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"Explanation of Tendan's Status as a Society"

— "If there was a ever a dark side of Heaven, if there ever was a place where corruption was easily seeped into a place that thrived with conflict and fear...Tendan Dākusaido is that place

Tendan Dākusaido (天壇ダークサイドTendan Dākusaido ; Lit Translation, "Dark Side of Heaven's Oppression,") often nicknamed, Tendan, (てん弾圧, ten dan; Jap Lit Translation, "Heaven's Oppression,") is a neighbouring city-society province to the city-society province of Yūrei Ōkoku. While Tendan is governed by a democratic society, the real power is held by criminal regimes and big corporations, both of which have fought their own personal wars with each other when not at war with other societies or individual military groups.



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