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  • Continued From: An Unknown Purpose: Haizo Aoi vs. Ryuka Yagami

Haizo left his house and started walking to school. Haizo, however, was lost in thought about what happened last night. "Hmm..was it..just a dream? No, its was too real..I could feel the pain, and..I..became a Shinigami.." Haizo continued hi walk to school.

Haizo opened the doors to his classroom. "Aoi Haizo, you're late!" The teacher scolded. "..S..Sorry, Mr. Hyuga Haizo said, half paying attention. Haizo sat down in his seat. After five minutes, Haizo fell asleep.

A loud bang awoke Haizo. Mr.Hyuga was in front of his desk, and he looked mad. Mr. Hyuga handed Haizo a detention slip, too frustated to speak. "Aw..dammit.." Haizo thought as he half payed attention the rest of class.

At the end of school, Haizo returned to Mr. Hyuga's classroom.

Haizo sat down, ready for a lecture from Mr. Hyuga as he approached Haizo's desk. "Aoi... do i look like a stupid man?"

Haizo narrowed his eyes comicly. "At times..." Haizo said.

Mr. Hyuga stared at the boy and slapped him, making him fly into the wall. "Wrong answer..." he said as he smirked, "Now.... if i can only get him angry enough..."

Haizo got up, a comidial nerve on his head. "What the hell was that??!" Haizo asked, annoyed.

Mr. Hyuga smiled as he pushed his foot on Haizo's face, "What are you gonna do about it, Aoi?"

Haizo was very annoyed at this point. He punched Mr.Hyuga..below the belt.

However, little did Haizo know but Mr. Hyuga added spiritual power to his "area" which caused Haizo's hand to comicly shatter. "Your a loser, both as a human and shinigami"

Haizo recoiled. " do you.." Haizo fell in surprise.

Mr. Hyuga sighed, "Because i too am a shinigami, a Vizard if you will"

Haizo looked at Mr. Uchiha, still confused. " did you know I am..or was.. a shinigami? And if you were one, wouldnt you have the black robes?" Haizo asked.