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Gotei 13 Special Human Task Force
Kanji の特別ヒューマンタスクフォース
Notable Locations

The Underground Base

The Gotei 13 Special Human Task Force(護廷十三隊の特別ヒューマンタスクフォース) Is a new Division within the Gotei 13, proposed by Hajime Kazuhiro a division that would be located on Earth and act as the first line between the worlds and as a mediator between the human world, its allies, and Seireitei.

This Division functioned similar to the 12th Divisions detection system used to find hollows and Arrancars, and placed them in the different cities, creating command centers where those in the SHTF could receive information from and such. The doors to the task force to any and all willing and able to join; in a war against creatures like the hollows, demons and so on no ally was too good or too low to be accepted.

The Underground Base of Special Human Task Force

Guarded by two black massive doors stronger than any steel made on Earth, The Special Human Task Force's Squad is at the lowest level of the building. Once you past these doors you will enter a large area that looks just like any squad from the Gotei 13 itself. It has barracks, training areas, lounge areas, and more.