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The Magus Order
The Magus Order Crest
The Order of Magi
Kanji 魔王順
English The Order of Magic
Romaji Maō Jun
Founder(s) Geoffrey "White Crest"
Headquarters Aethian's Capitol City Catacombs
Leader(s) Adrian River
Senior Member(s) TBD
Other Members TBD
Affiliation Royal Aethian Corps, The Paladins, The Black Reaper Initiative
Purpose Aiding the Military Branches of Aether, Protecting the Realm of Aether, and to ensure all paranormal threats are dealt with

The Aethian Magus Order (オード魔王順, Ōdo Maō Jun) otherwise known as the Magus Order (魔王順, Maō Jun) is a group of Kidō Practitioners within the Spiritual Realm of Aether that act as an additional branch of their Military Power, as well as a Peace-Keeping Force that ensures any paranormal threats within their domain are secure and/or disposed of. The current head of this Order is Adrian Rivers, along with his Shepard.






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