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Suteki Kasumi
Age 22
Height 5ft 7in
Weight 125 lbs
Gender female
Species human
Partners none
Affiliation None

Sora (Brother)


Suteki Kasumi is a woman born with spiritual awareness. She had a brother who was killed on 9/11, so she often mourns his passing because of this. She also displays a distaste for muslims and Al Queada. She met Sora after he saved her from a hollow. Strangely, Suteki was able to heal him even though she had no idea how. She took Sora in, thinking that he was a human who could also see evil spirits. After Sora spent some time with her, she opened up to him, telling him of what happened to her brother on 9/11. Ever since then, she has worked as a journalist, wishing to expose the terrorists. She was only in the United States for a vacation before she headed back to the Middle East. She also gave Sora a name when she told him what had happened to her reletive, the same name of her brother, Sora. She and Sora currently live in San Jose, California.


Suteki often wears jeans, and button-down shirts that are sometimes revealing.  Her breast size is 33G, and because of this, she often suffocates Sora when hugging him. She has tan hair tied in a ponytail, and hazel eyes.


Suteki often acts like a big sister to Sora, belittling him, giving him advice about things, and often treating him like a little kid. Despite this, she has a big heart, and is always ready to help someone in need.