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"And now, a question for you. A fist that defeats and a fist that kills... Which one is more effective? The answer is... a kick that kills! Destructive power is stronger than brute strength by far. What? A trick question? Don't be so stiff. It's just a quiz. Didn't you notice? Subconsciously, you held back on that last attack. Trying to subdue your instincts like that, and your attack dies before it even reaches me. You don't want to hurt others? You don't want to kill them? It's quite the commendable way of thinking. In these peaceful times, perhaps. But on the battlefield, that way of thinking amounts to nothing. On the battlefield, those who hesitate are the first to die. You, who rejects your blood, and we, who take pride in it, were leagues apart from the start."
— Tazūna speaking to Minato Kuramoto.

Tazūna Yatō
Name Tazūna Yatō
Kanji 夜兎タズナ
Romaji Yatou Tazuuna
Race Sōzōshin
Birthday October 13
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 179 lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Kamui
Jin Miyabara
Previous Affiliation Jōikaizōkū
Occupation Member of the Tenka clan
Previous Occupation Vice-Captain of the Jōikaizōkū's Third Division
Team Tenka clan
Previous Team Jōikaizōkū
Partner Kamui
Jin Miyabara
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Soul Society
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives None
Education Shinō Academy (Presumed)
Status Active
Shikai Not Yet Revealed
Bankai Not Yet Revealed
"It's a shame to spend life being scared or angry. Just laugh." - Seireitou-shishō

Tazūna Yatō (夜兎タズナ, Yatou Tazuuna) is a member of the Tenka clan. He was once the Vice-Captain of the Jōikaizōkū's Third Division, serving under the former Admiral, Jin Miyabara. After the destruction of the Jōikaizōkū, he and Jin both align themselves with the Tenka.


Tazuna full

Tazūna's full appearance.




Powers & Abilities[]



  • (Regarding Seireitou Kawahiru) "An older brother who acts by his interest, and a younger brother who acts by his bonds. No, rather... It is like an older brother who follows his blood, and a younger brother who fights against it. An understanding between them was impossible from the start."

Behind the Scenes[]