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PKH Seitenkokudo
Kanji 天国土
English Divine Domain
Purpose Establishing dominion over an area through which one uses their power.
Users Deva

Tenkokudo (天国土, Divine Domain) is a phenomenon used by Deva and Asura. Akin to reiryoku, they exert its presence into their surroundings to directly replicate the conditions of their respective realm, allowing them to make full use of their power.


Because Deva and Asura are autonomously restricted in power when outside of their respective realms, they must establish their Tenkokudo in order to make full use of their abilities. Similar to Reiryoku, they can exert its presence into the surrounding space to directly replicate conditions of their realm. From here, Deva and Asura can make full use of their power.

Standard individuals can exert Tenkokudo spanning a range equal to about 3/4th the size of Soul Society, while individuals with more powerful and refined Tenkokudo can exert it over a range far greater. It is noted of being impossible to supress released Tenkokudo, and in order to escape the power of the individuals producing it, one must escape its range.


Seitenkokudo (聖天国土, Sacred Divine Domain) is the unique Tenkokudo exerted by members of the Shitennō, bestowed upon them directly by the "LotC". Working similarly to the Ōken, it provides additional protection to them alongside unique functionality.


Tenkokudo Sensing

Exerted Tenkokudo is unperceivable to standard vision, though it can be clearly seen by those with Egen and higher forms of vision. Despite this, it can be faintly sensed by those with Reikaku.




Though it is similar to Reiryoku, it is unknown if one can induce offensive, defensive, or psychological effects using Tenkokudo.


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