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Tereya Haruo wasn't a very calm and level-headed woman. Especially in the heat.

It was another scorcher in Hueco Mundo. Both Tereya and Nori, her husband, were sitting in the living room that was becoming a bit too hot for their comfort. Tereya was sitting at a table, her arms and head in a "class sleeper" position. In front of her were several empty bottles of what looked like beer, one of them less than half full. Naturally, under such circumstances, Tereya would have already gotten up, said "Fuck you all", and leave in order for a more cooler place in the Living Realm. She wasn't very patient in such cases, where anyone was virtually no one in such a situation.

However, at the moment, she had drowned and subdued herself.

At the moment, she was highly happy.

Pun intended.

"Goooooooooooooooooooood FUCK, it's not in here...." She drawled, raising her head up for a moment. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah........... who the hell smashed our air conditioner?! Someone needs to turn off the ffffffffucking sun...." She giggled, hiccuping a little as she moved her head from side to side. "It's so friggin' hot, I bet I could fry some bacon on m' forehead, and some potatoes on ma' neck.... maybe at least two eggs on each of my ass cheeks...." Her dreary like eyes drifted towards Nori, a shit-eating grin on her face. "Bet you'd like that, wouldn't you, Princess?" She chuckled briefly, but almost in an insane manner before calming down and turning away.

"You're drunk."

Her husband, the genius that he was, thought it was important to point out the obvious. The obscene comment made him look away sheepishly as a single bead of sweat crawled from the tip of his forehead to the crook of his neck. "If you're so hot, why don't you leave already..? I'll be fine here by myself." He mumbled. A while ago, she had said she wouldn't leave him alone. But now she was drunk! Even if she tried to keep him here, he could probably overpower her and do what he wanted... And if she decided to leave, he could do what he wanted anyway. How sucessful his plan was - getting her so shit-faced that he was barely recognizable - was almost making him happy.

Grabbing a fist-full of her long hair, he lifted her head up, and directed it pointedly at the wall. "Just open up a garganta and go. Maybe you could go visit a bar and drink more... Or go somewhere where it's snowing. Your choice." Even if his persuading skills weren't... The best, he doubted she would argue with him. Why would she? She was drunk!


Unfortunately, the hair pulling did not suit well with the drunken woman. Immediately, she threw Nori's arms away, though almost making herself fall in the process. "I don't have to do shiiiiiiiiiiiit......" She said haughtily, raising a finger to point at his face.... or, specifically, his nose. "I kick the fish when I want, I piss on you when I want, and I go wherever I want. And what I want is staying here and making sure you don't do anything eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemooooooooooooooooooooooo.................!!!!!"

An annoyed expression appeared on Nori's face. Immediately, he grabbed her by the wrist and gave her a light push, making her go off-balance and tumble off her seat. Stand and staring down at her, he wondered why she was acting like this... Maybe she was high, too? "I don't really think you're in a position to stop me, Tereya..." Nori pointed out slowly. If he said it at normal speed, she might not understand.

"Uhhh...huh..." She lay on her back, not even bothering to get back up. The drunken blush spread across her cheeks was as clear as day. "Don't you" She raised a hand up, closing her eyes and raising a finger up in order to presumably stop Nori. "D..don't fucking interrupt me, uh...." She placed a hand to her head for a moment. "...what's the word I'm looking for, remember! Yeah, that's it. Don't you remember what I was tellin' you back in the gym...? If you run off...erm...I'm gonna kick your ass! No, wait, someone else'll kick yer ass.... maybe the fish... I done forgot." She giggled once more.

This time, he frowned. "You forgot? You told me I could do whatever I wanted, remember? Or... Maybe you're too drunk..." Nori took a few steps over to her, stared at her for a moment, then dug his food slightly into her side. "C'mon... Do something about it." Even though she was drunk, and helping him... Nori felt angry. He didn't want to stay here with her; she knew what he wanted to do. And, for whatever reason, he felt like he needed her permission to leave... So he'd beat it out of her. Thud! He kicked her in the side. Thud! He did it again. Thud! Nori wasn't going to stop until she told him to go away.

Every time he did, Tereya gasped in pain, the foot that slammed into her side painful and agonizing. Under normal circumstances, she would've gotten up and fought back immediately, determined for retaliation. But in her drunken and numbed state, such blows sent up jolts down her nervous system that she couldn't ignore, and brought chills down her body. "Oh, shit..." She groaned, immediately reaching her hand up to grab the ankle of his foot. "I...I didn't know you wanted to play rough... just the way I liiiiiiiiiiike it!!!" With a sudden jerk, and a display of her strength, she yanked Nori's leg towards her, tripping him and making him fall on his back. Then, with a sudden lurch of her own body, she was upon him, legs straddling his waist, and hands securing his arms to his sides so that he couldn't escape.

She looked him over with a blank, but rather dangerous look. "Yeah....I remember now..." She muttered, grinning. "You and I both know what's gonna happen if you run away. Why would I bother stopping you when that's going to happen? Don't be a fucking retard and act like you forgot."

While normally he would've argued with her, or agreed immediately, this time he stayed silent and stared at her, making no movement to resist. She had him pinned, so there wouldn't be a point to it... But he could annoy her by staying silent and not acknowledging her. And then she'd get bored, let him go, and he could move away! It was perfect. And, even though he knew that this would only make her angrier, and that there was no way she'd ever actually leave him alone (even when she was shit-faced), he continued to lay there and stare at her.

"Heeeeeeeeeeee....... I just noticed something.... this is sooooooooooooo wrong....." Tereya drawled, giggling a little and hunching forward. "You're supposed to be on toppa me, aren'tcha? It's the way in works in them movies.... though, the men in those don't act like the pussy you do, so I guess this is justipied...jousti.... whatever the hell the word's called.... what was it called again....?"


"I DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR FUCKING OPINION, YOU SHRIVELED-UP PUSSY!!!" Tereya snapped, eyes flaring for a moment. However, they immediately returned to their dreary and tipsy state. "Now, what was it oh, right, justified!" Then, she looked up for a moment, eyes drifting towards the ceiling. "Woooooah...... when I yelled like that, it felt someone just gave me some PCP.... hehehehehehee....." She giggled, a bit more insanely.

The sudden screaming made Nori tremble. He didn't take Tereya for one of the drunk violent types... But, it looked like she was. Considering things for a moment, he decided that the best thing to do would be to sit there and say nothing until she passed out or got off of him. It couldn't take very long!... If she didn't kill him before then.

Just outside of the house, and at the nearest wall to them, five fingers pressed itself to the nearest wall, and a figure was standing silently by. He could hear the voices come from within, and he sweat-dropped a little at most of the conversation that came from the woman. However, he wasn't here to listen into their conversation, but rather to interrupt it. Ever since that fateful confrontation, he had been wanting to test his powers out on his former opponent, as well as the woman that decided to upstage him. In their state, he would have to find a way to catch them off guard and finish them both off at the same time.

With a bit of stepping, he lined himself up with where they were at.

Nori closed his eyes. With her on top of him like this, he wasn't going anywhere... And he had enough time. He'd sleep! And then when he woke up, she'd be sleeping too, and he could get away! And then he'd be able to do what he wanted...

Slowly, the man raised his hand up to the wall.


All it took was a quick charge, before the sphere of reishi formed into his palm and erupted into a compressed energy beam that tore through the wall, the splash damage shuddering the rest of the foundation. It sped towards Nori and Tereya, the latter of which looked on with slowly widening eyes. She lifted herself quickly...


Nori stared dully upwards at the Cero sped over him, barely missing the tip of his nose. It hit one of the walls to the living room and demolished it... This probably wouldn't wake Mitsune; she would just assume that Mommy and Daddy were fighting. After glancing to Tereya to make sure she was alright, he used Kogeru to appear roughly twenty meters in the direction of the source of the beam, and once he saw who launched it, he disappeared again, out of the line of sight of both him and his wife.

His presence had vanished... for the moment.

The Arrancar waited for a moment as the dust cloud billowed in front of him. He closed his eyes for a moment, turning his head away and thinking. As Tereya got up, she rubbed her temples in aggravation, glaring over at the dim figure through the smoke that dared stand to attack her. Who in the hell did he think he was?! This place was trashy enough already, he didn't have to go and mess it up even more!!! It was a rather indirect stand off for a moment...

...until Senkaku opened his eyes once more to look behind him.

He swung his sword upon a re-appearing Nori's neck.

It was easily countered by Nori letting the sword slip past his defenses slightly, and moving to the side as it dug left a shallow gash in his shoulder. His left hand was brought up - palm open - and thrust at the Arrancar's nose; aiming to break it and drive the cartridge into his brain and kill him. Predicting that he would try to dodge, Nori put his right leg inbetween Senkaku's own; hooking it around his left and preventing him from changing his location properly.

There were no words as Nori's fist struck Senkaku's face, the force enough to break the nose. However, in that tense moment of silence, the Arrancar didn't flinch, only closing his eyes upon impact. There was no damage registered, the force having proven no effect. Calmly, he grasped the wrist of Nori and looked at him with half-lidded eyes. Then, he charged up another Cero, firing at the point-blank range they were at.

Nori was not to be deterred. He spun the sword around in his other hand so that the guard was opposite the side the thumb was on; it was positioned in a way that - before the cero blew his other arm off - he could swing it and make the blade impale Senkaku in the eye. Unless he was Superman, this would kill him. And then Nori could just regenerate his arm! Once again, in order to prevent his sword-arm from interfering, Nori turned his head and bit down into the stretched-out arm; not trying to cause him harm, but to prevent it from moving.

Realizing that Hierro wouldn't protect that weak spot, Senkaku knew he had to act. Immediately, he shut off the flow of reiatsu that was making up his premature Cero and pulled back before the blade could hit him. Nori's teeth would prove to be a burden to him, but one that he could easily throw off. Gritting his own teeth, he swung his free arm back, balled his hand into a fist, and swung it into Nori's face with one swift motion.

The sudden blow to his head interrupted all of Nori's momentum. The blade heading towards Senkaku's head stopped; he dropped it clumsily to the floor the moment the first struck his head. His teeth scraped off of the man's wrist, and, because of his own leg being hooked around Senkaku's, he fell to the ground too. Now would be a great time for Tereya to intervene! But he knew for a fact that wasn't going to happen. So... Without any hesitation whatsoever, Nori rolled over on his side and launched a kick right for the lump inbetween the arrancar's legs.

However, once Senkaku had begun falling, he acted quickly. He twisted himself like a cat, landing on his hands in order to catch himself. Then, he rolled over, avoiding a kick and standing back up swiftly. "I would've thought that you would've pulled your sword out by now..." He commented, raising his blade up in order to swing it down on Nori's seemingly prostrate form.

Nori didn't respond. He used Kogeru to move from his defenseless position on the ground to a more preferable one behind the man. His right arm curled around his neck and grabbed his chin, while the other gripped the back of his head. In one, strong, ripping motion he put all the force into both of him that he could, and attempted to rip his head off. Or... At least... Break his neck.

No words this time...

...had his arrogance from before vanished?

Either way, Senkaku's eyes widened at the death grip having wrapped itself around his head. However, they had also managed to pick up the disturbance of reiatsu. His spiritual senses did the rest. Dropping his sword, he gripped each of the wrist that secured Nori's arms in place, struggling against his strength. In a desperate move, he lurched forward and bent down, hurling Nori off of him and back onto the ground. This gave him enough time to pick up his sword and sheathe it.

He wanted to fight barehanded?

Fine by the Arrancar.

He wouldn't be stopped so easily. The moment before he hit the floor, he used Kogeru, then appeared slightly above Senkaku in the air; swinging his leg downward, and aiming for a incapacitating blow to the Arrancar's neck. Even though his Hierro would probably render the kick useless, he would just hook the limb around his neck, hang off of him, then put him in another headlock. The Arrancar was stupid if he thought he could win.

Senkaku's eyes narrowed, and he whipped around to face Nori once more. He raised his arms defensively, the leg connecting into the Hierro once more. With that defense, he parried the leg away, broke the X-shaped defense he was in, and swung an uppercut towards his airbone opponent. However, he couldn't shake off the feeling that something wasn't right with the man... why wasn't he saying anything? Why did he choose to attack immediately?

The moment he'd decided to parry the leg away, and left Nori not touching him, he'd made his mistake. Although it was slightly cheap, and Senkaku would catch on eventually, Nori planned to spam Kogeru as much as he could while it was still effective. Immediately, he appeared behind Senkaku once again, placed his hands in the same position one more, and this time, hooked his leg in between Senkaku's so he couldn't throw him over.

There was one major difference this time.

Senkaku had caught on.

Before his arms could reach, the Arrancar caught them at the wrists and held them in place. "You haven't forgotten our first fight so quickly, have you....?" He questioned quietly, before yanking himself free from Nori. "I was able to read your Kogeru from the moment this fight started. You're wasting your time...." He raised a finger to point at Nori, charging and firing a green Cero from the tip.

Nori's mouth slanted as he used Kogeru to dodge the cero, appearing an equal distance away from Senkaku on the side opposite where he had just been. It seemed that, depsite the Arrancar's claims of being able to "read" his Kogeru, he wasn't trying to stop him from using it. So what if he knew where Nori was going to appear? It didn't matter of Nori just appeared a small distance away, so that he still dodged, and Senkaku couldn't do anything to him. Conveniently, Kogeru was at his feet, and with a flick of his ankle, it popped up into the air long enough for him to grab it and unsheath it in one smooth motion.

His opponent decided to finally unsheathe his blade.

In response, Senkaku unsheathed the jian sword, leaving his first one unsheathed. He didn't want to use his full skill just yet... plus, he wanted to put off using the wakizashi for as long as possible. He disliked the shape, but had to admit it was pretty useful when utilizing speed strikes. He readied his blade with one hand, narrowing his eyes.

What was he waiting for?

After discarding the sheath (he could just go pick it up later), Nori readied himself into a defensive stance, readying himself for the Arrancar's onslaught. There was no reason for him to attack... The Arrancar had broken into his house, attempted to kill him, and his wife, but expected Nori to chase after him? Bullshit. Senkaku could attack. Nori was going to conserve his energy.

"He's not attacking...? Very well."

"Thanks for being generous...." Senkaku said casually, before taking one step forward. With a burst of Sonido, he ripped himself off of the ground and rocketed towards Nori, sword gleaming with the intent to kill as well as the brilliant light of the sun. However, inches from reaching him, he used another Sonido to re-appear above him, swinging down upon his head.

Nori seemed slightly startled by the sudden advance on his position, as well as the sudden change of position. So he was going to try and trick him now, huh? It wouldn't work that easily. Even though he wasn't prepared for it, Nori was able to step to the left, grimacing slightly as the blade skimmed his arm. Grunting, he swung his sword at his opponent (who was, conveniently, still in mid-air and wouldn't be able to dodge properly) with enough force to send him crashing through the wall if his Hierro was fortunate enough to block the strike.

It was an impressive maneuver.

Even as Senkaku attempted to maneuver himself away, the blade caught him in the arm. The force was enough to spin him around like a horizontal top, momentum and direction having diverted where he would crash. As he spun, he extended a hand just as he was maneuvering to the ground. Then, he flipped back onto his feet, another Cero fired at the man from his free hand.

It seemed the Arrancar didn't know how to learn from his mistakes. Nori stood there, idling the time away before the cero hit him. ... I wonder how long it'll take him to figure that he can't hit me, at a distance, with such an obvious attack... I'm only going to use Kogeru to get behind him again... Or, at least, somewhere where the Cero isn't... Where the fuck is Tereya?

As expected, he used his Teleportation technique to appear slightly to the side of Senkaku, swinging his sword horizontally with equal force as he had done before. Nori could keep this going for a while... "So..." He drawled, frowning at the Arrancar. "Why did you decide to pay us a visit, Senkaku?"

Anticipating the strike, Senkaku maneuvered his own sword to block, forcing a swordlock and allowing himself to speak. "Isn't it obvious?" He replied calmly. "Our last fight was interrupted, so I'm taking the liberty of finishing it." Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Tereya slowly walking out of the smoke, waving a hand in front of her to clear her vision. "Though, I can't help but wonder if you're a bit shaken up by something...." He added, referring to the change in Nori's fighting pattern. Then, with a forceful arm, he shoved Nori's sword as well as its owner back from him to gain the duelist's distance.

Which was quickly closed by another use of Kogeru, placing Nori slightly lower than Senkaku, in a squatting position. A swipe was immediately made at the Arrancar's legs. If he dodged by jumping upwards, he'd be in mid-air again; leaving the advantage to Nori. This was getting too simple and repetetive... But! Nori didn't want to release his Zanpakuto until the Arrancar went into his Ressurecion.

"It's none of your concern."

"I guess you're right..."

With a downward swing of his own blade with one hand, he forced Nori's sword into the ground to pin it. With his free hand, however, he reached over and grabbed his wakizashi, unsheathing it with another swift motion. Using its swinging speed factor as his own advantage, he swung it at Nori's face, hopefully to tear it in two halves. It allowed him to smile a little - despite the mood, Nori's resolve hadn't faded away. He hoped a greater opponent would surface.


Choosing to let go of his sword in order to dodge, Nori used Kogeru to appear above where he had been before; perched curiously on Senkaku's other arm. With a grunt, he hopped off of it as soon as his swing was over. "This is a warning. We've been fighting long enough for me to adjust to your spiritual pressure, and at this point, I'm relatively sure that I can cut you. You should change your fighting style to compensate for that."

"Thanks for the tip..."

In other words, he had to fight with effort. But without releasing his Resurrecion, he couldn't fight the way he wanted against Nori. In that moment, he decided to stop fooling around. A desire to see - and defeat - Nori's demon form once again needed to be quenched. As far as he could tell, Nori had no intention of doing that. Maybe if he released his own form...? Willing to test that theory, he twisted his wakizashi blade and sheathed it back into place. Then, he raised his other blade and pointed it at his opponent.

"....Equalize! Agua!"

Then, he was enveloped in a tornado of his own spiritual energy, small in shape, but large in its exertion of power. The winds around him were like the ones of a coming storm, hitting everything with a considerable, but not overly strong force. It glowed a brilliant green - the color of his spiritual energy.


Nori used the force from the tornado to launch himself back, catching Nasuka as it flew haphazardly through the air. As soon as he was able to steady himself, he took up a defensive stance. This time, he held it with both hands... It, with his massive strength in tow, should be enough to parry the Arrancar's own strength. Still, he wouldn't release himself just yet... Instead of using his Release to combat his enemy, he'd decided to only release when he needed it. Basically, as a failsafe to ensure he didn't lose.

When the flash finally cleared, Senkaku had revealed his new form. Two blades of now entirely different looks (and clearly made of ice) were now sported in his hands, both of them having the cutting edges that could cut through even the sharpest material. As they gleamed in the sunlight, Tereya couldn't help but whistle a little. The form was dull, but the blades themselves looked pretty impressive. She folded her arms across her chest, waiting for the fight to commense.

Senkaku made his first move.

With a flip of one of his blades, he lunged down and stabbed it into the ground.

A second later, a geyser of boiling water erupted through the ground under Nori's feet.

It was unexpected, in the least.

Almost in a comical manner, Nori was brought upwards by the stream of water, then launched fowards towards Senkaku as it hit the ceiling, gritting his teeth and patting himself as he tried to get rid of the burning sensation covering his body. So he had water powers now?! Fucking fantastic.

Senkaku was gone.

It may have been easy for him to read his Sonido speed. But in his released form, the powers of his "incomplete" Resurrecion had not left his body. His Sonido could easily be mistaken for teleportation - one moment, he was standing with swords at the ready. The next, he was right beside Nori, following his movements to the letter, with the exception of the burning. He turned one eye towards his opponent. Had he not been distracted, he may have seen the attack coming. But it was far too late to escape now. He swung the nearest sword in an uppercut, aiming to split Nori's chest right down the middle.

"Weed out, Nasuka..."

Almost with a groan, Nasuka released and extended itself in front of Nori, blocking Senkaku's sword effectively. So, it seemed the Arrancar had gotten... Weaker? For him to be so easily stopped by Nori's shikai, even when the latter hadn't really gone through any training, or anything really. How fun. When he went into his Demon Form, the Arrancar would easily be dispatched...


Similar to what Senkaku had done, large vines, covered in thorns, wrapped themselves around Senkaku's legs, preventing him from moving. While, normally, his Hierro would prevent them from digging into the skin, Nori had adjusted to his spiritual pressure, so it was useless. Finally, a tree ripped itself out of the ground below him. It was poised to stab him... It's only real purpose was to get him tangled in it's branches.

"...what the hell...?!"

That wasn't supposed to happen.

It should have taken a Bankai to block an attack like that! Senkaku narrowed his eyes, a bead of sweat pouring down his face and his teeth gritted. As the thorns dug into his legs, he reacted instinctively. With the enhanced strength that he had gained, all he had to do was yank his legs and break the limbs like fragile glass. He had allowed himself to be careless, thinking that he could finish this with only two blows. Nori was truly a strong opponent to contend with.

With another Sonido, he re-appeared in behind Nori, one of his blades swinging again. The other soon followed... but as it did so, a Cero-like energy covered the entirety of the blade - his very own Espada Cero. The sudden summoning of his energy was meant to catch the man off-guard in order to shake his defenses more.


Disrupting everything around him, Nori unleashed a large explosion of reiatsu from his position. It was enough to blow Senkaku back, as well as all of the furnature in the room; it even created a large crater, centered around his position. He'd reached a realization! Why sit here moping, when he could just unleash all of his power and take all of his anger out on Senkaku! In the next moment, similar to how Senkaku had moved before, he was at his side, launching a punch for the Arrancar's face.


Senkaku took in a deep breath at the sudden display of power, speed, and strength. Instinctively, he swung his sword down before Nori's fist could connect, cutting through the knuckles of his hands. But it wasn't a time to stop and stare - he had an opponent to defeat. Resisting the urge to smirk and show arrogance to his foe, Senkaku released his freezing spiritual energy into the wound that he had created. In pulling such a move and forgetting about his sword, Nori had allowed himself to fall into a potential trap. Hopefully, this one would do some damage...

Immediately, blood in Nori's body began seeping through the wound and began spilling onto the ground, seemingly in an uncontrollable manner and no sign of ceasing. If this kept up, Nori would eventually bleed to death within the hour. But Senkaku knew it wasn't a time to relax... there was always some way of countering....

"You're some kinda retard, aren't cha'?"

The blood immediately stopped flowing, and the wound, as well as the wounds from before, closed. And, for some reason, Nori didn't seem to be bothered by the reiatsu... His out-stretched arm bent slightly, then extended, growing an extra section and joint in order to reach Senkaku and grab his face. The palm, which was pressed against Senkaku's forehead, moved slightly, before it opened, revealing a small set of teeth.

He was going to eat Senkaku alive!


Needless to say, Senkaku was horrified at the sight of such sharp teeth. He gripped Nori's wrist and tossed it away, pupils shrinking to a minuscule level and his irises losing their light. Immediately, he leaped away, backwards in order to gain some distance between himself and Nori. His heart was racing at the fact that he had nearly just got subjected to a horrible and agonizing death. He just couldn't bear the thought....

"I really don't know where you think you're going..." Nori mumbled, and the arm grew a fourth section in order to - again - extend to Senkaku. The mouth opened and gnashed at his clothing, tearing some of it and discarding it immediately. If it wasn't flesh, it didn't taste good! A fifth section was needed. It grew promptly, and the arm extended far enough to be able to eat Senkaku's face.

Defense was necessary.

Abruptly, Senkaku stabbed his blade into the ground again. Another burst of the boiling water erupted from the ground, catching the arm in its clutches. With the geyser in the air, Senkaku raised his other blade and swung. Upon his mental command, the water formed into thousands of ice daggers that shot forward at Nori in order to shred him.

All of the daggers promptly slammed into Nori's body. His figure trembled slightly, then fell as well. As it hit the ground, his own weight made the daggers push themselves further through his body, making them ooze out of the other side. Playing possum! There was practically no way Senkaku'd be able to tell he was still alive, because no regular person would still be alive! And then he'd split open a crevice in his stomach and eat Senkaku alive. Except for the lower body. Even Nori had limits...

Senkaku panted heavily, the exertion of the mental jump taking its toll. He looked up at Tereya, who was simply and silently watching the whole thing. She was looking down at Nori's fallen body with half-lidden eyes, possessing no grief over the dead man. It was fine by Senkaku, as he raised his blades up once more. "'re next." He said threateningly, taking steps towards her. She simply smirked in return, making no move to defend herself.

Slowly, and without making any noise, the spears were ejected from Nori's corpse by a wall of flesh. Slowly, very slowly, all of the wounds on his body close, and he rose from the prone position he was already in. He wanted to take Senkaku out in one shot!... But was it possible? It wasn't as if he had any "ultimate attack" type things. But, then, he could always improvise. Pausing for a moment, Nori waited to see what the Arrancar would do to his wife... If he got rid of her, then he wouldn't have to listen to anyone anymore!

"Here I go!"

It seemed like Nori was taking his sweet old time.

But Tereya didn't want to take a chance that he would be out of the fight. As Senkaku lunged at her, she unsheathed her sword to intercept the strike. However, the Arrancar's strength sent her skidding back on her feet, and she had to crouch in order to keep her balance. However, Senkaku re-appeared in front of her, swinging one of his blades down. She closed one of her eyes and winced as his two blades came down consecutively onto hers, and she had to use one hand to place on the back of her blade in order to keep herself from being overwhelmed. God damn, this kid was strong!

It seemed she was sober enough now to defend herself properly... What a drag... But, Nori already thought of a way to beat Senkaku. And it would be easy! As he was engaging Tereya in the sword-lock, Nori crept up behind him, took a pause, and...


Wrapped his arms around Senkaku's torso, giving him a super-tight and affectionate hug. "This feels good, doesn't it? Doesn't it just make you want to stop fighting and leave us alone~? C'mon, embrace me! You know you want to." His words were almost delirious, but it was necessary! Senkaku would be feeling very bad in just a few moments.

"...." That caused Tereya to stop abruptly, lowering her blade and staring blinkingly at the scene. Senakaku had a rather dumbfounded, puzzled, "WTF" expression on his face, clearly wondering why the hell Nori would even do something like that. "G...get off of me!" He shouted in a slightly flustered voice, making a move to shove him off--

--he was stuck.

He tried jerking around, but to his horror, Nori simply jerked around with him. He started breathing even more rapidly, clearly panicking. "W...what the fuck did you do?!" He demanded. Did Nori actually merge himself with Senkaku?! Oh, please, no... what was he trying to prove by doing that?! Aside from frightening the crap out of Senkaku, of course.

"C'moon! It's okay! As soon as I'm done vomiting out all the blood I'm taking from your body, I'll detach myself and watch you die from losing so much blood." Nori cooed, squeezing Senkaku slightly tighter. He was also leeching off of the Arrancar's reiatsu. But... that wasn't as important.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Senkaku let out a raw scream, shaking his head violently. "LETMEGOLETMEGOLETMEGOOOOOOOO!!!" In vain, he violently struggled against Nori, but was finding his strength vanishing by the moment. Sweat began to fall down his face, and his hands were growing limp. His vision was blurring... that meant he was so much closer to being killed... he didn't want to die like this. He didn't want to be so easily killed by the merciless arms of his enemy, who were grasping him so tightly.

"Why do I have to be stuck with this immortality...?"

One of his swords dropped onto the ground.

"I don't want to die by combat..I want to die like you will.. peacefully... is that so much to ask for? I don't want to die like this..."

As Senkaku was getting thinner and paler, it appeared Nori was becoming fat, and bloated. After a short pause, he turned his head to the side, and vomited a stream of blood from his mouth. After a few moments, it died down, and Nori was back to normal, though it was apparent it would happen at least two or three more times before he drained Senkaku completely. "Listen... When you swang that sword for my face, it could've killed me... And you know that! So that means you were trying to kill me. So, you really can't complain about what happens to you, right?!"

Senkaku couldn't even bring himself to respond, demoralized. He was going to die...having all of the blood drained from his body. Both of his enemies were going to sit and laugh as he shriveled up and died. It was horrible, humiliating, and defeating. He could tell that his reiatsu was being drained as well... so there was no fighting back. Even if he did manage to somehow break free, Tereya would just take the liberty of finishing him off. All of his blood would be spat on the floor, and his corpse would be--

Wait a minute.


"P....please..." He managed to say, quietly and fearfully. "I never made you suffer like this... why are you...?"

"This is the only way I could manage to kill you, knowing that there was no chance you'd be able to retaliate." Nori chirped. In a moment, the signals from his brain would override his motor functions! He could just shut Senkaku down while he finished! "If you want, I could put you to sleep! And then you wouldn't feel a thing..." Even as he spoke, Nori's tone was relaxing and calm, albeit somewhat eager.

The happy tone in Nori's voice just wanted to make Senkaku vomit. It was sickening to hear such sadism. But he closed his eyes and dropped his other sword. "Do what you want...." He said bitterly, a tear running down his cheek. "I don't care anymore..." He lowered his arms, not putting up anymore resistance as he let Nori continue to push him off of the edge...

...that is, until he pulled off a desperate measure.

Focusing his spiritual energy within his body, as well as Nori's since they were connected, he immediately turned watery in Nori's arms. Then, without warning, he was nothing but a body of liquid that forced itself into the spot where Nori had merged Senkaku's back. The blood that was freshly spilled on the ground was sucked in as well, until not a single drop was left of it. Then, it involuntarily tore itself from the chest again after a moment, surrounding Nori in a water prison. From that large sphere, a spear of the blue liquid shot away, into the outside.

If Nori didn't find a way out, he would drown.


Nori was fucked.

There was no way for him to get out of it, really... And he had no air left. It'd only be a few minutes before he passed, out, then an extra two until he died. It would be possible for him to configure himself to breathe water instead of air, and take his oxygen from the liquid so conveniently surrounding him, but at this point, he didn't feel like it... Nori had decided on something!

If he couldn't kill himself, Senkaku could kill him!

For a moment, Tereya looked on as Senkaku re-appeared in front of the trapped Nori. "You aren't going to free yourself this time...?" He asked, a rather solemn and depressed look on his face. He reached out with one of his hands and thrust, through the waters and impaling his fingers through Nori's chest. This allowed the water to seep into his body once more. "Fine, then... but I'll only promise you one thing. I'm going to freeze you right down to the core. But I'll also be merciful... your brain will be first, so that you won't have to endure it."

At this point, Tereya closed her eyes and put a hand to her face in aggravation. Ok, that was it. Did Nori know how pitiful he was looking right now? It was time to end this little fight once and for all...

He looked down dully. He was trying to kill himself, but then... He had a chance to escape..? Small blood vessels attached themselves to the Arrancar's fingers; binding them to his chest. Then, they began to take the oxygen out of the man's veins, and use it for himself. Was the Arrancar really that stupid..? Finally... Nori hacked into his nervous system, shutting off his motor functions immediately. Now he wouldn't be able to move his limbs!

There was only one problem.

Senkaku had already frozen the nerves connecting him with Nori, keeping him from access to his nervous system. Any attempts at such actions were blocked off by the ice. Concentrating, Senkaku decided, because of that action, he would not be so merciful after all. He began to freeze Nori from the chest and expanding outwards, beginning to freeze the entire body. It wasn't worth showing mercy to an opponent who continued to play around. Either way, he probably couldn't feel such freezing, as long as he made it quick--

But he would never get to kill his opponent, for another voice spoke up.


After that, a blast of energy erupted from the tip of Tereya's sword, which was pointed straight towards Senkaku. His eyes widened in shock, and his concentration was loosened, causing the water prison around Nori to fall. He ripped his hand out, backflipping in order to avoid getting disintegrated. As he looked out the corner of his eye, he heard Tereya's voice speak again, the Hollowfication effects clear. "You are so fucking pathetic, Princess..." She stated bluntly, raising her sword to point at Senkaku. "To watch you get shitted on like that... is so retarded. I'm jumping in this, and finishing this guy off, whether you like it or not."

"Fuck you." Nori responded, stammering slightly as she spoke. She could've done it with her zanpakuto; she didn't have to use her hollow mask... But, at this point, he could go off himself while she fought with Senkaku. "... You two can have some fun, I'm going to go do something... somewhere else." He mumbled, and prepared to use Kogeru. Nori would have to defrost himself first... The ice made it difficult to concentrate.


Thanks to that opportunity, Tereya used it to summon up a binding spell. The six beams of light slammed into his mid-section, pinning him in place. Sasha's oppressive reiatsu would not be broken by his own. "You're not going anywhere..." Tereya said bluntly, still keeping her gaze towards Nori. "Mitsune wouldn't be too happy with me if her father was off mutilating himself."

"Shut up... I don't have to listen to you." Nori mumbled. What was she going to do to keep him in place? The moment the fight was over, he'd be free, and then he could get away... If she wanted to keep him alive like this, it wasn't going to happen. Nori deactivated his Demon Form and stared dully at the two.

"Just giving you a heads-up..."

With that, Tereya began her charge towards Senkaku, who raised his sword to block. However, as it connected, the force that was applied immediately overpowered his, breaking his defense. Her blade cut through his flesh, and he staggered back, clearly stunned. Immediately, he began retreating as Tereya went onto the offensive, delivering several sword attacks which he could barely block. He couldn't even find the mind to unleash his water attack on her due to the oppressive reiatsu on him. What in the hell was she...?!

Nori paused.

Maybe he should get a divorce?

It was a simple way to get rid of her; it wasn't like she could keep him here against his will... Unless she wanted him as a pet. Like Sasha had. Still, a divorce would probably be for the best. Then she could find someone else; someone better than him, and he would be able to do what he wanted! Mitsune would easily fall in love with the other man. It was simple! And it would work. There was nearly no way she'd be able to convince him to stay.

By this point, Senkaku was now bleeding profusely from wounds to the torso and body. Raising his sword again, he barely managed to block yet another strike from Tereya, but his Zanpakuto was beginning to crack. He gritted his teeth in frustration, but Tereya smirked underneath her mask. "I'm gettin' tired of watchin' you struggle...." She muttered, forcing him away with a single sword swing. She raised her blade. "Let's end this, now. Split in two...."

Immediately, her reiatsu began to surge again, and the entire area was covered in a bright light. Sasha's dark and frightening energy began to permeate the room even more. "Carmesí Espectro!!!"

There wouldn't even need to be any paperwork, because they were never officially married. In fact, it was like they were never married at all. Tereya was his girlfriend, and he was breaking up from her. He'd have to break the news to her after she was done; he didn't want her getting distracted. Sasha's reiatsu hadn't effected him yet... Maybe because it wasn't being directed towards him...

"Now to finish you off..."

With that, Tereya immediately summoned the ribbon-like projectiles to her, and aimed them at the weakened Senkaku. He staggered back, clearly desperate to avoid getting caught. But it was too late; when she thrust them, all of them had directly hit him. The power of the blow ended up causing smoke to impermeate the entire area, the force creating a shockwave. When it was all over, Senkaku was leaning over the ribbons that impaled him, his sword dropping from his hands. Satisfied, she raised the impaling ribbons and threw him away like trash, allowing him to crash onto the ground. He wouldn't be any more trouble.

She turned around, her spiritual pressure now directed towards Nori.

Nori cringed.

He could almost feel himself becoming submissive. Maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to break up with her, when she was like this... He could hold off, couldn't he? Maybe just leave her while she was sleeping. Unconsciously, he began to struggle against the kido; maybe he could get free and make a run for it! This wasn't what he wanted. She was going to kill him. Or keep him as a pet. Mitsune would love it, but he wouldn't be able to stand it like before.

Maybe he should just bite his own tongue off.

It was inevitable.

With a simple Sonido, the woman was in front of Nori, gazing into his eyes for a moment with her soulless ones. The glow and lack of pupils were enough to attack him with chills down the spine. With an outstretched hand, she reached out slowly towards him, as if trying to comprehend what to do with the trapped man. Her hand slipped to rest on his shoulder, close to his neck. If she could kill him, she could simply swing and chop his head off.. maybe destroy the rest of the body... her other hand reached out, in a manner that signaled that she was going to choke him to death.

"... I... I'm sorry Tereya... I won't think about it anymore, I promise!... Please..." The groveling was courtesy of Nori, who had practically become Tereya's slave the moment her hand was placed on his should. The latter was incredibly tense; so hard, that it seemed like she was grabbing a rock instead of flesh. His eyes widened, and his pupils shrunk as he watched her reach over to him. "I said I was sorry..! I'm sorry..."

However, she didn't choke him.

Instead, she wrapped her arms around him... and pulled him into an embrace, the Kido shattering. She held him close to her, remaining silent for a moment as she did so. She was waiting for him to see how he would react to the calm and kind gesture... for this had been the second time she had hugged him. How many more times would she have to do so in order to keep him from falling off of the edge?

He gagged slightly. Tereya/Sasha's reiatsu was suffocating... But, this was still Tereya, wasn't it? He hugged her tighter than ever, even though she looked so... Terrifying. "I'm sorry, Tereya... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Nori moaned. "I won't think about it anymore, and you can tell me what you want me to do, and everything will be okay. Right? That's how it works, right..?" For some reason, Nori found himself trembling.

For a moment, Tereya didn't say anything. But, it wasn't later that a grin had crossed her face. "Now you're thinking right..." She said. Though she hated situations like this, if it made Nori snap out of his emo attitude for a moment, she was fine with it. She wondered if going out of her Resurrecion would stop the effect... after all, it was probably Sasha's own reiatsu that was terrifying him. If she faded out of that form, would he still be scared...?

"I love you, Tereya..." Nori mumbled. He could tell, this was tiring for her. Tereya didn't want to have to deal with this everyday; to have this mess of a husband to deal with at every waking moment... And, while he would've prefered it if she could just ditch him and take Mitsune so he would be alone, and could deal with himself by himself, she wanted him. Right? Was there a reason for him to be so sad, when someone so wonderful loved him?

"I love you, too..." She replied calmly. By the tone of his voice, it seemed like he had read her completely. Finally, he had gotten through to the idea that there was someone who loved him, someone that wouldn't abandon him. She decided not to let her resolve falter again like it had did before; she wasn't going to let Nori descend into his own hell as long as she could pull him out of it. It was her nature.

"... Your release.... Makes you look ugly..." Though the insult wasn't exactly called for, and it wasn't true (if he thought his wife looked ugly, he wouldn't have accepted her hug), Nori felt it might lighten the mood a little. Before she punished him for it, Nori hugged her a little bit tighter, almost as hard as he could. She was so warm...! They didn't need to let go immediately. "Why don't you get shit-faced again..?"

That allowed a chuckle to come from Tereya. "Only if you get shit-faced with me..." She countered. Though it might've simply led to disastrous consequences, it would be rather irritating if she got drunk alone. She looked over at the fallen Senkaku, who had not yet moved from his prostrate position. "Though, what about your little playmate...?"

"... I don't think it's a good idea for me to get shit-faced... But I enjoy seeing you drunk. You should kill him.... I don't want him coming back." As he idled, Nori began playing with one of the ebon ribbons coming off of Tereya's body. He wasn't able to do this while Sasha was in control! And Sasha wasn't so friendly, too...

"I like how you think..."

Her grin turning slightly feral, Tereya raised several of those ribbons in the air and thrust them at Senkaku's fallen body. His eyes were overshadowed, and his mouth corners were dripping blood. In his own mind, however, he was feeling faint. Was this the natural death for an Arrancar...? He was feeling faint, and his consciousness slipping... aside from the fading pain, it was as if he was simply dying of old age. Maybe this was a good death for him after all... if he had to die this way, he would want something like this to happen to him.

"Thank you..."

However, he would never get such a chance.

Before any of them realized it, a figure immediately re-appeared in a crouch position beside Senkaku. Tereya didn't get to see much... but she could tell it was a female that had entered, with the rather obvious figure and all. With arms outstretched, she grabbed the body of Senkaku and used another Sonido to vanish from the area without any words at all, Tereya's attack missing them barely. She stared blankly for a moment, wondering what the hell just happened. Then, she sighed briefly. "Oh, well...."

"The reason you didn't kill him is because you're still kinda fat... I can feel it..." Nori grumbled. He wanted that one to die; he was such a pain in the ass. And now he had friends..? Would they come to bother his family, too?... Nori was able to snuggle into the nook of Tereya's neck, despite that foul reiatsu that was coming off of her.

"Really? Wasn't that why you acted how you did while we were at Kuro's?" Grinning, she let go of him to grasp the front of his shirt with both hands. "Because I've been meaning to return the favor..." Pushing her weight on him, she shoved him onto the ground once again pin him there. Tilting her head slightly, she wasted no time in tearing off his shirt....

If Mitsune came in, she would get a good idea of the "birds and the bees".

The End