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A Senkaimon opened in the abandoned world of Nakayo. A ruined city, abandoned for hundreds of years was disturbed as two slim figures stepped out of the Senkaimon and into the rubble. "I knew we shouldn't have taken that right turn at Albuquerque." the first man joked as he observed the city. "Is this the place we are to meet them, Captain Seireitou?" he asked the silver-haired man behind him.

Seireitou looked around with narrowed eyes, smirking alittle. "Since when were you under the impression this wasn't Albuquerque?" he mused. "But yes, this is the place. Let's hope they don't get lost." he continued, closing his eyes as a gentle breeze caused his top haori to flutter.

Two figures appeared in from the shadows with one smiling as he held the other's hand. "Looks like the day of reckoning has come my love. Let's hope this doesn't get too out of hand. We don't want anyone dying on us. So be careful Anna ok?"

"Don't worry so much Van, I'm sure things won't go as bad as you think they will. You just gotta have some faith with things." The female figure began cracking her knuckles as she felt the breeze on her skin. "On second you think we should REALLY be here?" She laughed as he looked around at the area.

Yuzuru, Kanade, and Reigen exited their own Senkaimon and looked around the area. "Guess we're still kinda early huh?" asked Yuzuru while the other two nodded.

Margin, Yukidomari, and Ciel came walking into the area. "I told you we should have asked directions!" Yuki said, angrily. "But noo... you insisted that you knew the way." She continued while lecturing her beloved. "Sorry, ok? Sorry.." Ciel smiled while looking at the couple having a LQ.

Ray and Aki arrived on the spot while looking around to see their allies,"Huh you'd think they'd atleast put in some snacks or something." Aki said.

"Ehh, you know those two never plan ahead." Ray said shrugging as they both made their way to their allies.

Raian lifted his gaze and fixated it on the newcomers, "What do ya know, Seireitou-taichō, there's quite a large number of them." he commented. Though the number of newcomers was rising by the minute, Raian felt no fear. In fact, his excitement was rising as quickly as the enemy's numbers were.

Ray looked focused on both Sei and Raian,"So how should we begin this battle?" Ray said as he moved his sword a bit.

"Relax Ray, we can't just charge in we need to find out what there going to do." Aki said as she held his shoulder.

Seireitou's Smile...

Seireitou's hair covered his eyes, as Raian stepped up to bat, attempting to intimidate the others with his presence. Despite the mental face-off, a soft voice filled the ears of all the arrivals. "Well." Seireitou looked up, his hair gently flowing out of the path of his eyesight, as his lips slowly curled into an calm eerie smile. "Why don't we all just calm down for a second. The atmosphere is so tense. It's unneeded." he mused.

Ryan's blood-red eyes slid over to allow Ray to come into frame, then to Yukidomari. "I wonder how strong these guys are, Captain Seireitou." he mused. "Which do you think will fall first?"

A new arrival appeared standing on a building overlooking the two rival sides. Tetsuro Ryuzaki looked down at the scene with his usual analytical dispassion, before murmuring to himself, “It’s at least 2 on 10 at this point, but when the 2 are Seireitou and Raian, values are fairly meaningless. Hopefully, they put up a good fight at least.” His dark hair fell past his eyes and waved in the slight wind that was blowing; perhaps the calm before the storm?

"Van..." Anna whispered

"Yea....I know. This may get a bit sketchy, but everyone is ready for it." Van smirked as he looked around at his gathering of allies "I don't think a single person here is going to be backing down anytime soon. We have all trained for quite some time and I think in the end it all comes down to luck and faith."

Anna tilted her head in confusion "Huh? I wasn't talking about that at all. I was going to ask if you think after this is finished we could possibly go take a vacation. Or maybe we go all out and gorge ourselves on some candy!" Her eyes lit up as she started to daydream.

Kanade glanced towards Yuzuru and said "Shouldn't we fight with more even numbers than this?", gesturing towards the duo then to the other much larger group.

Yuzuru laughed and said "Numbers don't matter if they're strong enough...and rumors are that they will be...".

Reigen just examined his two opponents and muttered "We're in for a long haul..." to Yuzuru and Kanade.

A buzzing noise was all that signaled Raian had moved; now standing in the center of Kanade, Yuzuru and Reigen. "I suppose I can start with you three, since you are the more talkative ones." he mused, closing his eyes. Ryan layed his hands on Yuzuru and Kanade's shoulders, "You up for a double incantation? Hadō #32 and #33, Ōkasen and Sōkatsui..." In his right hand a blue glow surrounded his hand, while on the left, it glowed yellow, followed by a large explosion. The results, however, were yet to be seen.

Hayashi sensed many powerful spirits nearby, and a few he recongnized. Using Kogeru to warp to the location, he saw his friends fighting two men. "Hey guys, what's going on?" Before he could ask more the raw power that the two men gave off overwhelmed his senses, sending his mind into a haze. Not to mention, Kogeru drained him greatly with each use.

Seireitou smirked, closing his eyes. "Bit rash, but well done, Raian." he complimented, stepping forward as he caught the eyes of every one of the arrivals. "Now then..." he began, his smile widening. "Shall we begin?" he challenged.

The spiritual pressure of everyone in the area, especially Seireitou's and Raian's made Yuki fell on her knees, she was trembling in fear. She held her head as she bowed down, her body can't seem to move. "A monster! A MONSTER!" She screamed. Margin and Ciel was shocked at Yuki's reaction. "Ciel stay close with Yuki." Ordered the concered Margin. He then came close to Raian, he'd not let him just go with what he want as he came behind him with a pitch black cero charging on his hand. "Cero Negativo.."

Raian grinned a fox-like grin, "Cero?" he cackled, putting his fingertips directly onto the charging Cero. "No failed-mock Arrancar is gonna beat me with a Cero." Suddenly, yellow energy gathered on his hands, canceling out the still-charging Cero. "Hadō #63, Raikōhō!" he declared, releasing a massive yellow blast directly at Margin.

Margin raised his right hand which holds his gauntlet, allowing it to collide with the blast. Margin's eyes glared at Raian's as his reiatsu enveloped the Hadō and corrupts it, turning it into nothingness. He grinned almost the same way as Raian did as his cancelled cero reformed and instantly explodes right in front of Raian.

Aki shunpo'd quickly into the cloud of smoke as she smelled around looking for her target then she found him then drew her sword and slashed at Raian.

"I'll be happy to start this party out." Ray said to Sei as he was along-side the other people facing him.

Seireitou peered out the corner of his eye, noticing the two opponents challenging Raian. His attention returned to Ray's words, his smile never once wavering. "Those are big words. You better have big power to back that up." he challenged, crossing his arms. His gaze was toward the remaining members, but he wasn't look at them. He was looking through them.

Raian musingly looked down upon Aki, who was swiping madly in the smoke cloud; he supposed, because she thought she had found him. He noted his cut robe, the result of Margin discharging his Kidō earlier. "That wasn't nice." Raian joked mockingly, wagging his finger to and fro in Margin's direction.

"Raian." Seireitou stated, as his smile finally receded. "That's enough toying around." he mused, as he revealed an impressive flash step, quickly appearing in the middle of the group formed of the medley of opponents, catching them all off-guard. With a quick draw-and-sheathe of his blade, he caused a large building near him to split in two, crashing down in-between his location and Raian's location, effectively cutting off the group into two smaller groups. "Now... we begin." he stated, hiding his arms in his bell-shaped sleeves.

Tetsuro watched quietly as the events unfolded below. He realized what Seireitou was doing and sighed, He says no more toying, but this kind of divide and conquer is exactly that... leave it to Sei. He looked at the two groups; right now it looked like Seireitou and Raian had an advantage. But things like that could change... right?

Splitting Up

Van looked around as he noticed he and Anna were cut off from most of their allies. "Hey you guys be careful over there! We don't know what these two can do!"

Anna smiled as she began walking towards Seireitou "Van let's go!"

Raian's Fight

Yuzuru, Kanade, and Reigen seemed to have gotten out of Raian's combination of spells and the ensuing explosion without any major injury though their clothes were lightly burned and tattered. "Alright...we were caught off guard a bit..." sighed Yuzuru, looking at the overall damage done by their opponent.

"We should start on our end now as well." murmured Reigen, raising his palm foward and firing off a Sōkatsui spell at Raian.

Yuzuru and Kanade made use of Shunpo to appear on both sides of their opponent and simultaneously fired off Sōren Sōkatsui spells at Raian.

Raian leaped above all three spells and landed on the top of the toppled skyscraper, "Looks like Captain Seireitou is getting down to business. I suppose I should too. Let met tell you three something; stop trying Kidō. Out of the two of us, my kidō is superior. It is my strongest skill, so using it against me is next to hopeless." he explained. He then pointed an outstretched hand towards the three, "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired. Hadō #91, Senjū Kōten Taihō!" he roared. Eight spheres of light appeared around him and were launched directly at Yuzuru, Kanade, and Reigen.

Margin appeared behind Raian, cracking his knuckles. "I see...Your good at those spells, whatever you call them...But how about taking a punch?" Margin aimed for Raian's stomach, giving this punch his all. He wanted to test Raian how good he is in hand-to-hand, whether or not Raian will take this as a challenge is up to him.

Raian kicked backwards, without turning around, catching Margin's fist in the ball of his foot. "Well, it isn't exactly my preferred style of fighting, but I can do it if necessary." he retorted. With a downward thrust of the leg, he freed himself from contact with his enemy and became airborne. "In any case, shouldn't your friends be more of a concern to you?" he asked, gesturing towards the smoldering crater below them.

"I think it's you who should be conserned." Aki said smiling as she appeared right behind Raian and went in for a punch that was infused with reiastu and her shunpo.

Raian caught Aki's fist with his left hand, his own reiatsu glowing around him, "Alright then, I'll use you as a demonstration of my Kidō and hand-to-hand combat. Shunkō!" he declared, as a violent rush of reiatsu burst from his body. With his newly increased speed and strength, Raian grabbed Aki by the wrist and threw her, aiming to have her collide with a nearby abandoned general store.

The smoke around where Yuzuru, Kanade, and Reigen was standing had finally cleared, revealing several hexagonal barriers and a pair of triangular blue barriers in front of the trio. The three of them had already released their swords on reflex and defended themselves accordingly. Yuzuru looked up at Raian and muttered to the other two with him four simple words, "You know the plan...". The two barriers that Yuzuru created had disappeared and a grand total of seven swords appearing around Raian and shot towards him while Kanade had created several spears of light and sent them where their opponent may possible escape out of the initial attack. Reigen seemed to be looking at both the battles and sent several barriers outward to assist the other groups while focusing on protecting Yuzuru and Kanade.

Raian enveloped himself in Shunkō's reiatsu and then punched and kicked at Yuzuru's swords and Kanade's spears of light, nullifying them. "Have you three ever heard of Hanki? Its a useful little trick for a Shunkō user which allows you to nullify an opponent's ability, given you have sufficient speed and strength. These kind of tricks won't work, though I will give you credit for teamwork. My turn." he noted. "Kuyō Shibari!" Eight black holes appeared around Reigen, with a ninth appearing in the center of his chest. "That should prevent you from using anymore pesky barriers." He then flashed over to Yuzuru and aimed a Shunkō-enhanced kick towards her face.

Then out of nowhere Aki suddenly appeared right in front of Yuzuru and blocked Raian's leg like nothing, "Miss me Raian?" Aki said smiling as she pushed him back with ease.

"Damn it, he pinned down Reigen...Kanade help him!" yelled Yuzuru as he jumped on one of his swords and flew back some distance while sending the six swords at Raian.

During that time, Kanade had focused the light around her to form solid beams of light and fired them at the nine holes that bounded Reigen to try to free him from Raian's spell.

Raian used a Shunkō-powered sideswipe to effortlessly knock away Aki, "Abandon your arrogance, or you will be the first to die." Raian threatened, suddenly losing his casual playful tone. Raian then nullified the swords of Yuzuru with Hanki. "I told you those won't work." he re-told her. He then flashed up, above the combatants. "Those light won't work, Kanade. Kuyō Shibari is a level 71 binding spell, and I enhanced it with Shunkō to boot. Reigen will remain there for awhile."

Margin followed Raian, he stood right in front of him as he releases his own reiatsu. Raian's Shunkō started to weaken as it made contact with Margin's reiatsu. "It doesn't like you that much..." Currents of his reiatsu manifested in the area, appearing as static flows. Raian then found himself surrounded by pitch-black orbs, similar to the cero Margin had charged before. "Bye bye...." A huge explosion took place.

Aki felt the smoke surrounding her as she looked around trying to figure out what to do next.

Raian emerged with a few burn marks adorning his attire, but little more. "Not bad. That one was slightly stronger than the Cero you used earlier, my Hanki only managed to stop the majority of the damage." he said, walking forward slowly. "Now, I'll show you a real attack." He then held his hand out in front of him, pointing it in Margin's direction, and balled it into a fist. "Sajo Sabaku..." Golden chains of kidō surrounded Margin and held him in place. "Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness seeping out. An insolent vessel of madness, shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. Boiling up, denying, numbness, blinking, obstructing slumber. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. The steel princess who creeps. The mud doll, ever disintegrating. Unite! Oppose! Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired. Filling the earth, know your own impotence!" he declared. Three black boxes, so strong they distorted space-time itself, surrounded Margin followed by eight balls of light that filled the inside of the three chambers. The black boxes then imploded, followed by the eight balls of light exploding in unison with them; the end result being an explosion so massive that shockwaves even disturbed Seireitou's own battle.

A giggle was heard...As the smoke cleared up, Margin's shadow was seen. From a distance, one can see his wide sinister grin. "Adapt....Overwhelm....Dominate...I wonder...Do you know what those words mean?" Margin's voice had changed slighly, cackles and echoes can be noticed. "We all know nothing is perfect...Even your spells are...That is why it seeks what it is weak....It seeks what it seems to be impossible to find...It seeks holes and weak links on every move you make...Now I can tell you, IT had already familiarized who you are...Thus, anything you'd throw would be pointless... " It is clear that he did not remain unharmed by the Kido, several wounds can be found, even his left arm seems to gravely injured but he was still standing. Margin's reiatsu is unlike any other, this allowed him to survive, making itself stronger than what it seems to be the strongest. "Ready for round 2?"

Raian reached back, hooking the chain connecting his kusarigama together with his index finger, and lifted his weapons off of thier holding place on his back. A very sinister sneer crossed his face, "Alright, have it your way, but I warn ya; my swordsmanship is just as keen as my Kidō, and my sword has a more sinister reiatsu than even yours." he said in a cryptic tone.

Yuzuru had jumped off his sword and landed next to Kanade to try to break the spell once more. The three of them had simultaneously released their spiritual energy to overpower Raians sealing spell while reducing the strain of having to break out of it individually. Reigen released his barriers once more to aid everyone in battle while Yuzuru and Kanade used shunpo to appear behind Raian and slashed downwards in an x-shape.

Raian sighed, "Too predictable." he mused. Holding his kusarigama by the chain, he spun the two scythes attached to the chain, wrapping them around Yuzuru and Kanade's swords. Then, with one large pull, he pulled their swords from their hands, causing them to clatter to the ground as Raian caught the two scythes by their stems. He then swung them above his head, again by the chain, creating an arc around himself, aiming to cut Yuzuru and Kanade in the abdomen.

Another chain that seems to be made from reiatsu wrapped around Raian's, stopping it from harming Yuzuru or Kanade. Margin was holding the chain and as he did, he sent a wave of his negative energy in it, flowing from his chain to Raian's and if he does not act fast, well...Its not gonna be pretty.

Raian channeled his Hanki into his zanpakutō, breaking Margin's reiatsu chain. "I will give you four credit for making it this far. You've lasted far longer than Aki did, and for that, I will reward you...with death. Judge...Entenryū!" Upon releasing, his kusarigama were transformed into a nodaichi with, what appeared to be, a dragon-like tail serving as the hilt. The blade itself seemed to be made of pure gold, similar to Seireitou's own Shikai. Also, unlike in most Shikai, Raian's appearance changed; He now was wearing a green kimono with long bell-shaped sleeves that allow him to hide his hands in them. Around his waist was a sash that looks like the body of a Chinese dragon. All over his kimono were circular golden marks like the kind found on a Chinese dragon. He chuckled softly, "I would be gravely afraid if I were you, Margin Heart. Even your powers are not safe from Entenryū." he said, as a menacing grin slid onto his face.

"Damn this guy's tough." muttered Yuzuru after he used shunpo to reach his and Kanade's swords and tossed the broadsword back to its rightful owner. He then grimaced and nodded towards Kanade to follow his lead. "Margin, we need to release too or we might get screwed over soon..." Yuzuru said to his teammate as his spiritual energy spiked. Yuzuru was engulfed in light as he said "Bankai, Konpeki no Joō...", when the light and dust dissipated, it revealed him wearing an elegant azure colored dress.

"Bankai, Kagirinai Sanzen!" exclaimed Kanade, filling the area with brilliant light, blinding anyone who looked directly at it. When the light faded, Kanade looked like a completely different person. Her hair grew longer, her eyes changed color to a dark crimson, the clothes she wore changed to a pink and white dress, and she had three pairs of glowing wings protruding from her back.

Yuzuru and Kanade then simultaneously made an attack with a hail of swords and lances made of light towards Raian.

"Bankai....? And not just one, two of them. My, my...quite the overkill." Raian mused. "Entenryū takes a sec to warm up, so while you're waiting, I'll entertain you all with this." Raian raised his hands and pointed at all four of his enemies, "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. Carriage of Thunder, sprinkled on the bones of the beast! In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens. Inferno and pandemonium, bridge of a spinning wheel. The sea barrier surges. Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle! With light, divide this into six!" he declared. All four fighters were caught in a Rikujōkōrō, followed by having a blue wave of energy with red and yellow sparks swirling around it fired at them at close range.

Reigen made a move of sending a large number of barriers to protect his teammates from the majority of Raians spells while Yuzuru and Kanade used their spiritual energy to overwhelm the spell that bound them together. The two then retreated back to Reigen's side to support the others.

Reigen looked up at Yuzuru when the two arrived and said "It always makes me feel rather uncomfortable to know that you're male...but it's necessary for supporting the others..." murmured Reigen, continuing to send his barriers where it's needed.

"It's not like I wanted to look like a woman or have such a weird form for a Bankai!" yelled Yuzuru as he took his place next to Reigen, annoyed by the comment he made. Yuzuru then began to create a mass number of barriers to support the others as well.

"I don't know...Yuzuru looks kind of cute dressed like a woman, though I'd still prefer him in male clothes." Kanade added to the converstation, taking her spot with the two and firing off massive beams of light at Raian.

"Not you too..." sighed Yuzuru, continuing to support the others with his barriers with Reigen.

At that moment a Senkaimon opened next to the three and a woman in armour stepped out. She immediatley started to apologize for being late. Then she turned toward Raian. "Ahh, so your going to be our oponent, again I must apologise for being so late; I hope I haven't missed too much." She raised her finger at Raian. "Sho!" A tremendous force pused against Raiain's chest.

Sei's Fight

Van formed a crystal spear in hands and charged directly at his opponent without thinking twice.

Hayashi ran over to Van, who happened to be the closest person he recongnized. Even without getting to close to the other person, the young Hanyo was feeling immense raw power emminating from him. "Van, what's going on? I felt a large power, and when I tried to follow it, my Kogeru warped me here." He knew he saw the person Van was attacking before, perhaps in a book, but couldn't remember for sure.

Ciel was right beside Yuki, he couldn't just leave her. "Ciel..Leave me here...I'll be fine...and your missing all the fun." Yuki said, jokingly. "But, Milady.." Before Ciel could finish he was interrupted. "GO!" ordered Yuki. Ciel nodded and as he did, he was already in front Seireitou. "G'day, sir...Glad to meet you..."

Ray shunpo'd above Sei then pulled his sword then shunpo'd all around Sei leaving behind clones of himself as they stood there,"Sokudo Danmaku!!" All of them charged towards him.

Seireitou smiled softly, calmly speaking out. "You took too long." Suddenly, both Ray's Sokudo Danmaku and Van's crystal assualt was shrugged off by a purple barrier appearing around Seireitou. He turned his head, looking at a busty purple-haired woman with a short chinese skirt standing there with her right arm extended. She smirked, "It's your fault, Kawahiru-kun. You didn't tell me any directions, and I got lost." she answered. Seireitou closed his eyes as her barrier disappeared. His hand were still hidden in his sleeves, as he turned to face Ray and Van. "Consider your next move carefully." he warned.

Van smirked as he playfully looked away from the busty woman. "So...let's continue this shall we?" Van placed his hand on the ground creating a stream of crystal spikes that went shooting towards the woman as he fired a Mekura toward Seireitou. "Someone's a little too lax for my taste's"

Saori yawned as she began to drink from the large sake bottle she was carrying, as a similar purple shield appeared, blocking the attacks effortlessly. Seireitou held his hand out, as he smirked, catching the attack in his hand as he quickly threw it upwards, using a simple twist of the wrist. His attack far from done, he followed up with Hadō #4: Byakurai, shooting it straight up into the blast. It shot through it, causing the blast to crack into several small energy blasts that shot back down towards the group members.

Reigen's barrier saved Hayashi from getting harmed, the worst that occured was his clothes were dusty. "Darn it, That would have hurt alot." He said, drawing his sword.

Saori backed away, using her barrier to protect herself, as Seireitou held out his arm. "Hadō no Hachi, Kiriken" he stated, in perfect japanese, as his hand became shrouded in a purple light which formed into a katana. "Let's see how good your swordsmenship is." he challenged.

"Bring it on Sei!!" Ray said as he gripped his sword and went in straight ahead with his shunpo towards Sei, then Ray used his Sokudo Danmaku to create 3 clones that went ahead and slashed at Sei.

Seiretou was then engulfed in a black box. Ciel was seen in the background, murmuring incantations. He was using a full powered Hado #90. But he was finished, as soon as the Hado was done, he summoned his scythe and fired several crescent shape waves towards Seireitou but didn't make contact, instead, the waves extended, connecting with another, making a sphere-shaped prison that started to compress. "Not yet.." Variations of Hado spells surrounded the area, lights of red, blue, white, black, green, etc.. was seen. That the moment Seireitou would come out, his dead meat.

A small smirk appeared in the darkness surrounding the silver-haired man. Ciel was preparing to crush him, and in the event he'd survive, he had back-up. A gentle tap came on Ciel's shoulder, shocking him greatly. It was Seireitou, bearing the smirk he wore from the beginning of the fight. "And imagine, I did all that without a sip of rum." he mused, backing away alittle. "You must be confused. Surely you've heard of Kūkanten'i, the forbidden Kidō? It allows me to transfer two separate areas of space-time, including the people in that area..." he stated, in a tone that implied some sort of underlying plan. He rose his finger through a small opening in the black box, revealing that he transfered locations with Van.

"Holy....." Van's eyes widened as he saw the Kido start to form around him. "Heh looks like I'm done for with this one. Kido is not my forte at all."

"Really? Giving up already? I thought we were going to kill each other not let some spell kill you." A red haired figure appeared in the small viewing hole in the still forming Kido. "I'm sorry for the lateness. I wanted to see what you could do without me." The red haired figure placed a hand on the Kido casuing it to disperse into different directions.

"Akira! Its about time!" Van smiled widely as his friend finally showed up.

"Save the small talk." A transformed Akira began bending the light's rays to focus onto Saori in order to burn directly through her sheild.

Hayashi looked at his Zanpakto, glad that the spirit cared for him. Let's dance, partner. And with that, he used Kogeru to warp behind Saori, and aimed to cleave her at the waist.

Saori smirked playfully, "Geez, so boring." she answered, twisting her body in an upwards sumersault, as her pink wings burst in a spark behind her back. She was upside down now, but stared straight down to her two attackers. "Kaminari." she whispered, sending down a massive bolt of purple lightning with tremendous force. Seireitou smirked, "Attacking Saori-san is a bad mistake. You best focus..." he stated, as he instantly appeared behind Akira. "On me." Before Akira could turn around, Seireitou slashed his blade down, aiming for his midsection.

Ciel's hand was on Seireitou's blade, stopping it from doing anything. "Yes, I have seen that spell...The one you just used...But what made you believe that you really had escaped my spell?" Ciel wasn't just murmuring incantations for Shinigami kido, but demonic spells as well. Red liquid emerged from Seireitou's arms, appearing to be blood. The red liquid then turned black and started to circle Seireitou's whole body as it enlarges, engulfing Seireitou. "No Kido...Is not at my disposal.." The black liquid then turned into solid spikes, and Seireitou, being inside, remains unseen.

"Tch." His smile quickly faded, as he narrowed his eyes. "I was hoping not to let him see this..." he stated. He clapped his hands together, "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges. Darkness, scold all those who sin with your deadly. Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws. March on to the south with your flaming wrath!" He spoke quickly, combining Hadō #31: Shakkahō, #32: Ōkasen, and #33: Sōkatsui, at full-power, in a massive orb of yellow, blue, and red spiritual energy. He extended his arms out, as the tri-colored blast tore through the black spikes with ease, but continued their assault, aiming right for Ciel at high-speeds.

Akira surged foward in front of Ciel "Heh. Weak." Akira easily repelled the collaboration of Kido back at Seireitou. "Simple tricks like that won't work on us. Do you take us for fools?"

Van smirked as he heard Akira speak, crystallizing the lightning. "Lightning? Ha. Kenji could do better." Van turned the lightning filled crystal back onto Saori as he shot a few shards of his own at her as well. He then placed his hand on the ground creating a spire of crystal that seem to follow in Saori's direction.

Off in the distance these words could barely be heard "Raid the seas, Chitaniarotasu".

The very instant the collaboration Hadō was sent back, two long blue chains of spiritual energy shot out of it. These chains were very similar to the ones used by Urahara and Isshin, against Aizen in the Winter war. One chain shot towards Akira, wrapping around his arm. The other shot towards Seireitou, being caught by his hand. Seireitou smirked, "You shouldn't have been so careless. Masters of Kidō specialize in hiding Kidō within Kidō." he mused, as he held the chain firmly. "Hadō #11: Tsuzuri Raiden." he stated, sending a lightning charge through the chain towards the orb of triple-Hadō, absorbing the energy into the lightning as it almost quadrupled the force of the lightning's voltage. It continued down the chain, making it clear that it would eletricute Akira with great force.

A grin was seen on Ciel's face, a cold, dark aura enveloped him, creating a small crater on where he is standing. "Dispel.." He murmured and all at once, all the Kido, hidden or not, in the area was negated, turning into nothing but white smoke. "The Curse of the Gods..Blessings of the Demons..Bestowed to those of my choosing..May Earth's mother and Hell's father hear thy scream of pain and sufferings..." He spoke, but nothing happened, from the less experienced, it may seem to be a failure but what Ciel had just said would bring havoc on the land. Ciel stared at Seireitou with his glowing red eyes, malicious intent is obvious. Again, he started murmuring incantations but again, nothing had happened.

All-Out War! Seireitou vs Gravity Force

Seireitou didn't even seem phased by Ciel's incantation. No matter what it did, he would be prepared. He closed his eyes and smirked before pointing his outstretched right hand at the building that currently separated the two fights from each other. "Hadō #1, Shō..." he muttered, demolishing that building. Raian looked surprised at the sudden interruption of his battle, as he could now clearly see the other members of Gravity Force, Seireitou, and Saori. "Raian, Saori, let's go." Seireitou said in a low voice. Seireitou flashed up above all of the combatants and stood there, as if waiting for something. Raian grinned and chuckled, "Already? Man, and I just released." he whined comically, resealing his Zanpakutō. Saori took her seat amongst the rubble, awaiting what was to happen.

After a long silence, which was only filled by the sound of a breeze, Seireitou spoke. "You have all done well." he began, looking around at the battle-damaged members of Gravity Force. "To have made it this far is a testament to your strength and your endurance, however, its time for my teammates to take a break. So then, come at me members of Gravity Force and the failed-mock Arrancar among you. If you still have the will to fight, that is." he challenged.

Margin remained quiet for a while, he walked towards Yuki and carried her, making her blush. He then shared a bit of his reiatsu to her, allowing her to move freely, releasing her from the pressure Seireitou's reiatsu did to her. Yuki stood up from Margin's arms and glared at Seireitou, Saori, and Raian. The fear from her eyes had disappeared, Margin was with her, there's nothing to be afraid. With pride, she stepped forward and spoke out. "Then, remember you said those words after this failed-mock Arrancar beat the crap out of both of ya!" She seemed rather confident this time. Margin had nothing to do but smile but he does have a comment about what Seireitou said. "Don't be foolish...Who do you think you are? Yes, I admit, I am just a lowly hollow..." Margin started to laugh as he emitted a monstrous amount of his reiatsu. "But...For you to look down on me.. You don't know what your in for.." Ciel was seen grinning on the background, he knew that once Margin had spoken, he'll do almost about everything just to put someone down, and they are no exception. "Then I CHALLENGE BOTH OF YOU! SEIREITOU KAWAHIRU! RAIAN GETSUEIKIRITE! I'll make sure you'll fall, personally..."

Yuzuru sighed at Margin's proclamation and murmured "Well that got Margin fired up...but a change in opponents is kind of refreshing.". Kanade was just staring at Yuzuru's outfit and said "It will be interesting to see one person hold all of us off." in a simple, absentminded manner. Reigen had a calculating sort of expression on his face and said nothing.

Ray bursted out of the rubble he was under with barley any scratches while Aki appeared right next to him,"You may have powerful Zanpakuto with you and you may be the very strongest, but we will prove to all that our united powers will make you REGRET CHALLENGING US!!!!!!.

"You may have given us a beating but we can assure you that your true challenge will begin!!!" Aki yelled as well while glaring at Raian.

Everyone seems to be fired up by Seireitou's words... is he doing this for the mind games, or just because he wants them to unleash everything they've got? Or is it just a whim... as unpredictable as ever... mused Tetsuro. He was sitting on the edge of the building now, and was drinking beer from a flask. The wind was picking up and now and silently he lifted a hood to his head as a chill came to the air. Calm before the storm indeed.

Raian sat back against the building he was sitting on. "Look at them getting all fired up. They're doing exactly what Captain Seireitou wants. If they get too confident, too fired up, he'll have them in the bag. Captain Seireitou isn't the type to get emotionally involved in battles like these. He may not seem it at times, but he's perfectly calm. The more riled up they get, the more blind their judgement becomes and the easier it'll be for Seireitou-san to beat them." he thought. "Tch. You're a genius, ya know that, Captain Seireitou? I wonder how quickly you'll do this..."

A garganta opened and sigh was heard as two men stepped out, One was holding a large rifle and the other had a pair of trench knives on his fists. "Sorry we're late." The one holding the rifle stated before unleashing a bullet right at Seireitou. Then they both flashed to the rest of the combatants.

Without so much as a glance, Seireitou twisted his body to a ninety degree turn, catching the bullet between his index and middle fingers with ease. He looked at the bullet, and smirked, letting it fall towards the ground. Seireitou returned his attention to the medley of opponents, just itching to be the ones to take him down. He narrowed his eyes, revealing an impressive flash step that caught each member off-guard, as he appeared in the middle of their loosely-formed formation. "I'm not going to tell you a bunch of crap like Aizen-san told the Captains and Vizards about how 'my power is unrivaled' and 'you cannot understand my power', or any useless cliché phrases like that in particular. However, I will tell you this, and simply this. Unless you combine every hope... every power... every formation... every plan... you will never reach me with your fangs." he mused, his lips curling back into his initial smile as he held his Zanpakutō firmly in his hand.

Lightning began to flash loudly overhead as a Garganta opened revealing Kenji, Yoshiro and Kusaka. Splitting up, Kenji made his way towards his allies, gaze locked on Seireitou. "Sorry we're late guys, but I got held up. Strike, Aoi Inazuma!" Lightning engulfed his daishō pair. "Your Seireitou? Kenji Hiroshi, its nice to meet you." Outside, he was clam, but inside, he was a storm. He was itching for a fight. He adopted a defensive stance, favoring his right side.

Kusaka rolled his eyes. "Guard, Shagetsu." He wasn't as calm in his movements or his display. As soon as his Shikai formed, he cloaked his zanpakutō in a shroud of black energy and released the wave towards his foe, calling aloud "Rei Furashuu"! Rolling his eyes, Yoshiro released his own zanpakuto without a phrase and sighed while shaking his head. "Can't you cool down, Kusaka?" An aura of icy mist surrounded him as he stood off a little from the combat.

Nothing preformed so far had fazed Seireitou in the least. In his mind, the moment they stood their ground like this, he had already won the fight. "Tell me... Margin, was it?" he began, looking toward Margin, wielding his smile as always. "Judging by the spiritual pressure, that girl is your Zanpakutō, correct?" he continued. His smile widened into a menacing grin, "It'd be a shame if someone happened to... kill her, no?" he stated bluntly.

Margin was easily overwhelmed with anger, he clutched both of his fist as his reiatsu constantly leaked. He was about to charge into Seireitou. "YOU!" In an instant, his hands were in front of Seireitou, about to grab it and tear it to pieces. "Don't you dare.." Ciel did nothing but stare, he couldn't stop Margin even if he wants to. "Too late..."

Seireitou merely smiled calmly as Margin charged forward, void of all discretion. With a simple flick of his wrist, his blade slashed straight into Margin's midsection, due to the distance being point-blank. No matter what, taking both the distance and Margin's lack of focus, the attack would easily make contact. As the blade remained inside the shocked Margin's midsection, Seireitou looked down to him in pity. "Would charging at me really have made a difference? If I wished to kill the girl, I would have done it already, with strict ease. Did you think being angry would give you some sort of power boost?" he mocked softly, removing the blade from the bleeding man, as he flicked the blade once more in the air, to rid his Zanpakutō of blood.

As he was doind this another bullet charged at Seiretiou from behind but before he ciuntered it this time Ginei appeared above his enemy. "Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Ginei Ookami. Licht Regen!" A hail of arrows thundered at Seireitou before he sent one last bullet

Seireitou looked upwards, his smile faded into a disappointed frown. "Behind and Above? Then... I will go left." he stated, using flash step towards the left to effortlessly dodge each of the attacks. Once he regained footing, he looked at the two opponents. He disappeared instantly, reappearing even above Ginei as he slashed his blade downwards on the Quincy tri-breed.

A block of solid ice blocked the slash in order to protect Ginei, Yoshiro's lip rising in a slight smile as he waved his hand. There were three Yoshiro's standing a distance away from the fighting. Moving to the left of his foe, Kenji swung his zanpakuto at a distance and released Souryou, a serpentine dragon of electricity. To Seireitou's right, Kusaka appeared and grinned. "Bankai! Ameno Shagetsu!" White wings sprouted from his back and his clothing shifted to a white coloration as his spiritual energy soared! He drew his zanpakuto back and released a white Rei Furashuu with every intention of crushing his foe between it and Kenji's Souryou!

Seireitou smiled softly, "Janenhinote." he muttered softly, as his entire body was surrounded in a massive pillar of white flames, cancelling out both attacks before they could make direct contact. As the flames disappeared, Seireitou's smile had seemingly widened. "Group attacks, sneak attacks, distractions, decoys... Unless you combine all of the fighting styles you know, you'll never catch me." he challenged.

Desperate Struggle

Ray growled as he looked at Sei then decided to test a theory he had, he shunpo'd around once again and created more clones as they went full speed towards Sei then swarmed around him.

Aki looked as she regrouped with the others making sure they were okay while at the same time looked to see what she could do next.

Margin was still standing on thin air, close to Sei, he was bleeding, a lot. What's keeping him together? His massive reiatsu, forcing the bleeding to stop. Yuki looked concerned and was about to tend to Margin's wounds but was stop by Ciel. "Let him..." Margin clothes were wet of blood as he grabbed Seireitou's arm, staining his clothes. The blood on his clothing vaporized into static-like currents which formed into numerous orbs around Seireitou. A huge explosion took place. "So you think you can kill him? With a simple slash....Cut him once, not good, twice? Still not good...No matter how much damage you can inflict, this man, as long as he is breathing, you are not safe..Even if you have powers that could make the sky fall or split the earth...It won't be enough.." Stated Ciel, who was watching from a distance.

From his observation post, Raian's eyes shut and a snake-like grin curled onto his face, "That's right...Captain Seireitou isn't feared because he can use Hanullim. Yes Hanullim's power is terrifying, but that alone would not have been enough to stop villains like Akujin, who'd rather die than obey. All of Captain Seireitou's abilities are beyond anyone elses. Take percautions against his Hanullim? Your plans aren't good enough. Take percautions against everything else? Your plans still aren't enough. Even if you all gather together and take percautions against events like the sky falling or the earth splitting, Captain Seireitou's abilities are far beyond your plans." he thought.

Out of the explosion flew Seireitou, having slight burn marks on his clothing. Seireitou's face was plastered with annoyance at Ciel's statements, as his attention turned to the flash step clones nearing his location. "Hadō no Hachijūshichi, Kagedokuroude." Several black arms formed of spiritual energy emerged from the aura around Seireitou's body, swatting away each of the clones that neared him. His Kidō still active, the hand jut out and grabbed Margin, whose wounds were split even more open from the pressure of the Kidō's grip. Another hand quickly formed from the first arm, grabbing hold of the real Ray. "That should keep you two down for a while." he stated, turning his attention to Ciel, extending his arm out. "Hadō no Hachijūhachi, Hyōga Seiran." he stated, sending out a massive torrent of ice towards Ciel, and due to close distance, towards Yuki as well.

"Hado 91, Domu" Ginei had used Hirenkyaku to appear with his teamates mate. The spell was reflected by the shield as Jaaku fell toward Seireitou, His hand reaching for his heart by phasing through everything else. And as Jaaku drew ever nearer Ginei boldy appeared in fornt of the daunting Seireitou. the shotgun he was holding expeled its contents.

Ray was struggiling against the pressure of the kido hand that was crushing him then he used his breath to create a powerful shockwave that blasted all around him and Margin trying to make the hands become unstable.

Aki growled as she shunpo'd fast trying to get to Yuki and Ciel in time to block them from the attack.

Merely looking at Jakku, "Hadō no Hachijū, Kankujiku." Seireitou declared, causing Jaaku to lose momentary focus, losing his target as he flew towards Ciel and Yuki. Seireitou smirked at the movements made by his opponents, as he pulled Margin close to him, enough to hear quiet speaking. "Margin-kun, I'm sure you are aware of the game of Chess, correct? The objective of the game is to organize your opponent's pieces in a way that proves beneficial to yourself." he simply stated, but that was enough for Margin. Seireitou snapped his fingers, as the hands let go of both Margin and Ray, as the former of the three flashed upwards, far into the sky. Seireitou continued to mutter several phrases, as he looked down to see Margin, Ray, Ginei, Ciel, Yuki, and Jaaku all down in a rather close-knit area. "You're all... wide open." he calmly expressed. He rose his left hand, as his right was holding his Zanpakutō. "The crest of turbidity, seeping out. An insolent vessel of madness. Limit of the sun's light, the moon unable to be seen past the clouds. With eyes glaring at the unforgiving blue sky, the road is torn by toil. The steel princess who creeps. The mud doll, ever disintegrating. Unite! Oppose! Bring forth light! Destroy! Aim far away, and condense upon the point of darkness. Filling the earth, know your own impotence!" Several black boxes surrounded the six warriors, as it closed them off inside. However, the Kidō was far from done. In sync with Hadō #90, Seireitou activated Hadō #83: Mugen Sōkatsui. Inside the black box, formed with no openings, a massive explosion could be heard, along with shrieks of pain. His smirk faded once more, as he turned to see the group near Aki.

Flashing between them and Sei, Kenji and Kusaka looked at one another before nodding. "Kusaka," Kenji whispered just loud enough for his companion to hear him. "You have cover. Go." Kenji dropped down to administer whatever healing aid he could, as Kusaka flashed directly before Seireitou. "The names Kusaka." He said bluntly as he cracked his neck and knuckles. He let his spiritual energy do the talking from there and slowly approached his foe as he cast an alarming amount of white, orb-shaped energy around himself and Sei, trapping them both inside. This would allow the others time to rest after that huge explosion, if they managed they to survive. "I'm fresh." Kusaka said with a grin, trying to goad his foe. "Let's go." Yoshiro sat outside the sphere of energy, waiting patiently...

Kusaka's Solitary Battle

Seireitou took note of the structure of the orb surrounding himself and his opponent, clashing blades with Kusaka. He smiled once again, eyeing Kusaka. "I commend you for having the bravery to face me alone. But... It won't be enough." he answered, as he placed his free hand on the blunt edge of Hanullim. "Shikon Hisakiten." he stated, sending his massive scarlet-black burst of spiritual energy down on Kusaka at point-blank range.

"Rei Furashuu!" Kusaka called, both forces striking and forcing both fighters back! It was for his allies. He had to remember that. "It doesn't matter if it won't be enough or not." He moved forward, Shagetsu's edge igniting with the light of his Rei Furashuu as he retained it within the blade! "They deserve the time, no matter how short, this will buy them." He struck down, seeking Seireitou's shoulder!

With a flick of his wrist, he blocked Kusaka's assault with his own blade, his smile remaining consistent. However, his left arm pointed toward the opposite direction. "Hadō no Hachijūhachi, Hiryugekizokushintenraiho." he stated, sending off the lightning-charged cannon towards the edge of the orb, attempting to break right through it.

Van watched on taking in the view of the situation in attempt to formulate a plan. "Heh. Spectatators? Kusaka I don't think so! Someone will fall here! Ride, Nana Warukyūre!" Van's spear vanished as he became enveloped in a light that covered the area. He then fired 6 Mekura blasts at Saori before launching a green cross shaped blast following. "Akira!"

"On it Van!" Akira moved toward the dome shape placing a hand on it causing it to disperse "I'm sorry you two. At what point did you think that this was just between the two of you?"

"Seireitou. We can't afford to lose anyone here. I'm sorry but in all respect, as a warrior. You must not win!" Van moved his hand in a crescent shape as shards of a crystal substance shot foward toward his foe breaking into smaller and smaller pieces as they conituned toward their destination.

Anna was zoomed past from behind Seireitou with zanpakuto drawn with a smile on her face. "With the air saturated like this I'm having a grand feast!" She went over to her fallen comerades releasing a wave of healing energy over them in orederto restore them to fighting capabilities.

Akira smiled at Seireitou. "Really? Is this the best you can do? This is nothing! I would hope you could put up a much better fight than this." Akira then fired his own Mekura towards Seireitou destroying much of the path in front of him in the process "Kusaka, Kenji, and Yoshiro was it? Don't worry about defense here. I'm on it. Nothing this man can do will get past my iron wall."

Interference: Seireitou's Hanullim and a Devil's Intentions

Seireitou's face once again was filled with annoyance at the interference. "How interesting, Van-kun. You speak of a warrior's honor, and yet... you purposely interfered with your ally's personal fight. That doesn't bode well for your integrity." he mused, as he held his blade upwards. "It seems Kidō has lost its allure in this fight. Very well then. Radiance of redemption that leads us to sunrise. Let hallowed prayers be spoken ever more! Let there be light! Hanullim!" he called out, as a massive burst of spiritual energy surrounded him as he cut himself out. While his own appearance remained unchanged, Hanullim's blade was glowing golden. "Now then, come at me." he openly declared.

Ciel let out a maniacal laughter, seeing how the fight is going to turn out, he just had enough. Releasing a wave of energy that blinded everyone that is caught for a few seconds. He continued to giggle and laugh. Yuki noticed how Ciel had gotten wierd and confronted him. "Ciel, what's goi.." Without finishing her sentence, Yuki exploded into a pool of blood. Margin went straight ahead to Ciel but he too suffered the same fate. The whole place Ciel was standing on was literally painted with blood. He stared at his teammates with his eyes filled with intent to kill but his grin remained. First, Ray and Aki...with a simple wave of his hand, they both exploded. His face was blood-stained, nobody knows what's going on.

Seireitou's eyes turned to notice Ciel's odd behavior, not becoming fazed by Ciel's violent actions. "What's this now...?" he pondered, holding his Hanullim down at his side. He turned to notice the damaged remains of Yuki, and of Margin. He turned to look back at Ciel. "I see. Demonic powers at their best." he mused.

"Tch! Never trust demons," Jaaku looked at his brother as they both charged. Jaaku used Sondino to appear in front of Ciel as he threw a punch to decapatate him and Ginei shot out a storm of arrows at his back.

Tetsuro was surprised and seemingly amused by the turn of events. ‘’I’m getting too cynical…’’ He sighed, murmuring, “What a pain…” Quietly, he got up and surveyed the battlefield. He saw a lot of blood. He smiled, perfect battlefield conditions. His plans began there… just in case things got completely out of hand that is.

Ciel noticed Tetsuro's presence but simply ignored him, only giving him a simple stare. Jaaku's punch didn't even make Ciel flinch and as he did, his hand was sliced off. Ciel loved the scream Jaaku made but beheaded him with a snap of his finger. Ginei wasn't lucky, Ciel made it that he'd die a painful death, his reiatsu went inside him and consumed his insides, killing him slowlu.

Remaining further unfazed, Seireitou continued to watch Ciel's dastardly actions. "Have you gone insane, Sieru-kun?" he stated, noticing the two next fighters to be killed off by this demon.

Kenji stepped forward and grinned as he caught Kusaka's and Yoshiro's eye. That was all the communication the three friends needed. Kenji nodded towards Van and the others as well, signaling with his eyes and body language that he intended a joint attack. Yoshiro, Kusaka and Kenji formed a triangle around Seireitou. Making a ripping motion across both their faces, Kenji and Yoshiro donned their hollow masks and extended their hands as they released potent red Ceros toward the silver-haired man, seeking to crush him between them.

Kusaka awaited a short distance away. He'd crossed blades with Seireitou and survived. He'd be watching carefully, encase the man broke free and targeted either of his friends. He stood ready, scanning the situation with Ciel below as well; though it was pointless to make Seireitou's job easier by fighting one of his own allies. So he stood, and watched as the Cero's flew towards his foe.

Seireitou grew further annoyed, stabbing Hanullim into the ground. He extended his two arms out, and caught both Ceros as they neared him. As he held them in his hands, he threw one into the sky and the other towards the ground, making a large explosion which resulted in a smokescreen. Despite Seireitou's image not seen by the three, his words were clearly heard. "Circumstances have changed, I'm afraid. I will need to take this fight far more seriously." he declared, emitting his spiritual power in waves from his body, blasting all three further away from his location. He took his blade in hand, and flashed ahead. He reappeared beside Ciel, his eyes closed with his blade held at a horizontal angle. "Senka." he stated, severing Ciel's soul chain and soul sleep. Due to demons possessing similar composition to Shinigami, removing their powers would work in a similar fashion. As Ciel fell forward, Seireitou took the initiative and slammed his kick down on Ciel's neck hard, sending both of them plummeting toward the ground. Once the smoke from the impact faded, Seireitou's foot was firmly planted against Ciel's neck. "Listen well, Ciel. I'm warning you. You so much as bruise the remaining people you consider 'allies', and I will show you true pain. The hue of your soul will cease to hold significance, because you will not be judged when you die, you will be erased." he strictly warned, showing a sense of cruelness not seen often in the silver-haired man.

Van was laughing at the sight and Seireitou's words "Allies? Hell...the majority of us have fought each other more time than I can count..literally. I wouldn't say all of us all allies. We have just come together for a common goal. To defeat you." Van smiled widely as he walked toward Seireitou. "All this talk about pain and being judged. Its all more of blah blah blah to me. I say you scrap that and come up with something more original." Van's paced increased as he created three rifts; one in front of Anna, one near himself, and one in front of Seireitou. "Anna go!"

"Aye!" She stuck her larg zanbato through the rift slashing quickly 3 times in front of her opponent. "Tasty! Done Van!" Anna withdrew her weapon as she looked around at her fallen allies. "Ciel...."

"Nope time for moping Anna!" Akira fired a his flames in Ciel direction. "I can't have you killing everyone around. Now stay put for a bit."


Seireitou's true assault begins...

The smile returned to Seireitou's face, as Anna's weapon neared him from inside the rift. With a flick of his wrist, he grabbed the blade open-handed, and pulled Anna through the rift. The sudden action caused her to fly toward him, as the faces of the two neared, their eyes meeting closely. "I said before, you can't defeat me like this." he stated. He threw Anna up into the sky, as he flashed away. He suddenly reappeared behind Van. Before the latter could react, he was delivered a roundhouse kick in the gut, sending him flying toward Anna. Using yet another impressive flash step, Seireitou reappeared far above the location of the flying duo. He held his blade to the side. "Attōshūhen, Hanullim." He slashed the blade down, sending off a massive torrent of white flames at point-blank, lighting up the entire sky.

A man called out for Seireitou. A familiar voice yet from a unfamiliar man with flowing black hair and red eyes, fangs can be seen as he emitted a Devilish aura. "Seems you haven't get it....You've been calling me a demon yet you don't know you are fighting a shinigami....Quite disappointing....Seireitou-sama." Dark clouds formed in the sky, the earth trembling with Ciel's every move. "I made that body for the sole purpose of being a shinigami....In every possible way... What you have sealed is not my demonic powers...but that fake shinigami ones...Now Seireitou...I offer you mercy...Leave this land as though nothing happened and accept your defeat...or..." He paused as the wind blows. His finger pointing at Saori. "You wouldn't like her dying with me snapping my finger.." Ciel's ego was obvious, he just can't help it.

Seireitou's eyes turned away from the result of his previous attack to the damaged Ciel with a rather annoyed look on his face. He remained silent, narrowing his eyes at Ciel's warning. With a sudden movement, he appeared beside Ciel, cutting through the arm that threatened Saori. As the movement caused him to crouch downwards, he muttered to himself. "Kirisaki... Hanullim."

Kenji watched the scene from above, not sure whether to jump in and help, or to sit back and wait. Yoshiro was looking thoughtful as he looked to the side and saw Saori watching the fight. "It'd be a real pain if she attacked..." He though.

"Why the hell are you two standing there and gawking at each other?" Kusaka said loudly. "I'm going, I don't care what happens." He flashed down towards Seireitou and brought the second scythe from his back as he hurled it through the air like a boomerang, the weapon guided toward its target with an unseen force! Stopping short of Seireitou himself, Kusaka cloaked his zanpakuto in white energy as he released his Rei Furashuu, tearing up the ground as it went towards the silver-haired man!

Barely escaping from the exchange, Seireitou flew to the side, slightly scuffed from the attack as his right sleeve was torn up. Before he faced the others, he looked at a confused Ciel, who was surrounded by green sparks. "Sieru-kun. Kirisaki, Hanullim is one of the strongest powers I possess. Whatever Hanullim cuts... will become torn apart until nothing is left." he explained, as Ciel's arm began to shatter into flesh pieces. Seireitou then faced Kusaka and Kenji, slightly smiling. "It seems things are getting rather interesting now." he mused, holding his blade down by his side.

Van was still smiling as he went crashing into Ana causing the two to collide in an embrace. "Silly Seireitou.." Van crystallized the flames around him and Anna causing the sky to be filled with the crystalline structure. Van then molded it all into several spikes as he shot them down in a prison-like configuration around Seireitou trapping him in the process.

Anna then smiled as she looked down at the scene "Its about time I got to do this. What was it now? Oh yes..Attoshuhen!" Anna's zanpakuto shot out a white flame infused with her own spiritual energy granting her complete control. The flames shot down into the small area Seireitou had to move in.

Van then snapped his fingers causing spikes to shoot out in order to prevent his movements while Anna shot a stream of lightning through the crystal pillars causing a chain of lightning to form striking Seireitou as well.

Yuzuru sent a hail of swords with Kanade forming an array of javelins composed of light towards Seireitou from a multitude of directions to support their teammates from a distance. Reigen seemed continue supporting the others with a calculating sort of expression on his face.

Seireitou wasn't amused, at all. He flicked Hanullim at the white flames, as they began to be absorbed back into Hanullim's blade. "Foolishness." he declared. He held his free hand up, forming a Kidō shield that blocked Van's assault. As per Anna's follow-up, Seireitou was hit twice by the attack, causing damage in his uniform's chest area. However, nowhere near being fazed, he suddenly flashed away from Yuzuru's technique. He reappeared behind Anna, blasting her with Hadō #33: Sōkatsui. The direction caused her to fall toward Van, as Seireitou followed up with Bakudō #63: Sajō Sabaku, tying the two together tightly. He appeared above them, and smirked. "Comfy?" he mused, slamming his blade down into the two of them. However, seconds before the blade made contact, he stated, "Shikon... Hisakiten." The blast consumed the two, leaving the result unknown. Seireitou turned his attention to Yuzuru, smirking softly.

Ciel's maniacal expression changed back to what it was before. Black flames engulfed him, burning him to crisp but he didn't mind. He quickly got to Seireitou and grabbed his arms as his burned body started to crack. He grinned, knowing that Seireitou probably knew what he is going to use. "HADO #96! Ittō Kasō (一刀火葬, Single Blade Cremation)." Ciel's version of this spell is more powerful than any shinigami could have used it and using his body as a catalyst, it only made it stronger. Before everything, Ciel had shouted: "EVERYONE! NOW!" Signalling those he apparantly killed to show up. A large pillar of flame errupted from the ground and didn't just take the appearance of a tip of a sword but the whole sword itself. "Seireitou-san...You lose this one.."

The eyes of Seireitou narrowed as he had appeared far away from the blast range, unharmed, witnessing the giant katana-shaped attack shooting upwards. His eyes closed, as he looked at his blade, glowing black from his previous attack. He had used Tensōsore, Hanullim, in order to slow down the time of Ciel's attack long enough to escape with his superior flash steps. Seireitou gave a sigh and looked at his blade. "So... Sieru-kun thought he won. And the others think the same..." came to mind. He stabbed the ground once, and took his blade back in his hand, flashing toward the battlefield. He quickly took notice of Ciel's burned body, seemingly shattered earlier from his corrosive attack. His attention turned to Van and Anna, two of the remaining opponents in this battle, among others. "Perhaps it's time to treat this fight seriously now." he pondered.

Hayashi dropped from the sky in a flash of red light. "Guess what? Now you have to fight a Hanyo, a very pissed off Hanyo. These people, most of them are friends, or friends of my father. They look out for me, and now I'll protect them. Rise Kumo!" he yelled, as a black widow, much larger than the boy himself, appeared, and lunged at the silver haired man. I don't care who he is, he attacked my friends.

"Lezt Stil: Regnen des hellen Bereichs" As the spider roared toward Seieritou the massively empowered Ginei used a super sonic hirenkyaku to appear infront of Seiertou as he witnessed the arrows surround him. "Bye Bye, No escape." The arrow cage imploded and everything inside was engulfed, even Seireitou!

Seireitou began to smile menacingly, as he placed his free hand on his forehead. To both Hayashi and Ginei, the arrows fired at Seireitou were blown away with sheer force. Even the attacking widow was pushed backwards on its back. The center of the cause was Seireitou, who had donned a crystal mask shaped like a fox's skull. Only his eyes could be seen of his entire face, now lavender as opposed to amber. In a dual voice, Seireitou began to smirk once more. "You thought you could destroy me by striking with power? How naive... No, perhaps we differ in our basic understandings of the word "power". I shall enlighten you." he stated, disappearing with even greater speed than ever. He then reappeared above both of the attackers, raising his blade up. "This is what is known as "power"." he declared, slashing his blade down with such force behind it, anything caught within several miles of the slash ws liable to be crushed, including Hayashi and Ginei.

Ray appeared out of hiding and glared at Sei looking at his power,"It's time for me to get Serious, Unleash Kyuukyoku Raion!!!!" Ray's sword transformed into it's Shikai form as he concentrated the energy around him creating Energy lions as they pounced at Sei.

"Roar to divide, Ryuu Kyoushusha!!!"Aki yelled as her swords split into two and concentrated fire into the tips of both of them,"Honoo Tama!!!" The fireballs flew towards Sei at very high speeds almost naked to the eye.

Seireitou stood his ground, swinging his blade as both sets of techniques were dispelled by his heavy spiritual energy. "You do not seem to understand... do you?" he stated, raising his free hand, pointing his finger at the two of them. "Cero Lamparos." he declared, shooting out an immense burst of white energy, blinding anyone who was looking at it, engulfing all in its path, including its targets Ray and Aki.

Van started to absorb the energy produced by the Kido binding him causing it to weaken as Anna slashed through it freeing them. "Very well Seireitou." Van looked at Anna letting her know what to do.

The smoke cleared and inside stood Akira. "It seems it is you who doesn't understand." The Cero Lamparos being directed in Raian and Saori's direction. "Very well then. Brahma." Two crystalline sword appeared in Akira's hands. He then launched a series of massive shards in Seireitou's direction

"He's going to try and escape again I don't think so." Van appearead behind Sereitou grabbing him allowing the shards to pierce their legs and shoulders holding them together in place. "Anna!"

Anna let rip another version of Seireitou's white flames upon the two stuck together. "Good luck hun." She raced toward Hayashi and Ginei pulling them from harm as Seireitou's attack was disrupted by Ray and Aki's attacks.

Yuzuru began creating a variant of his Ken no Sekai technique where the dome was smaller around where Seireitou is, isolating him. From the inside, Yuzuru initiated a Ken no Arashi and a vortex of swords began to from around his opponent. The barriers at the top of the dome began to separate as the eye began to form from the Ken no Arashi.

Kanade's body glowed as she focused her spiritual energy and unleashed a variant of Tenrai Saiketsu, a single dense piller of pure light crashed straight through the opening in Yuzuru's Ken no Sekai and directly into the eye of his Ken no Arashi.

Seireitou's eyes remained narrowed underneath his crystal mask, taking the full brunt of the mock white flames with no damage as the result. "Didn't I tell you before? Hanullim is my Zanpakutō. It is impossible to use my power to harm me." he declared, as he slashed his blade up, creating a shockwave which blasted away Van and Anna. His eyes rolled over to notice that Raian effortlessly protected the two of them from the dastardly attack. Concerning Yuzuru and Kanade's attacks, Seireitou blasted the two of their attacks effortlessly away with his empowered spiritual energy. "A battle between opponents is a battle of spiritual energy. The stronger one pushes down the weaker one." he declared. Upon stating that, Akira came into view. Knowing spiritual energy wouldn't work against Akira, Seireitou used flash step to move forward and slammed his blade down. "Kirisaki, Hanullim." he stated, destroying the ground underneath Akira, causing the latter to raise into the skies. Due to being distracted, he was unaware of Seireitou's next attack coming from above. Akira's eye nearly caught a glimpse of Seireitou's silver-hair, at the very moment the latter's blade came down, aiming to slash through Akira's chest at tremendous speed and massive force.

Ciel's apparent death was a great shock for both Yuki and Margin. They didn't expect him to die in such a way, sacrificing? Tears flowed from Yuki's eyes while Margin became frustrated and angered. All they can see now is Ciel's ashes, and his smile that had imprinted into there minds. "Idiot..Huh...You wasted your life for nothing.." Margin's eyes was filled with hatred towards the silver-haired man. Before Seireitou could injure Akira, his gauntlet collided with Seireitou's blade, stopping him. A thick layer of his reiatsu covered his body, acting as a secondary defense incase Seireitou would manage get through his reflexes. After Ciel's death, Margin decided not to let anger get through him, instead, he become more calm and collective, taking precautions before acting.

"Kibatsu, Entenryū!" came a seemingly disembodied voice from nowhere. Suddenly, a blade slammed into Margin, sending him flying away from Seireitou. The blade then retracted, and as the eyes of everyone present followed it, they noticed Raian, who had re-activated his Shikai, stating only a few feet away. "What interesting people. To have fought Captain Seireitou for this long...." he observed in a murmur. He looked down at Ciel's corpse, the back at Margin, who was recovering from being blind-sighted. "They really are hardheaded." His eyes then shifted to Seireitou, "To think he'd take on that form.." he thought silently. "I hope I didn't interrupt your fun, captain." he said politely to his friend.

Ray growled as he used another barrage of energy lions towards Sei while Aki used her fireballs towards Raian.

Trading Off: Raian's Assault

Seireitou swung his blade across, using his mixed spiritual energy to cancel out the lions and fireballs simaltaneously. This then was followed by an unexpected swipe near his face, dispelling the mask. As he sheathed his Hanullim, Seireitou began walking slowly toward Raian with a smile, his eyes closed. "Raian-san, I've grown bored with this lot, and I don't exactly feel like throwing out stronger powers on my part... you can have your fun now." he stated, as he took a seat near Saori.

A grin crossed Raian's face, "Very well." he replied. With a flash, he was now standing atop one of the un-destroyed buildings in the city. He looked in Margin and Yukidomaru's direction, "Its been awhile." he told them both, as he allowed the entire Gravity Force to finally come into view. "This time, I won't be holding back. I remember thinking of you lot as an interesting group when this battle first begun....however..." A flashback occurred in his mind, showing the moment when Ciel was killed and also the things Ciel said before his death. "After that, I began to think you lot were actually kinda creepy. I suppose now I can understand why Captain Seireitou is interested in you all." he explained, placing his sword in front of him in his opening stance. "Do you all know the power of my Entenryū? I'll tell you; Perception of Nature. That attack I used a moment ago, it isn't original to my Entenrū. It was the perceived nature of another fighter. That power...belonged to Kamishini no Yari...! When I use that technique, my Zanpakutō can extend up to 13 kilometers in 0.08 seconds, far too fast for any of you to react. That's not all, my Zanpakutō is filled with techniques that belong to other fighters. Now that I've released, let's see if I can add your natures to my sword too...!" he declared, crouching down in preparation to attack.

Yuzuru and Kanade both began to initiate an attack when Reigen grabbed them both by the shoulders. "We shouldn't be so hasty in attacking like that...he already stated what his powers were...which is beneficial to us and it wouldn't help him giving away information like that...we should observe what information he is keeping from us." he murmured quietly to the two of them. He then continued to evaluate Raian's every motion, trying to see what lies beneath what he stated to the rest of the group.

The two nodded and watched quietly while Yuzuru dispersed more shields around the area in case any of his allies needed assistance.

Raian looked around at the shields covering the battlefield; it truly annoyed him. "I suppose my first order of business is to defeat Yuzuru and Reigen, since they seem so fond of their shields." he declared, flashing forward into their midst. "Bakudō #70, Jūjika Hako Inkan!" Suddenly, Yuzuru and Reigen were surrounded by a green, cross-like barrier. "Bakudō #73, Tozanshō!" Next, a pyramid-shaped barrier surrounded the first two barriers. "Now then, I'll seal you two up so that you can't use those barriers anymore! Bakudō 99, Part 1, Kin!" he declared. Spirit fabric formed around Tozanshō and on the ground in an "X" shape and then was pinned to the ground by iron shafts; preventing anyone from removing it. "Now, Bakudō 99, Part 2, Bankin! First Song: Halting Fabric!" A blanket of spirit fabric completely covered the barriers as well as the first #99 spell completely. "Second Song: Hundred Linked Bolts!" Secondly, hundreds of iron pins attached themselves to the fabric, holding it in place. "Final Song: Great Seal of 10,000 Forbiddings!" he roared. A giant cube of steel appeared in the air and fell on top of the numerous spells, making it almost impossible to escape or break. "Now that we have that sorted out, who's next?" Raian sneered.

Hayashi pulled himself out of some rubble, a few minor cuts on his body. Where did that other man go? But as the thought crossed his mind, he balked. He remembered seeing the new person somewhere in a book about famous Shinigami. "You can't be...Ex-captian Raian, are you?" he asked, trying not to sound afraid. But if this was who he thought he was, then fear, would most likely be the best emotion to feel.

Raian's grin was unsurpressable now, "You got it. Former Tenth Division Captain, Raian Getsueikirite's the name." he responded to Hayashi. He then took a few steps in the air towards Margin, "You sure have been silent. I thought you were going to make me regret challenging you...Margin-kun..!" he challenged.

Margin remained silent, he thought that talking to such man would only bring no good to himself, and he is just plainly annoying. Margin's next was appearing right next to Raian as he charged yet another cero on his face. "Raian... Don't you have anything else to pull?" In the end, Margin couldn't help but respond to Raian's words. Margin's cero was fired, it was strong enough to almost rip the fabric of space and cause distortion.

The building Seireitou and Saori was seating at started to crumble. A swirling portal appeared and a hand came out from it, grabbing Seireitou's leg. "Seireitou-san... I thought we are only starting?" That voice seemed familiar, why wouldn't it be? The half of Ciel's body emerged from the portal, his wide grin can be clearly seen. One would notice that Ciel doesn't have even the slightest of injuries, he was completely healed, how? That is yet to be revealed. His hand then started to glow with him gathering his reiatsu on that spot. BOOM! On that place was a huge explosion that would have turned everything caught within it into ashes.

Smoke covered the entire battlefield from both Margin's Cero and Ciel's surprise attack. However, when the smoke cleared, it was revealed that Raian had dodged Margin's Cero and gone to Seireitou's rescue, blocking the blow from Ciel with a low-level barrier. "If you had only been fighting Seireitou-san, Ciel, that would've worked. Have you forgotten? I've been watching since you started fighting Sei. I could sense your reiatsu, even after you faked your death. Why do you think the first person I looked when I entered the fray was you? I was making sure you hadn't made your move yet. Now you can't pretend anymore." he explained. "My, my...I really can't hold back on you lot. In that case...Bankai...Ryūshini no Kishi!" he declared.

Yuzuru sighed while still trapped in the barrier with Reigen, "I guess we should get a move on after staying in here for a while huh?" he muttured quietly to Reigen.

"It would be a waste of energy to overwhelm each of these spells individually though, unless you have another way..." he replied calmly, expecting Yuzuru to do something.

"Yeah...but you better promise not to tell anyone what I look like while I do this though..." he whispered quietly and watched Reigen nod in agreement with what he asked. "Good...End all conflict, Reina Violeta." said Yuzuru charging up his reiatsu. After the light dispersed, Yuzuru revealed herself wearing a darker colored gothic dress. "It's like my powers get more and more stupid the further I draw upon them." she muttered to herself, forming several golden colored blades around her and shooting them outward to shatter the array of spells keeping Yuzuru and Reigen captive. After they were freed however, Yuzuru reverted from her Resurrección to his Bankai form. "We are never talking about that ridiculous form ever! You got that Reigen?" asked Yuzuru, annoyed with having to use his Resurrección.

"Understood." replied Reigen in a simple manner, taking an actual battle stance for the first time. He then began to glow and form a pair of wings around him. As the wings began to define itself in greater detail, it began to shift to a dark crimson color. Reigen then raised his blade into the air and slashed downwards, unleashing a large crimson wave of energy towards Raian.

Seireitou's uniform blew in the wind, as he sat next to his female partner Saori who was slowly drinking from her sake bottle. She soon stopped for a moment, and looked over to Seireitou. "Is Raian-san going to be alright?" she inquired. Seireitou smirked in response, "Don't be ridiculous. Raian losing to these guys? As if." he answered. Saori's eyes rolled, as she gently blushed noticeably, "It was just a question, geez." she muttered. Seireitou's eyes had drifted to the spot where Ciel attempted his final surprise, and then returned to the fight as Raian's Bankai was activated. The wind began to pick up, as his hair began to blow along the current. His hand was placed near his right side, stopping his silver hair from getting in the way of his eyes. He wouldn't want to miss his friend's turn in this fight.

Ryūshini no Kishi

Raian easily sidestepped the energy blast, allowing it to collide with a building behind him. "Surely you don't think firing random energy blasts is going to hit anything, do you?" he mocked. He then surprised everyone present by throwing his Zanpakutō at the ground. The sword phased through the ground, as it would through water, as Raian muttered, "Seikōsaki..." Suddenly, three coffins phased through the ground in reverse; rising up out of the earth until they were completely exposed. Raian then clapped his hands together, causing each coffin's lids to drop, revealing their contents; Gin Ichimaru, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, and Kisuke Urahara. "These guys have all had their Zanpakutō's nature copied by my Shikai. You see, when that happens, a copy of that person and their abilities is made for my Bankai which act somewhat like mind slaves for me." he explained. The copies of Gin, Hitsugaya, and Kisuke walked out of their coffins and drew their swords. "Now then," Raian continued, "Let's begin."

Suddenly, a small grenade landed in front of the trio. In a single moment, it exploded, causing the coffins to crumble and the copies to be engulfed in a cloud of flame. Standing atop a rock, smirking down at the ensuing battle was a woman with white hair and red eyes, wielding a white and black pistol in each hand. "Hello, boys."

Out along the outskirts of the battle field a strange array was seen and then it shattered like a broken mirror as Hiiro Okoku and Taiso Asakura entered the battlefield. "Its been a while Seireitou-taicho, I still have a score to settle with you. You will bow Son of the Kawahiru Clan!" Taiso said charging at Seireitou as Hiiro looked at Raian. "Hello Soul Reaper, I will be joining this battle now." She said as she drew her blade and used sonido to appear in his face to attack.

Kenji, Kusaka and Yoshiro split up, one heading towards each of the copies. Kenji descended just in front of Gin Ichimaru and calmed himself. "The ex-Captain and betrayer, right? Heard your pretty powerful." Lightning awoke on his zanpakutō, though he'd heard stories of Gin's Shinsō and how fast it was, causing him to move cautiously. Moving toward him quickly, Kenji attempted a strike aimed for his shoulder, while attempting to avoid the point of Gin's zanpakutō.

Kusaka branched off towards Urahara, the smile disappearing off his face as he saw the shopkeeper. "You've got yourself some interesting allies, Raian." Cracking his muscles and raising his Bankai blade, Kusaka surged forward, throwing caution to the wind as armor made of pure energy surrounded his body. The same energy coated his zanpakutō as he launched a white colored Rei Furashuu!

Keeping his distance, Yoshiro regarded the young, white-haired Shinigami calmly. He'd attacked him for the sole purpose that both manipulated ice. "Bankai, Gokkan no kyōshō-ka, Aisumēkā." His appearance remained unchanged, though his spiritual energy took a large jump in its intensity. Testing, he fired off a wave of water that soon froze over as it made its way towards Hitsugaya.

Seireitou's eyes narrowed at the attacker, and bent back his middle finger, taking aim at Taiso. "I have no time to deal with insects." he retorted, flicking the finger as he used an unstated Hadō #1: Shō to send him plummeting into a building close by. The silver-haired man's eyes turned to watch the upcoming battles, a smirk appearing on his face.

Taiso broke free and then stood before Seireitou holding his sword to the ground. "I guess that you wont take me seriously so I gotta step it up a notch, Bankai!" He said as he dropped his sword into the ground and several hundred swords rise from the ground around him. "Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!" He said as he snapped his fingers and the swords scatter into several thousand red blades totally under Taiso's control. "Sakuraryū!" He called out sending six hundred dragons towards Seireitou. Over at Raian's battle Hiiro charged a cero primed to fire it.

As the deities of Shinigami battled the rag-tag team of misfits, a young woman and a young man silently watched from a distance.

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