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The Four
The Four Yonkou
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Headquarters Various Wikia
Affiliation Naruto Fanon Wikia
Bleach Fan Fiction Wikia
Purpose N/A

"The man with silver hair... The man with the ten tails... The man with heaven on his side... And the man with the darkness of hell in his eyes... Even with four directions ahead, there shall always be one sole root to connect the four as one. Then, now, and forever."
Silver-Haired Seireitou

The Four (四, Tsu), known more as the Yonkou (もちろん, Four Emperors), was the collective name that refered to four users from the Naruto Fanon Wikia, whom also carried over their work onto the Bleach Fan Fiction Wikia. The four users, two of which are still active nowadays, were the first recognized group on the Naruto and Bleach respective fanon and fan-fiction Wikia.


Formation of the Yonkou[]

On Naruto Fanon Wikia[]

On Bleach Fan Fiction Wikia[]

The Four Users[]

Behind the Scenes[]