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This article, Takama-ga-hara (Spirit), was added by Cuarta espada who determines its usage on this wiki.

This article is about the manifested spirit of Kazuki Inari's Zanpakutō's Bankai. For his Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Kazuki Inari's Zanpakuto.

Kanji 高天原 [たかあまはら
Race Zanpakutō Spirit
Gender Unknown
Bankai Takama-ga-hara
Professional Status
First Appearance

Takama-ga-hara (高天原 [たかあまはら High Plain of Heaven) is the manifested spirit of Kazuki Inari's Bankai. Its manifested form takes the form of an individual, with no gender, although it looks more masculine. Takama-ga-hara is said to be the two forms of Kazuki's Shikai, Amatsu Mikaboshi combined. Takama-ga-hara is sometimes called Takama, or even Taka by Kazuki. Like its previous form, Takama also has its beast form.

"Don't think of me like you have of those two, outside you might have almost all control, but inside this world, my world, I'm god, this world, shall be your graveyard, I assure to you that...."
— Takama-ga-hara speaking to Kazuki Inari

Character Outline[]


Takama-ga-hara's Spirit Manifestation, its beast form and its Zanpakuto

Takama-ga-hara or simply Taka as Kazuki calls it has no gender, even though he look like a man. Takama-ga-hara is a cold spirit, it does not care about it's master. Taka somehow resembles his master in some way, like the long strands of hair hanging and the same haori it wears, although it has no design, one things also about it, is that Takama has eyes like an Inner Hollow's or a Vizard's. When Takama-ga-hara speaks, its voice is somehow a mixture of a high pitched female and a low pitched male, somehow a mixture of the voice of the two forms of Amatsu Mikaboshi. Taka also has wings that he can show or hide. It also has a beast form, a shady beast that shines and has black spiritual wings.


Powers & Abilities[]