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This story is a one-shot for Anzen Kyogoku Yagyū, regarding his meeting with Yamamoto. Its light-hearted and nothing of serious note occurs, but it does illustrate a sort of brotherhood these aged warriors have with one another.

Under the Candle Light[]

The flickering candle lights dimly illuminated the small room, casting shadows and obscuring the features of the two men who sat drinking in silence. The crisp scent of sake filled the room, as they filled another cup. The taller of the two figures, a bear a man, with a heavily muscled frame, and long wavy dark hair, finished his drink to regard his companion.

"I have to admit, this is a bit unexpected, even for you." The other figure scoffed.

"These are desperate times, things are not as they were when you left."

He chuckled. "I can see that. It seems the average captaincy has gone from centuries to mere decades. Too many are defecting. Whats going on old man? I thought you had a handle on this."

Yamamoto sighed. "Too much has changed in the past two millenia. These children are growing far too quickly in power, and far too slowly in mind. They lack the understanding of our foundation, of what it is we fight for."

"Hn, I knew this wasn't a social call. So what do you need me to do?" he replied. The Yamamoto withdrew a document from the confines of his sleeve, placing it on the table before the large man. "I'm asking you, will you consider?"

The other figure took the document in hand, eyeing it carefully for a few moments. He was silent, his brows furrowed as considered the request. It was unlike him to ask of anything. Which meant, something else was going on. He stretched his senses, feeling the familiar ebb and flow of his comrades spiritual power. It was powerful, just as it had always been, but like a flame, even he could tell that it was at its last embers. With a heavy heart, Anzen gazed solemnly at his empty cup wondering when things had changed so much. "You want me to rear the coming generations right?"

"So, you'll consider?" Yamamoto asked.

"I can't right now. Taking care of my own Aizen-problem. You know we're busy, taking care of the threats even Soul Society isnt aware of. But once its over, I'll give you my answer."

"I do not expect anything less." Anzen refilled their glasses.

"To old times then." He said raising his cup. Yamamoto responed in kind.

"To old times." Their cups ringed as the touched, and both men drank to the battles fought, to future battles, but mostly, to just two old men, getting drunk.