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The End War (エンドウォー, shimekirieki) was a major universal conflict that involved the Gotei 13, Los Cinco Dios, Eximo Espada, Termino Muerte, and the Ryoka led by Seireitou Kuchiki. It was fought between the Hueco Mundo army led by Termino Muerte and the Shinigami Army led by commanders Byakko Kirisake, Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki, and Seireitou Kuchiki. This page lists all of the events from Part II.

Calm before the Storm

Assult on the Seireitei

After Kouhei was released by Gotei 13, a group of arrancars named Perentorio Vida and Innay Alloh attacked the Seireitei. They demanded the capture of Kouhei Tandokuno, to which Innay had already drawn his sword and dispatched numerious unseated Shinigami. Following the defeat of Captain Ryan Getsueikirite, Kouhei had dashed towards the Arrancars. Upon arriving, Innay commented that "is he trash or the target?" and turned to Perenotorio. Perentorio frowned, and nodded, that Kouhei was trash. Kouhei, angered, rushed into battle, but was immediately struck down, with a gasp.

However, before the two Arrancar could take Kouhei, Seireitou intervened, and was able to cut off both of Innay's arms effortlessly.

Seireitou vs Innay

Innay chuckled as his arms grew back, and he revealed his status as Séptima of the Eximo Espada. Seireitou comically stated that he never heard of them, which resulted in Innay's angered retortion. Innay then proceded to release his Zanpakuto, Tintogorila with the command, Turn Red. But before he could release, Seireitou spoke his command Cast your Judgement on all those Unworthy, and went on to release Xūnquándìhú. Innay chuckled, as his body was like that of a red gorilla. He charged in to attack, but Seireitou held him off with his blade. Innay's arm was caught by Seireitou's Blade's tip, as Seireitou went on to use Shikon Hisakiten, and blew Innay to bits. Only the head remained, begging for Perentorio's help. Perentorio shrugged, and used a small bala to disinigrate the head of Innay. With a chuckle, Perentorio entered a Garuganta, and disappeared. Before leaving however, he made matters quick and warned them of the arrival of their god's revival.


Leaving the Seireitei in chaos, Seireitou and the others return home to prepare on how to deal with their Arrancar threat. Later that same day, Seireitou recieves an important message from Captain-Commander Byakko Kirisake. Seireitou learns about the Arrancar's true goal, to resurrect their god, Término Muerte. Distraught by this news, Seireitou interupts Byakko and demands that he has Kouhei Tandokuno, Nadeshiko Inari, Keisaku Satou, Ryan Getsueikirite, and Matthew Toshiro form a team led by himself into Hueco Mundo. Before he gets a word in, Seireitou disconnects the message and heads off to prepare.

During this time, Kouhei remained in his room, acting depressed. He came to the realization that even though he knew Bankai, he still didn't have the power to defend his friends from the Arrancar. Angered, he stormed off into the streets, as he bumped into a man who resembled Ryan. It was revealed that it was Captain Ryan, with Lientenent Matthew shortly behind, both in their Gigais. Ryan noticed Kouhei's depressive expression, and slapped him, questioning why he was acting in such a manner. Kouhei stated that he lacked the ability to be a Shinigami, and should just give up. Ryan, in reponce, throws a couple punches at Kouhei, yelling that it was a Shinigami who defeated him, not a Human. Kouhei yelled back, saying that he lacked the power to fight these Arrancar, but Ryan meerly slapped him a few more times, yelling back that he does have the power to win, but he needs to dig deep down to find it.

Around this time, Nadeshiko and Keisaku trained to hone their own skills even further. They found themselves to be quite weak during their adventures in the Soul Society. Seireitou has caught up with Ryan and Matt, as well as Kouhei during this time and told them about what Byakko and the Seireitei discovered. Seeing as Ryan already knew, and addressed the matter to both Kouhei, Nadeshiko and Keisaku, Seireitou stated "This spared him the time and labor", and the small group went to find Nadeshiko and Keisaku, to prepare to enter Hueco Mundo.

The Cold War

Returning to Hueco Mundo

Later that night, in Hueco Mundo, the Eximo Espada welcomed back their commander, Perentorio. He was welcomed by his sister first, Divina Vida and the whole group of Espada as a majority. Perentorio stated that the boy was "trash" and wasn't worth killing. An outburst made by Apriso Matar caused him to take the spotlight, challenging Perentorio's so-called genious. This caused an arguement among Espada as the group was then silenced by a hissing-time voice, demanding that they stop.

Coup d'tat

Later that same night, Apriso along with a group of Arrancars, joined together and attacked Lo Sol from the outside. The attack however, was immediately silenced by a white-haired female who slayed a number of the Arrancar, leaving Apriso alone. Apriso meerly widened his eyes with the muttering "Yurina..." and was immediately slain as the attack was quickly crushed.

Enterance into Hueco Mundo

Team Assembled

A week later, Seireitou, along with his team entered a Garuganta summoned by Seireitou but before entering, they were stopped by a man and female who addressed themselves as Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki and Rukia Kuraihi. After a long discussion, Seireitou agrees to having them come along.

The White Sands

They soon entered the Garuganta and walked out of it, into a large darkened area with nothing but white sands for miles and miles, to which Hikaru makes a joking comment much to Ryan's distastement. The team walks around, looking for signs of life, and would you know it, a giant Hollow burst from the sand. Seireitou smirked, but was beat to the chase and the hollow was cut down by Hikaru. Seireitou comically narrowed his eyes, and scoffed, mumbling "Showoff..." and had the group walk down the dunes.

Temple in the Distance

After walking along the sands for hours, Kouhei soon pointed out that there was a large building like structure in the distance. Hikaru meerly replied with a "duh", and also brought up that the building looks much larger then Las Noches in comparason. They were stopped by a loud yawning from a particular part of the sand that appeared to be black in comparason to the white sands. Hikaru swept it away, to reveal a small trapdoor.

Meeting Bella

Seireitou volenters to enter and search the trapdoor area. He jumps down to find a large hollow ontop of a woman in her early 20's. Seireitou goes to see that the hollow is dead, and lifts it off of her. The female is presumed dead, but she lets out a small snore which actually comically frightens Seireitou. He picks her up and brings her outside to show the others. Hikaru identifies her as an Arrancar, but she seemed to be more tranquil and bliss then the other more violent Arrancar.

Bella Pealour

The Peculiar Girl found in Hell's Deserts

As the woman opened her eyes slowly, the first thing she saw was Seireitou holding her. She, at first, believes that Seireitou rescued her from the Hollow and hugs him tightly. Due to her large cleavage, Seireitou begins screaming comically, as she seemed to be crushng his ribs. Hikaru, though laughing at this like Ryan, asked her to get off of Seireitou. After Seireitou, who then awoke, tells her what probably really happened, she then questions their arrival here. Hikaru, at first, believes she may be a spy and draws his sword. Seireitou on the other hand, decides to allow her to know the real reason why they are here. After she learned their information, she was asked then by Hikaru for a few things, mostly involving the Arrancar and Termino. She tells them that the Eximo Espada are led by 5 powerful arrancar who identify themselves as Los Cinco Dios. Perentorio Vida being their leader. Seireitou recognizes the name and asks where they might be located to which the girl tells them that they reside in a palace known as Lo Sol. Kouhei, acting as the gentlemen, asks her for her name. She addresses herself as Bella Pelear.

As the group begins their departure for Lo Sol, Bella asks if she can tag along. At first, Ryan and Hikaru are hesitant to allow her, but the always naive Seireitou allows her to accompiany them on their journey.

The Battle of the Espada

A Proud Heart: Ryan Getsueikirite vs Odio Soltar - The Quinta Espada

Seireitou tells the group that it wuld be best if they split up; with Ryan, and Matt on one team, Kouhei, Keisaku and Nadeshiko on another, Hikaru and Rukai on one, and Seireitou and Bella on the last one. Ryan and Matt dash off in one direction, leaving the others in the dust. Ryan and Matt, along the way, meet up with several Hollows who surround them. Matt, who tries to show Ryan how much his power has grown, dispatches the Hollows in little less than a minute. Ryan congratulates Matt on his power having grown so much in such a short while, as a clapping noise could then be heard.

A man, about 25 or so, was sitting on a tall dune, chuckling. He commented that "It's great to see Shinigami fighting ants so quickly, makes me think there is hope for them" to which Matt fumes over. Ryan holds Matt back, and smiles, asking Matt if he can take this one. Matt sees Ryan's determination in his eyes and steps aside, as Ryan walks forward. Ryan addressed himself as Captain of the Gotei 13, Squad 10, Ryan Getsueikirite. The man chuckled to learn that he was gonna be fighting a captain and addresses himself as the Quinta (5th) Espada of the Eximo Espada, Odio Soltar. Ryan laughed, stating that this wouldn't take long and told Matt not to get too comfortable.


Ryan dons his Hollow Mask to Defend his Loved One

The first few blows, consisted of Martial art sparring between the Captain and Espada, each sending off ferocious attacks towards eachother. The brutal collision ended with Ryan's fist in Odio's face. Odio was pushed away from Ryan as Odio then chuckled, and drew his blade, stating that playtime was over. Ryan, who felt the same, drew his sword as well. The two then begin a brief sword duel around the sand dunes. Much like Seireitou before him, Odio taunts the assumed relationship of him and Matt, to which Ryan retorts that he fights to protect his friends, namely Matt in particular. Odio then states, depending on Ryan's constant fluctuating Reiatsu, he correctly assumes that Ryan is a Vizard, all the while provoking Ryan to don his hollow mask again by implying that Matt is nothing to Ryan. In a last-ditch effort to provoke Ryan, Odio fires a powerful cero-like attack from his sword's tip at Matt, forcing Ryan to run towards their location, don his hollow mask, and effortlessly deflect the attack.

Odio (Released Form)

Odio finally Releases Dragón

Firmly satisfied at Ryan's decision to don his Vizard mask, Odio eagerly releases his zanpakuto, Dragón, and proceeds to fight Ryan in ferocious one-on-one battle with his opponent, while Matt looks on, both in horror and disbelief as Odio eventually manages to gain the upper hand. Though Ryan starts out well, he proves to be no match for Odio, who explains that even if Ryan managed to somehow win, there would be four other Espada who are stronger still, as Odio is the 5th Espada, and this wasn't even counting Los Cinco Dios. Ryan retorted by stating that he didn't give a rat's ass about the others, since all he cared about currently was taking Odio down. The two continue to engage in bladed combat, as Ryan begins to make battle cries through-out the fight, as his eyes begin glowing a light greenish blue. The fight begins working in Ryan's favor, as Odio begins to get quite pissed that the change of tides.

Throughout the blade clashes, Matt pondered why Ryan didn't use Bankai, or even Shikai for that matter. As Matt thought this, Ryan chuckled at Odio's attacks. He asked Odio if that is as strong as he is gonna get, and Odio believes that Ryan has gone insane asking such a question when the tide of battle was already in Odio's favor. He then asks if Odio would like to see Ryan's Bankai but warns him that it would only last a second. Odio chuckles and charges in, challenging Ryan with everything he's got. Ryan's smile became a frown, as he stated his Bankai's name, Mirā Tairanto Doragon. In a flash of light, an explosion rocked the sandy lands. The next moment, Odio was on the floor, bloodied quite brutally. Ryan's Zanpakuto returned to it's sealed state as Ryan removed his mask and walked away slowly. Odio orders Ryan to come back, because the fight wasn't over and got up, charging at Ryan, to which a sword was plunged into Odio's chest, making his fall over. The sword returned to Matt's hand, who meerly responded that he was getting annoying. And with that, the two went off with Flash Step for Lo Sol.

Fearsome Opponent and Death's Door: Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki vs Acciaio Tirador - The Octava Espada

Acciaio Tirador

The Mysterious Dark-skinned Man dares to laugh at Hikaru Kurosaki

Hikaru, along with his wife Rukia were slowly walking along the sands, as Hikaru brought up what Rukia's opinion on Seireitou is. Rukia asks if he is joking, as if she would have any feelings for Seireitou in that way. Hikaru begins to comically bring up certain senerios that makes Rukia kick him in the head. A laughing voice could be heard right in front of the kicked Hikaru, a dark skinned man stood there, laughing at Hikaru. Hikaru meerly stood up, commenting that it is a good thing that he isn't a rascist.

The dark-skinned man took offense to that, and then yawned. He continued on to say that he doesn't get much fun in this "hell-hole" the Arrancars call Hueco Mundo and then takes a look at Hikaru. He judges Hikaru's Reiatsu and asks if he would do him the honor of facing him in battle. Hikaru declines, telling the man he has more important matters to attend to. The man smiled, revealing a tattoo from underneath his shirt, which was the black 8. Hikaru smiled, turning his attention towards the man, now commenting that a battle with the Arrancar is now his matters to attend to.

Hikaru drew one of his two swords, as the dark-skinned man smiled, addressing himself as Acciaio Tirador, just your everyday Arrancar. Hikaru chuckled, addressing himself as the average Arrancar Hunter, Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki, no relation to Ichigo Kurosaki. With those introductions, the two dashed off, clashing fists and blades in speed rounds with eachother. Acciaio smiled, as he seemed to be having fun, and focused a Cero in his palm. Hikaru, expecting the Cero to be aimed at himself, used his sword as a defense. Acciaio surprised Hikaru by shooting the cero at Rukia, who seemingly dodged it, and retorted by throwing a rock at Acciaio's head, yelling why he would dare attack a lady who wasn't even fighting. Hikaru, using this comic moment, sliced at Acciaio's shoulder, causing a deep gash in his shoulder.

Acciaio mumbled, saying that wasn't very fair. He then aimed his zanpakuto at Hikaru, and sighed, stating that his powers are unlike that of normal arrancar. Hikaru questions what he means by this, to which Acciaio tells him that while Arrancar split themselves between themselves and their Zanpakutos when achieiving Arrancar status, he instead kept all his power, and his blade was nothing but an empty shell. Hikaru smiled, and then sighed, sheathing his swords. Acciaio, now pissed, asked why Hikaru was sheathing his weapons. Hikaru then states that the only reason he drew his blades was because he though Acciaio would release and become even stronger, but apparently not.

Now totally angered, Acciaio focused a powerful Gran Rey Cero, straight for Hikaru. He fired it with a loud roar, but then instantly disappeared. Hikaru explains that his ability known as Seireijoumae or "Spirit Lock" allows Hikaru to neutralize anyone's spirit energy, including that of an Arrancar's. Acciaio declares that he doesn't need Reiatsu to beat Hikaru and charges for Hikaru head on. Only to recieve a knee to the gut, Hikaru explains that if one relies on solely himself, he will learn true loneliness. One who knows loneliness and knows nothing about friendship, can never hope to cut Hikaru. With that, Acciaio falls to the floor, beaten. Rukia walks over to Acciaio and leaves a parting gift, which she healed him but made sure he was knocked out for the time being. Hikaru chuckled, saying that Rukia was always too kind, to which he recieved another kick to the head, as the two took their leave from that area.

Skirmish of the Killing Intent: Kouhei, Keisaku, and Nadeshiko vs Suicida Abrazar - The Novena Espada

Infierno Abrazar

The Young Girl with Satan in her Eyes

Overlooking the deserts was a small girl, who appeared to be in her teen years was overlooking the deserts. She sighed at the defeat of Odio and Acciaio, but shrugged it off and yawned. She felt like going back to Lo Sol, but that was when her attention was captivated by three teens walking by. Kouhei, Keisaku and Nadeshiko were the closest by far to Lo Sol. The group seemed to be silent, but then Keisaku spoke up, asking Kouhei what he was doing during the time that he and Nadeshiko were absent. Kouhei mumbled, meerly responding that he didn't do much. However, before the conversation could go any further, an explosion occured right infront of the group. In it's aftermath, a young girl stood facing them.

She asked what their business was here, to which Keisaku meerly yelled out that they don't need to answer to her. Kouhei, in contrast to the hot-headed Keisaku, calmly asked who she herself was. She looked down, and meerly responded with "Who am I? I am your savior, and your tormenter.... your light, and your darkness.... your nirvana, and your eternal disease.", which caused the group to sweat. Suddenly, without warning, barrages of sand began to collide with the group. Each of the three dodged their share of sand, wondering where the hell this attack came from. Keisaku devises a plan in his head, and immediately sets it in motion. However, Suicida is already ahead of the game, sending sand downwards at Keisaku, burying him under tons of sand. Nadeshiko calls out his name, which makes Kouhei draw his sword from his back. Kouhei asks Nadeshiko to back away, for Kouhei was about to get serious.


Kouhei preparing for Battle

Kouhei roared out "Bankai - Takanarumirai" as his sword became a normal katana with small jutte-like spikes resembling cresent moons on it as well. He charged at Suicida, blade in hand, clashing with her recently drawn zanpakuto. She chuckled slightly, telling Kouhei that he will lose his life shortly. She pushed Kouhei backwards, and much to both of their surprise, an arrow was shot at Suicida's shoulder. It was from none other then Nadeshiko, who carried tears in her eyes, holding her quincy bow. Kouhei called out to her, demanding that she stop interfering. Nadeshiko ignored his comments and shot off more and more arrows at Suicida, all of them exploding upon impact.

The smoke cleared, revealing Suicida, who held her Zanpakuto downwards. She muttered a phrase, which Kouhei sounded out as "Break". The sword seemed to morph and spread into a dark aura, cutting off Suicida and Kouhei from the outside and surrounding them. Kouhei demands to know where they are, to which Suicida meerly responded, telling Kouhei that he speaks too much. She then stated that in reality, they are simply surrounded by a massive dark orb. Inside this orb, the darkness will transform into an alternate environment of her choice, mostly some place from the opponent's memories. However, they usually give off a more darker and eerie appearance. This makes Kouhei feel frightened, but he stands his guard.

Suicida addressed herself as the "Novena Espada - Suicida Abrazar". She then began to declare that this black ord will be Kouhei's resting place. Kouhei now angry, charged at the girl, clashing with Suicida several times. Twice, Suicida makes clean hits on Kouhei, making his chest bloodied. However, Kouhei fails to make any successful hits at all. Kouhei questions if he can even win, but then thinks of a plan and tests it. He strikes from the front, but then makes a dash to the side, but Suicida still blocks his attack. Kouhei then states that his theory is correct. It would appear that Suicida can read minds, and therefore, can track evey move that Kouhei makes. Suicida smiled for the first time, telling Kouhei that he appears to be smarter then she once thought. Kouhei then began to think about chesseburgers and pizza while fighting Suicida. Making clumsy attacks, he is actually able to make clean hits on Suicida, and appears to be winning the fight.


Keisaku using his Doll to finish their fight. His genious finally shows alongside Kouhei

He is able to tear down Suicida's black orb, making them fall into the sands. Suicida charges in, but thanks to Kouhei's new strategies, she isn't able to parry or counter any longer. Suicida chuckles, and switches gears, and starts slicing Kouhei's body. He sin't able to keep up now with Suicida's switching strategies, and is almost killed. However, at the last second, before Suicida plunged for the final attack, a blue ribbon burst from the ground, straight through Suicida's chest. Keisaku appeared to be quite fine, and explained that he and Kouhei had this strategy planned out before they even arrived. Suicida spits out blood, cursing the three humans to hell and passes out. Kouhei and Keisaku then begin to have a comic dispute, as Kouhei didn't need his help and vice-versa. Nadeshiko stopped them, and said that they together defeated Suicida, not one or the other, but together as a team. Keisaku and Kouhei sigh and smile, as they too agree with Nadeshiko. Their fight finally finished, they head off, as they are soon nearing Lo Sol.

A Jealous Struggle: Seireitou Kuchiki vs Blanco Viento - The Cuarta Espada

Seireitou Jaioshen Kuchiki

Seireitou leading the Attack

Throughout the tough battles, Seireitou and Bella were walking towards Lo Sol as well. Seireitou had been talking with Bella, and got to know her quite well, as did she. Even admist enemy territory, the two were laughing together. However, as they were approaching Lo Sol, the two spotted an Arrancar body outside of the palace. Seireitou did not know who it was, but Bella identified the body as Apriso Matar, but what he was doing out here, dead, was beyond her. A feminine voice told them it was none of their problem. Seireitou and Bella turned to see a female, who was in similar appearance to the former Captain, Soi Fon. The girl ordered Sei and Bella to step away from the dead body, but Sei did not move an inch.

Blanco Viento

Blanco making her Move

The girl then sighed, demanding once more or she would need to use force. Seireitou responded, telling her to go for it. She smiled, and then addressed that she was the Cuarta Espada, Blanco Viento to see if she could scare him off. Seireitou sighed lazily, only commenting that being "just" the fourth "isn't enough" against himself. Blanco however remained calm, and smiled, asking who he was. Seireitou meerly addressed himself as "that guy passing through", which made Blanco smile and chuckle. Seireitou yawned and asked if she herself could move aside, as so he and Bella could move onward. Blanco however, was not willing to let them walk so easily.

Blanco unsheathed her sword, and charged at the unarmed Seireitou. Seireitou, drew his blade with apparent ease, and clashed with Blanco. Blanco commented that since their faces were so close, he better not try to steal a kiss. Seireitou smirked, meerly retorted that he would never dream of kissing something as ugly as her. The two back off, and clashed once more. At that instant, Seireitou used a Bakudo binding spell, to seal Blanco against the outer tower of Lo Sol. He then calmly walks forward, charging a Cero in his hand. Blanco smiled as she freed herself instantly, and kicked Seireitou all within the same moment. Blanco then prepares to release her Resurrecion.

With the words, "Connect the Winds of Heaven with the Ice of Hell.", Divinida Veinto, the name of Blanco's Zanpakuto, releases with a large tornade that surrounds the entire area, quickly tosses building structures off balance. Once released, certain parts of Blanco's body began to disappear, taking the form of wind. She smiled, as she sent off several wind typhoons to slice at Seireitou, one was block but the other made a clean cut at Sei's cheek. Upon touching his bleeding cheek, Seireitou prepares to release his Zanpakuto but declares that he isn't too liking of his sword's Shikai. Blanco asks why, to which Seireitou meerly replied, "Just Because".


Xunquándìhú's Shikai. Seireitou prepares to fight Seriously

Seireitou states, "Xunquándìhú" simply as his sword becomes a large cleaver-like katana. He points it at Blanco, with his face hidden by the thick blade. Blanco asks once more why Seireitou dislikes his Shikai. This time, he answers with, "Look at it. It looks like something that's meant to kill.", which makes even Blanco sweat slightly. Before fighting, Seireitou asks Blanco if she regrets killing. Blanco chuckles, and simply answered with No, and that it is quite the opposite, she loves to kill her opponents and crush them to the ground. Seireitou sighs, and calls Blanco weak for thinking such things.

Blanco refuses to allow him to get away with that, and orders that they begin to fight seriously now. Seireitou, who seems not to be too happy at fighting her, agrees and charges in. He, however, stops dead in his tracks, as he starts losing his breathe at a rapid rate. Blanco chuckles evilly that her ability, named Airealejar, allows her to move oxygen out of one's body, to force an instant death to a living being. Seireitou, being the tricky opponent, is able to use his reiatsu to divert the oxygen to keep his body at a balanced rate. Blanco applauds him for surviving but then chuckles.

She sticks out her hand, declaring that her wind is already inside him. She then states Pulmón Compresión, which seems to be her finisher. She states that while her wind is inside Seireitou, Pulmón Compresión will allow her to crush his lungs. As she picks up her hand, she forces it into a fist, as Seireitou's right lung bursts. He quickly starts gasping, as he loses breath, but then smiles as he coughs up blood. He dashes away, and uses the remaining oxygen in his body to state the following words, "Shikon Hisakiten", as a large explosion from a reiatsu fang blows up into Blanco at close range.

In the aftermath, she is lying on the floor, bleeding and defeated, with her release already retreated back to the zanpakuto. Seireitou, however, fell to the ground, grasping his chest. He couldn't breath and started to lose conciousness. He soon awoke, to find that Bella healed his injuries. He asks how she was able to, and she simply began to explain, but a mysterious light approached Seireitou and Bella.

Awakening of the God

Breaking Through: Bella Pelear vs Cólera Incuestión - The Décima Espada

Espada 10 by NocheLupis

The Beauty and the Beast

The bright light that shone infront of Seireitou and Bella exploded, leaving the two disoriented. The blast seemed to have come from an Arrancar, who stood laughing infront of the two. He demanded to know why they are here. Seireitou states the same thing he told Blanco, that they were just passing by. The arrancar laughs and shoots off from his fist something that looks like a Bala straight at Seireitou. Only to be caught by Bella, with little effort, Seireitou widened his eyes at her ability.

Bella smiled, asking Seireitou to go onward, while she took care of this arrancar. Seireitou refuses, but Bella turns around, giving him a light hug, begging him to let her take him on herself. Seireitou, though hesitant, agrees and takes his leave, into one of the halls of Lo Sol. Bella turns to face her opponent and reveals that she has the rank of the former 3rd Los Cinco Dios - Bella Pelear - and begins to overpower him in Reiatsu. The arrancar, however, is not easily defeated, and reveals himself to be the Décima Espada, Cólera Incuestión. Afterwards, Colera is still losing to Bella, but they hesitate to deliver fatal blows midway-through the fight. Wanting to end the fight quicker, Bella then releases her Zanpakuto, shouting "Love...!". She successfully releases her zanpakutō (which Colera attempts to thwart, knowing the tables will turn against him should she succeed) and overwhelms Colera, but just before finishing him, freezes her movements.

He demands that Bella finish him off, but Bella refuses to, telling him it is against her nature to kill. When her back is turned, Colera ambushes her and attempts to cut her by releasing his Zanpakuto, Pasitorabia, but Bella turns and cuts through it, breaking Colera's sword. After it shatters, Colera falls to the floor, revealing that Bella's cut caused nerves of Colera's body to be cut as well, making him fall unconcious. With that, Bella takes her leave to assist Seireitou.

News of the Fallen

Deep in the heart of Lo Sol, news of the Eximo Espada falling is discovered by Perentorio. He sighs, calling all of them trash for losing to some Humans and Shinigami. He heads for a dark room, with multiple sealings and pentagrams listed all over the room. Perentorio then states that his kami is almost here, and all it will take is alittle more reiatsu from fights.

Seireitou on the other hand, is running down a hallway, trying to find his way around, and ends up confronting several Numeros of the Espada, to which is easily cuts through. He keeps one alive and demands to know where the throne room is. The arrancar smirks, which causes Seireitou to kill him right then and there. Disgruntled, Seireitou tries to sense out a Los Cinco Dios' Reiatsu using his Bakudou. Finally tracking one, he heads off in that direction.

He soon makes it into the throne room, where he is greeted by Perentorio. Seireitou demands to know where Termino will be resurrected, to which Perentorio replies saying that he will have to beat it out of him. Seireitou, being the impacient one, agrees to charges at Perentorio.

The Gap Between Heaven and Hell: Seireitou Kuchiki vs Perentorio Vida - Lo Dio Primera


Perentorio preparing to fight Seireitou Kuchiki

Perentorio draws his blade, clashing with the powerful combatant. The two began to fight elegantly, each being able to parry the other's thrusts and strikes. Perentorio comments that Seireitou's fighting style is unlike that of a Shinigami, more hollow-like. Seireitou states that he is not a Shinigami, but a Hollow/Shinigami unison. Perentorio asks if Seireitou is a Vizard, having some knowledge of of the species of Mask-wielding Shinigami. Seireitou shakes his head and reveals that he is in fact a Xiāochú, which is more powerful then a Vizard, by large amounts. Perentorio, who is know intrigued, asks Seireitou to explain what this "Xiaochu" is. With a punch to Perentorio's face, Seireitou reponds thathe will show him what it is.

As the fight progresses, Seireitou slowly but surely begins taking control, being able to block all of Perentorio's thrusts, and even cut Perentorio's shoulders quite a number of times. Perentorio, who is now satisfied, begins to release his Zanpakuto. However, tricks Seireitou, and actually fires off a Cero Oscuras from the tip of his sword, crashing into Seireitou with a large explosion. In the aftermath of the cero, Seireitou's body was badly bruised, but he stood fine, nevetheless. He smiled, asking Perentorio if he would like to see his Bankai. Perentorio comments that he would love to see it, but it wouldn't be enough to fight against his release state. Seireitou, who is now interested as well, asks if he can see Perentorio's release state. Perentorio who meerly sighs, replies with an "alright" and begins to release his Zanpakuto.

Perentorio's Release State

Perentorio releases to Kill Seireitou

Released with the command, Shroud all Sight and Sing that Chained Raven's Melody, Perentorio releases his Zanpakuto, Umbriocuervo. In his Release state, Perentorio grows two large black wings as his feet also turn into Raven's feet. Also, his hair color changes from white to black and his eyes become black with blue pupils, something unusually never found in any other Arrancar. Also, the left side of his face is covered in black markings. Perentorio then addresses himself as Lo Dio Primera, or otherwise the First God of Los Cinco Dios, Perentorio Vida.

Seireitou claps his hand, saying that his release is much more interesting than Seireitou himself first assumed. Perentorio smirks and then proceeds to shoot off hundreds of Ceros from the tip of his sword, all exploded within the instant they hit Seireitou. Out of the smoke, Seireitou stood in a dark aura, as he stated Bankai - Lǎotiān Xūnquándìhú. When first activated, Seireitou's body is wrapped around in a dark purple/violet veil around his back. His arms are covered in a thick spiritual energy armor and his hair turns blue but becomes shorter. His bare chest is showing with a small dark jacket wrapped around him. In this stage, Xūnquándìhú takes the form of a giant axe-like weapon bearing two crescent moon blades fused together at the backs with a large looped chain connected to the shaft at the end of the handle. The chain is connected to Seireitou's belt allowing him to perform long-ranged attacks. Seireitou comments that he dislikes using Shikai so Perentorio will have to settle for Bankai instead.

Seireitou's Bankai

Seireitou releases Bankai!

Perentorio is now giddy for once in the time he has fought, saying that he himself doesn't know how this fight will result in, which is a first for him. He shoots off a powerful Cero Oscuras once more, which seems to disappear upon hitting Seireitou. Perentorio, who is shocked, asks what the hell that was. Seireitou comments that an interesting feat about his spiritual energy is the fact of it being pure distortional energy, erasing anything that contacts with it. Ideally making it a atmosphere of black holes. All an opponent usually has is their own energy while he has the entire atmosphere. Also, his already high levels of speed have increased to such amounts that in conjuntion with his own pure distortional energy, he can manipulate interactions. However, in order to stabilze this power from destroying his surroundings, he uses a "cycle" of his energy, where he will exert and insert his energy inorder to keep himself and his surroundings from being destroyed by the distortial energy.

Sighing, Perentorio states that this won't be as easy as he first believed. He then states that he himself has an ability similar to that, a cero actually. While Seireitou doesn't believe him, Perentorio condenses his Reiatsu into a black ball with white lining around it. As Seireitou begins to call out an attack, Perentorio fires his Cero Vaporización, and Seireitou uses his technique, Shikon Hisakiten. As the two attacks blow off the dome of Lo Sol, signaling the others where Seireitou is fighting. Ryan and Matt flash step for the location, as do Kouhei and his friends. Hikaru and Rukia run off toward the smoke from the clash, to which Hikaru thinks that Seireitou better be alright.

In the damage's aftermath, Seireitou and Perentorio stood unharmed, as Ryan and Matt appeared at that same second. Ryan and Matt both draw their Zanpakuto, but Seireitou tells them to back away. Ryan looks at Seireitou, remembering that he himself never got the privilege to fight Sei's Bankai, and since this Arrancar could, this meant that Ryan could not fight this Arrancar on equal footing. He and Matt back away, as Kouhei, Nadeshiko, and Keiskau all arrive as well. Seireitou jokingly comments what took them so long, to which he got a comic reponce from Hikaru, who both he and Rukia were sitting at a ledge of the destroyed Dome.

Perentorio chuckles, and reseals his Zanpakuto. Seireitou asks if he is giving up, and Perentorio meerly replies that it is time for Master to awaken. With Sonido, Perentorio disappears within an instant, forcing Seireitou to give chase. Ryan and the others follow, except for Hikaru and Rukia. Rukia asks if they should have a chance if they fight together against Termino. Hikaru replies, that it is only possible if their group's power somewhat quintuplied in the next 5 minutes. With a shocked expression, Rukia heads off to stop Seireitou from doing something rash. Hikaru sighs, that he forgot to mention that even if their power quintuplied, they still wouldn't have a chnace in the slightest. And with that, Hikaru gives chase to the group.

Resurrection: Termino's Awakening

Seireitou was in the lead, chasing down Perentorio as he stopped at an unusual room, with pentagrams and diagrams everywhere. Seireitou questioned what this room was, to which Perentorio who was in the shadows, answered that it was their God's resurrection room, and that he and his friends have a front row seat. Sparing no time, Seireitou dashed to stop Perentorio, but to no avail. He bounced right off a cero-based barrier created by Perentorio.

Desparate to stop Termino's resurrection, Seireitou prepared a cero and fired it at the barrier, but failed. Ryan, Matt, and Kouhei all arrived, with Nadeshiko, Keisaku and Rukia following. Seireitou tells them to all fire at the barrier, and stop the resurrection. They all draw their respective weapons and attack the barrier. Even with all their effort, the barrier refused to budge. Perentorio smirked at their attempts and then turned around, where a small stand of royal standing was glowing and emiting a gold and black smoke.

Termino Muerte

It's too late. Termino has been awakened. What does this spell for Seireitou and the others?!

With a final chance, Seireitou closed his eyes, and opened them, revealing them to be faintly glowing red. He aimed his sword, and used Shikon Hisakiten with all his might, and was able to shatter the barrier, but it was too late. As the smoke cleared, a man taller then Perentorio with black and blue-tinted short hair stood next to him, staring at the group, with his hand on his hilt. All looked forward in shock, but none more than Seireitou. Termino stared at Seireitou, and called him out with the name "Unagi". Seireitou shakes his head, saying that he isn't this Unagi person, but his name is Seireitou Kuchiki. Termino smirks, and asks Seireitou if he knows Unagi personally. Seireitou, who finally regains his composure, shakes his head, retorting that he does not know. Termino then sighs, and addresses himself as Término Muerte, the God of Hueco Mundo. Seireitou swings his blade around with his hand, and aims it at Termino. The group along with Seireitou prepares to face Termino in battle.

Desperate Attempt to Win: Seireitou, Ryan, and Kouhei vs Término Muerte - The God of Hueco Mundo

Seireitou charges in first, with his sword emiting a powerful aura, and slices at Termino. Termino blocks all the thrusts with nothing but his finger, and at the final block, laughs at Seireitou's pathetic attempt to defeat a God. Ryan joins the fight, and pushes Seireitou out of the way, using that chance to hit Termino, who meerly blocks Ryan's attack with his knuckle.

Ryan quickly activates Bankai, calling out it's name, and dons his Hollow Mask. At first, Ryan seems to have the upper hand, but is instead being toyed with. Ryan's dragon charges at Termino, and attempts to eat him alive. Termino smiles, sending off a Cero into the dragon's mouth, making it's mouth full of smoke. Ryan calls out for his dragon, and is able to catch him. In the meantime, Seireitou dons his Hollow Mask and charges with his Bankai from his previous fight, and clashes with Termino's newly created Energy Blade. Termino pushes him off, and uses a cero right into Seireitou's stomach, blowing him away. At this time, a large purple hawk-like reiatsu attacks Termino, but he halts the attack with one hand. Kouhei joins the fight, and sends off another hawk-like attack, but this time, Termino draws his blade and cuts it like butter, right down the middle.

Kouhei asks how something like this is possible, and Hikaru, who seemed to have just arrived, tells Kouhei that Termino is a being of immense power, and people like him, cannot be beaten easily. Kouhei smirks, saying when is it ever easy, and dashes off to fight Termino, but Hikaru stops Kouhei by grabbing his shirt's collar. He orders Kouhei to not get involved, and let Sei and Ryan handle this. Seireitou, with his donned mask, clashes with Termino again and again, but fails to land a hit on him. Ryan, who finally gets back up, sends off a powerful cero from his finger at Termino, and it hits. The smoke clears, to reveal that it didn't make even a scratch on Termino.

Seireitou's eyes turn a fierce red, and charged at Termino, causing a bright light to envelop the field. Suddenly, memories of both Sei and Termino covered the field intensely, and several voices could be heard. Just a myriad of voices, from different directions as the bright light enveloped Sei, Ryan, Kouhei, and Hikaru.

May the Clock's Hands Fall

Hikaru's Secret

Seireitou and the others awoke from the light's glow, and found themselves in a field. Hikaru, who was already up, was looking around, and sighed. He said that they seem to be back in time. Seireitou, who was curious, asked how Hikaru could possibly know this. He replies by telling Seireitou that he and Rukia were once Captains of the Línghúnwěiyuán, or the Soul Councils. Seireitou looked down, as Hikaru told his tale of back in the day.

After he finished, Seireitou noticed that Ryan and Kouhei were waking up. It seemed that only they four were brought back in time. Seireitou then faced Hikaru, and asked him what they should do now. Hikaru also sighed, and stated that there must be a reason why they were brought back in time. At that time, a Shinigami had arrived, looking for General Kurosaki, to which Hikaru answered, asking what he wanted. He told Hikaru that Commander-General Kuchiki is assembling a meeting for himself and Hikaru, straight away.

The Línghúnwěiyuán

Unagi Kuchiki

Commander-General Unagi Kuchiki

Hikaru is brought along with Sei and the others to the Soul Council's location, which was a large Japanese temple-like place with several temples and houses and such. Hikaru told Seireitou and Ryan to wait as he and Rukia went into the largeest temple. Sei and Ryan snuck along with windows, to watch the meeting.

Unagi addressed the two as General of the 13th Council, Hikaru Kuromeru and General of the 4th Council, Rukia Kuromeru. Hikaru sat backwards in his chair, and asked what he wanted. Unagi told Hikaru and Rukia that last night, General of the 8th Council, Nyorai Kuchiki left the barracks and escaped to god knows where. Hikaru comically replied saying we should ask God then where he went, to which Unagi facepalmed himself, and then stated that they discovered that he was last seen in Hueco Mundo.

Unagi then asks that Seireitou and Ryan should now enter. Hikaru has a shocked expression at first, but then laughs, saying that he should have known Unagi was behind that. Seireitou and Ryan, who were equally as shocked, fell through the window, quickly getting to their feet meeting Unagi head on.

The Truth: Unagi's Reason

Unagi tells Seireitou and Ryan that they are not back in time, but in a region known as Reiji Maigo, and a special sector where his spirit lies, which happens to be in a different time period. Seireitou then asks why Unagi brought them here, to which he reponds telling them that he needs to tell them something about Termino.

When Seireitou asks what he is talking about, Unagi states that he will tell them the tale of Termino Muerte, who was once named Nyorai Kuchiki, a General of the Soul Councils, and once, Unagi's own brother.

A Tale of Termino

The Women They Loved

Unagi brought them to a time back then, using a special kido of his, to where they seemed to be like hologram ghosts, watching over the past. A women of beautiful proportions was walking by them, but obviously did not notice them. Unagi addressed her as Yukinami Kuchiki. Hikaru was about to ask who she was, and Unagi nodded, telling them sadly that she was indeed his wife. As it turns out, his brother, Nyorai was also in love with her as well, and was jealous of his brother.

The Rivalry

Unagi explains that he and his brother were close but also shared a powerful rivalry. They had always competed with eachother, even having contests to see which one would succede to what first. In the case of who would learn Bankai first, Nyorai had won, but Unagi himself soon was able to learn to release his Bankai's full power first. The two, though competive, were very close friends and advisors to eachother, when no-one else was there for them. After he got married to Yukinami, Nyorai soon found himself with his own wife as well. Seireitou sighed, stating that he knew the feeling, of having no-one in his life and understands what Unagi meant by that.

Breaking Point

However, once Unagi was elected to the Commander-General position, and Nyorai to the Eighth Division, Nyorai became jealous of Unagi's standing in political matters. If that weren't enough, when Unagi revealed at a Summit of the 15 Generals of the legendary release, Shukai, this was Nyorai's breaking point. He was officially jealous of Unagi's power. Desparate to gain more power, he made a deal with the Hueco Mundo leader at the time, and obtained an item known as the Hollow Emperor's Crest, an item that would allow Nyorai to switch sides, and become an Arrancar Xiāochú, in contrast to Unagi being a Vizard Xiāochú.

Battle that Shook the Heavens

He obtained a release known as "Tercera Etapa", a release that could match, if not best the might of Shukai. He returned to the Soul Society, with a new name, Termino Muerte, and declared that he would end the existance of the Shinigami and control Existance, to best his brother once and for all. In a bloodly battle for existance, Unagi obtained the upper hand, with his Shukai, and began to overpower Termino. Termino, knowing he would lose, used his newfound powers to brainwash Unagi's wife, Yukinami, to attack Unagi. Unagi couldn't hurt her, due to him refusing to hurt his beloved. Termino used this chance, and cut Unagi down. Unagi, with his last bit of energy, tackled Termino into a Garuganta, and forced the two into Hueco Mundo.

Unagi knew his time drew near, and focused the last amount of power, pushing Shukai to it's absolute limits, along with most of his blood and used a sealing art to seal Termino within, what is now called, Lo Sol. He staggered onwards, thinking back to Nyorai's younger days, as Termino angerly yelled for Unagi to let him go from this seal. Unagi meerly ignored Termino's demands, remembering the great times he shared with Nyorai, and slowly closed his eyes to his death, as Termino was finally sealed for good. As Unagi fell to the floor, a garuganta opened up under him, teleporting him to the Soul Society, in front of the battle-worn generals. They weeped for their fallen commander, as Unagi's blood leaked all over the floors.


With the ending of the story, Seireitou and the others remained quiet for several minutes, and then Seireitou finally got up the courage to ask if Unagi could help them defeat Termino now. Unagi replies that he cannot, for he doesnt exist any longer, and has no right doing something that he isn't destined to do. Unagi then tells them that Seireitou is actually Unagi's reincarnation, and is the one who will defeat Termino. Seireitou looks down, but Unagi tilts his head up, telling Seireitou that he will find the answer, he knows it. And with that, another light shines and knocks out the group once more.

The Battle of Soul Society

Termino Makes His Move

Seireitou, Hikaru, Ryan and Kouhei awake to see themselves cornered by Rukia, Nadeshiko, Matt, and Keisaku who were all trying to help them. As they awoke, they noted that they were in the deserts of Hueco Mundo now. Rukia helps them understand that situation, that after they were defeated and taken out, they disappeared. But as Rukia and the others were walking out, their bodies were brought back. Ryan asks why Termino didn't kill them off, but Rukia tells him that she used a Kido to teleport them away from Lo Sol.


The Captains Arrive to Defend the Seireitei

After Seireitou thanked Rukia for protecting everyone, Termino makes an announcement to all of Hueco Mundo, that he has closed the gargantas that Seireitou used for entry into Hueco Mundo. He informs them that he is leaving to destroy the Seireitei and leaves Perentorio to take charge of Lo Sol. Termino is then "greeted" by the remainder of the Gotei 13. Hikaru tells Seireitou that he was anticipating an attack from the arrancar and planned on warning Byakko right from the start.

Returning to Defend their Home

Seireitou asks Hikaru how they can return without the Garuganta. Hikaru smirks that Termino forgot about the Garuganta that Hikaru summoned himself when he showed up, and had Rukia teleport them to the garuganta. As they all entered, Kouhei refused to, saying that he has matters to attend to. Seireitou asks why Kouhei feels it is nessicary to defeat Perentorio. Kouhei replies that Perentorio was the one who crushed him back in the Soul Society, and made him think he is nothing but an ant. He wants to settle the score, and show Perentorio that he isn't a child. Kouhei at that moment, confessing his love for Nadeshiko, and promises that he will return.

With that, he kicks off in Bankai and heads off in the direction of Lo Sol, to challenge and defeat Perentorio. Seireitou and the others head off for the fight against the Espada.

Interception: Seireitou and Unagi

Inside the Garuganta, as the team is running along, Seireitou instantly disappears from the group in a burst of light. Hikaru and the others are startled, but Hikaru tells them to move on, for he believes that there was a reason he disappeared.

Within a room of light, Unagi confronts Seireitou, and tells him how he expects to challenge Termino with his current level. Seireitou looks down, and replies that he doesn't know. Unagi tells Seireitou he must first learn to use Shukai, above everything else. And with that, Seireitou's training under Unagi began.

Foxes vs Wolves: The Gotei 13 vs The Eximo Espada's Top Espada

Mirror of Light's Ring: Captain Hikaru Kesshi and Captain Jason Garrick vs Entierro Benso - The Tercera Espada

Jason garrick sixth division captain

Captain Jason prepares to face an Espada

As the Gotei 13 Captains split up to fight the espada, Hikaru of Squad 9 and Jason of Squad 6 cornered one of the three Arrancars on the front lines. Los Cinco Dios were alongside the area around Termino and his two commanders. Jason asks the Arrancar for his name, to which the arrancar sighs and states that he doesn't feel like telling. Hikaru on the other hand, draws his sword, setting it in Shikai which it is named Hikariyajuu. Jason tells that Hikaru is serious and sets his own Zanpakuto into Shikai, it's name being LeiShen.

The arrancar facing them calls them weak, and draws his own Zanpakuto, a normal katana with a black guard and yellow-green hilt. He addresses himself as the Tercera Espada, Entierro Benso. Hikaru sighs, and then smiled, telling Jason that they are in for a hell of a battle. Jason tells him that he will go in first, and Hikaru can follow his lead. And with that, the two dash for Entierro.

The fight consists of several clashes of weaponry. Jason and Hikaru are seen with blood all over them, with Entierro with barely a scratch on him. Jason smiles, and tells Hikaru that he has a plan, but needs him to distract Entierro. Hikaru sweats slightly, and sighs, but agrees and flash steps at the arrancar.

Jason garrick bankai

Jason Releases Bankai! What is his plan to defeat the Arrancar?!

Jason yells out "Bankai" and gains a giant sword about 6 feet long and one foot wide with jagged edges surging with electricity. He also has a steady drum plays around when his bankai comes. His costume changes as well. He loses the captain robes and normal shinigami attire. He gains a dark gold tang top with a symbol of a drum and hammer on the back along with dark gold shinigami pants. He also gains a small waist scarf that glides along 6 or so feet. Jason calmly states his Bankai's name, Zuizhong LeiShen.

Hikaru is continuing to fight with Entierro who releases his Zanpakuto, Kagami, and traps Hikaru in a mirror world, forcing Hikaru to face multiple illusions. However, Jason uses this chance, and uses his Bankai's special ability, Tidao Dianjukai. He slams his Zanpakuto on Entierro's shoulder, and speaks the words for his technique. He is able to rip off not only the should but also able to cut Kagami in half, freeing Hikaru. Entierro, who is now angry, charges at Jason but reveals that a large sword of light had struck Entierro through the chest by none other then Hikaru. Hikaru sighs, stating that he gave them quite the hassle, but never stood a chance against the Gotei 13. With a gasp of breath, Entierro falls from the skies, and is presumed to be dead.

The Way of the Blade: Captain Masaru Fujibayashi vs Valor Alma - The Segunda Espada


Captain Masaru corners Valor Alma, the Segunda Espada

With a sigh from his pipe, Captain Masaru Fujibayashi cornered another espada, with a more older appearance and longer hair. Masaru pays no attention to the arrancar, and finally, letting his anger get in the way, the arrancar asks if they are gonna fight or not. Masaru finally faces him, and states that the reason he cornered the arrancar was to kill him, not to fight. The arrancar chuckles, and addresses himself as the Segunda Espada, Valor Alma. Masaru gives a small chuckle, and then charges in, with his Zanpakuto, Dōraku.

But as Masaru slices at Valor, he then slows down Masaru's thrust and counters this by grabbing his arm and throwing him away. As Masaru recovers from the throw, he then analyzes what Valor's power is. Seeing the look on Masaru, Valor then tells her the power of the Espadas, the aspects of death. He then demonstrates his powers by "aging" Masaru's bones, breaking them in the process.

Valor's Release

Valor Releases and Seems to Have the Upper Hand

Masaru ends up losing his left arm due to this power, but then smirks, saying he only needs one arm to kick his ass. Laughing at Masaru's inability to grasp the situation at hand, he then releases his zanpakuto, Demoniorey with the command, I announce the great individual, fluid as Nature, chaste, affectionate, compassionate, fully armed; I announce a life that shall be copious, vehement, spiritual, bold, And I announce an end that shall lightly and joyfully meet its translation, to finish the battle. Masaru then discovers just how terrifying Valor's power really is as the building he stood on aged and rusted into nothingness. The Espada then unleashes his horrifying aura all around Masaru, which inflicts him even as he is running away, his left shoulder quickly rotting away to the bone.

He ends up having to cut off the shoulder, leaving nothing left of his left arm. He then sighs, stating that he wish he didn't have to resort to it, but it seems like he has no choice. With a sming of his sword, he states "Bankai" and releases Dōraku-Kensei. Valor laughs at what a pathetic Bankai it truly is. Masaru sighs, as he disappeared, revealing that he landed several hits on Valor and retreated to the other side. Valor ponders why he seems so weak, and Masaru tells him that his Bankai allows him to take the reiatsu from his opponent with even slice. He also goes on to mention that since his Bankai also slows down speed, having his and Valor's ability up against eachother cancels them out, making Masaru himself much faster.

Masaru tells Valor he wishes this didn't have to happen, but it could not be avoided. Valor, with a last chance, shot off what appeared to be a grey cero, but Masaru absorbed it with his Bankai's power, and used that cero's power along with the other amounts to slice at Valor once more, which resulted in a strike that cut along the entire chest of Valor, causing him to fall to the ground. It is unknown if he is dead or alive.

Twilight and the Dog: Commander-Captain Byakko Kirisake vs Divina Vida - The Primera Espada

501px-Divina Vida2

The Primera Espada faces the Commander-Captain

Byakko Kirisake

Commander-Captain Byakko Kirisake makes his Move

The only one left from the espada is a small girl with long white hair, that is spiky around the end, and all spiky on the top. She has what appears to be fox/dog ears ontop of her head. Captain Zukia Tojiro requested that he face her in battle, but Commander-Captain Byakko Kirisake tells him that he will face her in battle. Zukia asks why, and Byakko asks if Zukia is blind. He tells Zukia that Divina has untapped Reiatsu well beyond that of anyone else here.

Byakko takes off his Captain's Haori, revealing ntohign but his black shihakusho. Byakko stares down Divina seriously, and laughs, which makes even Divina angry. Byakko comically tells Zukia he can take this fight if he wants to. Divina, who is now angry, yells at the Head Captain to fight her. Byakko sighs, telling her that he is too strong for her, and that she should go play with dolls somewhere else while the adults are fighting. Divina, who is now pissed beyond words, fires off a cero at the commander with supreme force. Byakko meerly dodges it while Zukia blocks it with his blade.

Divina's Release

Divina's Release is unlike that of any other Espada. What does this spell for the Head Captain?!

Divina sighs, and draws her blade. Zukia, who is already in his Shikai state, and uses his Benehime copy. Divina clashes several times with the 5th Division captain, but barely makes any parries. Zukia comments on how quickly he will end this fight, and Divina smiles to these comments. She faces back to the Head Captain and asks if he will fight her if she releases. Before he answers, she states Bark at the Midnight Moon, her command, releasing Perroespíritu. An Inu spirit began to circle around her. Divina then stated that she is the only Espada who's age and power level change in her release. Zukia and Byakko both are confused what she means but when she releases, and shows herself to be a girl in her 20's, Byakko orders Zukia to retreat and allow him to fight instead.

One of the female Los Cinco Dios watches Divina as she releases, and sighs, stating that even she will not be safe from this upcoming fight. Around this time, a cat-like female jumps into the fight between Divina and the Captains. Byakko chuckles, welcoming her, and names her Rika. Divina, as well as Los Cinco Dios and even Termino looked over to the side, to see several new figures holding blades at their sides. Byakko welcomes them, calling them the Vizards. Termino also recognizes them, and tells his Los Cinco Dios commanders to prepare for the upcoming fight with the Vizard, for they will be a bigger challenge then the Gotei 13.

Divina chuckles, and orders Byakko to awaken his Bankai to fight. Byakko tells Divina that he doesn't need it. Divina holds out her hand, holding a condensed ball of reiatsu and fired it as a laser at Byakko, yelling Inukōtsu Taihō at the same time. Byakko takes the brunt of the attack, and in it's aftermath, is weakened greatly. He states that he underestimated this girl, and aims his blade at Divina. With the common phrase Bankai, Byakko releases his Mugen Tenrai-Hakurei. In this stage, Byakko's upper body takes the form of white and gold dragon scales. He also grows 2 white wings and a dragon tail with different color jewels on it, very similar to the spirit's body. Divina notes how cool it is, yet shrugs it off and charges in. Byakko sidesteps slowly, and slices down at Divina, stating Saigyoku Tenraiankoku. Byakko comments how brave Divina was for being able to fight on equal terms with the Head Captain of the Gotei 13, and with his technique, caused a multitude of twinkling lights to appear which then form together around Divina creating a huge sphere which engulfs everything within her radius. Inside of the sphere, Divina is competely absorbed and deprived of reiatsu and is slowly crushed by the surrounding reiatsu. As the attack fades away, Byakko catches the falling Divina and places her gently against the floor, and nodded, respecting Divina's fighting.

Byakko now turns to the Vizards and the other Captains, and back to Termino, which now the 4 remaining Los Cinco Dios have now prepared to fight, by releasing their Reiatsu, amking 4 large pillars of different color reiatsu surround the captains. Byakko now declares, this is all-out war.

Ragnarok of the Gods: Clash of the Titans

The Two Sides of Death: Kouhei "Suzaku" Tandokuno vs Perentorio Vida - Lo Dio Primera

Elsewhere, far away in Hueco Mundo, Kouhei Tandokuno was dashing through the air, heading for the Lo Sol palace to face his supposed rival, Perentorio Vida. Within Lo Sol, Perentorio begins making preparations for Termino's return, assured that his fight with the Gotei 13 will be a quick one. However, Kouhei breaks in from the ground below, ready to battle. After Perentorio brandishes his sword, Kouhei questions if Perentorio now considers him a "worthy opponent". Perentorio states that Kouhei is a threat to Lo Sol and must be destroyed. Satisfied, Kouhei charges at his opponent and begins his fight with Perentorio.

Perentorio air-kicks Kouhei, attempting to throw him off-balance and open for an attack, but Kouhei, seeing through his tactic, quickly dodges the air-kick and swings his sword at Perentorio, wanting to wound him in retaliation for cutting his right shoulder. Perentorio quickly leaps over the sword and attempts to attack Kouhei in mid-air, but the latter, still wanting to injure Perentorio in retaliation for his earlier injury, uses Manakotaka, but Perentorio effortlessly slashes through it, much to Kouhei's surprise. Taking advantage, Perentorio suddenly vanishes for a brief moment and attacks Kouhei from behind, though the latter instinctively blocks his sword and continues the fight, with Kouhei slightly gaining the upper hand, much to Perentorio's surprise.

Perentorio, apparently losing his patience, drives Kouhei into a wall and lunges his sword at Kouhei's head, the latter of whom barely dodges, severely damaging the wall as a result. In retaliation, Kouhei swings his sword at Perentorio's head, but the latter quickly blocks the attack with his own sword and side-swings it at Kouhei's head once more. Kouhei then instinctively ducks his head as Perentorio attacked, drove him to another piece of the wall (as the latter had done beforehand), and swung his sword at Perentorio's head yet again, only to have him swiftly dodge the attack by ducking. Perentorio again lunged his sword at Kouhei's eye, calculating that he would be easier to kill should he succeed. Predictably, Kouhei dodged the attack once again, only to have Perentorio quickly lunge his sword at Kouhei's eye three more times before destroying a piece of the wall Kouhei had drove Perentorio into earlier.