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The Vizards (仮面の軍勢, masked army) are a group of Shinigami who were infected during the Mass Hollowfication of the Soul Society. Out of the hundreds that were infected, they were some of the few to live and escape the Soul Society. They banded together and reformed the original vizard group. The self-elected leader is Shiraha Manjitomoe.

Known Vizards[]

There are currently six vizards, 2 female and 4 males. They all work extremly well with each other and act similar to a family of brothers and sisters. They are lead by Shiraha who is liked by all of his fellow comrades.

Vizard Rank Affiliation Partner Zanpakutō Hollow Mask Status
Shiraha Manjitomoe Former Captain Formerly Royal Guard Unknown Tsuinjisou A large toothed Oni Mask, similar to an Ogre In Paris, France ready to fight
Sekidou Kaitenjiku Former Captain Formerly 9th Division Formerly Satetsu Kaihō Nonbiri Large plain circular mask that reaches the back of his head In Paris, France ready to fight
Anna Onibi Former Resident of Soul Society Unknown Unknown Ajisai An ovular mask with two large eye holes. She also gains large butterfly wings. In Paris, France ready to fight
Nagatō Fudō Former Lieutenant Formerly 12th Division Gen'yū Abiru Benzaiten A large square shaped mask with three cylindrical colums down each side. In Paris, France ready to fight
Ame Gunjin Former 11th Division member Formerly 11th Division Kenpachi Masurao Hakudoshi A long cylindrical mask that goes up about 5 inches. In Paris, France ready to fight
Shō Unknown Unknown Unknown Wangetsu Large crescent shape that covers the left side of her face and her mouth In Paris, France ready to fight

Allies and Associates[]

  • Gouka Kaijin- Fellow Vizard, whom they allied with
  • Doryūsō Hinpatsu- Another Infected whom strives on his own goals
  • Gouyoku Kaijin- Another Infected who the Vizards have grown fond of
  • Ururu Tsumugiya- Ally to most people, Ururu is similar to Kisuke Uruhara... in short, a great person