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This arc takes place in a currently unknown time in the future. The plot of this arc is that the Nightmares, super beings from another realm, have finally decided that the rest of the universe has become unbalanced and in order to restore it they must destroy the many kings of the other realms; the King of Humanity , the King of Hell, the King of Soul Society, and the King of Heuco Mundo. They are not interested in aiding any one else and are working for their own king, Avarice. What has become of the King of Purgatory? Will he succeed in destroying all things?

This arc has been completed. Click here to continue through the series.

Edits and Reconstruction[]

Recently, the volumes and chapters of the FanFiction BLEACH series under Banzuke's creation have under gone change. Originally there was only 5 short chapters within each volume but now there are 10 chapters. After The Joy of Death in Volume 5: Hearts of Nothingness all chapters have been extremely extended to keep the entertainment value up and to avoid too many over all chapters near the end of the season.

All chapters have been underlined.

Some chapter titles have been edited and chapter links have been included.

The season: The Nightmare Arc; is finally complete! Prepare yourselves for the Panaramis Arc!


The following characters will be making an appearance in The Nightmare Arc:

List of Earth's Defenders[]

  • Ren Idachi - The main protagonist. He has recently gained powers in the past year allowing him to have Soul Reaper-like abilities. He is a protector of earth in the Nightmare War a long with his friends Minoru and Yasu. Their past will be explained in the Panaramis Arc.
  • Minoru Suzuki - A supporting protagonist. Much like Ren, Minoru has gained powers in the past year as well. Minoru currently acts as a friend to Ren and is in love with Yasu. Minoru seems intelligent and has a little understanding of the Soul Reapers. He has self-doubts about himself which are the cause of his cold expressions towards others.
  • Yasu Isayama - A supporting protagonist. Yasu is in love with Minoru, an extremely intelligent young man, but she feels that she only gets in his way. Yasu displays a some-what friendship with Ren but she doesn't really seem to think of him as an equal. She is terribly afraid of spiders. Yasu is the least skilled fighter in the Nightmare War and believes she is not strong enough to fight.
  • Apollo Higashikuni - A supporting protagonist. Apollo is a friend of Ren's.
  • Anaki Ukita - A supporting protagonist. She is both a friend to Ren and Yasu.
  • Daichi Hyobanshi - A supporting protagonist. He is the teacher of Ren, Minoru, Yasu, Apollo, and Anaki.
  • Mary Tokudaiji - A supporting protagonist. She is a good friend of Ren's.
  • Setzer Kujo - A supporting protagonist and part-time antagonist. He is a friend to Apollo but he is very rude to both Ren and Minoru as well as Mary.
  • Akio Konoe - A supporting protagonist. He is a new kid to Ren's school.

List of Fanon Captains[]

Division Captain
1st Division Ryouichi Shima
2nd Division Kimiko Toyama
3rd Division Kouki Akita
4th Division Yuuto Kanesaka
5th Division Honoka Ichikawa
6th Division Tsubasa Mazaki
7th Division Takeshi Okanao
8th Division Naoko Hyata
9th Division Shou Sakuraba
10th Division Ryou Ui
11th Division Masaru Nagano
12th Division Tomoko Yamashita
13th Division Michiko Fujimaki

Due to the SiNs attempting to steal the identity of the Gotei 13, the captains have decided to change their normal traditional uniforms into slightly modified uniforms. They have certain powers for each captain based off their fighting styles.

List of Fanon Lieutenants[]

Division Lieutenants
1st Division Arata Nogi
2nd Division Daiki Moto
3rd Division Chikako Matsumura
4th Division Saburou Kanesaka
5th Division Yuu Ono
6th Division Hanako Tsuji
7th Division Ken Jo
8th Division Shin Seo
9th Division Mariko Taku
10th Division Noriko Chiba
11th Division Hideki Bando
12th Division Ayumu Sakoda
13th Division Izumi Yunokawa

Much like the Gotei 13's captains, the lieutenants have changed their uniforms as well because the Fronzedels (lieutenant ranked Nightmares within the SiNs) have stolen their uniforms. Unlike the captains, the lieutenants don't have special powers applied to their new uniforms.


Volume 1: The Worlds As We Know Them[]

  1. A World In Chaos
  2. Bay For The Soul Singer
  3. Are We Not Human?
  4. Keep Your Enemies Closer
  5. Was It Worth It All?
  6. Born From Ashes
  7. Are They Real?
  8. What Power To Be Held
  9. The Siege
  10. Our Birth Right

Volume 2: Our Worse Nightmares[]

  1. Our Pain 1
  2. Our Pain 2
  3. Our Pain 3
    While Soul Society begins their operations to invade Purgatory, Ren and his friends are able to push Pain back to his world. It is then realized that the worlds, no, all of existence, is in grave danger and Ren believes that him and his friends must side with Soul Society to put an end to the genocidal Nightmares.
  4. The Rift of Terror
    Now that the Soul Society has more of an understanding of what they are up against, they have sent the Gotei 13 to travel through a rift to create a new gate to enter the realm of Purgatory. However, this is not simple with Purgatory's only rift being that of terror.
  5. A World of Nothingness
    A portal has been established and a hidden base has been built by the Gotei 13. From here they plan to keep a steady defense against the Nightmares as well as a slowly advancing offense. However, the barrier that is meant to hide their spiritual pressure is acting up and some Nightmares sense their arrival.
  6. Not So Nice Neighbors
    Captains Tsubasa and Michiko take some recon of the local area and plant many spirit detection devices to sense the pressure of any approaching Nightmares. However, they run into Pain who is eager for more fighting.
  7. Your A Pain
    While Tsubasa and Michiko fight Pain, the others have done research on the realm of Purgatory. The world is entirely fake, created by a supreme being called Avarice. They believe he only remarks himself as a god and believe he may be the leader of all the Nightmares.
  8. Don't You Ever Die?
    Tsubasa and Michiko manage to push Pain away from the hidden location of the base but fail to destroy him. They believe he has more power then what he shows. The Gotei 13 find out even more information about the Nightmares, in that, there are 30 "super" Nightmares called SiNs, and they function much like the Gotei 13 with few differences.They begin to realize how much a threat the Nightmares and SiNs are as Pain is only ranked 17.
  9. To Take Control
    The Gotei 13, Ren, Minoru, and Yasu split up to search separate parts of the world. Eventually they begin to run into small divisions of Nightmares led by Nightmares called Fronzedels, who are much like the Gotei 13's Lieutenants.
  10. Battle For Our Lives
    Shou begins his battle with the Fronzedel of rank 22.

Volume 3: The Fronzedel[]

  1. Number 22
    Shou is having a brawl with the Fronzedel of rank 22. It seems that the Fronzedels are only testing the captains and the others to prepare the SiNs for their battles. Shou eliminates the Fronzedel with it laughing at his efforts.
  2. A Pawn For His King
    Fronzedel of rank 17 begins his fight with Ren. It menchins that he is only getting Ren warmed up for his captain, Pain.
  3. No More Mercy
    While the fight with Fronzedel of rank 17 and Ren continues, other captains begin their fight with other Fronzedels. Michiko begins his fight with Fronzedel of rank 19 and Takeshi begins his fight with Fronzedel of rank 20.
  4. This Is Only The Battle
    Michiko finishes off his fight, as well does Takeshi. Minoru, one of Ren's friends, runs into both Fronzedel of rank 15 and rank 21. Minoru gains some back up from captain Ryou.
  5. Do You Feel The Pain?
    Ren defeats the Fronzedel of rank 17 and begins his battle with Pain but is he ready to take on such an extremely over powering enemy?
  6. A Ruthless Fight
    Captain Ryou and Ren's friend, Minoru, defeat the two Fronzedels. While they attempt to search for the others, Ren attempts to take on Pain. He is to weak to take on Pain, however, now that Pain has released his zanpakutō.
  7. Back In The Oven
    Captain Masaru takes on the Fronzedel of rank 10, 12, 16, and 14 all at one time. He explains that no one can kill a juggernaut.
  8. The Black Angel
    Yasu, one of Ren's friends, attempts to defeat another Fronzedel that has prevented her from checking out the rest of the local divisions. Fronzedel of rank 13 attempts to drain her soul, however, Yasu is able to release her Bankai and eliminates the Fronzedel before he can succeed.
  9. Too Close To Death
    Ren is being over powered by Pain and Ren attempts to use his Bankai but finds it stunned. Ren is beaten into the ground and passes out.
  10. One Last Chance
    While Ren is passed out, a massive army of Fronzedel attack the Gotei 13 base, and captain Ryouichi is missing. Will Pain kill Ren? Will the Nightmares destroy the Gotei 13?

Volume 4: Our Hidden Destiny[]

  1. Valley of Hope
    Ren wakes up to find himself imprisoned within a strange room and chained to the wall. While Ren is trying to recover, the Gotei 13 are fighting off the Fronzedel army and Pain leads them, however, he is unexpectedly challenged by an unknown voice.
  2. A Battle To The Bitter End
    Captain Ryouichi has challenged Pain to a one-on-one battle while the Fronzedel ravage the Gotei 13's base. Mean while, Ren attempts to escape his prison only to find that someone is keeping guard on his cell.
  3. Too Much Too Soon
    Ren talks to a disembodied voice and learns that the SiNs want to use Ren as a test subject to a human's true potential. Mean while, the Fronzedel are being beaten back by the Gotei 13 and the captains attempt to create a rescue group to find Minoru, Yasu, and Ren. At the same time, Ryouichi is fighting Pain and Ryouichi seems to have the upper hand.
  4. His Tale Ends Here
    Ryouichi and Pain are fighting one on one, however, Pain is unable to recover from one of Ryouichi's special attacks forcing Pain to use his Bankai. Pain then gains a new set of clothing and has his strength recovered as well as dishes out some new attacks. However, Ryouichi is able to beat back Pain's attacks putting Pain on the defensive.
  5. His Tale Truly Ends Here
    Pain is almost completely beaten to a pulp by Ryouichi, however, Pain unleashes his most powerful attack. Pain becomes a beastly tree creature and attacks Ryouichi with vines and bark like whips that tear through Ryouichi's clothing putting Ryouichi (for the first time) into a defensive stance. But Pain is unable to block Ryouichi's Bankai which ultimately kills Pain. Ren is then revealed to be talking to a new SiN with the tattoo 16 on his right hand.
  6. His Cold Heart
    Ryouichi calls a meeting of the Gotei 13 at their decimated base in order to begin the search for Ren and his friends. Tsubasa Mazaki leads the group consisting of captains Kouki Akita, Honoka Ichikawa, Ryou Ui, Masaru Nagano, and himself. While they begin their search, a SiN can be seen watching their base from a distance and it reveals it's 12 tattoo on the back of it's neck.
  7. Trapped In The Frost
    Ren tries to break free from his bindings but finds it useless. He attempts to use his fire-type Bankai but is unable to. He starts to give up but his zanpakutō's spirit shows up to help him prepare for future fights. The SiN watching over his chamber arrives to find that Ren is missing but their is no signs of escape.
  8. A Burning Passion
    Ren awakens into a strange world where the landscape is made of floating islands covered in trees, flowers, and grass. In the middle island is a bright light and Ren attempts to reach it. While Ren has disappeared, the Gotei 13 continue to search for him and his friends.
  9. The Man Who Walks Alone
    Minoru is lost within one of the division and it's unclear if even the Nightmares populate this area. He does, however, run into wild animal-like Nightmares called Helmis who look from anything like normal Earth creatures to fantasy creatures.
  10. A Blood Brother
    Captain Ryou Ui senses a presence and tells the others to continue their search. Eventually, Ryou is confronted by SiN 16 who calls himself Panic. While those two have begun conflict, Ren is attempting to learn and control his Bankai but must past tests set before him. Who is this new SiN? And will Ren become stronger?

Volume 5: Hearts of Nothingness[]

  1. What He Wants
    SiN 12 appears in front of the other captains who continue to search for Ren and his friends. The SiN calls itself Greed and challenges them all to combat. However, only Honoka Ichikawa excepts the battle. While this is occuring, Ryou is fighting Panic and doesn't seem to have the advantage as the battle seems pretty even.
  2. Heart of Fire
    Ren continues his training within the Zanpakutō world, in order to obtain his Bankai. He is seen meeting a strange, middle-aged man who appears to be a samurai.
  3. Over Joyed
    Yasu awakens in a park but finds that no Nightmares are there. She eventually runs into a small Nightmare that reveals to her that he is Joy, SiN 14, . Yasu begins to worry about how the others are doing as well as her own condition, thinking she has no possible power against an enemy like a SiN.
  4. In The Wild Blue Wonder
    Ren is challenged by the samurai, within the Zanpakutō world. If he can defeat the samurai without using any power but his own strength and knowledge, then the samurai will lend Ren his Zanpakutō power to release his level 2 Bankai.
  5. The Brother's Hate
    Panic and Ryou Ui's battle continues, however, Panic becomes enraged after Ryou reveals that Pain has been defeated. Panic reveals that the two were technical brothers, both being made by Avarice at the same time. Panic uses his rage to gain the upper hand against Ryou and freezes Ryou in solid ice as he claims, "Now I will have no fear..."
  6. Drowning in Sorrow
    Minoru finds himself in a new devision that is similar to bog where in the center is a large mass of land surrounded by water. On the island is one of the cloaked SiN members who reveals his tatoo of VI on his left hand. While Minoru begins the battle, Ryou final is freed by Honoka who claims that Greed was too powerful for her to handle and that she had to flee.
  7. The Joy of Death
    Yasu is having troubles parring with the SiN Joy as he is barely having any effort in hopes of having any form of excitement from the battle. Yasu's lack of using her Bankai has Joy believing that Yasu isn't strong enough to make the battle last and decides that he should finish her off.
  8. A Distant Light, A Burning Passion
    Ren is fighting his Zanpakutō spirit, Seika, in hopes of gaining his level 2 Bankai. Seika is overpowering Ren greatly but Ren starts to realize that battle is different for everyone. His reason is to protect his friends, that his friends are his strength. Seika knows that although Ren has a strong heart, he cannot defeat enemies with friends alone but Seika tells Ren they are friends too and he will aid him in his battles even more. Ren and Seika end the battle and Ren wakes up in a park.
  9. Awaken Inside! The Battle of Ice and Fire!
    Ren finds his way to where the Gotei 13 base is to find it torn to pieces. Fronzedel bodies litter the ground and Ryouichi inspects the battle ground. He is glad to see Ren alive but he is afraid that Ren's duty is not done yet. Ryouichi explains that Ren's power is gaining slightly and that he will be a great aid in the battle with the Nightmares in future battles but when Ren goes to ask Ryouichi a question Panic arrives to kill Ryouichi only to soon realize his true enemy is Ren, the one who prevented him from aiding his fallen brother Pain.
  10. Melt The Heart Away, Panic Fades
    Panic starts the battle in a fury releasing his Zanpakutō and striking at Ren with no remorse. However, Ren releases his level 1 Bankai to push Panic into a defensive where he eventually releases his Final Form Bankai. Ren is unable to fight on an offensive as Panic is too powerful but Seika speaks to Ren telling him to release his level 2 Bankai 'Kurai Honoo. After it's release, Panic has no choice but to use his most powerful transformation but in the end it too is no match for the overpowering reiasu of Ren's level 2 Bankai. Panic dies screaming out for Pain but is incinerated into nothing but ashes and fabric pieces of his cloak.

Volume 6: On The Offensive![]

  1. Yasu's Tears, Mirror of the Moon
    Yasu continues her battle with Joy who finds she is a waste of his play time. However, Yasu's Zanpakutō reacts to her cries for help and releases it's Bankai. Joy becomes over joyed with happiness to see her Bankai but plans to still kill her. He uses his powers over the element of Confusion (illusion) but in the end, Yasu's Bankai proves to be to much for Joy to handle.
  2. No More Joy, Come Forth Sloth!
    Joy is defeated, his body almost completely severed in half from Yasu's Bankai. Sloth, a higher ranking nobody who believes he doesn't have to apply any effort at all, fights Minoru to stop the commotion. He reveals he is SiN VI which threatens Minoru quite a bit.
  3. Sea of Musicals! Sloth, The Tidal Muse!
    Sloth unleashes his powers over water very quickly giving Minoru no time to attack but only to dodge. Sloth eventually gains the upper hand by trapping Minoru in a whirlpool. He releases his Zanpakutō turning it into a sitar which allows him perfect control over the water in the area.
  4. The Worse Nightmare Begins, Greed Starts The Game
    Greed appears from a shadowy part of the world laughing at the destruction of his own world. He comments to himself that he never really did care for the rest of his kind. He begins to plot the destruction of the Gotei 13 and much of the SiNs so that he can take control over Purgatory. He is unable to finish his thoughts when he senses the Gotei 13's hidden base and attacks it.
  5. The Barrier Is Broken, Gotei 13 Fight To The Finish!
    With the attack of Greed, the Gotei 13 are summoned back to the base. Greed summons a plethora of Creao Nightmares to attack the base. As they have no free wills, Greed is excited to see that they obey him and leaves them to destroy the base. Ren notices the base under attack and rushes to it.
  6. Sloth Perrishes, Betrayal of Greed
    Sloth is destroying Minoru in their battle, as Minoru's level 1 Bankai has no where near enough power to take on Sloth. Sloth grows bored with Minoru's ability to survive his basic attacks and summons his Bankai in which he conjures a giant tidal wave to crush Minoru. However, just before the attack can hit Minoru, Sloth is struken down by Greed. When asked why (by Sloth) Greed replies that he needs Minoru alive for his master plan. Sloth curses Greed's intentions but Greed mysteriously ends Sloth's life quickly. Greed leaves Minoru in the marshes.
  7. Loyalty Takes His Place, King of Barriers
    Knowing of the betrayal of Greed, the SiNs have sent Loyalty to set up a barrier around the city of Tera to prohibit Greed's entry. Loyalty is also tasked with killing Greed if he happens to run into him. Minoru is depressed about his weakness, unable to finish off Sloth himself. Minoru then hears Greed's voice and follows it.
  8. Shou and Michiko, Fight To Survive
    While the invasion of Creao marches onto the Gotei 13 base, captains Shou and Michiko take up the front lines. They are looking for Ren and his friends as they are the only ones not in the area. Unable to do so, they are surrounded by Creao and effectively take out the large group. They report to captain Ryouichi who appears to be concentrated on other matters.
  9. Grand Scale, Nightmares vs. SiNs
    With the construction of the barrier, Avarice's mental connection to the Nightmares is severed and they become aware of their existence. Unable to except it, they are still aware of their memories as Nightmares and attack Tera. The Nightmares inside fear that the other Nightmares have become demons and the barrier is ordered to be taken down. One of the SiNs comments that Greed has indeed thought this out.
  10. Greed's Defeat? Loyalty Begins His Purge
    Minoru eventually finds Greed who tells him a few things then asks him a few questions, only to reply in a riddle. Minoru, unable to get the answer, attacks Greed. Greed, sarcastically, takes the blow and supposedly dies. Loyalty, hearing the news of Greed's defeat, heads out to take care of the Gotei 13.

Volume 7: Into The Kingdom of SiNs![]

  1. Barrier vs. Mirror, Who Will Win?
    Loyalty has finally reached the destroyed Gotei 13 base and comments on Greed's handy work. He is, however, intercepted by captain Michiko who realizes his XIII tatoo on his right cheek. She begins the battle with him but he reveals his very powerful power over Barriers. Michiko is glad to hear this as her powers over Reflection is much the same and she always wanted to reach a new limit. The two begin to battle.
  2. Captain's Concerne, Ren finds Yasu
    With Minoru missing, Yasu searches the first few areas she visited in hopes of finding him. However, she only encounters Ren who tries to cheer her up but only makes her cry. Ren promises he will find Minoru for her and she stops crying. Mean while, captain Ryouichi has entered a state of meditation and is seeking answers for unknown reasons.
  3. Strength of the Heart, Yasu's Bankai
    With Ren searching for Minoru, Yasu returns to the Gotei 13 base to find it destroyed by the Creao. She also realizes the battle between Michiko and Loyalty but when she goes to enter the battle, she is consumed by one of Loyalty's barrier bursts. She wakes up on a water-like surface with a full moon over head. There is large columns sprouting from the dark abyss of the water that tower at least 50 feet above Yasu.
  4. Minoru Lost, Forest of Nightmares
    Minoru, feeling empty although he has defeated the evil Greed, seeks to learn more about himself and possible ways to become stronger. However, he becomes lost in a forest that is not under the Nightmares control. He attempts to seek out an exit but it appears the forest has similar counterparts leading Minoru in one big circle.
  5. Fronzedel, Nothing To Lose?
    With few Fronzedel under their leadership, the SiNs have established a recovery of the perished Fronzedel. Steal, who is observing the battle between Michiko and Loyalty, gets word of the recovery and begins to collect the bodies of the fallen Fronzedel. Ren, at the time, is lost within a residential district.
  6. Set In Stone, Gluttony Consumes
    The SiNs have agreed to send out SiN VIII, also known as Gluttony to help dispatch the Gotei 13. Gluttony doesn't seem to need to travel as he can attack the base with earthquakes but the SiN push him into helping Loyalty and Steal. Yasu, at the time, finds a mysterious women stareing into the moon. She seems to know Yasu, telling her this is her "world".
  7. Cave of Mysteries, Minoru and His Bankai
    Minoru finally finds his way to a cave and decides to rest there for awhile. While exploring the cave, Minoru starts to have flashbacks to when he was in school and when he wasn't strong enough to defend one of his friends from some other students at his school. He remembers when he was alone during the New Years and that's when he gained his Shinigami powers from a soul reaper who was mortally wounded by a Hollow. Minoru then hears a voice who tells him to sleep. Minoru, believing he knows the voice, takes a nap.
  8. Steal Emerges, The Pushing Memory
    Steal is watching over the fight with Loyalty and Michiko when the time line cuts back into a flashback. Steal is remembering the formation of the SiN many years ago (roughly 500 years ago) and that they all pledged their loyalty to Avarice. Steal runs into Anger who comments to Steal that life is difficult to control and that in the end every one is gonna die so Steal should live his life any way he wants. Steal believes this is treason but Anger remarks that Avarice didn't follow his true destiny and created them instead. Steal is silent and leaves to ponder his existence. The flashback leaps into the future about 200 years where Greed is talking to Steal about his plans to kill Avarice and become the next King of Purgatory. Steal doesn't bother to oppose or agree with him and comments the same thing Anger once told him, "Every one will die one day, so might as well live your life how you want." The flashback cuts back to modern time and Steal restates the quote once more while he summons his zanpakutō.
  9. Greed Returns! He Schemes Again!
    In a distant woodland area, Greed is seen crawling from a black portal. Apparently linked to the underworld of the Yami, Greed comments that he is ready to execute his plans. Now that all the pawns are in their places, it's time to play the other pieces before the "king" piece can be taken down. He counts how many defenders are left (Loyalty, Steal, and Gluttony) and then disappears into another portal. At this time, Michiko's mirror-like powers begin to break as Loyalty has executed his final form which allows him to use reiatsu around him as a shield and a weapon. Michiko, however, uses the last of her strength to activate her Bankai which ultimately destroys Loyalty. However, Steal appears and poisons Michiko which quickly nocks her unconscious.
  10. Nightmares to Arms! Hate Takes Control
    With Loyalty destroyed, the SiNs have decided to send one last defender to deal with Ren (and comrads) and Greed. Hate, SiN XI, steps up to the occasion and summons all of the Fronzedels (except for 1-7) as he prepares to launch an all out attack against the Gotei 13. Greed, on the other hand, plans to brain wash Minoru into destroying Avarice as he believes Minoru is the strongest of the invaders. Steal is seen talking to himself about how much life is worth in the battlefield and what to do next. Ren is still searching for Minoru only to find a strange group of Nightmares called Halmal. Yasu is talking to a young lady who wishes to show Yasu her "true" strength, and Minoru finds himself in a dark cave that is slightly different then the one he fell asleep in.

Volume 8: Praises For Mercy, Praises To Be Released[]

  1. Hear Them Out, The Halmal and... The "Truth"
    Ren has come in contact with a strange form of Nightmares known as Halmal. They, at first, fear him and attack him, however, after revealing his Shinigami-like powers, they realize he isn't a SiN. They let him into their village and ask him questions about why he is there and where he came from. Ren answers these but in return asks who they are. They reveal to him they are Halmal and that they are banished from normal Nightmare civilizations. Ren ponders why and they reveal to him the truth about the Nightmares. Avarice is using the normal Nightmare citizens as a power source to open a rift to the void where it will consume this universe and ultimately destroy it. The citizens cannot realize their difference to real existence or their souls will become tainted and thus Halmal were banished to not strike fear or rebellion in the minds of the normal Nightmares.
  2. Ryouichi Awakens, The Balance Is Broken
    While Ren learns about the Nightmares and the goal of Avarice, captain-commander Ryouichi awakens to find that a rip in the void has already begun to open, making the balance of the universe worse then it originally was. The other captains are informed and plan to make one final push against the SiN capital, Tera, however, they can't find Ren, Minoru, or Yasu. Ren is seen once again talking to the Halmal who plan to take out Hate's small army of Fronzedel in hopes of putting fear into the higher SiNs, giving Ren and his comrads enough time to break into the city Tera. As they begin to prepare for war, Hate's army can be seen in the distance.
  3. Yasu's Dream, A Girl In The Moon
    Yasu is seen talking to a girl who is telling her, to search deep inside herself to find her "true" strength but Yasu doesn't understand. The girl then reveals herself to be Yasu's zanpakutō's spirit. Yasu attempts to search but is to struken by fear of her worries for Minoru, Ren, and the Gotei 13. Tsuki (the name of Yasu's zanpakutō) begins to fight her telling her that the only way that she can win is if she finds what her "true" strength is.
  4. Minoru's Fight! Warrior of the Dark Blades!
    Minoru is walking through the maze of caves until he comes to a torch-lit area. A man is sitting there stareing at the fire in the center of the room. Minoru attempts to ask him who is but the man attacks Minoru. Minoru, confused, attempts to fight back but finds that his zanpakutō won't aid him. The man reveals himself to be Minoru's zanpakutō's spirit (Ankoku) and he also states that he doesn't help someone who has a week heart. Minoru argues that he doesn't have a week heart but Ankoku disagrees telling Minoru that he doesn't believe he is as strong as Ren or that he isn't strong to defeat a SiN. Minoru is confused even more and Ankoku also remarks that Minoru's confusion is only making him weaker, which is shown that Minoru is on his knees holding Ankoku's zanpakutō away from him as far as possible.
  5. Bankai! Level 2!
    Yasu is still trying to defeat Tsuki but is unable to put her on the defensive. Minoru, on the other hand, starts to realize certain strengths he has which allows him to escape the deadly blow from Ankoku's zanpakutō. Minoru, attempts to settle Ankoku down by telling him that he realizes he is extremely intelligent and that aids him in his fights but Ankoku still remarks that he still feels week at heart. Yasu is getting striken down at this time and Tsuki begs her to find her strength but Yasu admits she is to confused to understand. She finally bursts into tears believing she will never get to see her true love Minoru ever again or be able to talk to Ren no matter how stupid his hair is spiked. Tsuki stops attempting to strike her and begins to cry as she falls to her knees in front of Yasu. Minoru is still fighting Ankoku at this time. Ankoku, believing Minoru is still weak, angers Minoru to the point where Minoru begins to realize that he does believe he is strong enough, even to defeat his own self. Ankoku keeps asking him rude questions about who he is and then Minoru comments that he will show Ankoku who is truely powerful, thus breaking Ankoku's zanpakutō. Tsuki is shown telling Yasu of her second level bankai, which Ankoku also tells Minoru. Yasu and Minoru attempt this new level and learn of their "true" strengths.
  6. The Halmal vs. The Fronzedel!
    Ren is preparing to fight in the Fronzedel battle when he sees Hate in the rear of the forces. Ren charges in but is pushed back by several Fronzedel. The Halmal are getting beating down quickly until Ren releases his level 2 Bankai allowing him to take out a good majority of them. Ren then turns his attention to Hate who stands, waiting, for Ren to battle him. In the mean time, the Gotei 13 find Yasu and Minoru who inform them of Ren's sudden disappearence. Yasu and Minoru don't looked worried and tell the captains they are ready to take out the SiN's strong hold.
  7. Hate's Anguish, Ren's Determination
    Ren finally reaches Hate, who finds Ren to be no challenge, instantly cutting parts of Ren open. Ren comments that Hate is truly powerful and fears Hate might actually kill him. However, Ren remembers what his zanpakutō's spirit (Seika) told him, "Your strength comes from your determination to win. It will burn like a fire, and unless you let someone put it out it become to powerful for any one to handle." Ren then releases his level 2 Bankai once again and attempts to strike down Hate, but Hate is to agile to be easily taken down. Hate then pulls out his zanpakutō and releases it into a form of two morning stars.
  8. Yasu's Chance, Steal Approaches!
    While Ren battles Hate, the others attempt an all out offense against the SiN capital, Tera. However, they encounter Gluttony and Steal who are both waiting for them. Gluttony quickly releases his zanpakutō into it's shield form blocking Ryou and Masaru's attacks easily. Steal, on the other hand, quickly attacks Yasu, who realeases her level 2 Bankai, and they both find themselves at equal strength. However, Steal tells Yasu that Steal has yet to release his zanpakutō. Yasu doesn't allow this to effect her and she quickly uses her bladestorm ability which Steal deflects with his zanpakutō.
  9. Minoru To The Rescue! Yasu's Poisoned!
    As Yasu attempts to release another bladestorm, she is suddenly stabed in the stomach by Steal's released zanpakutō. She starts to cough up blood and then realizes that she can barely see and that she can barely move. Steal then attempts to strike Yasu down but Minoru shows up to stop his attack. He tells Yasu to hold on, but she becomes unconscious which enrages Minoru, forcing him to release his level 2 Bankai. Steal finds Minoru to be of no challenge, until he finds out that Minoru has the ability to create dark energy obs that explode on contact. Steal, excited for once, activates his Bankai. The area becomes thick with poison as Steal begins to laugh.
  10. Steal His Heart Away! Steal Dies!
    Steal has released his Bankai, which has filled the area with poison. However, Ankoku uses his spiritual ability to prevent Minoru from being poisoned by the gas but warns him that he can still be poisoned by Steal's zanpakutō. Minoru begins his battle with Steal but Steal proves to be quite difficult to keep up with. He is able to hide within the smog and attack Minoru's blind spots like an assassin but Minoru adapts quickly and finally is able to strike at Steal. Steal is surprised but tells Minoru that this is how he wanted to die; at an equal strength with an enemy, in a battle to the death. Minoru then releases an extremely powerful whip of black energy which splits Steal in half. Steal comments that he wasn't paying attention and fades away. Minoru comments that they were not at equal strength as he has yet to learn his final form Bankai.

Volume 9: Final Defense! The End of The SiNs Begins![]

  1. Ren's Friendship, The Past Revealed
    As Ren and Hate fight each other, Hate remarks that Ren cannot defeat him, for only those filled with hate can truly kill their enemies. Ren begins to waver but starts to comment that Hate isn't using his full strength, and that he has no reason to fight at full strength either. Hate then begins to play mind games with Ren by telling him that he will slaughter his friends and comrads once he is done with Ren. "And I won't stop there!" he remarks as he continues on about how he will slaughter Ren's friends in the real world. Ren becomes angery and then Hate notices a look in Ren's face that brings up a flashback. Hate is in a white room stareing off into what would appear to be space when Gluttony walks into the room. He tells Hate the meeting is starting. Hate proceeds through a large white hallway when he is stoped by a small blonde hair girl. She starts messing with him asking him where he was going. He calls her Envy and tells her that he is very busy. She wonders what it is but a red headed teen calls her over and she cheerful skips over to him. Hate smirks and keeps walking. In a giant round room is a meeting table where several supposed Nightmares sit. Once Hate joins the meeting a large figure appears in the shadows.
  2. The Past Revealed Pt. 2
    Hate is shown sitting at a table waiting for an unknown figure to make an appearence. When it finally reveals itself, it is the King of Purgatory himself, Avarice. Avarice takes a seat in the largest chair in the room, looking much similar to a throne. Avarice calls forth Pride to begin the meeting. Pride tells the other Nightmares that this is the beginning of a new Purgatory. Pride tells the others that Avarice's new goal is to create a power source so powerful that he could use it to control the balance of the universe and change it to his will. Hate begins to question this but Avarice pulls a Darth Vader cameo, and chokes Hate making him become silent. Pride continues to say that the world of Purgatory is full of energy spores waiting to be harvested and Avarice is planning to use them to make fake Human souls called Jairos. With the soul-like energy, he will be able to use a thing called the Will and open the void resulting in the rest of the universe being destroyed, where he can rebuild it in his own image. After the meeting, Hate is seen paler then before and his hair tinting from black to purple. He is stareing one again into space but then the scenario is consumed by a cloudy sky much similar to one on Earth. Hate closes his eyes and begins to cry blood. He is then seen walking through another hallway when he walks by a cloaked Nightmare. The cloaked Nightmare stops and tells Hate that he can sense Hate's will and soul becoming twisted by Avarice. Hate tells him to shut up and Hate walks away. The cloaked figure merely sighs and continues to walk. Hate is seen one last time looking at his zanpakutō asking what his purpose is.
  3. The Past Revealed Pt. 3; Hate Awakens Within
    Hate is seen talking to Sloth who is reading a poetry book. Hate asks Sloth what he thinks the purpose of their existence is but Sloth remarks that they were made by Avarice so he guesses they do what he tells them to do. Hate disagrees believing that their souls are not copies and Sloth questions what he means. Hate then tells Sloth that he isn't even sure if his name really is Hate or if Avarice just named him that. Hate is seen one more time in the meeting room when Pride announces that Anger can no longer be trusted. The SiNs believe he is planning to rebell against Avarice and that he must be dealt with. Hate questions who the SiNs are and Pride only says, "We are SiNs." Anger is seen talking to Envy revealing that he has a romantic side for her but she doesn't get it. He laughs telling her that one day she will but he is stoped by the sight of Hate. Hate tells Anger that he has been ordered to execute all traitors. Anger doesn't understand but Hate attacks him any way. Anger mysteriously spawns a zanpakutō out of thin air and uses it to defend himself. Hate is surprised to see the zanpakutō but he is even more surprised to see the face of Anger. Back in the present, Hate becomes extremely angery claiming that he never wanted this, confusing Ren (as he doesn't know Hate's conflict). Hate begins to take his hatred out on Ren by hitting him hard. Hate begins to mutter that "it" was a horrible idea and that he should executed the "true" traitors a long time ago.
  4. Greed Appears, Minoru Takes The Bait
    A portal is seen suddenly appearing near the Gotei 13 forces. As captain Takeshi Okanao attempts to stop what ever is starting to appear from the portal, he is suddenly stoped, motionless. Greed comes from the portal and is glad to see that the Gotei 13 are still willing and able to fight. He then sees Minoru and an injured Yasu over in the distance. Although he is glad to see Minoru he is surprised he survived the fight with Steal. As he begins to approach Minoru, Ryou attempts to fight him but is also stopped. Greed comments that only fools can't realize the difference in ranking. Minoru sees him approaching and then questions why he is still alive. Greed tells him that his death was a fake, in hopes of allowing Minoru to grow and become stronger. Minoru asks why but Greed doesn't give a real reason, just tells him if he wants to find out he has to fight. They begin to fight but Greed surprises Minoru with a portal that teleports them somewhere else. Yasu feels Minoru's sudden loss of spiritual pressure and awakens in fear of his death. She begins to cough and faints once more. The other captains, who were "frozen" by Greed are back to normal and comment that Greed was able to slow time down so much that 30 seconds felt like 30 days. Captain Tomoko appears once more claiming that she has figured out the cure for Steal's poison.
  5. The Cure, Tomoko Emergency!
    Yasu is getting colder by the minute and Tomoko is using a strong meditation to open a soul connection between the two. Steal's poison did not just affect Yasu's body, but her soul as well. Tomoko had previously healed Michiko and learned of this treatment but at first she feared because of their difference in souls that Yasu would only suffer more from the treatment. However, to her surprise, she had discovered that Yasu's soul is much more similar to a Shinigami's even more so then Ren and Minoru. She is able to clean Yasu's soul but Yasu is still sick, needing much rest to recover. Yasu then has a dream about Minoru and Ren as they are both killed by Greed and another unknown man. She wakes up several days later only to find that majorty of the Gotei 13 have left for Tera while only captain Michiko, Tomoko, and Ryou stayed behind to watch over Yasu.
  6. His Malice, That Which Flares In The Night
    Hate and Ren are still fighting but Hate is extremely overpowering Ren. Ren has to release his first level Bankai just to keep up with the rising spiritual pressure of Hate, which is slowing Ren down. Ren finally hits Hate once but Hate is able to throw Ren into the ground, leaving a very large crator. Ren tries to get up but Hate comes down on him and stabs him through the shoulder. Ren screams in pain as the blank faced Hate continues to puncture through Ren. Ren finally releases his level 2 Bankai which blows Hate away. Ren uses several complicated attacks which are mostly dodged by Hate. Ren comments that Hate is only #11 and that there is no way he can possibly defeat the other higher ranking SiNs at this level of power. Hate then tells Ren that he has yet to use his Bankai showing that he is extremely more powerful then Ren. Ren attempts to strike Hate down but Hate uses his Bankai which causes Ren to revert back to his normal self. Hate then begins to unleash strange explosions with in the area. Hate yells out to Ren that his element over omni-elemental (also called non-elemental) allows him to control large scale explosions of all different elements. Hate then summons an extremely large orb of energy in front of Ren, in which Ren tries to crawl away from.
  7. Gluttony vs. Nagano! The Demon Bane!
    While Ren fights Hate, and Yasu is recovering, the Gotei 13 are starting an assault on the main city of Terra. Captain Ryouichi notices a new barrier surrounding the city, as if the SiNs no longer found the Jairo useful anymore. Ryouichi realizes that the SiNs have already done what they needed to do (rip the void open) and no longer value the other Nightmares. The captains charge towards to city when they are blocked by a giant stone wall. Gluttony appears from the top of it claiming that he would expect them to show up when the SiNs were weak but he also claims that the SiNs are not weak, and that all the fights have been unpredictable to this point. He comments that Hate should have killed Ren by now, and Greed has taken Minoru to the sub-world Panaramis, which lies deep in Yami's crust. Seeing as they don't value Yasu as a threat, and they know of the Gotei 13's powers, they don't have much to fear any more. Gluttony confirms this by jumping into battle taking out captains Yuuto and Tsubasa in one blow. He then summons his zanpakutō and releases it into a shield-like weapon. Gluttony then targets Ryouichi, claiming that he is the biggest threat, however, captain Masaru interupts and claims that Gluttony should take on him. Gluttony questions why he should take on a lowly captain but to his surprise, Masaru removes large weights from beneath his uniform. His spiritual power begins to massively increase, destroying the wall of stone Gluttony had created. Gluttony, a little shocked, claims that he can still defeat Masaru. Masaru laughs at this gesture as he releases his shikai. "Gamble".
  8. Special Occasion, Hate Reveals His True Nature
    Ren is shown crawling from the large orb when it suddenly explodes and consumes the area. Hate begins to chuckle when he finds Ren is still alive. Ren begs for his zanpakutō to lend him more power but nothing happens. Hate tells Ren that he shouldn't hold on to his life so much, it's a waste of time. Ren counters that by saying that Hate keeps living even though he has been through much worse experiences. Hate begins to yell at Ren that he doesn't understand. Nightmares are different then other souls. However, Ren claims that he never sensed a difference in their soul structures. Hate becomes surprised by this and then tells Ren that he must be lying. Hate continues by saying that Avarice created them, and they are his will made manifest. Ren counters, yet again, by saying that Avarice doesn't create who they are, only their body and mind. The Will is something they control on their own. Hate suddenly remembers his fight with Anger. When Anger defended himself, he was able to beat Hate, even though Anger was only a Fronzedel ranked Nightmare. Hate was confused, however, Pride only used him to test Anger so that Avarice could "use" him too. Hate recalls that after that moment, he would begin to degenerate. His skin turn pale, his hair became feathered, and he grew black horns, something not normal for Grengravards to do. He now realized that his transformation was his sudden loss of a Will and that he had fallen into Avarice's control, just as Avarice had intended.
  9. Nagano's Challenge, Gluttony Is Consumed By Power
    Captain Masaru has released his shikai! "Gamble". He then asks Gluttony what his wager is? Gluttony is confused but Masaru tells him that his shikai is a omni-gamble in which the players bet limbs or their lives over strength or strategy. Mainly a game of war. Gluttony understands and bets his right arm, thus forcing Masaru to bet his right arm as well. Gluttony realizes that Masaru uses his right arm to weild his sword but Gluttony only wields his shield with his left arm. As the first fight starts, Masaru quickly severes Gluttony's arm off. Masaru tells him that the game is over when some one has won three times. Masaru then bets his left hand, and so does Gluttony. The two charge at each other, but Gluttony uses his element of earth to have an advantage, forcing Masaru to lose his left arm to survive. Gluttony proceeds to bet his left hand but Masaru claims that he has already lost his own and the game does not work that way. Gluttony, not believing this rule, activates his Bankai breaking the rules of the game and ending them. Gluttony's arm is reformed by stone as he becomes surrounded by stone and covered in it as well. Gluttony planned this all along as he knew Masaru was to quick to think. However, Masaru merely smirks and releases his Bankai as well. The two begin to fight but Gluttony is extremely underpowered compared to the massively overpowered captain. Masaru tells Gluttony that power is a tool, nothing more. Being proud of it can be a burden and weaken you, which according to him, has weakened Gluttony. Gluttony becomes angery and attempts to use a large golem to eat Masaru but Masaru uses an unknown ability which severes the golem and Gluttony both in half. Gluttony reaches towards the sky asking why Avarice had promised such lies.
  10. Hate Must Face Hope; Hate Falls Dead
    Hate has finally come to realize that he was played by Avarice the whole time, however, he must continue his fight with Ren. Not telling Ren why, he continues the fight. Ren attempts to use his Bankai but is unable to. Hate tells him that this decides the end. Ren is finally told by his zanpakutō that he wanted a moment for Ren to approach Hate's weakness. Ren then activates his level 2 Bankai and strike through Hate's chest. Hate then has another flashback... Hate is sitting on a beach where he grabs the sand and lifts it up, only to drop it saying, "It's fake..." Hate's skin is pale now and horns can be seen starting to grow on his head, appearing as if they were a Hollow mask. Hate then walks back to Terra where he finds many Nightmares in the streets. Hate then says they can't see him or hear him. He then kills one and says that it's death is also fake. When he finally reaches his chambers, his hair has become feathered. His horns are small compared to present time but slowly building. He stares into the night sky and calls out for the stars, but they do not appear. He then realizes his only hope to save this world is to destroy the "true" traitors and he begins to leave for the throne room of Avarice. Avarice is seen sitting in his throne, appearing to be a sleep, and Hate begins to approach him. Pride appears from behind his throne and tells Hate, "Nows your chance to be a King slayer!" However, Hate doesn't do it, in fear of what has been planned. Avarice then looks up at Hate and tells him that he has passed his test. Avarice tells Hate that he will help them build a new world where peace can truly exist. Hate, in the present, starts to cry but not in blood. He realizes that all he really wanted was for the real Nightmares to live in peace as they were meant to be. He then tells Ren that the fight was a test, and now he knows Ren is strong enough to kill Avarice. He then gives him a key to Panaramis, telling him that the city of Terra is just a fake temple, the real temple lies deep within the planet. Hate begins to fade telling Ren to tell Anger that he is sorry.


There is currently a sequal set to come out soon. It will feature more information about Ren and his past, including how he, Minoru, and Yasu obtained Shinigami powers. It will also lead up to the fight with Avarice. Currently, the next arc will be called, the Panaramis Arc, which is named after the inner world of the Nightmare world.