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The Doctor
The Doctor
The Professor of Madness
Race Human (Quincy)
Birthday September 11th
Gender Male
Height 5ft 9in
Weight 189lbs
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Affiliation Inner Circle
Occupation Leader of the Schwarze Kreuz
Previous Occupation Lieutenant of the Blitzkrieg
Team Schwarze Keruz
Previous Team Blitzkrieg
Partner The Commandant
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Hölle auf Erden (Mobile Fortress)
Personal Status
Relatives Son (Unknown)
Education Extensive Knowledge of Multiple Spiritual Species including Sub-Spiritual Gifted Humans, Has incredible knowledge of the Quincy Arts and technology, Artisan of War
Shikai Unknown
Bankai Unknown

The Doctor, otherwise known as the Professor, is the Head of a secretive, militant Quincy group known as the Schwarze Kreuz. They are nemesises of both the Soul Society of Japan as well as the Quincy Order. Secretly, however, the Doctor provides intelligence, technology, and weapon plans to the Commandant, to further the means of cleansing the World of the Living and the Spiritual Realms of all that is not True Quincy, readying his own force to serve him when needed.

He's been said to have been responsible for a Quincy massacre fifty years before the modern date, what was called the Pale Screams Genocide. Utilizing specially Genetic Modular Souls, the Doctor made sure to target a certain genetic strand he was convinced that could undermine the coming future True Quincy what he would call the Apex Predators of the Quincy race. He narrowly escaped death from the hands of both Hiryū Ishida and Taigen Funzen before disappearing back in the shadows, rarely heard from again as he awaited silently to bide his time for the next cleansing war.








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