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After the Defeat of Shade and Ciel, Setsuhiro and his group. With Ankoku, The Child Osanago and The Kuishinbou Gang'. Having have created his great demonic army. Through the boy, Hayashi and the defeat of Ciel. They start to march along with his army. To take over hell, then making Kokuzoku Kuishinbou. The new ruler oh hell.

Heaven & Hell...Or Is It?[]

"Come men, we have defeated Shade and his son. We will now open hell up and take over!" Setsuhiro shouted as all of his men, started to march. In a big procession, the high ranking officers, riding horses, many demons carrying banners. While the Kuishinbo Brothers, where being pulled in their own japanese looking carts.


It was times like these that Dorothy found inexplicity boring. While on one hand it was nice to be out of Hell, and free to do as she pleased, she also had to ensure her subordinates were...well, they needed to be kept occupied. Rutilus and Flamen were off having "fun" while the rest of her group was either away or taking care of business.

But Dorothy had a knack for finding trouble, and at times like these, she found herself making use of her old contacts, and bartering in information. To her surprise, several groups were making a lot of noise, causing quite a bit of ruckus. In fact, one of them had plans to venture back into Hell. Which caught her attention, that meant....they were originally from Hell. Now, no Diabolus would willingly go back into Hell, and those that were here, were just avatars, projections. So that left the question as to who? After a bit more prying, and liberal use of scyring magic, Dorothy had come to find that a group of Demons, or beings claiming to be demons, were leading this foray. Dorothy just had to find out.

And so she found herself overlooking this "army" of they made their ways towards...whatever destination they had in mind. Now, what to do, what to do? It didnt take long to reach an answer, in fact she had already winked out before giving it any thought.


It happened almost instantly, in one moment the army of demons was steadily moving foward, and in the next, their very world came crashing down around them, figuratively speaking that is. For an enormous magical sigil, one of such complexity, Setsuhiro would have been initially baffled by its design. It stretched across the sky, descending around them in a large dome. In front of them a woman appeared, just winked out of thin air, hovering above them with an air of superiority. Her appearance was quite strange, as her dress reminded one of a victorian school-girl, although her figure was quite voluptuous. But it was the strange wing-like protusions that gained the most attention, appearing more as wisps of darkness, with crystal prisms as the "wing". Her blood slitted eyes gazed curiously at the army, sweeping across them, as though they were cattle lined up for the slaughter. She gave a childish laugh before addressing Setsuhiro.

"Shall we play a game?"

Taking a moment, to see what is happening. The whole army coming to a stop.

"What is it?' Kokuzoku said screaming from his cart.

"Its a woman, why is she here? She couldn't have seen us? How is it Possible?" An older man, with a large bun of white hair. Said looking at the woman.

"Coming brothers, we must not be stopped by a simple woman." A man dressed as a monk, said as if he was a preacher.

"Haha whatever that woman want's we can take her on." The legender warriors Lu Bu of China said with a simle at the thought of the woman will be dead soon.

"Calm down, everyone." Ankoku said while looking at the woman.

She grins playfully at the responses, while tilting her head to the side in a thoughtful manner.

"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe," she begins gesturing to each who spoke. "...catch a demon by the throat," at this her smile grows even more sadistic, revealing razor sharp teeth, as her eyes glow with mischief. "If he hollers, let em go." The implication is clear if one is grabbed by his or her throat.

"Eeny. Meeny. Miny. Moe!" She continues gesturing until her pointed finger lands on the monk, and the last syllable accentuated as magial energy attempts to envelop the demon, wrapping around him with its tendrils like a deadly spider, apparently to suffocate him whole.

"Damn woman, we will show yah the power of the Gang!!!" He shoute again as if he was a preacher. As Shuu, jumped off his horse. Then his right arm, it being a robotic like hand. It transformed into a cannon, he then put his right hand as if he was praying. Then starting to fire apon the woman.

"You will see the power we have, you non-believer!" Shuu shouted, hoping that atlest the woman. Would be abit effected by his bullets.

"Get them!" Yelled Kokuzoku as the new demonic soldiers charged at the woman.

Dorothy looked on, as the fodder charged, and the actual threats...well more like those that could fight back before being effortlessly destroyed attacked enmass. Wordlessly, and without gesture, an bright magical sigil was conjured before her, its intricate designs glowing faintly with crimson light. The barrier that was erected grew to immensly in size, creating a definate barrier between her and the lower soldiers while simultaneously blocking the the bullets shot by Shuu.

"Ya know, I've always wanted to see a Demon." she began. "I suppose its like...humans examining chimps. Well...chimps dressing up and acting like humans. The same applies here don't you think?" she added mysteriously. Her barrier was apparently quite strong, evident by the fact that she not only showed no visible strain herself, but it held true in keeping the soldiers and the rain of bullets at bay.

"Let me ask you something, Girl?" Setsuhiro came out of the shadows, passing through the barrier with ease because of his master of Kido. Then holding his key around his neck up.

"Tell me what is it that you want in this world?" Setsuhiro asked the woman.

She peers questioningly at the device, and then back at Setsuhiro. "You ask bad questions, without knowing everything there is to know about your adversary. You're assuming, that whatever it is I want...I cant get." She laughs amusingly as though the very notion itself were ludacris. "And that whatever I in this world. What if I wanted something in all worlds? Or what if I didnt want anything at all?"

She gestures towards Setsuhiro with a lone finger, trailing the sides of his face in the air. "So that begs the question. As to why you...touched that device. My guess, is that its a focus for your power. And that you tried to," She pokes her head for emphasis. "...get in my mind." She clicked her tongue disapprovingly. ", not like the real thing. So what are you and this army planning on doing when you get back to Hell? Hmm?"

"My my woman you are very smart, though my focus is not just on this key. My guess, that you want to take the worlds don't you? Through me I can give you that, it is smiple. If you join us, then taking over hell will be easy." Setsuhiro told in a serious voice, as if he isn't surpised at the woman.

"Wrong again. You're not very good at this game are you?" She sways from side to side, as she licks a red lollipop that mysteriously appeared in her hand. Or...had it always been in her hand, and Setsuhiro just now noticed? "Now...why would I, want to go back to Hell? I went through quite a bit of trouble to get out. So...we must be talking about different realms in Hell." She says gesturing between the two of them with her candy. "You see...we're and I. You're a Hollow in a costume, prancing around like a headless chicken, pretending that you're something you're not. And not once have you asked...'who or what am I'? What a strange man. He shows no concern for a being who seemingly knows all about him, yet he hasnt the faintest idea as to who he's addressing."

"How dare you say that to Lord Setsuhiro, YOU DAMN WOMAN!" Ankoku screamed as loud as he can, that the woman doesn't know what he can be truly capable of.

Setsuhiro and Ankoku fading away into the air, while The Kuishinbou Gang remained.

"I want that woman, to add to my court. I want to see her, bring her to me. The one who can does this, will have three nights with the woman!" Kokuzoku said, while giving all the male members of the gang a boost in morale. While all the male soldiers and demons taking up arms, then all charging at the woman. While the officers and the three lengeder warriros remained behind watching the battle. The great Lu Bu of China, The Honorable Tadakastu Honda of Japan and The Serpent King Orochi. Stayed behind guarding the officers and the Kuishinbou Brothers. The three warriors becoming great demons, giving off a strong demonic aura. That would make even the most strongest warrior to stop and think.

Dorothy floats down, before abruptly appearing near one of the demonic soldiers. Surprisingly she wraps her arms around the demon, embracing him as her lips descend on his neck. His comrades look on in jealousy and wonder, and expected to hear the satisfied moan of their comrade. Instead, all they got was an agonizing scream, as his body morphed and spasmed. Within seconds the convulsing demon was seemingly absorbed into the woman, as her arms wrapped around each other. She lifts her gaze hungrily, her tongue erotically rolling across her bottom lip.

"Mmm. Not quite as filling as I thought you'd be. Well no matter. We can always play another game." Her form dissolves into mist, before reforming in the air. Her outstretched hand is held high above her head, as she grins devilishly at the army below her. Magical energy surges through the air, before solidifying into a comically colossal sized hammer. The shaft was roughly the height of a small building, while the hammer itself was the size of a building.

However its sheer girth was no detriment to the wily woman, as she hefted it almost effortlessly with one hand. With a mighty flourish she swung the hammer like a baseball bat, in an attempt to cleave through a large chunk of the army.

"Haha woman if you want to play with big things, then I will show you!" Kokuzoku said as he summoned his golden club at his side. Then ramming into the ground, it release a great deal of energy that would make most the mist fade away.

"Woman come down, hahaha or I will make you come down!" Though kokuzoku being big and fat in size, he was able to jump the great hieght that the woman was. Then liftting his golden glub into the air with ease, he trageted the woman's head. Then ramming it down to the woman, the club having great weight. Being heavier than the little hammer that the girl, calls a weapon.

'Your mine!" Kokuzoku shouted as he started to make his wieght and the clubs wieght work to his favor. With gravity being on his side, that would make both creatures start to fall to the ground.

Dorothy's summoned hammer, crashes into the army as intended crushing hundreds of demons who were unable to escape the area, while hundreds more were sent flying in random directions. Kokuzoku's leap did not go unnoticed, nor did his attack. With her free arm, she positioned it so as to block his attack. With a thunderous crack, it smashed into her arm, though she showed no visible strain by the effort. Her head turned ever so slowly to meet the gaze of Kokuzoku, watching with delight as he realized his brilliant strategy had miserably failed. Releasing her grip on her own weapon it dissipated back into energy. It was then she did the greatest insult an opponent could ever suffer.

She ignored him.

Once she stopped his attack, gravity would have caused him to descend with disbelief in his eyes, as she darted towards his army, her arm stretched out in a haymaker. Her form blew through the demonic brigade, as any that collided with her arm was folded until it was ripped apart, leaving a horrific trail of bodies. Once she came to a stop, the demons too stunned by the events were then playthings for her enjoyment as he proceeded to mow down their ranks, as she ripped through them with her bare hands, tearing them apart limb from limb, bathing in the rain of blood that followed. All the while a child-like laughter echoed throughout the battlefield.

"What are we going to do?" Gouyoku asked the officers.

"It doesn't matter, we must protect Osango!" Shuu said as he and Mahoutsukai grabbed the child, then starting to ride in the other direction. Following them, the three legendary warriors.

"Don't think about it woman your fight is with us!" The brothers said as Kokuzoku got up and Gouyoku joined him while he summoned his club as well. While the bodies of the demons, seemed to be lifeless althought. They starting to get back up again, and two showed up in the place of the first that was defeated.

"Haha you though you could have stopped these demons, these demons where created to take damage. Then two will come back in its place, this is what the boy hayashi created for us. An endless group of soldiers that would listen to us." The brothers explianed as the look of shock would make the woman feel as if she didn't fully think of her plan.

"I just hope that woman doesn't have friends around here, if she does we will have to put up a fight Shuu.' Mahoutsukai said, with a bit of concer for their safety. While he seemed to have the feeling, of something was going to happen and it wasn't the woman.

"Yes, I feel as if something maybe watching us Mahoutsukai. But my brother don't worry, we have the power of the three legendary warriors on our side. We shall, become stronger!" Shuu said as he started to sound like a preacher again.

Dorothy giggles innocently as she tears another demon apart, as she notes their strange regeneration. With a shrug she tosses the upper torso of a still screaming demon into the group that tried to flank her from behind. On contact, the demon's body inflated, until it detonated with a furious explosion that rocked the battlefield, as an enormous pillar of pure crimson energy expanded, enveloping the demons and those within a twenty meter radius. It climbed into the sky forming into a unholy cross of corruption. When it died, not even dust remained of the demons caught in its blast.

She soared into the air once more, content with letting the rest of the demon quiver in fear of her prowess. It was clear that they were nothing but cannon fodder, and that their generals were doing little if anything to stop her. When she heard the generals comment, she made sure to shut them up with that last display of power. Honestly, they thought she needed her subordinates? This was She enjoyed playing with her food, and thats all these things were to her. Food. And to an even greater degree, entertainment. She pondered on what to do next, and on a whim decided to induldge her prey. She moved, appearing in the air above the generals as they clamored about, winking at them as they saw her form.

"Ya know...I think..that maybe...juuuust all might have a chance if you came at me at the same time." She said informatively. "You two, big, fat and ugly, attack from the front." A finger points toward the legendary warriors. "You three you should flank me, one on each side and one from behind." A blood red eye lazily gazes at Shuu and Mahoutsuki. "You two should make use of your magic to provide support." She waits to gauge their reactions, tapping her foot in the air impatiently.

Enter The Demon Prince[]

"That will be enough, woman your annoyance that needs to be put in her place." Setsuhiro's voice could be heard as his hell bugs was seen flying around the area, as if Setsuhiro and ankoku where watching everything that was going on. That Dorothy herself, didn't know what is about to going happen. Then as the two officers, the three warriors and Osanago stopped. Looking for Setsuhiro, but they could not see him.

'Setsuhiro! This lady is going to hurt us, help!" Osanago said with a cry and a scream as it seemed that the sky itself started to become dark and gray. Hoping that Setsuhiro will come to his allies to help.

Dorothy huffs. "So, you finally crawl out of hiding hmm? Its about time. Playing with your fodder has gotten boring. Im impressed though. They all know they're going to die...quite pathetically at that, yet they're still following you. Well, you do have mind control, so I guess its not that impressive." She shrugs.

"So what game are we going to play?" She says arrogantly. Its obvious she considers Setsuhiro and the rest of his army as a joke without a punchline. She idly twirls her fingers in the air, red and black electricity dancing between them. Her head tilts to the side playfully, daring Setsuhiro to attack.

Setsuhiro stepped out of a small portal, behind the woman. Then holding his key again, then asking the woman in a simple way that a thing like her would understand him.

"Now there is two things I want to find out. What is your name and what is it in the world do you want?" Setsuhiro saying it slow and clearly were such a thing like her could understand him. She seemed to have a bit of too much pride in her powers. She notting know, what Setsuhiro could possible have planned for her.

During, while this is happen out of another portal. Ankoku came and appeared where all of the army where destory, he looking around the area for the brothers. Seeing them that they have survied the girls powers, though they where badly injured.

"Ankoku, that woman needs to die and I will have her skin as my personal robe." Kokuzoku said trying to get what has happened.

'Kokuzoku don't worry I have something planned for these bodies, I only need a few minutes. While Lord Setsuhiro is keeping her busy I can bring these soldiers back." Ankoku said as he put his staff into the ground, with four pillars coming out of the ground and surrounding the area where the soldiers where laying. Then begining his ceremony to revive them. While Ankoku's energy starting to be released into the air. Knowing that the woman is busy she couldn't interfere with what is going, ankoku had a evil smug under the white cloths covering his face.

She turned around to face the man, though appears somewhat annoyed. "Why do they always have to appear behind you?" She thought.

Normally powers that intrude upon the mind would crawl through its pathways, weaving a subtle web of influence in the targets mind. However, Dorothy's mind was anything but normal.

The task was infinitely more difficult than Setsuhiro could imagine. Her mind - could you even call it that? It was a mess, a complete and total sea of chaos, the second Setsuhiro thought he had her in his grasp, his progress would be inexplicably ruined, and the blacklash! God, It was like trying to swim through a thick viscous pool of blood, as tendrils sought to drown him whole. Just as he'd pry himself loose, the entire mindscape, would warp into a deathtrap, a maze to be overcome over and over and over again, each time his own mind felt as though it were sucked deeper into this endless cycle.

He was thankfully drawn out, by her trademark cheshire grin, and those crimson orbs staring at him beneath that mop of blonde hair. "I told you before, there's nothing I want, that I cant get. Today, I want to have some fun. Tomorrow? Well, I may want to release an incurable plague on a small town. The day after that? Hmm, I'm not sure. Whatever I fancy. Now," She floats back raising her hand and pointing a single finger into the sky. Energy, hot and brillant as the sun itself forms above her finger, forming an enormous sphere before compressing into a single shining point. It shoots up into the sky, disappearing into the black swirling clouds, and all was silent.

Then a terrible roar echoed through the skies, illuminating the earth below in a crimson light as the temperature suddenly rose to well over a hundred degree's, as balls of fire descended from the sky only to stop and float in the air. Individiually the miniature bombs werent dangerous, but together? Dorothy could annihilate an entire army if she wanted. And she didnt even look the least bit tired from such a complex spell.

"Orbis Labyrinthos!"

"You think you can take over hell!? I alone could crush your entire army if I wanted to! You Demons!" She says the word with such loathing and disgust. "So pathetic...running around as though you serve some sort of purpose. Hollow's who thought they could strike out on their own hmm? You dont hold a candle to the real thing. Quake and tremble as you hear my name, for I am Dorothy Furlan da Liberi! I am Hell incarnate. What you know as evil given corporeal form! Diabolus!" She laughed, a child-like laughter, though it is no less menacing. Strangely enough, lightning cracks in the background, the earth rumbles, and the wind cries, in overly dramatic fashion, typical of a villian in a childs cartoon.

"What in the world is happening? It must be Osanago he is starting to open the gate I must hurry." As ankoku thought, though it was really dorothy's doing rather than Osanago's. Ankoku put his hands together, then slamming them into the ground. A blue flame, came around the area that the dead soldiers where. Then Ankoku Shouting Phoenix Rebirth! When this was said the blues flames went into the dead and almost dead soldiers and others. Then a gaint shock wave was sent, throughout the area. That even Dorothy and the others could have felt. With this shockwave, it was able to dispell the fire ball things that was coming to Setsuhiro and the others. Though no damage was taken on either side, it clashed with the fireballs making both attacks fade away. Though the finishing reasult was the army of Setsuhiro back and stronger than ever. Then ankoku grabbed his staff and pulled out sealing tags.

"As I can apon this tags, I say this. Once these tags enter into the body, you will become a zombie like army if you are damaged your limbs will regrow. This will aid Lord Setsuhiro against that woman, now once you have come out of your sleep. Raise and listen to mine and Lord Setsuhiro's will beocme out pawns and give us hell!" Ankoku shouted as his own spiritual energy sky rockected, even to go as far as that Dorothy and Setsuhiro's forces could have felt it. By now Dorothy should have atleast be alittle scared at what is happening near by. Then Ankoku through thousands apon thousands of sealing tags into the air, eachone going to a soldier. The effect of these tags, causing many of the soldiers to double in size becoming ogre like creature.

'Now I will give you even more power. Now show them the glory of Lord Setsuhiro's arm!" Ankoku shouted as summoned weapons viva a kido spell creating them from nothing. Then as these weapons floated in the air before him, he chanted and said again.

"By these weapons, you will be able to kill this woman. Now take them and become even stronger. Bring Glory to Lord Setsuhiro!" Ankoku in a great rage as if he has had the last straw from the woman and he is going to use the best spells that he has up his sleeves.

The new gaint ogre like demons, took the weapons. Such weapons inculding Naginatas, swords and other pole based weapons. Eachone giving off a red demonic energy that would match Dorothy's. Then ankoku was not done yet, with all of this active that was going. The raising of spiritual pressure and kido going on, it seemed to have attracted some Gillian, but more of the Adjuchas classes of hollows. Seeing this as a great chance to create more chaos. Ankoku took more of his sealing tags and said.

'Hollow go and move as command, then by taking me on as your master I saw give you more power. Now come and move as I command!" Ankoku shouted getting more and more into a rage because of this one woman. Nothing like this has happened ever scine Ciel and Shade. Ankoku knew if this wouldn't work he would have to use his most famed spell. Though he will keep up his sleeve, but he then through the sealing tags into the air. This time the tags gave off a blue energy, then going into the hollows bodies they where now Ankoku's to do as he seen fit for.

"Hollows go wild act the near by cities these tags will alllow humans to see you. Make them run in fear, their emotions say feed the army." Ankoku said as he gave the order, then even after all of the spells he casted he still seemed capable of doing many more things. He then having a blue flame, coming out of his back in the form of wings. He then started to float off of the ground, then fly up the head of the gaint ogre's and the rest of the army. They began to march to Setsuhiro's and the others location.


"Setsuhiro that lady is going to hurt us please we have to leave." Osanago pulled on Setsuhiro's white cloak, crying. Crying non-stop, as then setsuhiro turned to him looking.

'Osanago shut up stupid child, I have a feeling that this battle will become winable in my favor. But you are to do it now, remember Osanago what the shinigami did to your parents. That woman is a shinigami, show her why they shouldn't have killed your parents. Release all of your power out Osanago hah." Setsuhiro said as he pointed to the woman. Then Osanago holding his head as if he was in a great pain, a strange mark appeared on his head. Setsuhiro's cursed, taking full control making Osanago feel the worse pain than even death itself.

'Mom and Dad! I want them back, you killed them you mean lady you and your shinigami friends killed them!" Osanago closed his eyes, then for a moment they opened up. His eyes become a dark and deep red, then his voice become more and more demonic. As the sky and the land started to change fast and drastically causing as if it was the end of world. Far better of what dorothy could have done, Setsuhiro knowing that a woman like her couldn't really stop a child and with the raw power than Osanago had he couldn't be stopped.

Winters Devil[]

Flamen had been watching this little war with great interest from the start, safely perched and secluded on a large stone within the boundaries of Dorothy's barrier, and now he had begun to get only slightly less docile, raising up slowly Flamen proceeded to move closer to the location of the boy who released this disturbing amount of Spiritual Power - due to the strength of the child as well as the great power of the Demon standing beside him Flamen's own energy seemed to simply vanish and thus he could easily hide his presence and moved atop a large collection of shattered rocks, roughly fifthy meters from the young child, where he was hidden by the sorrounding rocks and dirt and further concealed trough the massive Spiritual Power of the battle raging on ahead, and the combined power of Osanago and Setsuhiro.

Flamen the proceeded to slowly conjure a thick but very sharp spear of ice between his hands which began to float in the air directly in front of him. Once he'd done this he started to conjure forth four small ice pellets; as he worked his abilities in order to get just the right size and shaping their edges for them to become razor sharp - he applied the same procedure on the ice spear before he lowered his hands in order to trail a particular tatoo-like mark located on his left hand while he spoke inaudible phrases; the mark shone up brightly for a moment before a sigil of magic was enclosed upon the ice constructions he had created just earlier - enchanting them for the purpose of penetrating any magical or Spiritual defense and completely ignore the differences between Flamen and his target.

Flamen then raised his right hand as if to throw something before he slammed the flat of his palm downwards in the air - causing the thick ice lance to shoot out towards the exposed back of Osanago; aiming to stealthily kill the child before he could make more trouble for his mistress; just in case Flamen shot the four remaining ice pellets as well, who due to their lighter weight and small form seemed to completely vanish to the naked eye due to the force of the throw - and thus all five attacks headed for Osanago's back simultaneously, with the ice lance arriving shortly after the pellets.

Dorothy didnt need to see Flamen to know what he was up to. However she did agree that such a creature shouldnt be allowed to exist. Setsuhiro apparently thought that she wouldnt dare attack a child. Apparently he didnt get it, when she announced that she was a Diabolus. No matter. With a wave of her hand, her she added another effect to her barrier, and this one of her own specialty.

In an instant the battlefield was gone, at least to the eyes of Osanago. Setsuhiro was gone, even the supposed "Shinigami" was gone. Instead, he found himself drifting away in a rich blue sky, a single tree atop a plain field down below. Almost questioningly he soared lower, as two figures waved him over. To his surprise, they were...his parents!? They were alive and waiting for him! He could finally be with them again!

In the real world, Dorothy smiled viciously as the illusion took its hold. Setsuhiro was an idiot beyond wildest imagination. You never revealed your method of control to your enemy!? What if they possessed some power that allowed them to take advantage of it, like she just did?

Oh well.

The illusion should interfere with the childs emotional state at the very least, just long enough for Flamen's attack to strike true. Hmm, just to make it interesting, she changed Osanago's perception of herself and Setsuhiro, to appear as the mother and father respectively, along with his perception of the entire army to appear as a mass gathering of Shinigami. It was interesting how the mind worked. She didnt even need to use a spell to read his mind, his emotions alone were sufficient. All she had to do was latch onto the ones for his parents and the hatred for Shinigami and tug.

In the meantime, she pondered on what to do with the revived army. Ancookoo or whoever the hell he was, had begun to grate on her nerves. When you killed something, it should at least have the decency to stay dead. His spell however, was interesting, and she was glad that she could observe its effects in such detail. She partitioned off a section of her mind to toil away to see if she could replicate it. She remained focused on the task at hand however, as time slowed to a crawl as she saw Flamen's near its target. If there was one thing she enjoyed, it was crushing the hopes and dreams of those around her. And with this? She was going to kill two birds with one spear.

"........ The child is knocked out, it seems that you are very strong like me, though you don't see the full effect do you? Some creatures call themsevles strong right? Though Osanago is different, the boy's emotions he sees only shinigami and when that enemy is seen he wants them gone. Sadly woman, I knew you would have hurt the child. It is part of our nature. I only wish that he could have opened the gates, before he was knocked oh well. I guess I can still go as planned. Though I will tell you a secert, I can see what Osanago is seeing right now. Aren't you kind haha, to be honest I am the only killed his parents. I do have to coment his father, trying to defeand his wife and boy haha. I hate father and sons, such a bond is nothing but a curse. It is better to rip those bonds apart. But the child is fooled that it was shinigami haha." Setsuhiro said as it was no surpise to him, because the woman seemed to be much like him. As many of the hell bugs started to go the rock area where the ice things came from. The hell bugs began to see a man, that was watching everything.

Then it seemed that Ankoku had seen the man as well, and he began to land near his location. With his blue flame wings starting to fade as he landed. Then holding his staff, looking at the man hidding in the rocks with many of the new demons coming at his side and even some of the higher level hollows coming at his side.

'My my and who are you? A friend of that womans?" Ankoku asked the man, as the hollows and demons started to walk closer and closer to the man.

Flamen took some steps backwards as he silently activated his Instanter Motus technique, and after a few seconds he was instantly relocated to a place several yards away from Ankoku, before he actually took the time to appraise his opponents and answered their previously spoken words "I'm appalled that you describe yourself as being of our nature, which is hardly the truth, while we are true denizens of Hell you're basically only altered hollows, Pseudo-Demons if you will; more akin to an experiment really. Thus, you are naturally lesser creatures and thus you have no right to talk to my mistress!" Flamen finished solemnly and shot each of the demons a disdainful glance.

"......"Ankoku paused for a moment at what this some call 'Better" demons or whatever they call themsevles. Thinking that they could understand what he and setsuhiro are capable of They could not know what kinda of Kido they have up their sleeve. Such a pity, well it seemed that a battle was going to happen one way or another.

"Let me be blunt with you, to be honest I have no time to deal with you or that thing you call a woman. To me she seems to be more of ahhh, whats the word a Drag queen. Rather than a woman, the way she is dressed and you man. You two look like you seem to be missing from a drag show haha, I am sorry to tell you woman or man whatever the hell you are, there is no drag show here. Just the plan of opening the gates of hell, hmmm but anyway you drag thing. Tell me, you striked down that child like he was nothing. You must be as heartless as we are?" Ankoku said while he gave out a laugh after what he said at what he truly though they were.

"Heartless you say; a completely ridicolous statement - the child was, or well technically is an enemy and I'd be soft if I let the small stature stop me from finishing my duty. Had I in truth been heartless I'd never feel sympathy for the cause of my mistress - and we're drag queens are we now? Thats rich coming from a couple of guys in ornate dresses" the air crackled with ice as four thick needle-like projectiles were conjured above the Diabolus' outstretched palm, Flamen grinning in anticipation as he turned back towards the unconcious boy as he with a quick movement proceeds to release them towards the boys' vital spots, in particular his eyes and forehead so as to finish him off quickly - clearly annoyed by the fact that he failed to kill him previously, for whatever reason that may have been.


"Mom......Dad!" Osanago said laying there, then he started to get up. As if he heard all of Setsuhiro's word about what Happened to his parents. Then in a stranged possessed state. Osanago got up with a dark red aura giving off, the ice projectiles that was coming and that have come at him. Melted from the heat of his aura, becoming usless.

" my mommy and daddy.' Osanago screamed as he looked up at him with his eyes glowing pure red. Then the sky and the area again started to attack as if was the end of the world. In all this chaos both sides would to have seem to be in chaos at what is happening.

'The kid is out of control! Run run run!" Some of the surving soldiers said as the began to run away. While setsuhiro and ankoku noticed what was happening.

'Brother what is happening?" Shuu asked Mahoutsukai.

"Osanago has released his true power, hurry lets get out of here and get the spot we must hurt Shuu and perpare the ceremony. While Lord Setsuhrio is keeping them busy hurt!" They both went in the other direction and arrived at the place. Then perparing the ceremony, as the gates of hell started to been from the areas. Then the brother seemed to have been healed although they where with shuu and Mahoutsukai.

Dorothy smirked at the child, as well as Setsuhiro. There was a reason she had acquired Aurora the way she had. Instead of a boy whose mentality shifted with his emotions, who could be easily coaxed against her, she had a follower who would face even the Optimates themselves if only to please her. But she supposed that this was the best a Hollow could hope to achieve. As the gates of Hell began to open, Dorothy idly considered sending a message to Aurora to simply teleport the brat the bottom of the ocean and be done with it. Ruin this Setsuhiro's plans once and for all. Actually, she could do it. Hmm, Saturn's looking quite nice this time of year, maybe she should drop the brat off there? Or maybe, somewhere in another galaxy. Decisions, decisions.

Well whatever, it seemed that Flamen was getting heated. She giggled to herself at the thought, she loved making puns! Instead of concentrating on the boy, she would deal with Setsuhiro himself, while he was distracted by Flamen's attack. She charged at the man, before her form dissolved to appear directly below him, as her wings reached upward to grapple the mans legs, while a spell charged in her hands below.

"Woman, why do you think simple tricks could have worked on me." As setsuhiro asked, he seemed to have dissappeared in a flash from her grip of the wings and to have dissappeared again. Though he then appeared next to osanago, putting his key to the boy's forehead and then turning. The boy fell down onto the ground as he was in an acoma, then setsuhiro and the boy both faded away. As his hellbugs started to float around dorothy and around the area that Setsuhiro went to. At the time, shuu and Mahoutsukai had the gates starting to open.

"So he wants to ignore me? Fine. I'll play with his Ankoku instead. After," she thought diabolically "...I obliterate that army of his." She watched as Setsuhiro drifted off with the boy. Well, Flamen was likely to have some problem, afterall he was always getting into trouble. With a single flap of her wings she was floating next to Flamen as he prepared to deal with the oncoming army.

"Well it seems that your friend is fond of running away. But you'll keep me company, right?" She asks bashfully. Or it would have been had she been anyone else. Grinning madly, she glanced towards Flamen, with barely suppressed anticipation.

Out of all of her subordinates, Flamen was easily the most skilled with magic, especially in the destructive department. By combining their individual spells, made quite possible by her Magicus Orbis, she would use her Orbis Labyrinthos as the template, while Flamen would enhance said spell with his own elemental magic. It was interesting because said magic would instead compound in both power, scale and scope. Of course a spell of such magnitude would only serve to create a local ice age, complete with freezing winter storms, and ice the size of blades tearing apart an entire army.

Wait...thats what she wanted to do! She prepared her spell, awaiting for Flamen to begin his own. Of course, he could always supplement his own preference. In fact, lets leave it up to him. Instantly she was connected through Aurora's power, and communicated with Flamen her plan, or if he wanted to his plan. And as a side note, Aurora was then tasked with, keeping the gates of hell closed. It wouldnt do to have unwanted guests. She pondered for a moment, considering the implications of two forces with the ability to manipulate the Gates of Hell. Oh well, one was fast asleep so whatever progress he made would be undone by Aurora's meddling. While she couldnt force them open or close, she could reinforce its strength with her resonance, to prevent a force like Osanago from prying them open.

"I see now, so lord Setsuhiro had escaped with the child? So it seems that two of you against me, so it seems that Setsuhiro as placed his trust into me. Well if this plan fails we can always go back to the soothsayer, if we need to. Though Osanago is starting to grow more and more restless, though I must admit you two. You are a great threat to us, I wouldn't be suprised that you might have given Setsuhiro a scared with what you can. Maybe that's why he is being so careful with his movements. Oh well, I will keep you two busy while he and the others are getting everything ready." Ankoku said while throwing his staff into the air. Then it stopped and just started floating their, then a great black dome looking room came over the three. Keeping the three in and the rest out. Then summoning a jian sword to his hands, by using kido he took a stance and waited for the two to do something. It seemed that Ankoku had a few tricks up his sleeve that even Setsuhiro knew off. Not even the two would know, what Ankoku has thought up for thier fates.

Flamen nodded in understanding at his mistress command, as he did something odd - namely stripping off the clothing that covered his upper-body, which revealed ornate tatoo-like marks that stretched across his entire body and wove themselves into intricate locks and symbols and at the middle of his tanned chest was something akin to blunt pentagram which had several inscriptions etched onto its frame, the inscriptions written in the language of Latin and as Flamen began to chant his fingers began to trace the odd symbol perfectly and once he did so a bight white light began to emanate from the center tatoo and then like a mutltude of pulsing veins the light extended onto every tatoo on his body, extending beneath the waist band to reveal similiar glowing marks on his legs and thighs as well.

Flamen then raised his arms up above his head as his gaze followed up towards the sky, which was obscured by the black dome. Flamen muttered a single inaudible syllable as a sheet of cold began o rapidly expand outward from the position of the Snow Devil, flashfreezing the ground and every other creature who happened to come close to it as it travelled - though it seemed to ignore Dorothy completely: The sheet began to climb up across the walls of the black structure until it reached the highest point - the room shook then, as the walls shattered into countless pieces of broken ice around them, which slowly hovered high up into the air where they proceeded to shape into an elaborate sigil before they were shattered by the wind, and silence dominated the moment until.

A quake was the only indication that something was about to happen, dark clouds had already begun to obscure the sky and Setsuhiro's army had begun to get restless and they had all reason to be so because: the sheet of frost that had destroyed the black dome proceeded to expand at very rast rates across the battlefield; freezing many of the stray demons who came in contact with it before it continued to move towards the army, like a large white blanket of death: The storm the weather had been promising was unleashed in full force, as ice-cold winds induced severe frostbite on the demons caught in the wind - the blizzard quickly shrouding the area so that one could barely see one foot in front of oneself. This was however hardly the worst part though, as if on cue massive spikes of ice shot up at random intervals in the sorrounding landscape, sometimes at uncrowded areas but in a few instances the spikes shot up in the middle of the demon army, killing dozens of soldiers each - but yet the worst was yet to come, but it didn't wait long to be revealed; as huge icicles fell down from above to crash onto the ground, a shockwave and a burst of razor-sharp ice fragments sent hurtling trough the air at every crash - and continued to fall upon the ground at regular intervals afterwards - and a group of demons had broken off from the army and now ran in complete panic away from the battleground and the chaos which the young Diabolus had released upon them.

"My my I see you are very well skilled in element use, but you seem to not get every thing do you?" Ankoku voice could be heard. As he put his hands together, then opening them a bit to reveal a small flame. Then he opened his hands more and more as the flame grow bigger and bigger. Until it was big enough to form a dome looking barrier around his body very closely. Which the side effect of this spell, he got burned by the flames. Though he being use to hot places and he was a Phoenix domen. Though his whole body started to get burned, though in the end result his own body was safe from the ice that was coming at him. He seen that the boy could use elements.

"My my that burns haha!" Ankoku acted as if the flames had no effect on him. He then waited as the flame dome barrier faded away.

"So you think your better beings? Is that all you can do, my and you think of yourselfs as gods. Such a disappointment, you act as if your stronger than us haha. I just think its a just an act of vanity, look at you boy. Taking off you shirtless just to use a spell haha, cover up and you tell us about what we wear. Though there is a demon that would like to see you shirtless haha, but thats another stroy." Ankoku laughed, at the male showing off trying to be the "Tough Guy" doing anything for his mistress. It showing like a highschool guy trying to impress a dumb blond, letting his muscles talk rather than using common sense.

Ankoku finds Dorothy yawning during his monologue, and for the most appeared to be interested in her nails or parts of her wing. Once he was finished, she gave him a bored look.

"Funny, considering that you've spent most of the time, desperately trying to raise an army to fight us, and your friend there--" she says gesturing towards Setsuhiro's location.

"...has spent the better part of this battle running with his tail caught between his legs. If you really want to prove your dominance than show us. Either fight us, or run. I'm not interested in whatever ill concocted schemes you have. I just want to enjoy myself. And if that includes annihilating all of your forces. Then so be it."

Dorothy had been uncharacteristically clear to Flamen. If these other beings wanted to retreat then she was giving them the choice of doing so. Only they would lose most of their army as a result. But if the leaders instead fought against her, and she enjoyed the resulting battle, she'd be more inclined to let them leave in one piece.

As far as bargains went, this was quite the deal, considering how psychotic Dorothy ordinarily was.

"My my dear, you didn't let me finish. I hear from the Onmyōji, Sentonara. That I have now have a special treat perpared for you and that little boyfriend of yours over there. Lord Setsuhiro is a bit busy at the moment so you have to deal with me now ok. So sorry to make you feel hmm whats the world annoyed or such. I just though you would have enjoyed the suprise I have in store for you and I am sure I will enjoy it and you maybe well......not so much." Ankoku gave a smile knowing that he will have the upper-hand now after what the soothsayer Sentonara said to use again a Diabolus. As Ankoku reached into his sleeve, hoping to give dorothy and her little pet a scare. Hopefully the culeless things should have atleast picked on what Ankoku has planned.

'Now if your in the mode to make bargains, I will give you this one I have a few traps laying in wait for you. Each trap will be worse than the first. Now I will ask you and your little boyfriend to leave us and let use go on. Then my little treats don't have to be showed, by now I bet your thinking of Sentonara he is one of your people and much more stronger than you. Though he will be joining us, he has other matters to attended to. Tell me dorothy and your little boyfriend, what is you answer?" Ankoku said in a serious and knowing voice, he started to pull some kind of metal daggers out of his sleeve. Hoping that these clueless thing will pick up on it.

Flamen abruptly grinned in response to Ankoku's words before he spoke softly, almost entrancingly so in fact: "We've disrupted the portal although we can easily re-establish it should we wish to do so, perhaps we could make a deal, we'll help you in return for, the boy perhaps?" If we can send them to the realm that we escaped from the Guardian should make short work of them, and if not he, certainly his Masters; lets see if not the demon'll break his theeth on that nut!

Flamen sent his plan out to both Aurora and Dorothy, allowing it to pend approval.

"Sadly we need that child, to be honest we could always get our other resort to open hell up for us heh. Lord Sentonara seems to already know all of these events that are you going to happen. He already predicited the down fall of you dorothy, I say this you two get out of our way we have many things to do. Having strangely dressed people standing in our way does not help. Now boy move away or I am hoping that I wouldn't really have to fight a man who can only use element based attacks. The spells of the elements are the easiest to master, so to me. I also say this boy and woman you should really look where you are walking hoping this little trick will make you "Stand in one place"" Ankoku gave out a laugh as gust of wind blow away some of the dirt away to reveal a Pentagram, in a great detialed drawing that was created by ankoku through his staff. He had drawn it before hand as Sentonara said to do. Hoping that it will take full effect in keeping the things in one place. Then Ankoku jumping up in the at great hieghts pulled out 5 pure silver daggers, then throwing them into each point on the star of the penagram. Just adding more security where the things wouldn't dare to move or that they are trapped by this spell that Ankoku has created. Hoping that this effect will become ever lasting.

"Haha stupid woman and boy, now that those weakness are set up for you. I admit it took a lot to get you to step onto my Pentagran and those daggers if I am correct if it touchs you would "Melt" from the touch. My my and you say your more stronger haha, not even oni are effected by these things. Showing that we are much more better than your stupid little race. Now I sugesst you just relax in that trap for a while, I get back to lord Setsuhiro." Ankoku said gave out a great laugh at he knowing that those things couldn't escape the trap. He knowing that he had won over these weak things. Though it taking longer than planned, hopfully that the trap will stay in effect over them.

Dorothy releases a howl of laughter at the sheer gall and stupidity of her supposed "adversary". They were so busy trying to plan ten moves ahead, that they couldnt even see the ones being played out right before their eyes. "Are you daft old fool? Your brilliant," and she said the word quite mockingly. "-diviner apparently forgot to tell you, that I had two allies with me today. Not one, as you so comically believe."

All the while Aurora had been keeping an eye on the battlefield from the very beginning, and so with no small amount of effort, was able to send one of her projections and allow her mistress and comrade to simply phase right through the barrier as though it never existed. Dorothy nodded to the projection of the shimmering image of a young asian girl dressed in a floral kimono with piercing eyes, who bowed before fading away.

"Now, where were we? Oh yes, thats right I was gloating about how I was going to kill you." With a twirl of her hand, translucent crimson and black energy appear in her hand, coalacing and shaping itself into the form of an overtly large spear. "Lävatein!"

"Shall we start the dance of death?"

"Damn woman, you were to be trapped in that seal. You damn fools, you were to stay put. How could have forgot about others that can be around. You punk ass bunch, you think you can make me look like a fool!" Ankoku yelling such a rage, as he started to stand straight up making cracking sound poping his back back into place. Making him able to move at greater speeds. He then took his hat off, along with his mask covering his face. To revealed that a face that was badly scard up and had burns on it everywhere. His face was massively deformed, just the look at it can make anyone get sick to their stomach and make thier blood run cold. Then getting more into a rage, ankoku summoned Two pure sliver jian swords to his hands and began to run at Dorothy. Swinging them wildly hoping that atleast one of the blades will cut her and he will see what will happen to the demons.

Dorothy floated back, casually raising her arm, leaving her Lävatein to hang in her other while summoning protective magical sigils to act as shields against Ankoku's assault. His fury however seemed to power empower his own attacks, breaking through each magical protection Dorothy conjured, yet her damnable grin remained ever present on her face. She giggled childishly as Ankoku continued his attack, driven like a rabid dog, yet Dorothy remained just out of reach.

"Ahh, so this is what happens when you've been thrown into a corner. Losing all sense of self, tsk, tsk, tsk." She rebukes. When she finally had enough, she swung Lävatein forcing Ankoku to parry or dodge the attack. Unfortunately he would have to do much more than that, as the space he was in, and the area behind him to as far as the eye could see suddenly erupted in a blaze of unholy power, cleaving the earth apart, and setting the very air on the fire!

"Flamen, be a dear and deal with this troublesome child. I'm going to see if Setsuhiro wants to play." Without even waiting for a reply or even a reaction from her previous opponent, Dorothy took off, flying high into the sky and towards Setuhiro's location.

'No you damn woman, you will stay here. I will even go as far as martyring myself for Lord Setsuhiro. That damn soothsayer Sentonara is wrong I will not be killed here!" Ankoku yelled as he held out his hand, chains came out of his sleeve wildly trying to make their way to dorothy to hold her down. The chains giving off a demonic aura that clashes with Dorothy's which in turn. When a demon is captured by them they will become weaker and weaker, because of the two opposite energies clashing with eachother other.

"I will show you, you forced me to go as far as using my backplans. You damn brats you should learn not to get into other business." Ankoku yelled again as he gave off a massive wave of energy that would mess up dorothy's wings, hoping that she will get just a second of trying to regain herself. Then in that second the chains could warp around her and then her fate is sealed.

Dorothy grinned. Ankoku was so easy to rile up; to think that he would get so flustered over this? There was a reason it was called the "Devils Pact", Diabolus were if nothing else, masters in the art of manipulation. Predictably, he attacked, and given the distance between them, a long-range attack was due. Once again, Ankoku did not disappoint. The wave of energy washed over Dorothy; ordinarily though she would be largely unaffected by such an attack, afterall she didnt use her "wings" to fly, it was pure internalized magic. But she had a part to play and play it she did. Her wings twisted and her flight dipped, allowing the chains to wrap around her.

Though the effect was not quite what one would expect. The chains would indeed weaken a typical demon but Dorothy was of a variety that defied all logic and reason. The energy that composes a Diabolus is an interesting thing, filled with an abundance of negative emotion, thousands of souls and a mass of concentrationed spiritual energy. They were literally chaos incarnate, a "clashing" of between energy was what they were made of. Instead of having the desired effect of weakening Dorothy, the chains instead pulsed with red demonic light.

They were strengthening her power, playing into this feedback cycle of total chaos. She screamed in ecstacy as raw power whirled and clashed within her being. She glared down at Ankoku, with haughty disdain.

"So, you came to play? Well then, lets play!" Her arm lengthened slithering like a snake until her hand grasped the chain. With a tug she tried to pull Ankoku towards her as she spun in place to deliever a heel kick, wreathed in unholy crimson light towards his oncoming body.

'Lord Setsuhiro, hurry you and the others must escape. Go back to the hideout, I will just be reborn now go!" Ankoku yelled as loud as he can getting pulled by the woman. At that moment , Ankoku started to get a strange blue flame around his body. When this flame is touched by anything, it will be destory because of the heat and many other effects of it. Making it the prefect shield, this blue flame took the shape of wings. Ankoku's true form started to take shape, thinking of such a thing like this woman has make him go to his last resort. Such a sight, only Sentonara could force Ankoku to go into his true form.

"Now let us truly play woman, hahaha!" Ankoku yelled as he regained himself and his blue flamed wings went infrot of Ankoku and Dorothy, the tip of the wings formed a spear looking weapon. Then making its way to Dorothy's heart, she wanted Ankoku to get close and so she has it. Hoping that the wings, if then go into her heart she will be burned alive. Even if she somehow escaped from his flame, the tinyest touched can cause massive damage.

Quirking an eyebrow, Dorothy smirked in response to Ankoku's actions. Before contact could be made, her body began to glow faintly as a field manifested around herself. She specialized in fire magic, and so it was no surprise that she would have defenses against such attacks. Her small hand parried the molten spear, deflecting it harmlessly to the side, as she continued her spin, releasing the energy building up in her heel in a powerful wave of energy, appearing like a crescent shaped crimson slash tearing into Ankoku. However that also put her in close proximity of Ankoku's wings, whose flames roared and enveloped her before abruptly exploding. In the wake of the attack, Dorothy remained relatively unharmed, though she was covered in minor burns which began to heal from her regeneration. The shimmering field that protected her had absorbed the majority of the attack, glowing fiercely with red light, and with another pulse its strength was renewed. The blue flames that continued to burn around her pulled into her hand disappearing into an unknown void until nothing remained.

"How unfortunate for you, that my speciality lies in the magic of fire. I'm afraid your attacks wont be nearly as effective as you'd hoped." she quipped.

Flamen glanced at Ankoku and Dorothy, he had used up alot of his energy reserves when he unleashed that artic storm earlier; luckily for him though, Dorothy was a strict but fair mistress and she knew his condition. Flamen observed the efforts of Ankoku as well; the pride and arrogance the Demon exhibited was laughable, Flamen decided to tease him abit more.

Flamen's mouth curved into a mocking smile as he spoke cooly "I find it amusing that you try to ascertain your races superiourity and downplay my own claims that you are, indeed lesser beings - while you, a Demon of the highest order struggles to beat my mistress: Both me and my mistress are middle-class Diabolus, yet we two have annihilated approximately two thirds of your army unaided, furthermore you've been largely unable to wound her even when you worked in groups! You Demons may flaunt your power however you like, but no matter how much you brag and boast the fact remains that you are simply parodies of the grandeur that is a Diabolus" Flamen finalized his "speech" by spitting at the ground in front of Ankoku, to ascertain that he viewed him as nothing more than insect, waiting to be crushed under the heel of his Mistress.

Ankoku's Fall[]

"Damn fools you are nothing but small bugs on our way to hell, we will take over! We will have the worlds in our hands! Even if I will not be reborn I will get lord Setsuhiro to hell some how. Keep insulting me, I guess the soothsayer was right I will meet my end here. But I bet one of the Kozuki Agents are watching us, so hear me where ever you are! I will make sentonara wrong."Ankoku shouted as his whole body was covered in the blue flame turning into a gaint bird like creator.

"Hehe I guess he knew I was watching him, I rather be watching Kenji hehe. I wonder what he is wearing now, my my so many choices" A vocie could be heard from the distances.

Flamen frowned as he moved up beside his Mistress as he reached out with a hand and spoke an incantation in a rather odd language "Em tsniaga kcatta txen sukokna morf em dleihs!" each word carried immense weight behind it as it was spoken, Flamen wondered if he had made any mistakes, though he quickly understood that he had not; though he hoped that he hadn't overstimated his own energy resserves..

"Hehe my my that guy is kinda cute, I wonder if he is a boxers or a commando type of guy hehe." The man with a great feminine appearance started to come out of the shadows looking at Ankoku, Dorothy and had his fixed on Flamen.

"So man tell me boxers or commando? I hoep you don't have a thing with Ankoku or that lady overthere" The man with the feminine appearances said pointing to Flamen.

"Wait a minute, that woman is your name dorothy, Lord Sentonara spoke about you that you where one of his own kind." Takashi said to the woman who he thinks was dorothy, as he turned to Ankoku with an annoyed look on his face.

"No no stay back!" Ankoku had a bit of fear in his voice and his actions.

Flamen regarded the newcomer with mixed emotions, he noticed the obvious invitation and proceeded to appraise Takashi both spiritually and superficially - he quickly noticed that the newcomer did indeed have traces of a Diabolus heritage; although it was in a rather moderate quantity, there was something else though, but Flamen couldn't quite place his thoughts on exactly what it was and as such he invoked another spell while he fervently focused on the newcomer "Egatireh sih laever!" a few moments passed as Flamen's mind was flooded with divined information.

Flamen then looked upon Takashi and frowned as he spoke "You're a mere plus who have gained some of our qualities and you're checking me out?" Flamen roared with sarcastic laughter at the situation; for some reason finding it hilarious "You're a filthy half-breed, learn to acknowledge your superiours you mindless thrall!"

"Hehe come on Flamen just tell me haha, I think your a commando type of guy right? I personalily like to see a man in trunks and tank top or maybe work out gear my my so many choices. I am not on Ankoku's side I am one of the Kozuki Agents of "The rogue Optimate". As he is called by many I am here just to clean up a bit of the mess that this little battle, well it isn't really a battle. I rather say it was more of a movie I rather enjoyed watching you the most Flamen and that Rutilus. I like him a little more than you but I wouldn't be that mean hehe. I wonder what that Rutilus is a boxers or a commando kinda man hehe. Oh well when I am sent to look for him I will find out hehe." Takashi said in a creepy childish and feminine voice trying to get a look down Flamen's pants.

"As for you Ankoku god your so annoying, why don't you just die already. I was sent to make sure that they did manage to kill god what a pain in the ass." Takashi started to get annoyed at the dirty work that he has to do, acting much like a teenaged girl. Having an annoyed look on his face, putting one of his hand onto his sword.

"You stupid gay boy, how about we skip the speechs and get this over and done with." Ankoku said as he turned his attention to Takashi, summoning his staff to his hands.

"God why do some men all ways have to be the hero or whatever. I rather be doing something else, maybe I can go get a new sheath or something for my sword. Oh well, I guess you wouldn't leave me alone. You Flamen and that woman you have over there. You two stay out of this, I want to show this stupid guy why he shouldn't be so annoying. It may go against what Lord Sentonara wants, but he wasn't clear on how your downfall will be Ankoku hehe." Takashi said with an annoyed tone, as he pulled his sword away from its sheath.

"Don't Flamen I will get to see you soon after I am done with Ankoku over here." Takashi turned his head to Flamen and pointed back at Ankoku. As ankoku himself started to grow more and more in a rage.

"Punk ass kid, you know its rude to insult your elders hah." Ankoku said as a spearhead come out of the top of Ankoku's staff.

Takashi turned his attention over at Ankoku again, as he started to lift his special sword into the air. It holding a special property, that maybe Takashi's Diabolus brothers and sisters could see. As it shined in the rays of the sun.

"Well aren't you going to do something?" Takashi said started to get bored.

Flamen was not the least bit pleased with how things were proceeding here - he was now completely alone with two filthy beings, whatever - the sooner he killed Ankoku the sooner he could leave the annoying newcomer. Flamen spoke softly and this time he even managed to include a hint of false humbleness, speaking trough clenched theeth "Well, It'd appear that we'll have to work together to defeat this low-life why don't you start and I'll back you up as much as possible?"

"My, Flamen whats wrong you seem that you don't want to fight with me? I thought you would to fight next with me, your do a good deed for Lord Sentonara heh." Takashi gave out a girly laugh, then gave a wink to Flamen at what just happen. Takashi was happy that he could get this close Flamen and enjoy his company all the time that they have together.

Flamen didn't respond to this but instead proceeded to mutter a powerful spell "Sreicalg eci egral eerht nopu ukokna elapmi" the frozen earth rumbled as three huge spikes of ice shot up from three different locations in an attempt to slam into Ankoku with unreal force from the back, side and the front; each of them being thick enough to impale him should it hit as well as inflict grevious injuries who may very likely prove fatal.

"Damn kids I will show you!" These being Ankoku's last words as he ran and got stabbed by the ice spears. He was badly hurt, but kept on running to Takashi.

Takashi attacks1

Takashi attacks Ankoku

"Wow I am suprised that he still is moving oh well I guess its my turn, stand back Flamen. I don't want to let you get hurt now heh." Takashi said as he started to pull his blade from its sheath. A special made sword, called the Karasuhebi. Completely constructed from silver, spells have been cast on it to insure that not a spiritual creature will survive his blades. It is a snake-like sword that tracts and retracts similar to that of a snake's movement when going for a strike. The Karasuhebi is made up of at least 500 chain linked blades held together by pins which allow the sword to have snake-like movement. As he pointed it in front of him, an endless chain of blades came out of the first blade glowing going in a zig-zag pattern. The blades making their way to Ankoku's injured body.

After the blades went to ankoku, they started to warp around Ankoku, like a snake would do to kill its prey. When the seemed to stop and then went, to crush Ankoku's body. Ankoku lost massive amounts of blood, being near death. Takashi's blades had Ankoku's blood on it, then Takashi called his sword's blades back. As they started to zig-zag back into its orginal form, all that was left of Ankoku was pieces of decay and rotten body parts. As his body parts turned into a blue flame and then returned to hell where he was trpped. Takshi looked at Ankoku's blood on his blade, Takashi licked the blood tasting it.

"My my Ankoku your blood tastes like a cowards hah." Takashi cleaned the blood off his blade, then looking at Flamen hoping that Takashi at least would be noticed by him. He seemed to have a bit of happiness, as Takashi put his hands together, tilting them to the side and look at Flamen. Waiting for what Flamen would say about at what Takashi just did.

Flamen had already left and had begun to move towards his Mistress location for the most part completely ignoring Takashi, at least until he turned on his head and spoke, his voice unimpressed and cold "You'd better leave as quickly as possible, something nasty is going to arrive here soon and I can guarantee that you don't want to be here when it does. Speaking of which I should probably find a place to hide as well - and incase you do decide to stick around make sure it doesn't see you looking at it or there'll be pieces of you everywhere and I can't bare the thought of mistakenly stepping on the remains of a filthy bastard half-breed."

"How can Flamen be so mean to me, I did him a favor. Then he will just owe me one next time I see him." Takashi said as he started to walk off to a neer by tree and sat down underneath the tree. Takashi picked up a flower and started to take one petal off at a time.

"Flamen, Rutilus, Flamen, Rutilus, Flamen, Rutilus. Yes I can get Rutilus, oh well I have to find him first." Takashi said with a disappointed face, as he through the flower away on the ground.

"I better take Flamens advice, he seemed to like me alittle bit heh. I better get out of here, I think I can start to see what he was talking about." Takashi got up and began to run away, holding one hand on the strap of his sword. Then he seemed to fade into the air and was gone.

"You take care now Flamen and tell Rutilus I said hi hehe" Takashi turned and waved as he faded, hoping that Flamen heard him.

Hell's Royalty[]

Throughout this exchange Dorothy had contemplated stepping in and killing them both, but opted to let the events play out. Who knows, perhaps this bastard half-breed would provide some entertainment? Her thoughts wondered, and she was suddenly hit with an idea. Giddily she instructed her protege Aurora to relinquish her resonance and allow the Gates of Hell to open as Setuhiro had originally planned. Only, she was going to ensure that they were warmly welcomed. Aurora sent her projections into hell for the necessary preparations.

"Flamen. Why don't you help this newcomer in dealing with our friend here. I'll go and play with Mr. Taliban."

"Well in that case." she said breaking the silence. "If betrayals is the main dish being served, than Flamen will be more than happy to accomodate. Perhaps if you enter a...contract...there's a chance one of you will make it out here alive."


She turned towards Setsuhiro's direction, Aurora providing the exact coordinates before teleporting to his location.

Dorothy shimmered into existence, appearing before Setsuhiro as he attempted to pry the Gates of Hell open. "My, my, my, what do we have here? Still trying to pick that lock hmm? Well, I'm sure my little friend will be more than happy to unlock the gate.'ll have to play a little game first."

Setsuhiro turned to see that Dorothy came, "My I thought Ankoku would have taken care of you, oh well. It seems that I have to get my hands dirty, to be honest I rather be in the shadows letting others be seen." Setsuhiro in a serious and a tone as if he doesn't really care for Ankoku.

"What is this game you want to play with me?" Setsuhiro asked the girl, looking down on her as a simple mind.

"It's simple really. Lets call it, "King of the Hill". At this hill stands the Gates of Hell, and we both know there can only be one King." She said grinning. "So where does that leave us hm?"

"Draugna Vslleh" She uttered. Her body then became illuminated with a faint ruby light. She sneered at Setsuhiro, as her wings fluttered to life, the crystal prisms glowing brightly with power elongating into serrated spears. "Now, lets play!" Her wings stretched out from her back with startling speed, and with a single flap, attempted to slice through Setsuhiro in a pincer attack.

Setsuhiro's body fell into two pieces, although the body itself turned into a mixture of mud and water. it was a special demon puppet that Setsuhiro seemed to use. As the real Setsuhiro appeared behind Dorothy with a pure silver jian sword, aiming for her back. He began to come down onto her, as the blade was started to get closer and closer to her back.

"Damn woman, you simple fool you shouldn't have standed in my way." Setsuhiro said in an annoyed and grave tone at what is about to happen to Dorothy.

One of the things Dorothy found most annoying about her current form was that her otherwise monstrous strength, was more often than not a constant liability against more skilled opponents. So when she turned, she put too much force behind her rotation, and instead of dodging the attack, she launched herself right into it.

Silver clashed against her skin, yet to Setsuhiro's eyes, the attack did not have the intended affect. The blade did bury itself into her shoulder, but Dorothy just shook her head noting the shock on Setsuhiro's face as she gripped the blade and tore it out, watching, with a great deal of satisifaction as the wound began to knit itself together. "You thought a centuries old Diabolus, wouldnt have found a counter to that meddlesome weakness? You saw me cast a spell. What, did you think it was to just make me look pretty?" She giggled like a schoolgirl at his expression.

"Come on Setsu-chan! You and I both know swordsmanship isnt your forte. Oh well, I offered you the chance to throw the first punch, and you didnt take it. Too bad." A magic sigil was conjured beneath her feet, and in that instant six an enormous bolt of green lightning were released in a circular formation from around her body. At this distance Setsuhiro would be hard-pressed to dodge it let alone defend against one of them, much less six. At the same time, she pulled hard on the blade in her hand, further trying to hinder any defense he might have.

"Ahh, yes!" Setsuhiro gave out a loud scream, he seemed to be beat or was there something else at work here? The lighting bolts striking Setsuhiro down, although nothing else could been but ash and the smell of mud. Setsuhiro did it again using the demon puppets to his use, knowing that Dorothy would start to get annoyed at the constant demonic mud thingys as she would have put it. Setsuhiro had perpared for her, thinking of the sliver to a small little experiment. Knowing that Dorothy seems to have little effect onto it. As dorothy suggest before, what maybe the cause of her death. Setsuhiro appeared in front of Dorothy with a smug smile on his face, as he had his hand into the air. All the officers and the brothers of The Kuishinbou Gang appeared un harmed. What might be a shock to dorothy, is while Ankoku was keeping them busy Setsuhiro healed and perpared his final assult that can take Dorothy down this time.

"My dear sister Dorothy, so sorry that we must do this do this you but you leave no other choice." As shuu appeared with Mahoutsukai on the left side of Dorothy.

"Haha stupid little bug I will crush you, you will be nothing more but something on the end of my shoe" Lu Bu of China appeared with Tadakatsu of Japan to the right of Dorothy.

"Yes woman haha you will be ours, I will have you as a sex slave for me haha." Kokuzoku said as he and Gouyoku appeared behind dorothy.

"Yes you have shown us that you must be taken down, you are nothing more but a simple steping stone on our path to hell." The Serpent King Orochi said as he appeared beside Setsuhiro them both in front of Dorothy.

"Dorothy you have been a threat to us enough, you will be destoryed this time. Now everyone hit her with everything you have!" Setsuhiro shouted as he pointed to dorothy.

When this began, Dorothy's fate has been sealed. As the first move was that all of Setsuhiro's army officers released their spiritual pressure all at once to force Dorothy to stay in one place. With all of these spiritual pressures coming from all directions around dorothy she wouldn't be forced to stay put. As all of the attacks begin, for Dorothy's end. All attacking at once is the only way to defeat Dorothy.

As Dorothy was starting to get thrown off, shuu created 20 clones from his ninjustu. All of his clones fired apon Dorothy with special bullets. That they fired from their special robotic like arms, transformed into a gatling gun type. At the same time Mahoutsukai, created very razor sharp ice sickles and fired them at Dorothy. Then senting a massive wave of water at her as well, then hoping to freeze her feet to make stay put.

Lu Bu of China and Tadakatsu of Japan ran at her, thrusting their spears and swords at Dorothy's body aiming for her heart. Also for other vital organ to her, going at high speeds they summoned more spears and kept throwing them.

The Kuishinbou brothers, slammed their clubs onto the ground and bring rocks up. Then hitting the rocks with their clubs they fired rocks at Dorothy. Going at very high speeds, then kept doing this.

Then Orochi took his scythe and pointed it at Dorothy, firing a massive energy blast with all of the energy that Orochi had. Setsuhiro then charged all of the energy he had into this massive blast as well firing it at dorothy. The two blast done by Orochi and Setsuhiro fused together to double the power. All of these attacks coming at Dorothy all at one time, she has no chance to live. As the last gift to Setsuhiro and the others, Ankoku managed to cast a dome shaped barrier around all of the officers and Dorothy keeping them in and others out. For sure now Setsuhiro knew not even the Goddess Kali or anyother god would survive the attack. All could be see in the pure black dome as the noises could be heard at what is going on inside the dome. Setsurhio laughing hard at his victory over Dorothy, as the child Osanago appeared by Setsuhiro.

"Osanago, open the gate way she is gone now." Setsuhiro turned as the other officers kept up their attacks, Osanago started to get mad. His eyes glowing pure red, as he began to float into the air. the earth shaking, the skys turning red. The gates of hell could be seen by now, Setsuhiro used his key to add to the power needed to open the gates of hell.

"Hahaha, yes, yes I finally did it!" Setsuhiro seemed to lose himself in the moment of his victory over Dorothy, as Fukienzeru and the other demons could be seen. Looking at Setsuhiro, with a shocked look on their faces at his return.

"I have returned, perpare yourself Fukienzeru, for I am the new ruler of hell as of now!" Setsuhiro shouted, as his key began to glow. He seemed to started to absord some of the energy from Fukienzeru.

Dorothy was escastic. The pain, the pain delievered unto her, was postively orgasmic! Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, as her voluptous frame shivered with delight! When she first felt the crushing weight of their combined reiatsu, she had thought them fools, but now, they were playing right into her game. She felt the bullets from Shuu pierce through her skin tearing her clothing to shreds, as the shards of ice ripped through her taking with them chunks of flesh.

Her grin widened with anticipation.

She released a breath she didnt know she had, as Lu Bu's spear and Tadakatsu's sword ran her through, piercing where her "heart" should be, only to be peppered by the flying debri of the Kuishinbou brothers.

Yes! She could feel it. Almost there!

Then, the creme de la crop, a wave of energy, filled to the brim with malice and hatred, disintegrating the very air around as it washed over her form, vaporizing what was left of her body. As Setsuhiro turned to gloat, and his minions sighed with relief, that this witch had finally been undone, all that was left was the lower half of her left leg.

Then they felt it. An unholy raging monstrous power, dwarfing even Setsuhiro's reserves, far more dense and thick than Dorothy's had originally been. It was a massive torrent of power, that the entire area surrounding the now bulging and bloated mass of flesh that remained of Dorothy, that it illuminated the night sky as far as the eye could see, sending pulse after pulse of chaotic energy through the atmosphere, creating a downpour of blood to rain across the landscape. As the light died, it revealed a concentrated mass of pure spiritual energy surrounding the tangled mass of blood and flesh. It grew, reshaping itself, until it formed into a humanoid shape. Slowly, her body began to knit itself back together again, her eyes red as the color of blood itself.

This was her moment of exaltation! This and this alone was the reason she was so feared in throughout the realms of hell. Beyond even her enormous magical prowess and potential, beyond her position as Princess of Elysium or Empress of Ragnorak. No, it because pain was her power. The more pain she suffered, the stronger she would become. Normally her powers of regeneration were limited, requiring substantial amounts of spiritual power. But over the course of combat, the more damage she sustained, the more her spiritual power grew, and the more her spiritual power grew, the more she could regenerate.

She was an engine of chaos, and destruction! Roaring with laughter it was erotic as it was chilling in its tone, her body arched and spasmed with unearthly pleasure.

"Ahhhhhh." Her head rolled lazily to the audience before her. So much power was now coursing through her body, that her form flickered on occasion. "Much better." she huskily breathed through ruby rimmed lips. "You know, being a master shapeshifter, it didnt take much to shuffle the important internal organs into my leg. But...not being a Diabolus, you wouldnt have realized that. You demons are so amusing. Did you honestly think that would kill me?" She giggled amusedly, as though the very thought was a joke with no punchline.

"Setsuhiro....and the infamous Fukienzeru huh? What was that human saying again? Kill two birds, a thousand stones? Cause why stop at one right?" She glanced at the rest of the Setushiro's entourage, noting the looks of shock, disbelief and even....fear on their faces. "But I dont mind playing with you all first." With another pulse she sent a powerful and devastating shockwave as she released her spiritual pressure in an attempt to blow away those weak enough to not withstand her very presence.

"No.....No...How is it possible are dead. Your dead, you can't come back. NO WAY!" Setsuhiro yelled in the greatest shock of his life and almost giving him a heart attack at what this woman did.

"HURRY! We must all go into hell before thet monster gets us. All forces move in on Fukienzeru, Osnago must be kept on the outside to keep the gate open. He must stay behind, we have no other chose. When this is all over we can look for him now. Now all of you go into the gates!" Setsuhiro yelled as he ordered all of his forces to start the charge onto hell and forget about dorothy for now. With all of the officers and soldiers screaming and yelling battle cries as they make their way to over through hell. The final moments, Osanago started to go more and more restless as the gate started to close. With all of the Officers starting to make their way into the gate, Setsuhiro stayed behind making sure to deal with dorothy if she gets any ideas.

"I must get into the gates soon, Hell will be mine haha!" Setsuhiro gave his famous laugh as he finally got his wish. With all of this officers starting to take down hell, Setsuhiro stood their in a trance like state looking at all of his work.

"My Setsuhiro, this ia a true dream of yours? Really now come boy, you have no idea what you truly want? I for see what is going to happen to you this day." A older man's voice could be heard coming from the area around Setsuhiro. Setsuhiro having another shock at who's voice this is. The man then finally made his appearance, an older man with Immense spiritual pressure that will easily put Dorothy's to shame. Dorothy herself might know who this man is, as the man was seen sitting on a rock watching the events. Takashi could be seen at the man's side, could this be "The Rogue Optimate", that Takashi spoke of to Flamen.

"No, no you can't be you said that if I go after this Dorothy she will be an easy traget?" Setsuhiro went into a great panic at the sight of who just appeared. This man was the soul reason of Ankoku's death and with Ankoku's death. Ankoku was not killed, he was absorbed into this man's body. In his sick obession in becoming the prefect form and becoming a god.

Enter Sentonara Kozuki[]

"Setsuhiro you shall be like Ankoku, you will become apart of me, you will be a stepping stone on my path to god-hood. But I must not rush either or my prefect form will never come, so now Setsuhiro you shall be mine." The man said, as he pointed one finger as Setsuhiro and then fliping his hand. Giving his finger a bend, Setsuhiro started to float into the air and went straight flying to the man. Stopping only a few inches away from the man's face.

"No you will not have me!" Setsuhiro said as he charged up a kido blast, then firing into straight at point blank range at the man. Creating smoke and once the smoke cleard, the man could be seen holding the blast. But it formed into a ball in his hand, then holding it up at Setsuhiro. Then ripping the gold key off of Setsuhiro neck, the man took it into his hand and turned into a pure energy. Then a ghost like arm, came out of the man's chest and grabbed onto the energy. The ghost arm dragged the pure energy back into man's chest, a great amount of energy had been drained from Setsuhiro and giving to this man.

"Ahh." Setsuhiro could leave out a small moan of pain and lifeless floating into the air.

"Yes Setsuhiro all of this was part to get your and Ankoku's power. I will tell you this I did only take most of your power, but your going to die at the hands of Dorothy I am just goin to help her along." The man said, as he opened his mouth and a collection of thread like wires came out of his mouth. Warping around Setsuhiro, once he was warped up the threads went into Setsuhiro's body like needles sucking out most of life and energy. Leaving only a skinny old man, this being the weakess state that Setsuhiro would ever be in. As the man's threads released Setsuhiro, they through his body down infront of the Takashi and the man. The man closing his mouth, and Setsuhiro was nothing more but an old man skinny. He can barely move and most of his energy is gone and he is just waiting and asking for dorothy to kill him.

"My Setsuhiro your energy, was nothing but a simple snack to fill me. I thought you could have had more, oh well I will watch what this Dorothy will do to you hah." The man said, as he laughed at Setsuhiro trying to get up but kept falling becuase of the state that he is in now.

"Well, doesnt this present a....unique opportunity. Setsuhiro, here you struggle, betrayal boiling beneath your skin. Your power, gone. Drained from your very body. From god to peasant, the feeling must be..unbearable." She appeared before Setsuhiro, her head bent low, whispering into his ear.

"What would you do if you had the power to obtain your vengence hm? If you could crush the that bloated buffoon who stands there..laughing at your weakness. He wont even deal the killing blow, its beneath him now. You're no challenge to his power. doesnt have to be that way....Setsuhiro. You just have to ask the question."

As Osanago was growing more and more unstable holding the gates opened, a strange figure with a deep voice. The head compeletely covered in banadges and Paper-Tag Wards. In traditional martial arts clothing, the figure grabbed Osanago and the figures hand began to glow a purple color. Putting the hand onto Osanago, Osanago seemed to fall asleep and the Gates of hell started to come to a close.

"Now child, you will be coming with us." The figure said in a deep voice, with a cold and harsh tone. As the figure had Osnago in one of it's hands and then seemed to appear beside Sentonara in a flash, kneeling before him and putting the child as Sentonara's feet.

"Here you go Lord Sentonara the child is with us now and your path of god-hood is one step closer." The figure said, as Sentonara gave a gesture to make the figure raise to it's feet.

"Surūmyō, you have done a good job as before." Sentonara said to the figure named Surūmyō, the figure gave a bow to Sentonara in thanks. With it's hand behinds its back, with Takashi, Sentonara and the figure all looking at the weakend Setsuhiro.

"So Dorothy you think that you can save that thing, called a demon hah. They are nothing, you only want to save him because you found him funny, child stop the act. You act all powerful, you put on this childish act to find amusment in this twisted world. Now I will ask you something, do you know of a man name Kenji Hiroshi or a group called the Ryu Order?" Sentonara asked, knowing that dorothy couldn't possible go up against Takashi, the figure named Surūmyō and Sentonara himself.

Chaos Incarnate[]

Dorothy could indeed not defeat all of these formidable opponents on her own, but, like the sly woman that she was she had already prepared a counter for something like that; and shortly after the newcomer had passed trough the portal they felt something close in on them, uncertainty, unease and a completely unexplainable fear seizing hold of their blackened hearts for no apparant reason at all, then they heard it, softly at first but then getting more and more intense - a voice, no a chorus of voices crooning in symphony, sounding both mezmerisingly beautiful and gruesome at the same time; the song spoke of unspeakable sorrows, impossible trials and a stinging feeling of impotence and hopelessness - the emotions carried by the crooning rubbing off on the demonic army, with the exclusion of the most powerful members, as they released their weaponry and stood frozen in place, their eyes glass-like and distant in appearance bewitched by the song resounding from the swirling black abyss-

A thin and small tendril of red flesh creeped out of the portal as it slithered along the ground towards the closest demon, it was completely formless save for a maw with a row of theeth at the front; as it crooned to the hapless demon, slowly creeping up around its body while it continued its sorrowful lament, before it bit down at the shoulder of the demon quite fiercely, but the gesture eliciting no response from the victim as he was dragged slowly along the ground towards the gateway before vanishing inside. Followed shortly by disturbing crunching sounds and a rapidly expanding pool of blood, something had just eaten the demon alive.

The earth trembled as something truly humongous made its way out of the portal; its appearance being enough to drive any creature not native to hell to insanity. The monster consisted of a gigantic white blob of flesh with gnarled ape-like feet that looked much too fragile to support the monstrosity as a whole - and it likely was unable to do so too had it not been for the fact that two gigantic tendrils of red flesh identical in all but size to the tendril shown before was resting on the ground and moving with the main bodies clumsy movements; a dozen of similarily sized be-mawed tendrils of flesh swaying around it like a multi-headed monster.

The creature looked at how many was present to witness it and released a bone-chilling roar of massive proportions that caused the very earth to shudder and many weaker demons to fall to their knees clutching their ears as one of the largest "heads" lowered itself to the ground before it halfway borrowed its massive maw in the earth before it quickly began to showel itself along the ground and upturning earh infront and around it in order to create unsteady footing as as such it devoured a very large portion of the army, as the panicked demons tried in vain to escape from the massive maw that showeled itself across the ground and one after another went screaming, sprawling and even crying into the black maw, where their screams suddenly stopped. It was a massacre - the Lorem had however yet to notice the officers and Dorothy herself though.

Dorothy grinned as the Lorem made its grand entrance. She knew Setsuhiro and his accomplices would try to pull something. And given what that Ankoku fool mentioned earlier, then it only made sense that more would join the party. But it wasnt fair that only they got invite the guests, so she was pleased that Aurora had finished her errand in such a timely manner. She'd have to bake some cupcakes as thanks. Her senses gave her a pounding, as she apparently forgot that she was in the middle of this Sen-character and his entourage. Still though, she should give Setsuhiro one last push. But first, she'd have to deal with Senny, then move on to the fun! But his question did catch her off guard, Kenji and the Ryu Order? Well she did have some intel, but it wasnt like she was going to share that. If this guy who could apparently divine the future didnt know that she certainly wasnt going to tell him.

"Kenji? Ahhh yes, Ken-chan as he likes me to call him. Has he been a naughty boy? Oh, I'll have to give him a spanking later!" she says with dramatic flair. Though its hard to tell whether she truly knows him or is just playing around. Her wrapped her hand around the chin of Setsuhiro delicately as she forced him to face her, their heads only mere inches apart. "Well Setsuhiro, we're now at a crossroads. On path will lead to your untimely and rather pathetic death. Sitting her, rotting, your power gone, unable to do anything, but die in obscurity. But on the other path, lies a realm where perhaps even god-hood lies your hands. This may very well be the last choice, you will ever get, so make it count."

"Flamen, be a dear and finish up will you? I've got some business here, but in the meantime, I'd like you to round up a few demons, particulary the body of that Ankoku and leave. We have much work to be done once this is all over. Aurora will join you shortly." She sent the message telepathically. Everything was now coming to a close.

"Hah, so woman you are playing with me. I have seen that Kenji and the Ryu order live a village called Horiwari located in Switzerland in the world of the living. I only wanted to see if such a creature like you would know of this man. I have three of my associates already told me their where abouts, so Surūmyō do you think that this Ino woman could take you on? Takashi I wonder could you go up against Kensei and have his body in your arms. I want the prefect form, but it will take sometime and time is something that I have alot of. You must not rush these things you see, dorothy unlike you I plan everything out. You could say I am old-fashion, I long for the days again that these warriror from far and wide say they are the best. But they are nothing but an empty shell and as for Setsuhiro girl he can't talk he is in a half dead state. Once I absorb him fully I will be one step closer to become a god. You know yourself that you can't take me, Surūmyō and Takashi all at once. I will tell you this Dorothy, if you wish to keep your life go away and let me enjoy my meal in peace." Sentonara explined to the woman, giving it in a grave tone. Expecting that this woman is just trying to use words against Sentonara, knowing that she is out numbered even both Flamen and her wouldn't even be a match for Surūmyō, Sentonara's right hand.

"By now the remaning members of Setsuhiro's forces are being defeated as we speak." Surūmyō said, with her hands behind her back. Saying in a deep and almost man like tone, because of the bandages covering her face. Making it an effect on her voice, although to Dorothy and Flamen they would see Surūmyō almost as a man rather than a woman.

"Yes Surūmyō, I shall absorb them later, but for now bring me Ankoku and Setsuhiro before me." Sentonara said giving the order, without a movement in his emotions or actions. As Surūmyō through Ankoku's body before Sentonara and a strange sight to see. That Setsuhiro's half-dead body started to float on it's own out of Dorothy's grip and came before Sentonara. Both of the bodies looking like the were bowing before this man who wants to become a god, a man worthy of true god-hood

"Now you two, have went for my trap and now your purpose is done." Sentonara got up and his fang like teeth were shown in his smug smile. As more wire like threads, came out of Sentonara's mouth and went into the two's body. Taking away the energy, the bodies massive and even the bones. Leaving nothing behind but only Setsuhiro and Ankoku's cloths. As Ankoku staff was handed to Sentonara by Surūmyō, taking a hold of it the ghost like arm. Came out of Sentonara's chest again and took a hold of the staff, it turn into an orb of dark blue energy. The arm then pulled this orb into Sentonara's body, not even fully into Sentonara's body the effects of the absorption could already be seen. Sentonara's aura started to be released, as it started to make its way over to this things called Lorem. The aura started to take an effect onto these things, starting to be literally choke these creatures to death. Dorothy and Flamen watching this in ahh of what this man could do, not even put effort into this Sentonara looked at the two. Seeing something in both of their eyes, as he asked them.

'Now little girl I will be frank with you, you should tell me all that you know of Kenji and I suggest you tell me the truth or you will be like those things over there." Sentonara in a demmanding tone, as he pointed over to the lorem.

The Lorem was largely unaffected by the tremendous aura of power coming from Setsuhiro; it did however notice it though and its many "heads" turned to see Sentonara and his entourage; this elicited another roar of anger from the creature as it let its large main body down onto the ground, which caused the earth to tremble by its weight, in order to attack more devotedly - as three of its largest heads proceeded with the following actions; the first head sweeped itself like a gigantic sledge across the battlefield killing great numbers of Setsuhiro's army. The head extended to impossible lengths as it closed in on Setsuhiro, Dorothy and co with great speeds aiming to maim their bones to fine dust by the force of the impact.

"Surūmyō." Is only what Sentonara said, as Surūmyō without a movement of her body with her hands behind her back. The only thing that could seen moving was the left eye of Surūmyō, moving around watching all of the movements. As a powerful barrier fell onto Sentonara and his group, it left the area that was in the barrier feel nothing. This barrier with standing the wieght of the creature like it was nothing, as if a feather was falling onto this barrier.

"My that thing again huh? How many times have you tried to summon that Dorothy? In all of your battles, it only proves that you have to ask for help. For such a powerful woman, you are making yourself look weak woman. You only have to tell me one thing, it isn't that hard. Now I will make a deal with you Dorothy, since you like to do such a thing. I am above things like that, I can tell you this when I am at my prefect form I can even take down the Optimates. I am going to become a god, you can help me with that and in the end you will seat in the heavens with me. The offer is to that Flamen character as well, you could join the Kozuki Agents. This deal is very worth the while, if you join I will allow you to go where you please and do almost as you wish. But the only thing I ask is that you find powerful opponents. Break them to the point of death and then give them to me. I will take their powers and body, then add them to my own body. So Dorothy will you become one of the Kozuki Agents, knowing you will not take my offer." Sentonara gave the deal waiting for the woman, as the barrier done by Surūmyō was still active. Nothing seemed to be happen to the ones inside the barrier.

The Lorem appeared puzzled by the fact that its attack had been successfully repelled - it was certainly a first for it; somewhat curiously it began to move slowly towards the shielded area before it lifted one of its gigantic arms and slammed it down onto the barrier, laying all its strength and its weight with the swing: Once the gigantic arm connected with the shield there came an unidentifiable sound before the earth rumbled as if in agony, the ground shook and moved beneath them as if it was alive but as Surūmyō had predicted, her barrier still stood - although she could sense it was barely so and it was likely attributed solely to her expertise and great care in its construction.

The Lorem then prepared to launch a full-body slam towards the barrier; an attack which would put the strain of roughly five tons in addition to the monstrosities almost incalculable physical strength on an eventual barrier, though being clumsy in its movements and moving very slowly the Kido Grandmistress would have enough time to perform an action before the attack fell; she would have to think quickly though and decide wether to hope that another barrier would be enough to keep them protected from the next attack though the barrier would be highly probable to shatter under the pressure of the monsters tremendous weight and its ridicolous physical strength; perhaps other spells might be of more use - could she afford to summon forth a new barrier of grand power for every attack the monster made in the future?

Dorothy looked with interest as Sentonara absorbed the two. She was confident that Sentonara wouldnt notice the spell she cast onto Setsuhiro, which was now dormant within him.

Or did she?

Hah, well what may or may not now be within Sentonara was for another day. There was the Lorem to consider. She was impressed though, this Surūmyō was quite proficient in magic, not nearly as good as she was since it was Kido, but still, it was the effort that counted right? Well technically no, failure is failure no matter how you go about it, and she could tell that this woman had severely overestimated her abilities in dealing with the Lorem. Not that it mattered anyway, all of Setsuhiro's knowledge was no her own. Which was the real purpose of her "proposal". Afterall she needed enough time to absorb the information he had. It would prove, quite useful in the future.

While it was true she couldnt beat all three of them, at least in her current form, they wouldnt be able to beat her either. So she found herself debating with the voices in her head on whether or not to continue fighting. On one hand, it was bound to be fun, and she could finally exercise her actual form, but on the other, she was rather annoyed with this Sentonara. In the end she relented to not attack and instead work on disrupting the man's plans. Afterall, she now had that knowledge as well. Mmm, perhaps paying Kenji a visit wouldnt be a bad idea.

She was snapped out of her thoughts as the Lorem reared itself for a full-body attack, one that would break this feeble barrier. There was a reason even she was wary of the Lorem. Nigh immunity to magic made fighting it quite a hassle. She peered at Sentonara with one eye. His plans were....stupid to say the least. But very few knew the truth of their existence, and even then she was only vaguely aware, despite her own abilities.

"Sentonara, why would I join you? You're plans are boring, and your ambitions?" Here she laughed. "Are a juvenile fantasy. There's no mystery or intrigue. Ive already read the end of your book and its rather anticlimactic. But I will do you a favor and at least make it interesting." Her face erupted into a manical grin, as she pointed at where the barrier had been struck.

It shattered like glass, leaving a gaping hole for the Lorem to attack through. Before none were the wiser, Dorothy was already gone. She appeared next to Flamen as they gazed upon the ensuing destruction.

"Well, that was fun. But its time to go. Glad you replaced Ankoku's body with a fake." She said hefting the real corpse of the late Ankoku. "Perhaps we can let the good Doctor take a look? I'm sure he'll be thrilled to find such a specimen. Well kids, its time to run along." With that, her barrier dissolved, as Aurora enveloped them in her magic, and they vanished into the void.

"I see then, I guess she did fall for my little act. My true objective was to have Osanago my prefect form and godhood is just a side mission. It seemed to be a little fun that this woman is very strange, she reminds me of a true female Takashi hah." Sentonara said with his dry wit, as Takashi got an annoyed look on his face at what his lord said about him.

'Lord Sentonara, don't be so mean." Takashi said as he pouted a bit, crossing his arms.

"Lord Sentonara, you have tricked this woman into a meeting of Kenji. She will be able to lead us to Kenji's village and you will be able to get what you want."Surūmyō said as her barrier broke, like glass all the pieces fall onto the ground. As she grabbed onto the child Osanago, tighten her grip on the child.

"You two it is time for us to leave, I have many others to be. I am surpised a bit that woman managed to show me most of what she can do. This woman isn't so smart, she should have known that Takashi was watching her all the time. Hah and that corpse I didn't Ankoku's body only his staff and I absorbed that. The focus of his power is what I truly needed. Now we must perpare all of my allies and agents, it seems we will have to travel to where this dorothy might meet Kenji. Either way it will either be her or Masashi and his team, but I seems that I may get my answer right now." Sentonara said as he seen one of Ryuhaku's papper bird, came and Takashi grabbed it, then handing it off to Sentonara.

"Ahhh yes, this is truly a good turn of events." Sentonara said as he kept reading the letter from Ryuhaku.

"What is it lord Sentonara?" Takashi asked as he and Surūmyō turned looking on at what the news was.

"It seems that we found their hideout and so other little things about Kenji and this Ryu Order. But in order to perpare we must plan this carefully understand. I shall need many more allies, even if I must resurrect a few of his old friends hah." Sentonara said with an evil grin on his face, which is a rare sight indeed. We must have this child, so I must resurrect his father in order to make sure that this boy will side with me."Sentonara said as he and group started to walk away into the shadows, having the first part of what is needed for the Invasion. By Setsuhiro and his army's death gave me this chance and I am going to take it as I for seen it." Sentonara's last words before they faded of to another meeting.