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The Tenka Clan (天下一族, Tenka Ichizoku; meaning "clan of those under heaven"), or simply Tenka (천하, literally "All Under Heaven"), is a group of various beings whom have come together. Despite being called a "clan", the group has no family ties with one another, but otherwise functions as a family clan typically does. It's current head is Kamui.


Feared as a dangerous clan, the Tenka Clan was said to be capable of effortlessly contending with the warrior likes of any of the three main Sōzōshin families: the Kawahiru clan, the Kurosaki clan, and the Asakura clan.

Despite not having family ties, the members of the Tenka consider eachother as their own flesh and blood, to the point that a member of the clan doing something that the others would consider a disgrace, would mean bringing shame to the name of Tenka. Almost each member possesses killer instincts and an insatiable hunger for supremacy, which leads them to keep on seeking out the best fighters in order to challenge them, even among their own kind. Despite having a head of the clan, the members of the clan, for the most part, act according to their own desires. But regardless, a handful remain loyal to the head of the clan, usually to accomplish their own ends.

Tazūna Yatō mentioned that the Tenka clan members, while they are not of a real family, all share "a precious blood that symbolizes their superiority", the context of which has yet to be made clear. The clan's name is feared across the Reikai, to the point that when word reached the the World Court's attention that Kamui of the Kawahiru had become the new head, they considered it a potential international crisis. When Tazūna had confronted Raian Getsueikirite's group in Yoruōkoku‎, Hinata Kusuhana questioned what a Tenka clan member was doing in a place like that.


Former Leader


The former leader beside Jin Okashintō.

Shift of Leadership

Kamui as Leader of the Tenka

Kamui as the current head of the Tenka clan.

Clan Members

Members of the Tenka Clan
Kamui Jinki Fragments arc Jin2 Tazuuna Azashiro
Kamui Kawahiru Jin Okashintō Tazūna Yatō Soya Azashiro

Behind the Scenes

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