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Raian's sword jab
Kanji 試し斬り
English Test Cutting
Technique Statistics
Type Zanjutsu, Kendō
Users Raian Getsueikirite

Tameshigiri (試し斬り, Test Cutting) is a basic Kendō technique meant to test the efficiency of the cutting power of a Zanpakutō.


Originally invented by Raian as a training method for Shinigami taking their first steps to communicating better with their Zanpakutō (Shinkendō), it was introduced to Soul Society as a way to punish those who had been convicted of moderate-level crimes in the Seireitei. The user would test the sharpness of their Zanpakutō, and therefore, their soul, by testing a variety of basic cuts on the convicted criminal.

Notable Practitioners

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