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Race Yōkai
Age 2700+
Gender Male
Height 2.01 metres (6'7")
Weight 95 kg (209 lb.)
Professional Status
Circle Fifth Circle of Hell
Class Elite
Special Ability Weapon Generation
First Appearance
Story Debut Black Sun: Dusk

Tanken (短剣, Dagger) is a Yōkai and a surbodinate to Kōken'nin.


Tanken is a very tall and broad-shouldered, muscular being with light grey skin. He has a single, medium-length horn protruding from the top of his head. His eyes are purple.


He is a calm and intelligent being who adresses his colleagues with politeness and respect.


Powers and Abilities

Weapon Generation: Using his special ability, Tanken may summon any type and amount of melee weaponry, including but not limited to projectiles, spears, swords, maces and axes[1][2][3].

Masterful Melee Combatant: No matter which weapon he utilises, he wields every single one with extreme proficiency and apparent ease.

Immense Strength: He boasts incredible physical strength, very high even for a Yōkai[3].

Great Spiritual Power: As one of the stronger Daemons, Tanken boasts a very large quantity of spiritual energy.

Super Mode

Like other elite Yōkai, Tanken may activate a so-called "Super Mode" that considerably increases his muscle mass and body size[3].

  • Power Augmentation: The form significantly improves its user's physical prowess.
  • Enhanced Reiatsu: In addition, the spiritual pressure of the Yōkai is boosted as well.


  • Similarly to other Yōkai, Tanken embodies a negative aspect of humanity. In his case, these are weapons, the instruments of war utilised by people to kill each other.



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