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Team Yotogi (チームよとぎ, Team Guard in English; Chīmu Yotogi in Japanese) is a team of two spiritual beings from two completely different spectrums: one, a shinigami of Soul Society; and the second, a sǐwáng of Yāolù, the enemy of Soul Society. These two, although a match-up that you'd never see getting along, have been shown to work well together and have been known to seemingly destroy opponents in very few moves... if that. Despite only coming together for the Tournament of Spirits, this duo has a unique type of chemistry and is a great match for anyone in this mysterious tournament. Although they are a team, they have both made it quite clear that they have completely different reasons for competing in said tournament.



Naishō Kawahiru

Naishō's goal is quite simple: have a "proper" tournament match against Kenji Hiroshi, who is also participating in the Tournament of Spirits. However, it is unclear if he'll ever get to face his new-found friend, since each match is decided randomly by a supercomputer in Hama Town. He also seems to think his partner is quite attractive, like the majority of the other sex do, which could possibly serve to why a cautious man such as himself is paired with such a man shrouded in mystery.

Hao Baojia

Having traveled from the distant continent of Yāolù, Soul Society's undisputed nemesis, it is rather unclear what Hao's true goal is. It has been speculated by many, including his very own partner, that he has come as a sort of treaty between the two nations, but he has yet to prove this true. Besides this assumption, Hao has also made it a point to tell the other participants of the tournament that his side-goal is to test his strength against future allies and enemies, which hints at others' speculation.


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