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The Reunion arc is a term used to refers to the events that take place during the Bleach - Chronicles of the Soul saga. This arc introdues several important characters such as the Fourth Divisions Captain Aoko Sonozaki, the fourth division Lieutanant Miya Hana, as well as sixth division lieutanant Shiki Kurayami. This arc also introduces Touko Sonozaki who is living in the human world and seems to have a connection with the fourth division captain.

A Brand New Day[]

The Fourth Division[]

A new day dawns on soul society, the lieutenant of the Fourth Division, Miya Hana, is greeted by her fellow Shinigami as she walks towards her captain's quarters., she stands outside the room and ask if the captain is awake. Captain Aoko Sonozaki responds and tell her to come in, she tells her lieutenant that she is just about to get ready, while waiting they discuss various matter and one of the topic is about the reorganizing of the 13 court guard squads and talks about the newly appointed head captain. Aoko then wears her captain's haori and ready to leave with her lieutenant Miya, they first visit the medical room of the fourth division barracks to see if there are any new patients need to be treated, after that they are greeted by a fourth division member who give Aoko a piece of paper stating that these are list of schedule for the day, Aoko after seeing this is a bit dissapointed to see that they have work to do as she though that maybe she might get a day off. But Miya than states that there are no days off for the fourth division as they have a resposibilty to take care of the sick and injuired. They then began to go to work, Aoko goes to her office to do the paper work while she sends Miya to handle the other work, as another day ends Miya reports to her captain about the days activities and Aoko finally finishes her her paper work. Aoko then thanks Miya for her hard work and tells her to retire for the night as she is also about to do the same, Aoko then says goodbye to her lieutenant and heads towards her quaters. Miya also returns to her room but not before looking at the night sky, she then heads to her room and turn in for the night.

Its bright and early in the moring, Miya once again standing outside of her captains quaters asking if she is ready, Aoko appears out of her room and says that Miya doesn't need to come everyday to wake her up everyday as this annoys Aoko. Aoko says just to wait for her at the office, but Miya says that if she is not there to wake her up she will be late for her appointments as she has been late before, Aoko with an annoyed look on her face says that she maybe right but still tells her not to do it but Miya says it her jobs as vice captain to look out for her and make sure she doesn't get into trouble. Aoko then laughs and says that Miya has always been like that a hard worker and tells her to loosen up a bit, Miya dosn't say much and just blushes, as she thinks to herself that her Captain may also be right about that, Miya then asks what are they doing today, Aoko says that she wants to go to the sixth division barracks and meet up with the captains there, Miya then suddenly shouts in an embarrassed tone that why do they need to go to the sixth division, Aoko says she just wants to meet with the captains their, she then ask Miya why is she so flustered, Miya then clears her throat and say that she is not and say that it doesn't seems that important to meet with the captains of the sixth divison at this moment and that they had work to do. Aoko says that they can do work later and asks her lieutanent if the reason why she is so nervous happens to do something with the sixth division lieutannent, Miya blushes and says no, she then tells her that she is not nervous and doesn't have a problem with going to the sixth division barracks and leads the way. Aoko smiles and then follows her lieutanent.

Meetings at the Sixth Division[]

A young man passes through the sixth division barracks and is accompanied by several shinigami officiers, one of the officer say vice captain Shiki we have not yet determined the location of the captains and we do not know currently where they are, Shiki says in a relaxed manner that they must be either off somewhere working on a case or training, or they are out on a date. The shinigami then says do they need to look for them, Shiki say no that is not required and they will return when they feel like it, he then dismisses the officers, and continues to walk around the sixth division barracks, he sighs and says to himself that this always happens and he is left to do all the work. Around the distance he sees two figures apporaching him, it's the Captain of the Fourth Division and her Lieutanent, Shiki then greets them both, he looks at lieutanent Miya for a while and Miya blushes and stares back at Shiki. Aoko notices this and clears her throat, with both of them turing their gazes away from one another instantly, Aoko then greets Lieutanent Shiki Kurayami and asks him if the Captains of the sixth division are here as she has come to meet with them, Shiki then says that they are currently unavaliable at the moment and are currently away on a mission, though Shiki notes to himself that this is not the case. Shiki then say that he is sorry that his captains are not her to greet her and says if he can be of any assistance, Aoko says that she wanted to meet with the captains and that it isn't a problem and he doesn't need to apologise, she then politely asks that if he can talk to Miya for a while as she doesn't have much work to do for the day, Miya a bit shocked tells her captain not to do anything, and Aoko siliences her and tells her in secret that this is a good chance for her to be alone with Shiki, Miya blushes and Shiki say that he has some free time. Aoko thanks him and says that she will come back at a later time and is about to takes her leave when an onmitsukidō officer arrives and say there is trouble in the human world and that the twelve division has detected several high level hollows in the human world and that sixth division vice captain Shiki Kurayami is to immediately head to the human world with several other officers and to deal with the threat. The officer leaves and Shiki say that he needs to go now, Aoko looks at Miya and tells her to go with Shiki to the human world as back up and as first aid, Miya complys and Shiki says that he is okay with that order, they quickly flash steps away and take six officers with them and head to the Senkaimon gate to travel to the human world. Aoko silently stares into space and begins to worry and wonders if they will be alright.

Attack on the Human World[]

Emergency Situation[]

The two lieutenant make their way through the senkaimon gate and to the human world with the rest of the other shinigami officers. They began to search for the hollows with Shiki issuing orders and telling the others to stay close, and he tells Miya to be his backup. Miya then senses hollow reiatsu in the atmosphere, they are suddenly sourrounded by a group of hollows and Shiki tells his team to take a defensive position, the two lieutanents draw their zanpakuto's and take their stances ready to attack. The hollows start to attack and the shinigami begins to slash at the hollows one by one killing each of them, but it seems their numbers still continued to grow and by now a hundred hollows had appeared on the battle field. Both Shiki and Miya release their zanpakutos, Zaraikou and Genkamizu respectivly, the combined powers of both the lieutenants seem to have got the job done and most of the hollows were defeated but something strange happened. One single hollow seemed to have survived the onslaught, unlike the other hollows this particular one seemed to have a much higher spritiual power, as noted by Miya. The hollow than began to talk, it said that it was looking for souls with high spritiual power but it would not have gussed that lieutenant level shinigami would show up, the hollow called itself Deadbone D. Shiki then asked why the monster was here, Deadbone replied that it had used the other weak hollows to blend in and hide its presence and make its way to the human world, and was headed towards Karakura Town, a place filled with rich concentration of spritiual energy, and was planing of devouring living souls in order to increase its own power. As deadbone was explaining its purpose Shiki charged at Deadbone but appeared to have vanished before Shiki could even land a hit, Shiki then turned around to see in horror that most of the shinigami officers that came with him were all injuired and on the ground, deadbone then appeared behind Shiki and said 'pathetic is this the best a shinigami can do, they weren't even worth the challenge but i hope u wont dissapoint me Lieutenant' deadbone suddenly attacks Shiki but he was able to dodge it but not without injury, Deadbone impressed with Shiki's skill praised him and said that he was going to enjoy this, deadbone then claps his hand and then a huge crack in the sky begins to open, from the crack five huge monsterous entites began to emerge, Miya upon seeing this says in horror that these monsters are no ordinary hollows but are menos grande or gillian class menos. The menos grande comes out of the garganta and deadbone orders the gillian's to attack them, all five gillian begin to charge cero's, Shiki seeing this quickly flash steps towards Miya and carries her away to a safe distance. The gillian fire's the cero's and a devestating blast destory's much of the area, as the dust settles after the blast deadbone is seen laughing, as he cant belive the patheticness that the shinigami's have showned, Shiki in a fit of rage charges towards deadbone but his path is blocked by one of the gillian, Shiki then charges his zanpakuto and uses the Tenjin Raija technique which slices the gillian in half, another gillian tries to attack him but is blocked by Miya's Ekitai Ningyō technique which makes a water puppet, Shiki takes this chance to attack the other gillian and with Miya's help was able to finish it off, seeing this deadbone quickly initiates an attack on Miya, punches her on the stomach and send her flying away a few yards, Shiki seeing this again charges towards deadbone and was able to cut him across the chest, deadbone then uses his speed to get behind Shiki and hit him on the back sending him pummeling into the ground. Shiki is badly injuired, also seeing Miya not moving due to the heavy injurie she suffered at the hands of deadbone, tries to stand up but barley able to stand on his knees, he looks forward, deadbone now coming at him with great speed charging a cero of his own on his hand ready to strike at Shiki, Shiki unable to move or fight back excepts his fate and closes his eyes. But then suddenly a mysterious figure appears and blocks deadbone's cero with a zanpakuto, Deadbone unable to comprehend what had just occured looks at the mysterious figure and says 'its you, it can't be you, why are you here now' with a loud voice, Shiki although injured and almost ready to faint looks at the mysterious figure and says 'who are you'. The figure then looks at Shiki with a smile and says 'I am just a regular antique shop owner'.

The Mysterious Fighter[]

As Shiki looked at the stranger and asked 'Who are You', the stranger replied i am just an antique store owner and the name is Touko Sonozaki. After hearing her name Shiki thought to himself it can't be 'Sonozaki', Touko then explained that she has been tracking the hollow for a while and that this particular hollws in not an ordinary hollow but a powerfull Adjuchas class menos on the verge of becoming a Vasto Lorde. Deadbone then replied why are you here, i thought i got rid of you, Touko smirked and said that you just slipped out of hands and that im going to finish what i started , she then looks at Shiki and tells him how a good job he did in taking care of the menos by himself and told him not to worry, since she is here now and is going to deal with them. Touko then asked Shiki to take care of the girl lying on the ground a few feet away from them and to take her far away from here as soon as possible. Shiki then asked that will she be alright as the number are stacked against her, Touko replied that she will be alright. Shiki then stood up flash steped towards Miya and took her to a safe location, a bit further from the battlefield. Miya then opened her eyes and said that she is glad that Shiki is alright, Shiki replied idiot im the one who should be glad since you are okay and that you got yourself injured while helping me. He then set her on the ground staying by her side, he then looked towards the battlefield as Touko is about to fight the menos.

Deadbone laughing at Touko says that 'this time im going to finish you once and for all and you are not going to get in my way of evolving into a Vasto Lorde', he then ordered the remaining three Gillians to attack Touko, but in a sudden flash one of the Gillian split in two, it was Touko who had in an instant defeated one of the Gillian, Deadbone seeing this quicky orders the other two to fire ceros at her, Touko the quickly flash steps away and then releases her zanpakuto Kesshoumaru, she then sends several large crystal serpents towards the remaining two Gillian, these serpents goes right through the Gillians and wraps around them instantly crystallizing them, Touko then once again flash steps towards them and using her zanpakuto to shatters the crystals holding the Gillians completely destorying them. Deadbone was not happy to see how Touko easily defeated the Gillian and the quickly attacks Touko, she blocks his attack with her zanpakuto and kicks him sending him flying across the battlefeild, Deadbone retaliates by punching her, this injures her a bit but not enoguh to stop her, Touko then creates a barrage of crystal like spikes and hurls them towards Deadbone, he is able to dodge most of them but one of the spikes hits him on the leg, as he takes out the crystal spike out of his leg he notices Touko beside him, she quitely whisper 'i am done playing games with you, this ends here and now, and you are never going to hurt another innocent soul ever again', in an instant a lot of blood spils out from Deadbone as he falls to the ground, he said in a quite tone 'how could this have happened to be beaten so easily, i was so close of achieving my goal' he then looks at touko and says 'curse you human, you may have defeated me now but sooner or later others will come, they are much more stronger than myself, you won't be able to beat them so easily', as he draws his last breath Deadbone crumbles away into the wind. Touko swings her zanpakuto to wipe the blood of her fallen enemy and put it inside her sheath, she then begins to wonder what Deadbone meant by that but she dismisses it stating that she will take care of it when the time comes, Touko then heads towards where Shiki and Miya are.

The Reunion[]

A Talk with the Stranger[]

Shiki amazed at what had transpired says to himself 'how could she defeat those menos class hollows so easily, she is certaintly no ordinary human her spritiual power is comparable to a captain class shinigami and she has the same name as Captain Sonozaki and their spritiual pressure also feels similar, who is she and is she by any chance related to the captain. As Shiki begins to wonder about the current situation, Touko come to him to ask if he is alright, Shiki says that he is and ask if she is okay, Touko replies that she is okay and that thoses menos weren't much of a problem, Shiki with an annoyed expression on his face thinks to himself, 'not much of a problem what the hell is she talking about, it took the combined efforts of both Miya and myself just to takecare of two Gillian', Touko then looks at Shiki and apologizes about her remarks, she then asks Shiki if they are shinigami from the soul society, Shiki then states that 'he is the Lieutenant of the 6th division and the girl beside him is Lieutenant of the 4th division Miya Hana', and that they were sent from the soul society on a mission to deal with the hollow, Shiki with a sad look on his face says that he had no idea that the situation would go out of control like this and that there would be loss of officers and that he had never expected a high level menos like Deadbone to arrive on the human world. Touko says that she had encountered him before but he wasn't as strong as he was now back then and that he was able to escape her due to sheer luck, she then angrily says that if she had finished him off that day then none of this would happen and those officers wouldn't had to die like this. Shiki reassures her that it was not her fault, hollows are like that they prey on the weak and that they are unpredictable, Touko says thanks to Shiki for his words and then says to come with her to her shop so that they can get their wounds healed, Shiki then looks at Miya and asks her if she is able to move, Miya replies that she is. As they are about to leave a Senkaimon gate opens and from there Captain Aoko and four other squad 4 member emerge running towards Shiki's current location. Aoko arrives at the location, looks at Shiki and asks if everyone is alright, he says that he is fine but Miya need to be treated as she was injured in battle and that the other officers were killed in action, Aoko says that she came to the human world as she was worried about them, she then orders one of the 4th squad officers to start healing Miya and that when they are finished they will head out to soul society, Shiki then says to Aoko that if it wasn't for this person over her coming at the right moment they all would have been dead and then points towards Touko, Shiki says that her name is Touko and that she helped them to fight off the hollows. As Aoko is about to thank her, Touko with a tearfull look on her face asks, 'Aoko is that You'.

The Long Awaited Meeting[]

With tears on her eyes Touko asks, 'Aoko is that You', Aoko says yes im the Captain of Squad 4 Aoko Sonozaki, she then thanked Touko for saving her subordinate and the 6th squad lieutenant Shiki. Touko then asks if she knows who she is, Aoko with a strange look on her face states no and that this is the first time they have ever met, Touko clearly hurt by this remark then says that 'my name is Touko Sonozaki and i am your sister', Aoko shocked at what she had heard said that 'its not possible as her entire family was killed when she was young', Touko then stated that it is true that their parents were killed but they somehow managed to survived the encounter with the hollows all those years ago, she then goes on to say that after she got seperated from her family during the attack she found her self in the human world and that for a while she looked for her sister but was unable to find her and belived her to have died with the rest of her family. Aoko not able to belive what Touko was saying began to think about the incident, she then remembers about her sister Touko, she was shocked and was unable to say anything, Touko explained that the trauma from the incident must have been too much and must be the reason for her amnesia, Touko wipes the tears from her eyes and they say 'sorry to bring up bad memories for you but its just that i have been searching for you for so long and i gave up thinking that you were dead', 'but you dont even remember me anymore do you Aoko, Touko in an angry tone asks' do you remember our childhood the time we shared with our parents in soul society', 'do you remember anything at all about your past life, 'for years i had to live with the pain of losing my family and living my life all alone but you just forgot about it all and went on to live your happy life not even thinking about the possibility that you might have a family member out there', Aoko filled with regret falls on her knees unable to say anything, Touko say 'I though so', she then says that 'its better this way since you have no memory of your previous life its like we never met', Aoko then says that even if she doesn't remember she still wants to know her own sister, she wants to recover time they had lost and that she wants to be their for Touko. After turning a deaf ear to her sister pleas Touko says 'that it doesn't matter anymore', she then uses flash steps to leave the battlefield not saying another word. Aoko gets up ready to go after her sister but is stopped by Shiki, Shiki says that he is sorry about the situation with her sister but they need to get back to soul society as Miya needs immediate medical attention, Aoko depressed about what had happened, say okay and orders her troops to head back, they use the Senkaimon gate to go back to the soul society.


A few days have passed since the incident on the human world, Shiki arrives at the 4th division barracks to see how Miya is doing, Miya is in one of the medical rooms in the 4th division and gets up as Shiki enters, she then says that Shiki doen't need to come everyday to see her, since he has his own duties to attented to, but Shiki says he doesn't mind and he enjoys her company, Miya hearing this blushes, Shiki sits down beside her and they begin to chat. After a while they are visited by Aoko who had come to see Miya, as she is about to enter she hears laughter coming from the room, she slightly opens the door to see Miya and Shiki have a good time talking to one another, she then enters the room as they are talking away looking at each other Aoko clears her throat and say, ' you two seem to be getting along prefectly', Shiki and Miya quickly turn their gazes away from one another. Shiki then greets Captain Aoko and say thank you for all she had done for him, she then say that its all right and say that she just came back from the 6th squad barracks and met with the captains and discussed about the current developments. Shiki asks Aoko if she is alright about what had happened with her sister, Aoko calmly states that even though it was a painfull experience seeing her sister leave like that and not remembering about her all this time, she still belives that there will be a day when they will be able to have a better relationship. Afer a short discussion Shiki then looks at Miya and tells her to take care of herself and he will come by when he is free next time after that he bids Miya and Aoko Farewell and leaves. Aoko then ask Miya to do the same and takecare of herself as she needs to get well soon since the work load at the 4th division is piling up and she needs to come back soon to takecare of it, Miya with an annoyed look on her face says thats the reason why she came here was just to get her to recover quickly and gets back to work, Miya then angrily faces away from Aoko and pouts about saying that she is going to take a vacation, Aoko laughs saying that she was just joking. Miya then asks her captain if she really is alright as she has been worried about her, Aoko with a smile on her face says she is doing better and tells Miya not to worry about it much, she then tells Miya that she is going to leave and that she will come back another time, biding Miya Farewell she leaves the room. She begins to walk along the corridor towards her office, she suddenly stops and look at the sky thinking about what had happened and howshe is going to fix things with Touko, as she begin to wonder tears drops from her eyes and after a while she continues to walk away.

"The End.......To be Continued on the next arc........"