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Temple Honno-ji
Temple Honno-Ji
The main keep of the temple
Kanji ホウオンジ
Notable Locations outside the seirietei in the forest

“One of the most beautiful and ugliest places to be” Komuhana to some prisoners.

Temple Honn-ji is the main hideout of the Mori Clan.Their home, headquaters and Yukimasa’s lab.It is a giant castle,located in the forest outside the seireitei.Next to a lake on the west side of the temple. It has about 300 rooms and 4 gates. The North,South,East and West gates. The North,South and East gates have a barrier on them only,the mori able to get into it. But on the west gate it is natural barrier because of the lake and the giant rock that the temple is on. Thus why it is hard for one to get in. Tho most of the one who have tried to get in,they end up senting some of the demons that are in the temple to get rid of the "guest". After the rebellion against the noble,Yoshitsugu went to the temple to hide out until the time was right to put his plan into action.

Inside the temple[]


an example of the spell on the temple

"tho many don't get into my temple,you will find it hard to get around. This temple has a mind of its owns"

Inside the main keep,due to Yoshitsugu's kido spell on the temple it is like a giant maze. Only yoshitsugu can control the temple to take onto different formates and layouts. For example,when a ninja from squad 2 he was able to get in somehow. Tho yohistugu knew he was in,just to play with him he kept leading him in the same hallway,to this day the ninja is still wondering the temple.

The meeting room[]

Main throne room

The main meeting room

The main meeting room,is set up like a noble's main throne room. This is were yoshitugu and his followers plan out their movements. There are many ways to get into this room. Tho only the members know the right way to go in the temple. This room played a major role in the mori's plans they used it to gather information.

The main buddha shrine []

Main buddha shrine

The main Buddha shrine

The main buddha shrine,is where the power sources of the barrier is hidden. It is two stones hidden in the main buddha's eyes. Yoshitsugu spents most of his time,when he is in the temple. Tho when he is out of the temple he put a barrier around the buddha state where the many power soucre will not over heat or get ex-spelled. The room has great demonic aura,most of the demon want to get into the room to get more power. Tho two giant doors hold the shrine safe. "Only i can get into the shrine,if one gets into that shrine untold suffering will come to you"