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Team Konbattochi (戦闘の戦士, Meaning "Combat Warriors") is a team that is participating in Tournament of Spirits arc. This team is make up of three demons each one after their only goals. They created an alliance to get what they want, through the Tournament of Spirits. Such members of this team inculding, the deadly weapon's master. The self proclaimed"Lover of Men and Death" Masashi Bataku. The graceful wind user Soyokaze and the mad researcher Karasugami. The team may have different reasons of creating this team, but they work extremly well together.



  • Masashi Bataku-Hearing that Kenji Hiroshi is in the tournament. He wanting and been sereaching for Kenji for a long time. Wanting to "get him shirtless and make him Masashi's personal pillow." As Masashi puts it, a sick twisted love give this man his drive. He also wanting to find other "attractive" male opponents for him to play with. He hoping that some can become his own personal toys.
  • Soyokaze-She having nothing better to do, wanting to see. What kind of things, can the other worlds offer. For her to have fun with her, winds onto her opponents.
  • Karasugami- Using this as a great change to see what demons can do. He wanting to study, demonic arts and Kido. Where he can figure out on more of his own research materials. He wanting to see what, many other creatures can do such as what other creatures powers and Zanpakutos.


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