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"You have no families or anything in this world,what do you have left?"
Setsuhiro Gensaku

The Hitorikko Children
The hitorikko children
Headquarters Hell
Affiliation setsuhiro,hell
Purpose to be pawns for setsuhiro

The Hitorikko Children are a group of human with fullbring powers children that have come under the control of Setsuhiro's curses.He uses these children in different ways most of the childern are son's and daughters of high ranking military generals and officers.He plans to use the children,to kill the officers and generals to cause choas within the human armies.

He has used children from the U.S. and the Japanese armies.When the time is right,he will take control of all them and tell them to use their fullbring powers to kill their parents.This is just one of his goals,many others have not been revealed.

He has done almost the same thing among the children of nobles and of the Gotei 13.He plans do this all at once,creating choas within both worlds.He has often used the children of shinigami captians,by using a few simple words and a curse he has compelete control.

He has often used these children as shields and pawns.Drawing other within,then getting curses cast onto them.Many of the children are living with thier partners,but many of the children often started to kill other kids.Many have been left within a place where the other hitorikko children meet and live until they are told to go as planned.

Often being outcasted because of thier fullbring powers,by simply using that hate they have for the poeple that shunted them.He has a small army,them being children many will not fight children.Making it easy for him to win.