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Bleach shinigami

高森 謙信

Last / First

Takamori Kenshin

(高森) (謙信)

Takamori, Kenshin
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Birthplace Kuchiki Manor
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Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 145
Professional Status
Personal Status
Signature Ability
Shikai 深鏡

English: Deep Mirror (Fuka-kyo) Summon word: Reflect (Hanei/反映)

Bankai Bankai: 無限大鏡 (Mugen dai kyo/Infinity Mirror)
First Appearance

His Story: Part one, Lonesome Beginnings

He was the soul society’s hero 2500years before the events of Bleach. He was born into the Noble Kuchiki Clan and was considered the weakest child of the millennia, the Kuchiki Clan and shamed by his weakness, so at a very young age, he was disowned by his family. He fended for himself among the Rukon district until he was 15years old, on his 15th birthday, his spiritual pressure suddenly rocketed up. The captain commander Yamamoto sensed this disturbance and sent a captain and their lieutenant to inspect the situation; upon discovering this boy they immediately promised him a place in the ranks of the 1st division after his time in the soul reaper academy, the boy readily accepted this opportunity to get stronger. His life passed uneventfully… until the day he was promoted to lieutenant’s rank in the 1st division on his 100th birthday, it was on this day that he needed to have a name, he couldn’t go on without a name now that he was in a place of power, he was given a name in an official naming ceremony hosted by C.C.Yamamoto. He was given the name Kenshin as a monument to how he came to be.

His story will be continued on November 1st 2011...