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L'arroganza di Il Innocente
250px-Hell Ring
Kanji イノセントの傲慢
English The Arrogance of The Innocent
Romaji Inosento No Gōman
Item Statistics
Use Reiryoku Power Enhancement

The Arrogance of The Innocent (イノセントの傲慢, Inosento No Gōman) is a powerful item created by Ξ, in the form of a a pure solid silver ring. It was created for the purpose of Reiryoku Power Enhancement. It is one of the most unique items in Henkō No Kōdo's possession.

Item Usage

When the ring is in the possession of a being with above average spiritual power, they are able to convert that Reiryoku into a destructive weapon, other then Kidō. The special attribute that the destructive Reiryoku weapon possesses depends on the personality of the wielder, much similar to how the color of Reiatsu depends on the practitioner's personality.

However, there have been some cases where the user is able to activate up to three attributes at once, combining them to help improve the Reiryoku weapons created. When Ξ created the ring, he didn't expect it to actually amplify the emotions of the user, allowing them to increase their Reiryoku along with their Reiatsu. Also, he is the only known user of the ring that is able to bypass the personality analysis, and activate any attribute he wishes.

  • Darkness: If the user is bent on dark emotions, and shows a lot of self-pity, the affect of darkness take splace when utilizing the Reiryoku techniques. This form of energy takes the shape of fog, and has an indigo color. It allows them to use the negative emotions within their body to give birth to illusionary monsters. These furocious creatures are caple of moving on their own (according to the user's will). It also allows for the sharing of information, since all of the data collected by the Darkness is transfered to the ring. It's an attribute that leans more to attacking and fooling the enemy. Also, it is the most common source of destructive power that the ring gives birth to.
  • Earth: When the ring was created it was not developed for defensive purposes. The elemental attribute known as Earth is almost completely impossible for the ring to produce. However, after tampering, Ξ has managed tomake it work. It is now set to respond to personalities similar to Chivalry and courage. It takes the form of sand, and is either a light brown, to a dark brown color. It has similar affects to Darkness but can use the couragous emotions of the practitioner to create solid objects. The objects are as durable as iron and usually do not last as long as the other attributues. As stated before, it is an attribute that leans more toward defending. Also, it is the least common source of power that the ring gives birth to.
  • Fire: The raging fury that is dormant within the Fire Attribute, is one of the rarest powers the ring can conjure up. It takes somebody with both Chivalry, Self-Pity, and Courage, to create it. So, it is basically a combination of Earth and Darkness, with the help of the persons will. It is mostly centered around pure offensive abilities, and is the most destructive of the seven attributes produced from the L'arroganza di Il Innocente.
  • Light: Those with a heart of absolute pure gold are the only known users of the Light Attribute. The power granted to them allows them to utilize Reiryoku techniques that can heal and bind the target they are fighting. It is a way of combat for a pacifist, and was created in hopes that those who cannot fight, would aid in battle. It is much similar to the Lightning Attribute, in it's ability to aid in combat. It is one of the rarest powers the L'arroganza di Il Innocente can manifest.
  • Lightning: This attribute is one of the famous manifestations of the L'arroganza di Il Innocente. It allows the practitioner to increase the damage of their Reiryoku abilities, while already having a high destructive power. It also allows them to amplify the power of a comrade, using their sharp and determined personality to create an aiding link.
  • Water: Much like the Earth' attribute, Water is one of the only defensive types of the L'arroganza di Il Innocente. It isn't as rare as Earth, but it does have similar abilities. The manifestations of Reiryoku energy that can be created from the attribute, are similar to barriers. These barriers are similar to the personality of the user. However, the practitioner must have a calm and collected heart.
  • Wind: This single attribute, is the rarest out of all that can be created by the ring. Ξ was the first one to discover it, but was never able to fully use it's power. It is the only attribute that can be manifested by the ring, that cannot be bypassed by Ξ. It is considered to be the heart of the ring, because of the personality and emotional state the practitioner must be in, in order to use it. They basically must combine all of the previous personalities, but still be sane. This is called the Leader quality. The techniques that this attribute leans toward is both defensive and offensive. It can conjure up barriers, but they are not as strong as the Earth and Water attributes.

However, when Xi created the L'arroganza di Il Innocente, he naturally had it created to help amplify the use of Reiryoku in techniques. These techniques are similar to the things that can be produced when using Kidō. These techniques are currently only used by Xi, because only one L'arroganza di Il Innocente exists.


L'arroganza di Il Innocente's Basic Spells

Spell Name Spell Information Spell Picture
Spirale Dell'inferno - Torre (地獄のスパイラル - タワー, Hell's Spiral - Tower) The practitioner coats their hand in a thick layer of Reiryoku. The Reiryoku is transformed into a tomoe, and becomes an inscription on the palm of their hand. Striking the area where the spell is to be used, the practitioner shouts "Those Who Are Caged by The Damned, become The Damned" as the incantation. The Reiryoku turns indigo colored, and spirals around the object, to form a tower of spiritual energy. The tower is as strong as a Millon Escudo. Jigoku kēji
Magia Dell'inferno - Creazione (マジック地獄 - クリエイション, Hell's Magic - Creation) The practitioner utilizes the Reiryoku within their body, and converts it into an external energy source. The energy becomes transparent, and seeps into any object of their choosing. Using the power of their Spiritual Energy, they mold and convert it into any object they wish. This allows them to change the object the Reiryoku seeped into, into anything they want. They can even create golems of rock or stone. Terra Level 4
Spirale Dell'inferno - Disco (地獄のスパイラル - ディスク, Hell's Spiral - Disk) The practitioner uses the L'arroganza di Il Innocente as a medium to channel their Reiryoku. The Reiryoku is then converted into three tomoe, which are tethered together with a link of spiritual energy. The object can be throne by a clone, a golem, and even the practitioner of the technique. It's impact is similar to a Getsuga Tenshō Tomoe Xi
Magia Dell'inferno - Visualizza Onnisciente (地獄の魔法 - ビュー全知, Hell's Magic - Omniscient View) The practitioner creates a tiny little golem, similar to what they could in Magia Dell'inferno - Creazione. However, the golem is about the size of a bird (or other animal) and has it's left or right eye infused with Reiryoku. Infusing the same exact same eye as they infused on the artificial animal, the practitioner can share what they see with the object. This allows the user to see what the object sees, and vise-verse, giving them a third person view (from any direction they wish to position the animal or object). Eye Technique


  • The inspiration from this technique was the fact that Quincy have their own means of using Reiryoku, as do the Shinigami. The L'arroganza di Il Innocente is a way to utilize Reiryoku in both ways.
  • The pictures used are all from Naruto, but only because they matched the description of the ability, in some way.