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A team specially created by Kami Kemuri including himself and another individual named Seikatsu Okuri who is actually his unoffical student. He developed this team sometime after Seikatsu abandoned him and left to Hueco Mundo. Though Seikatsu is heavily unexperienced based on the other entrees in the Tournament of Spirits Arc Kami still has much faith in his student. Kami Kemuri believes that this touranment will help Seikatsu unlock his full potential. Despite being one person in this tournament he has proven his strength time and time again. He is truly a powerful warrior and can match up with the best of them.

This team includes Seikatsu Okuri in the Tournament of Spirits Arc. It has so far only been used for that paticular purpose. It is unknown if this team will be revived after the tournament.

Members participating in Touranment[]



The Current goal of Team Okuri is to get Seikatsu to win the Tournament of Spirits.