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Team Kuramoto (チーム倉本, Kuramoto no Kumi) is a group of five individuals from various backgrounds that had come together due to a series of circumstances. They were given this name as per their involvement in the SnS Tournament. As a result, their de facto leader is Minato Kuramoto.


Having each joined for their own reasons, the group itself is often sidetracked from the primary tasks at hand, which are typically the cases assigned to Minato by the Director of the the Abakushin'ō and the Captain of the Sixth Division, Suzaku Kawahiru. As such, Suzaku is often seen as the team's "manager" of sorts. On Suzaku's word, Hinata Kusuhana is often likely to join the group for particular cases. As a group, they are the main protaganists of the Legacy of Two Lineages Saga. They are also a competing team in the Twenty-First SnS Tournament.



Behind the Scenes

There are two inspirations for this group. One is Team Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho. Minato being compared to Yusuke, Hakkōda to Kuwabara, Itaru to Kurama, and Kōya to Hiei; though Rūka has no parallel in this case. If I were to relate this team to the group of Z-Fighters whom faced Cell after Son Goku's death in Dragon Ball Z, Minato would clearly be Gohan, Krillin would be Rūka (just not as useless), Tien would be Kōya, Yamcha would be Itaru, and Piccolo would be Hakkōda. The other source of inspiration is the five-man band in Inuyasha, as Team Kuramoto are generally in the field at all times, especially as it will be shown down the road of my stories.

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