked at the clock. 4 hours ‘till the date, and he hasn’t cooked anything yet. He turned to Matsumoto with a somewhat pleading glare.

“Help me with the cooking. Karin will be here in a few hours.” He said in a low voice only he and Matsumoto can hear.

“Ahah! So im right. How about the others? And Kuchiki taicho?” she asked him.

Toushiro raised an eyebrow.

“You will keep them in tow for me.”

Matsumoto groaned and Toushiro stood up and gestured for her in the kitchen.

“Nobody disturb us here.” he told the others in a commanding im-going-to-attack-you-with-Hyourinmaru-if-you-do kind of tone.

They nodded and started talking again.


Panting, Karin entered her house and announced that she was home. Then she saw Isshin coming at her with a fierce hug.

Karin punched him with her fist which caused him to fall flat on the floor with a nose bleed.

“My daughter really is all grown up.” he said as Yuzu handed him a tissue and he balled it up with his fingers and put it on his bloody nose.

“We have to talk.” she said.

Isshin straightened up and nodded. Yuzu wondered why but she didn’t ask.


“You cant cook?!” cried Toushiro when he went back to check Matsumoto’s progress, so far she only had burnt toast and meatballs on a stick.

“Well, you didn’t ask me if I could, taicho.” she replied defensively.

“What am I going to do in 3 hours?” he asked her calmly, but inside he was so frantic. A taicho knows how to control his feelings.

Well, except for Kenpachi.

“I think you should go get ready. Im going to order some pizza.” said Matsumoto with a smile.

“What?” asked Toushiro with a disgusted tone.

“Pizza. Its human food. Its round and it has all sort of topping on it. Ive seen it here. I even tasted it once!” she said proudly.

“Okay.” he said, sounding doubtful that there is something like that.

He ran to the room and changed into something more comfortable.


Isshin looked anxious as they both sat down on the armchair.

Karin had her legs crossed in a scary sort of way that would send the weakest of guys running for cover.

“How come you didn’t tell me you were a shinigami?” she asked angrily.

“How should I know you know about it? Ichigo does not know either.” he said.

“Baka! How could I not know when my brother is a shinigami and my date is a taicho for Gods sakes!” she cried with face full of fury. She stood up and she looked towering.

“Forgive me my precious daughter. I did not know…” he said as he bowed down in front of her.

Karin glared at her father and stomped away. Isshin grabbed her leg and held on as she tried to get him off.

“I hate you!” she said angrily. Isshin let go and started crying anguished.

She ran up to her room and banged the door shut, as she started to get ready for her date.


Karin wore a simple racer back top, with a sporty jacket and Bermuda shorts which she borrowed from Yuzu.

“You look wonderful nee-san.” said Yuzu handing her a lip gloss.

Karin swiped it. She really did grow in 5 years. Now she is not much of a tomboy but a real teenager who likes lip gloss and dressing up. But deep inside she is still the same shorty who likes soccer and fighting middle schoolers.

“Are you going to date Hitsugaya-kun again?” she asked knowingly.

“Yeah. He is the only one I bother to date.” said Karin in reply.

Then she was ready. She had to admit, she looked really pretty ever since she could tie her hair in a ponytail.


What is this thing?

He saw a tube of white sticky stuff on the shelf, next to the chappy the rabbit substitute pills.

He squeezed some on his hand, and smelled it.

It smells odd.

The he put some on his hair and instantly it hardened.

What’s wrong with my hair?!

He frantically tried to comb it, but to no avail, the comb stuck on his hair. Then he checked the table.

/Bench Fix styling hair gel

And below it was written in on a piece of scotch tape was:

Property of Madarame Ikkaku

“Madarame!!” screamed Toushiro. Instantly, Ikkaku stormed into the room with a scary grin.

“Where is the hollow?” he asked when he saw that Toushiro looked angry.

“No hollow. What is this stuff? And why is my hair hard?” he asked Ikkaku, who took the bottle.

“Its hair gel, Hitsugaya taicho.” he said matter-of-factly. ”Its styles the hair so it wont move.”

“And you own it?” asked Toushiro skeptically, as he stared at his bald head.

“Yes.” Then he went out.

Toushiro started to wonder where he puts the hair gel. But when he looked at the clock there was only 30 minutes left until his date comes.

He ran downstairs then into the kitchen to see a huge square box and it smelled good.


Karin went downstairs to find her father sulking on the corner, his face was unreadable. Karin giggled.

He took it seriously didn’t he?

Yeah he did.

Then she announced she was leaving, he did not budge even a little. So she went out and closed the door behind her.

After a few seconds she poked her head inside and said in a cheerful voice,

“I don’t hate you. I love you!”

Then she closed it again, in time to hear Isshin’s squeak of delight and happy sobs of joy.

She walked slowly to Inoue’s house with a smile.

It’s been a long time since I actually dressed up.

I wonder if Toushiro dressed up too.

Then she passed by the park, she saw the place where she first met Toushiro, and he was still typing on his cell phone.

She breathed in the fresh air, and she shivered in delight when she realized she was happier than she has been in days.

She clutched her jacket and started running to Inoue’s house, her feet working on its own.


“I can feel her reiatsu. She is coming nearer.” he told Matsumoto as they sat on the kitchen table, she nodded and made to keep the others in tow.

Toushiro heared her say,

“Lets go watch a movie!”

There was a bustle and he heared Rukia say,

“I haven’t seen one of those. And I was here longer than any of you.”

Then he heared them slam the door shut.

Toushiro smirked.



Karin knocked on the door, and it opened instantly.

“Karin.” said Toushiro, then he let her in.

“Hey Toushiro, so what are we going to do?” she asked.

“There is some peet saw.” he said, and pointed to the direction of the kitchen.

“You mean, Pizza.” said Karin, with a giggle.

Toushiro blushed and guided Karin to the kitchen, his hand on her waist.


Outside, Matsumoto lead them to the side of the house, just near a window.

“Rangiku-chan, what are we doing hiding in a bush? I thought we are going to watch a movie.” asked Renji. “Does it involve Ichigo’s little sister? Because I can feel her reiatsu.”

Matsumoto nodded then put her finger on her mouth.

“You do know this is called eavesdropping do you?” said Renji with a smirk.

Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rukia, and Matsumoto said at the same time,

“It’s called collective listening!”

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Chapter 7: The pizza, the dance, and more collective listening

Karin was being dragged by Toushiro to the kitchen. But she could feel her cheeks burning by his touch.

She smiled as she looked at her right. He was most probably 5’11 now. And she was only 5”2. Toushiro looked around and pulled a chair open for her.

“Hmm Toushiro, I didn’t think you were such a gentleman!” said Karin beaming at him as she sat down.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” said Toushiro opening the pizza box. Since it was his first time, he surveyed it with curiosity. Then he looked closer. Then he picked up a round red piece of meat.

“It’s called pepperoni. And this is a pepperoni pizza! Its yummy.” said Karin, after watching him put it in his mouth and raise an eyebrow.

She picked up a piece of pizza.

“What is that yellowish thing sticking the pizza together?” asked a curious Toushiro. He blushed. He never felt unknowing all his life.

“Its cheese. Melted cheese. And im guessing you don’t have cheese at Soul Society?” said Karin taking a bite.

“We do have cheese. But we don’t have pizza over there.” he said. Then he took a piece and bit it.

When he finished swallowing a piece he said,

“That’s good.” he said with a nod.

“Toushiro?” said Karin with a goofy face who already had her 3rd piece.

“What?” asked Toushiro.

“You have a piece of onion on your cheek.” she said. Toushiro wiped it, but there wasn’t anything there.

Karin burst into laughter and smiled at Toushiro.

“You really are gullible, Toushiro taicho.” she said mocking the word taicho.

Toushiro frowned. Karin noticed he turned quiet so she cocked her head to the side and said,

“Don’t take that prank personally. You should laugh sometimes, it would be good for you.” she said beaming at him.

Toushiro picked up another piece and finished it in 4 bites.

When they were done eating, Toushiro let out a burp. Karin giggled.

“Excuse you!” then she burped too. Toushiro smirked and said,

“Excuse you too. That was weak, Karin. I expected better of you.”

Then they burst out laughing. Toushiro smiled as he watched Karin try to control her giggles.

She’s right. I should laugh more.


The others were still watching outside. Matsumoto, Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Rukia gaped as Karin and Toushiro burped.

“Oh my God. I haven’t seen taicho burp before.” said Matsumoto shocked.

“It’s the gigai. Im telling you.” said Renji, who let out a burp.

Yumichika looked over at him and his nose twitched.

“That is so un-beautiful. It stinks too.” he said. Rukia, who has experienced her own burps laughed at them.

“It’s natural here.”

That’s not the only thing that made them gape. When the couple started laughing, their jaws dropped so low on the ground, they could sweep using it.

“He is laughing!” pointed Rukia.

“Now ive seen everything.” said Madarame his evil smirk making him look extra scary.

“Is this my taicho?” whispered Matsumoto, watching as he started smiling at Karin.

“He is so in love.” said Yumichika.

“No way.” the others said at the same time, bending over to watch at the window again. But they were gone.

“Living room. Quick!” pointed Matsumoto.


They both sat down and Karin grinned at Toushiro.

“Don’t tell me that’s the only thing we are doing.” she said. Toushiro, who did not have a time to plan anything, said the first thing that popped in his mind.

“Lets watch television.” He said, and she nodded.

Then Karin turned to MTV. A song began to play, and she turned it up.

The song was: A Whole New World

I can show you the world

Shining, shimmering, splendid

Tell me, princess, now when did

You last let your heart decide?

Karin smiled as she recognized the song from Aladdin. Toushiro who has never heared the song before thought it was perfect.

He stood up and held his hand for Karin to take.

“What?” she asked staring at the hand.

“Dance with me.”

Then she smiled and took his hand, with a perfect twirl she landed on his chest. Toushiro grinned when he realized they fit perfectly with each other.

Then he swayed.

A whole new world

A new fantastic point of view

No one to tell us no

Or where to go

Or say we're only dreaming

Another twirl. This time Karin’s hair twirled with her. Toushiro held her nearer then they moved with balance. Karin was smiling on Toushiro’s clothes.

A whole new world

A dazzling place I never knew

But when I'm way up here

It's crystal clear

That now I'm in a whole new world with you

Now I'm in a whole new world with you

Unbelievable sights

Indescribable feeling

Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling

Through an endless diamond sky

Karin smelled in Toushiro’s cologne. She couldn’t recognize it. Toushiro was blushing when he realized what she was doing.

A whole new world

Don't you dare close your eyes

A hundred thousand things to see

Hold your breath - it gets better

I'm like a shooting star

I've come so far

I can't go back to where I used to be

A whole new world

Every turn a surprise

With new horizons to pursue

Every moment red-letter

I'll chase them anywhere

There's time to spare

Let me share this whole new world with you

Then Toushiro took Karin’s hands with his then smiled and said,

“I really like you Karin.”

Then his face came closer to hers and slowly they kissed each other.

A whole new world

That's where we'll be

A thrilling chase

A wondrous place

For you and me

The song ended, but the two were still kissing. Karin missed his kiss. She remembered reminiscing about it ever since they kissed 5 years ago.

Then they broke apart. Toushiro grinned.

“You sure can dance Toushiro.” said Karin her face breaking into a huge bright smile.

“Like I said, there are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” he said.

Karin turned off the television and sat down with her hands behind her head.

“Want to tell me?”

Then Toushiro sat down too with a loud thump and said cockily,

“Ill be glad to.”


“They’re dancing.” said Rukia who was smallest and can bend over to watch in the tiny window. Only one person could watch.

“Dancing?” repeated Madarame his face showing no surprise.

“Aren’t you surprised Ikkaku?” asked Yumichika, who pushed Rukia to watch. Matsumoto giggled.

“I told you, nothing will surprise me anymore.” said Madarame.

“How about you Rangiku-san?” asked Rukia.

“No. Not really. Old man Yama-jin forced the Gotei 13 to be able dancers.” she said.

Renji nodded.

“Unfortunately.” he said.

Then Yumichika gasped.

“What?” they all asked at the same time, eagerly.

“They’re… Kissing!” he said his face etched with shock.

They all pushed him aside and peaked in. They ignored Yumichika’s angry muttering.

“I spoke too soon! Now ive seen everything.” said Ikkaku.

“Taicho is kissing a girl!” pointed Matsumoto.

“Thank you for stating the obvious.” said Renji goofily

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Chapter 8: The sky, and its stories

“Remember when you asked me why I liked the view of the sky?” asked Toushiro.

Karin nodded.

“You said it was because it brings back memories.”

“Memories of my childhood. And my childhood friend.” said Toushiro sadly.

“Why are you so sad?” asked Karin, who was looking at Toushiro’s face.

“My friend was Hinamori Momo.” he said.

When Karin did not say anything, he continued.

“She was the fukutaicho of Aizen Souske. I told you about him right?”

Karin nodded again.

“She was attached to him. Then when he faked his death, she was devastated,” He said. “Even when she found out he was fake, she even said that I should save that man. She was driven crazy by grief.

“ So since then, when she begged for me to save him, I couldn’t face her ever again. Not as friends.”

Then there was silence.

“You should talk to her.” said Karin, with a comforting smile.

Toushiro looked at her questionably.

“It’s been 5 years, Toushiro. Don’t you think its time to forget?” she said. “And don’t tell me she never tried to rekindle your friendship.”

“She did… She still does.” He said. Then he felt his hands start to shake.

What’s wrong with me?

Karin took his hands and said,

“It’s natural to be afraid.”

“Im not afraid. A taicho should never be afra-“ he started. But Karin cut him off, somewhat rudely.

“Im not talking about the hollow afraid. Im talking about the love afraid. The friendship afraid. No one, not even a taicho like you could resist something like that.”

Toushiro smiled and said,

“Ill try, for you.” He added.

Karin beamed.

“You haven’t heard my side of the story.”


“My mother died a year after Yuzu was born.” she said, remembering it almost too clearly.

She realized her hands were still intertwined with Toushiro’s.

“Im sorry about that.” said Toushiro, for the first time showing signs of sympathy.

“A hollow attacked her. Below at the river bank.” she said. “I never knew about it until Ichi-nii said so 2 years ago.

“When I was a kid, my father always told me that my mother would be watching us at the sky. Of course I never knew about soul society back then.” she said with a sad laugh.

“She would be in soul society by now.” said Toushiro, not knowing what to say.

“Yeah. I was a cry baby when I was a kid. But when my mother died, I never cried again. Not in front of other people. But when I was alone, and I looked up in the sky, I always cried my heart out and told my mother how much I miss her.

“Then one day, when I was crying, I saw my mother smiling at me.”

Toushiro nodded.

She wasn’t buried yet.

“I was so happy. Then I stopped crying, because I realized my father was right. He always tells me that I will be with her someday.” she said, but this time she smiled.

“That’s right. Im sure you will go to Soul Society. You haven’t done anything wrong now did you?” he asked.

“Nothing serious. Just kicked middle schooler butt in the 4th grade.”

“Hey. I helped.” He said with a mocking pout.

“Yeah you did. Thank you, ive never told anyone about that story.” she said with a smile.

“That was easy, all I did was listen.” he said. “Ill be happy to do it again.”


“They’re just talking.” said Rukia. The others were sitting on the grass. Renji was falling asleep.

“I don’t care. If anything good happens wake me.” said Renji.

Then a deep voice sounded behind them.


“What are you doing there lieutenant Abarai?” asked the another voice.

They all jumped up, causing their reiatsu to spike.

“Oh damn.” muttered Matsumoto and turned around.

Byakuya was standing behind them along with Urohara.

“Kuchiki taicho!” greeted Renji cheerfully matching it with a salute.

“Nii-sama.” said Rukia with a bow.

“I say, what were you all doing there?” asked Urohara staring at one guilty face to the next.

Nervous laughter.

“We were uhh—“ started Renji.

“Collective listening.” said Matsumoto clutching her boobs.

Urohara stared at her then Baykuya opened his mouth.

“I do not want to know what you are doing there. But why did you leave Hitsugaya alone?” he asked.

“Alone? But he is with—“ started Yumichika. But Rukia clasped a hand on his mouth.

“The television! No one is alone with a television around!” she said frantically.

She let go of his mouth.

“Don’t do that again, its very ugly.” he said with a face.

“I felt another reiatsu 5 minutes ago.” said Urohara.

“That would be Kurosaki Ichigo’s sister.” said Byakuya, with an all knowing glare.

The others bowed their heads.

“So? You were eavesdropping on their conversation?” asked Urohara.

“Its called collective listen—“ said Ikkaku

“Shut up!” whispered Rukia to his side.

Then Toushiro went out to find them all talking.

“Why don’t you all come in? I just had a visitor over, since they were all out for movies.” He said.

“The Karin girl?” asked Byakuya with a glare.

“Yes. You have a problem with that Kuchiki?” asked Toushiro.

Since they were almost the same height, it wasn’t very useful Byakuya lowered his glance on him with a death glare. Toushiro returned it.

“Not at all, Hitsugaya.” he said.

“Good. So how about some tea? I see Urohara is here. Im sure we have something important to discuss.”

Then they all stepped in, Byakuya and Urohara first. Toushiro who was behind Matsumoto whispered in her ear angrily.

“Im going to deal with you later. I cant believe you would eavesdrop on us when I told you that you should keep them in tow!”

Matsumoto froze, then gulped.


Toushiro felt a reiatsu spike, and it was definitely Renji. Then he felt more, and realized everyone was there. Plus Urohara.

Where they listening all this time?

He turned to Karin,

“Go home now. They’re all here.” He said.

“Yeah, I know, I felt it,” she said, then she kissed him on the cheek and ran out of the door without another word.

She went inside her house, realizing that everyone seemed to be asleep. She went up to her room and sunk into bed.

That was great.

Then she wiped off her makeup and took of her clothes. The smell of Toushiro was lingering on it.

Call her obsessed, but when she changed into her nightgown, she put the shirt right next to her and slept with it on her side.

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