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The Summer War Chapter, is the term used to refer to all the events that took place during the Bleach Shikkyakuhoshi - Brothers of the Kawahiru arcs. The Saga centers on the burgeoning war between Seireitou Kawahiru, his friends (Shiori Miyamoto, Ryan Getsueikirite), the Gotei 13, led by Captain-Commander Magatsuhi Sakyōnosuke Yōjirō, the Vizards led by Rikuto Nakamura, and the Espada, led by ex-Captain Madara Kawahiru.

The Calm Before the Storm[]

The New Gotei 13[]

Several years have passed since Sōsuke Aizen's return, and the life of Seireitou and his friends have returned to normalcy. The Gotei 13's ranks have been adjusted, with new and old Captains and Lieutenants taking up ranks once more. The new Captains are brought to Central 46's meeting room. Captain Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki was the first arrive, only to receive a rant from his lieutenant Mizu Kurosaki about not reminding him about the meeting. Hikaru retorts to the meeting being only for Captains, but Mizu jokingly refers to the Shinigami Women's Meeting; that which he plans to crash. Only to receive a knuckle to his head and a "pervert" comment from Hikaru, Mizu jumps out the window. Hikaru meerly sighs as Captain Amaririsu Itami arrives, meerly giggling with her Lieutenant, Matsuro Kuragari, not far behind. She states that she heard Hikaru's conversation and couldn't help but laugh. Hikaru meerly sighed and then chuckled, as the two entered the meeting halls. Soon, all current Captains had arrived and taken their seats. Central 46's Chairman, Ryūga Higuchi, had taken center stage. He addresses the new Captains, and tells them that the meeting is for the purpose of introducing the new Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13. Ryūga calls out to the side, as a tall man with black hair stepped out. His face remaining dark and quiet, he walked over to the chairman. Ryūga addressed his name as Magatsuhi Sakyōnosuke Yōjirō, the new Captain-Commander.

Hikaru smirks, thinking that his facial expression masks his great powers. Takeshi meerly sighs, jokingly telling his co-captain Shion that he expected some old geezer, like Yamamoto. Most of the others stay quiet as Magatsuhi stands to speak. He introduces himself, and speaks about his plans for the Gotei 13's future. Most of all, he assures the Captains that he will be fair yet swift in his descisions. The Captains give a standing ovation to the new Captain-Commander as he stepped down for the chairman to speak once more.

Incident at the Research and Development Lab[]


Captain Kibō Minarai doing research at his desk.

All but one Captain was present at the meeting, this Captain being the leader of the 12th Division, and President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, Kibō Minarai. He was quietly working, and smirked down at his new invention. He had developed an exact replica of the Hōgyoku, but one that could fully transform a Shinigami into a Hollow and vice-versa. A mysterious voice states the word, "interesting", as Kibō's shoulder starts to bleed immensely. The face of Kamui comes into view, as Kibō stares at the purple-haired former Captain in shock, grabbing his bleeding shoulder in pain. Kamui walks slowly over to where the Hōgyoku is, and takes it in his hands. He comments that it is beautiful, and it's reiatsu is immense, despite it's size. He pockets it, and looks over to Kibō, drawing one of his swords. He declares that killing one Captain now will save him the trouble down the road. Kibō chuckles slightly, as he stands up weakly, drawing his own sword. He names it Fūatsu, and charges at Kamui. He is quickly taken down by Kamui's blade, his entire chest shattering into carnage as he fell to the floor. Kamui looked over his shoulder, calling Kibō pathetic and disappears with a sudden flash.

However, right as Kamui disappeared, Kibō remarked weakly that he wouldn't "let that bastard leave with his invention." He slowly staggered over to his desk, and press the alarm as all of Seireitei began to sound the emergency alarm. The Central 46 meeting is quickly halted as the alarm sounds, as Head Captain Magatsuhi quickly jumped into action; he orders all Captains to find the source of the emergency and he advices the use of Shikai if required. Answering with "Yes Sir", all the Captains had disappeared along with Magatsuhi. Hikaru, hanging back, meerly sighed and stood up slowly. He remarked that they wouldn't need his help, but he might as well find out what's happening. With that, he too disappeared with the Captains.

Secret Confrontation[]

Kamui walked around the corner admiring the Hōgyoku proudly. He then stopped and stared at the Shinigami who stood before him. This Lieutenant, Matsuro Kuragari, gripped his sword closely and asked his name. Kamui showed no emotion and merely tryed looking at the boy, which still didn't make him fall, even againist his spiritual energy. Kamui wondered at his abilities curiously and looked at the Zanpakutō he held. Kamui remembered it as the "Red Wing", which used to be under the possession of Meiza Kuragari. Matsuro asked his name again, threatening him if he didn't reply. Kamui meerly felt insulted by lowly Lieutenant's demands lifted his blade, slamming down on his Zanpakutō. Matsuro held himself well againist his attack. Kamui wondered, again, why this low-ranked Shinigami could stand up againist his spiritual energy. While Matsuro was going to demand his name again, Kamui came from behind and slashed him. As Matsuro fell to the ground, Kamui scolded him for taking such an idiotic risk.

First Contact[]

Revelation: The Power of Kamui[]

The Captains run amuck, as Takeshi and Shion arrive at the Department of Research of Development, only to see a bleeding Kibō on the floor. Shion quickly grabs her mouth in horror, as Takeshi shrugs at this sight. He goes over and places his hand on Kibō's forehead. He reads the reiatsu signature as someone of the Kawahiru, and assumes that Seireitou Kawahiru may have been the one to have done this; he highly doubts this claim though. Shion decides to head back, and tell the other Captains of this discovery. However, she is stopped in her tracks by an unusual red-haired man in arrancar clothing. This man looks over to Shion, to which she draws her sword out of surprise and aims it for the man. She asks if he is an arrancar, and the man replies with a question asking for the whereabouts of Captain Takeshi. Takeshi, however, meerly calls out to this mysterious man, and cuts at him from behind. The strange man grabs Takeshi's blade open-handed, and pushes him back. Shion takes this chance, and releases Shokuzai. Takeshi regains footing, and releases his own Zanpakutō, Sakayume. The arrancar sighs and meerly scolds the Captains for his efforts; however, he claims that he isn't there to fight a full-scale war. He wished to pass along a message from his master, to tell the other Captains that Kamui-sama is standing on Sōkyoku Hill, for those who wish to confront him. Just before disappearing, Takeshi asks for the arrancar's name. He replies, telling them he goes by the name Renato Cidra.

At the same time, the Captains catch whiff of an unusually strong, yet familiar reiatsu; centered around Sōkyoku Hill. As they all convene on that spot. Kamui is standing atop the Execution Stand, and welcomes the Captains. He seems to note the absence of the Captain-Commander, but meerly shrugs this. He declares, "My name is Madara Kawahiru, I am the eldest son of Soul King Yeshua; the prince who was abandoned by his empire. If anyone wishes to stop me, let them try; if there is anyone who can go beyond my despair." This angers Captain Kenpachi Kiba, as he charges in; much to the chagrin of the other Captains. He is, however, quickly cut down by Kamui's blade. This sets the spark for the others to charge in, albeit for Hikaru and Amaririsu. Captain Keiji Gatotsu is the first to reach Kamui, only to be fooled by an illusion. Kamui defeats Keiji with an extremely powerful Kidō spell and continues his speech. He expresses his desire for the Hōgyoku, an artifact that would allow him to create an army of Hollow-Shinigami hybrids for his plan to overthrow the Soul Society's law and eliminate the Shinigami's dark history. Kamui takes out the Hōgyoku he took from Kibō's lab, and explains that he lost the first chance to one when his younger brother absorbed it's reiatsu into his body. Magatsuhi soon arrives, holding his blade behind Kamui's neck. He declares the end of this, as Kamui gives a apathetic smirk. A Negación bursts from the skies above, as Kamui slowly rises upwards. He declares that he will remain in Hueco Mundo, for any foolish enough to rush in blindly with the thought of heroics. He bids them farewell, and disappears into the blackened skies.

Seireitou's Response[]

Upon Kamui's departure, Magatsuhi immediately orders Captain Hikaru to track down Kamui's younger brother, Seireitou Kawahiru, and bring him to Soul Society. Hikaru gives a small sigh, but agrees to the orders; however, he makes things perfectly clear that Magatsuhi is in no position to be giving orders to him, to which he meerly gives a small cat-like grin, and disappears with flash step. He arrives in the human world moments later, and attempts to get a lock on Seireitou's spiritual power. Throughout the town, various training sessions are taking place: Seireitou is training with Rikuto Nakamura for an unknown purpose, Suzaku Kawahiru is training with his mother Shiori to unlock and master Bankai, and Uryū is training with Ryūken to regain his powers. Meanwhile, Hikaru tracks down Seireitou to inform him of Kamui's recent actions. This comes as a surprise to him, that Kamui would take such actions, but meerly smirks and declares he'll do whatever it takes to take Kamui down. Hikaru continues to say that Kamui was able to take on all the Gotei 13 Captains, and effortlessly cut down several. Seireitou retaliates, telling Hikaru when was any fight ever easy. Hikaru agrees with laugher, and bids farwell to Seireitou for now. He quickly tells him, however, of Soul Society's new Captain-Commander and that he ordered Seireitou to arrive in Soul Society. Rikuto tells Seireitou that Magatsuhi, the new Commmander, was actually one of their sensei's old friends from back in the day.

Meeting of the Espada[]

Elsewhere, in Hueco Mundo, Kamui is seen once again; sporting a new appearance, quite unlike his former clothing attire. Even his hair has been adjusted slightly. He is walking toward a large gate that opens upon his arrival. Ten Arrancars are sitting across the table, all looking at Kamui as he enters. Kamui takes his seat, and welcomes them to their meeting; calling them his Espada. Renato Cidra is the first to be called by Kamui, as he stands to give his report. He states that Captain Takeshi did not have the "item in question" that Kamui required. Another Espada stands up, yelling at Renato's failure to obtain the item that Kamui-sama desired. Kamui asks Diabound Kernel to stand down, much to Diabound's anger but reluctantly accepted and sat back down. Renato continues to report that Ryan Getsueikirite was not present either during that time, as Kamui chuckled at this. He stood up, and dismissed the group. He walked into another room, to have Setsuna Inoue standing there waiting for him.

As the two converse, Kamui begins to state the names of the Espada along with their number. Renato Cidra's number is Cuarta Espada according to Kamui's numbering. Setsuna asks why Renato had to find Ryan, but Kamui would not answer. He, however, states that Ryan's presence in Soul Society will be needed to "justify the means" at the very end. With that, Kamui disappears from sight. Setsuna now contemplates the path she chose, but ultimately decides to follow Kamui no matter what. Elsewhere, Diabound Kernel is pacing in anger over Renato's comments. He decides to go against Kamui's orders, and makes plans to invade the Seireitei by himself.

The First Wave[]

That night, three Arrancar under the command of Diabound Kernel invade the Soul Society, intending to finish what they view as an incomplete mission on Renato's part. They arrive in the Rukongai, as Diabound orders the three to split up and kill all Shinigami who interfere. They split up, seeking targets with spiritual power. Diabound's three Arrancar head off to fight their opponents: Peón Dyford fights Kikyo Kurayama, who was stationed there as per orders; Caballero Juhear and Grajó Mercedes fight Kuchinashi Kitano who was stationed alongside Kikyo; and Suzaku Kawahiru confronts Diabound himself. Initially, Peón's superiority personality causes an argument with Kikyo in a comedic fashion, but the fight quickly turns serious, with Peón quickly overpowering Kikyo with his attacks. Kikyo, in response, releases her Zanpakutō Yūkichōkō. Peón scoffs at this, retorting that zero plus zero is still zero, as he moves in to release his own Zanpakutō. However, he is quickly stopped by Kikyo, as his own arm melts off. Initally shocked, his surprise turns into rage as he demands to know what Kikyo did. Kikyo explains the nature of her zanpakutō as she cuts him once more, burning his torso off his waist, and cuts him once more, ending his life before he could even retaliate.

Rikuto, in the human world, begins to sense something amiss with Rukongai. Seireitou shrugs it off, saying that the Gotei 13 can handle it. They are surprised by the sudden arrival of Shiori Miyamoto, who tells the two that Suzaku had gone to battle with an Espada-level combatant. Thinking Suzaku was not yet ready for such an opponent, Seireitou and Rikuto make plans for a hasty return to the Soul Society. Meanwhile, Kuchinashi has already defeated Caballero by releasing her Semihayashi. Grajó formally addresses himself as Arrancar 18, and proceeds to release his Zanpakutō, Congelacion. As this happens, the entire landscape turns into a frozen wasteland. He quickly insults Kuchinashi, saying that beside the Espada, his Zanpakutō was the strongest among the double-digit Arrancar. Kuchinashi smirks and decides to formally address herself as the 3rd Seat of the Second Division. The two begin to face off in blade combat, being able to easy parry the other's thrusts and slashes. Grajó is able to make contact, as ice shards begin to form at the cut area on her shoulder. As this occurs, her blood mixes with the ice as the ice shatters and reforms as reishi. Grajó explains that his Zanpakutō uses ice to absorb an opponent's blood and convert it as a form of energy. As the fight continues, Grajó continues to make contact as Kuchinashi begins to lose footing with the Arrancar. Grajó comes in to finish it, but surprisingly, Kuchinashi decides to let this one hit instead of trying to dodge. As the Arrancar assumes that she is going insane, he begins to grasp his heart as he screams in pain. Kuchinashi states that her Zanpakutō's arrows are tipped with a powerful poison which she allowed to enter her bloodstream. However, before it could take any effect on her, Grajó's powers caused the blood to be stolen, transmitting the poison to Grajó's bloodstream. He curls up in pain and falls to the ground below, dead. Winning the battle, Kuchinashi follows suit and falls to the grounds, falling unconscious.

Elsewhere, Suzaku and Diabound are seen clashing blades as Suzaku is pushed into a small rukongai house by force alone. He jumps back in, charging in at top speeds, only to be brushed back once more by Diabound. Suzaku pants heavily, while Diabound compliments Suzaku for not dying on the first strike, laughing manically at Suzaku's failure to land a solid hit. Gritting his teeth, Suzaku proceeds to release Raikōhitonare. The arrival of Rikuto and Seireitou, however, halt Suzaku from releasing. Seireitou turns to see his son, brutally beaten, as Rikuto tells Seireitou that he will fight the Arrancar. He agrees, and goes to assist in healing Suzaku with basic kidō. Rikuto stares down Diabound, as Diabound merely continues to laugh. This laughter is halted instantly, as Diabound's left arm is suddenly cut by Rikuto's drawn blade. Diabound reprimands Rikuto for this, and prepares to release his own Zanpakutō. This, too, is halted by Renato Cidra's arrival, calling him back. Diabound sneers as a Negación surrounds the two, enabling their escape. Suzaku grits his teeth harder, despising the fact that he couldn't do anything and needed to be saved once again.

Soul Society's Response: Invading Hueco Mundo[]

Arrival In Hueco Mundo[]

Following the report given by the two seated officers, along with Seireitou and Rikuto's meeting with Captain Hikaru, Captain-Commander Magatsuhi gives the order for Captains of the Sixth and Seventh Division to invade Hueco Mundo and capture Kamui; alive or dead. Ryoka Ryan Getsueikirite and Matthew Getsueikirite arrive at the moment of departure, declaring that they will join them. Magatsuhi orders the Lieutenants of those divisions to also go with their respective Captains. Seireitou's group consists of Shiori, along with the Captain and Lieutenants of the Sixth and Seventh, and Ryan with his brother Matt. As the group is confirmed, they jump into the Senkaimon for Hueco Mundo.

As the group enter Hueco Mundo, they are immediately detected by Kamui and attacked by an Arrancar, which Hikaru quickly kills with his sealed Zanpakutō. Takeshi states that it is a good idea to split up from here, with their respective groups. Seireitou with Shiori, Ryan with Matt, Hikaru with Mizu, and Takeshi with Shion and Kurayami. Before splitting up, Seireitou asks everyone to put their hand in the middle, as he recites an old Gotei 13 pre-battle oath; "We at this moment head into the decisive battle. Have faith that our blades will not shatter. Have faith that our hearts will not waiver. And even if our paths should diverge, we all share a heart of iron. Swear that even if the ground beneath us should be rent asunder we will live and return to this place again." As they finish this, they split up into their own directions.

Renato returns with Diabound around the time of the report being given to Soul Society. Renato orders Diabound to apologize to Kamui, but when he refuses, Kamui threatens to kill Diabound should he ever disobey orders ever again. Annoyed, but realizing that he would die "in vain" at the current state he's in, Diabound reluctantly leaves the area, and gives them the finger, though neither seemed to mind. Kamui gives a sadistic chuckle, to which Renato asks what's so funny. He explains that among the intruders in Hueco Mundo, one of them is his stupid younger brother. Renato asks if he should eliminate the intruders, to which Kamui does not answer to. Renato nods and leaves the area, receiving unspoken orders.

First Encounter: Takeshi & Shion Ohmizu vs Aerith Hurúdialgo - The Cientecimo Tercera Arrancar[]

Arrancar Aerith by wbd

Aerith Hurúdialgo confronts Captain Takeshi and Shion Ohmizu

Takeshi and Shion take an underground pathway, which brings them to an open room with several pillars. They encounter Aerith Hurúdialgo, which Takeshi at first underestimates due to her high number (102), but is quickly surprised by Aerith's true level of strength when the latter decides gets serious. Takeshi is quickly thrown into a pillar, as Shion releases Shokuzai and charges at Aerith. Aerith responds by drawing his sword, but is met with a stab through her back by Takeshi. Takeshi reveals to have released Sakayume as both Shion and Takeshi take this chance to activate Shunko. They attempt to use this chance to also kill her, but are surprised as Aerith mutters the release command, Halt Alfil. Takeshi and Shion's Shunko is blown away, as the two are pushed back into a wall. Aerith explains that her Zanpakutō controls time through the reishi in the air, and being able to move their motions in a rather strange and unique way. Takeshi responds by stating that a Privaron Espada technically isn't an actual Espada, and that he can't use his Bankai on everyone who isn't even an Espada. Aerith rebuffs this by informing Takeshi not to underestimate her and slashes her Zanpakutō through Takeshi's chest. Their battle with Aerith continues, with Aerith overwhelming both of them in her released state.

Smiling at this prospect, something unlike Takeshi, he tells Shion to use Shunko once more and charge at Aerith. As she does this, Takeshi activates Hadō #48 Bakuyakunami which disrupts the very reishi in the air that Aerith uses to control time. Vulnerable to attack, Shion stabs through the defenseless Aerith, causing her very blade to shatter. Shion looks over her defeated opponent, to which Takeshi takes this chance to demand a shortcut to Las Noches. Aerith refuses to answer and takes her broken blade, attempting to stand once more and kill Takeshi. He warns Aerith to not attack, and let his partner Shion heal her injuries. However, Aerith refuses and prompts Takeshi to end it with one final strike. As Aerith falls to her death, Takeshi and Shion pray for her death and and leave for Las Noches.

Intermission: Events Thus Far[]

In order to save time, the author has decided to skip along the middle sections of the Seireitou and Kamui Saga to get into more important events.

Upon defeating the Privaròn Espada, Matthew Getsueikirite has been tricked by the former 4th Espada's Zanpakutō, turning him into Kamui's slave. As Ryan is left to deal with this situation, the rest of the group delve deep into Las Noches. Hikaru makes easy work of Espada 9, as Mizu is able to defeat the Ninth's Five Fracciòn with little effort. Renato is told that two more Ryoka have invaded Hueco Mundo, and he takes it upon him to initiate the first part of Kamui's plan. These two are Sadow and Yue, who have invaded for as-of-now unknown reasons. By this point, Ryan has returned to the forefront and crashes through the walls of Las Noches out of anger. He is met by Espada 5, who engages him in a long battle. Though brutally beaten, Ryan emerges as the victor. Takeshi and Shion arrive in a research facility in Las Noches, where Takeshi is shocked to discover the blueprints to a forbidden kidō that he had never heard of before. Before he could learn more, Espada 7 arrives to engage the two in battle. Though victorious, Takeshi and Shion are split apart. It is revealed that Shion has been taken captive by Renato. Before long, Seireitou and Renato clash blades; it is then that Renato's position as Espada 4 is revealed. Renato has been pushed back, only to disappear with Shiori. Before any rash action is made by Seireitou, Shion has revealed that she escaped and tells Seireitou of what Takeshi learned in the Seventh Espada's facilities.

The spotlight is then on Yue, as he confronts Espada 6. A brawl ensues, with Mizu and Hikaru's intervention. However, Yue repriminds them to stay back as he goes on to defeat the Sixth Espada. The three team up from there, and head further inside Las Noches. Matt is then put into use as Kamui orders him to kill Takeshi who is the only one alone at this point besides Seireitou. Takeshi and Matt engage in battle, only for Ryan's sudden arrival to break it up. Ryan orders Takeshi to leave, which though hesitant, decides to leave to find Shion. The two brothers face eachother down, as enemies. Meanwhile, Seireitou enters the inner sanctum of Las Noches, to meet Kamui there along with Setsuna. Kamui, however, bids him a swift farewell, as he and Setsuna disappear into a large garganta. Seireitou attempts to charge in after them, but is met with quick opposition by Renato's blade. Shiori returns as well, being kept by Renato as bait to lure Seireitou into his trap. he reveals that everything up till now as all been a part of Kamui's plan, to leave the Soul Society without it's strongest warriors. Seireitou and Renato's fight is quickly halted by the arrival of Suzaku, who declares that he will fight instead. Though hesitant at this, Seireitou trusts his son and takes Shiori away. The battle has finally began!

Battlefield Seireitei! Kamui's Espada vs Gotei 13[]

Hope, Defiance, and Despair: Suzaku Kawahiru vs Renato Cidra - Espada Cuatro[]

Seireitou leaves his son, Suzaku Kawahiru alone to face Renato in battle. After Renato brandishes his sword, Suzaku questions if Renato considers him a "worthy opponent." Renato states that Suzaku is meerly in the way of Kamui-sama's plans and therefore, must be destroyed. Minimally satisfied, Suzaku charges at Renato with his sword already in Shikai. The two then begin a brief sword duel around the Las Noches Throne. Suzaku charges an electrical attack, only for it to be blasted by Renato's cero. Suzaku explains that he has gained more power than before, hinting that he possesses a Bankai. Renato guesses Suzaku's thoughts and mocks him for them, insisting Suzaku use his Bankai and that he will show Suzaku how conceited those thoughts are. As Renato evades another attack attempt, he questions why Suzaku is fighting him, when he has no reason to hate him as he hasn't harmed any of his loved ones. As such it is impossible for Suzaku to truly hate Renato and that he is fighting only out of a sense to prove himself and his power. Defiant to the end, Suzaku promptly disagrees, stating that he isn't fighting because he need to prove he can win, but because he has to win. Renato dismisses his enemy's response as "nonsense", and attacks Suzaku once again.

Renato's Release

Renato's Resurrección, Escondido

Renato proceeds to prove Suzaku's pointlessness in this fight, and flashes through the dome of Las Noches. Suzaku quickly gives chase, clashing blades as Renato is pushed higher up. Renato begins to mutter the phrase, "Disappear in the Dark," as large amounts of black reiatsu begins to flood the skies above Las Noches. Suzaku lands to his feet, only to stare at Renato's release. He stands with a strange look, black hair instead of red, along with large black raven wings. He named it Escondido and warns Suzaku that if he doesn't use Bankai, he will die. At that point, Renato swung his large spear and cut Suzaku's arm clean off. This caused Suzaku to be thrown into the sky, as he came down with a large thud into the white sand.

Cero Oscuras

Renato unleashes Cero Oscuras

Suzaku is then shown kneeling like a supplicant in a church, light streaming down upon him, with Renato seeming rather beatific, descending from the light, as if he were an angel come to either answer the supplicant's plea, or to punish the apostate and return him to the fold. Despite his injuries, Suzaku, still refusing to surrender, tightly grips his sword, and somehow finds the strength to slowly stand up, while Renato simply watches. Suzaku cries out Bankai, followed by Roiyaru Raikōhitonare; his Bankai's name. Suzaku's unwavering loyalty towards his friends and unbreakable determination to prove himself earns him a peculiar look from Renato; as he watches Suzaku struggle to rise from the ground, despite the latter's Bankai activation, Renato exhibits an emotionally-ambiguous expression on his face, it's look almost resembling pity or sympathy, as if he could somehow relate to Suzaku's situation.

Realizing that Suzaku never had the chance to observe his fully-powered black Cero, and believing that fight to be over at this point, Renato unleashes "Cero Oscuras" directly at Suzaku, it's immense power engulfing the latter and promptly consuming/incinerating everything in it's path. Renato's Cero Oscuras promptly engulfs Suzaku's Bankai, critically injures him, and completely breaks his leg's bones. Cero Oscuras propels a heavily-damaged Suzaku down from the sky, enabling Renato to flash-step in front of him and swing his spear at Suzaku, the force of the blade hitting him in the gut and sending him flying through three of the Las Noches towers, subsequently "landing" on one of said broken towers. Losing an arm earlier, and now a leg rendered unusable, Suzaku is ordered by Renato to give up. Seemingly unfazed by his severe damage, Suzaku staggers to rise up from the ground yet again to resume the fight. Confused and frustrated at his opponents' defiance to give in, Renato comments on this as Suzaku stands up, states that he'll "rip Suzaku's body to shreds and make him understand what true power is", and charges at Suzaku, who holds his sword diagonally and defensively, ready to block his enemy's next attack, only to have Renato unexpectedly flash-step to Suzaku's side, grab a-hold of his head, and apparently throw him towards yet another tower.

Suzaku proceeds to vomit blood, as Renato stabs through the former's gut once again, cutting away at his stomach. During these moments, images of Suzaku's training under his father came to mind. He then remembered all of his recent fights, especially the one against Diabound Kernel. His eyes began to also bleed, mixed with tears, as he lay against the sand. Renato looks onward to his defeated opponent, with pity, as Suzaku's breathing grows lighter and lighter. He then remembered something his father told him; about never giving in, no matter how bad things get. Victory is only out of reach when one accepts the possibility of losing and death. With the sheer resolve to make his father proud, Suzaku staggers to his feet. He then remembers his mother's words, that she would always be cheering for him; both her and Seireitou. Renato proceeds to end the fight, and charges in with his spear. Regaining his resolve, no longer worried at proving his power but rather protecting his honor as Seireitou Kawahiru's son, effortlessly catches Renato's wrist, dodging the inital blade strike, gripping it tight enough to prevent him from moving away. Suzaku then managed to make a clean slash into Renato, cutting right through an entire wing. As Renato falls to his knees, Suzaku succumbs to his wounds and falls to the ground on his chest. Though badly weakened, Renato gives off an unusual chuckle and raises his arm, preparing to kill Suzaku here and now. He declares that this result was to occur from the very moment they clashed blades. Suzaku, revealing that he is still concious, smirks at Renato's words. He asks Renato, mockingly, why his Bankai is still active even though he is succumbed to his injuries. Before Renato answers, he is ensnared in a large claw-shaped light trap that struck from the ground below, using Suzaku's chest as the contact point; which slowly contracts onto Renato. Suzaku's eyes start to close, as he mutters "checkmate"; the cage then fully contracts, and crushes Renato's body. Suzaku starts to cough up blood, and states that he is close to death, for now his Bankai has retreated. The technique he used was designed to finish opponents at the cost of all Suzaku's reiatsu. He closes his eyes slowly, his Zanpakutō shattering into pieces.

Assemble The Army: Kamui Makes His Move[]

Kamui had used a kidō to distort the Garganta world, in order to ensure nobody will escape Hueco Mundo. He arrives in the Soul Society's skies, being greeted by the entire Gotei 13's Captains and most of it's Lieutenants and Seated Officers. The three top Espada have also appeared in their own Gargantas. The spiritual pressure of Kamui, Setsuna and his three top Espada together is amazingly powerful, so much so that any Hollows within a distance of 50 kilometers are fearfully shaking and explode because of this heavy spirit pressure. Captain Kibō states that he set up a barrier around the Seireitei and the fighting zone to protect all of the Rukongai citizens. Kamui retorts that it is pointless, as they will all die. Captain-Commander Magatsugi, out of rage, charges in at Kamui. He yells to the other Captains that he will keep Kamui at bay, while they take care of the Espada. Kamui and Magatsugi clash blades, as the Espada and Captains begin to all take their positions. Though not being an Espada, Setsuna Inoue is cornered by Captain Hotaru Fujibayashi.

The Wild Beserker, the Lucky Lily, and the Orange Haired Arrancar: Kenpachi Kiba and Amaririsu Itami vs Arturo Alberto - Espada Tres[]

During the battle between Magatsugi and Kamui, Amaririsu wonders if Magatsuhi's swift, harsh actions were necessary. When the Captains rush for the enemy, she quickly pairs herself up with Kenpachi Kiba and confront Arturo Alberto. After an initial facedown, Kiba asks Amaririsu to leave the battle for he needs to fight this battle alone. After a quick bladed showdown, resulting in Kiba's pierced shoulder, Amaririsu enters the fight, saying he needs her help now. Though reluctant, he accepts her help as Arturo rushes in to kill the two Captains in a single attack. Surprising both Arturo and Kiba, the former's attack ends up missing both Captains by a millimeter. Amaririsu then explains the nature of her Zanpakutō, Kyōshukumei, which allows her to control "chance"; to a point where she can even affect her enemy's battle tactics' success or failure.

Quickly and easily angered by the female Captain's Shikai, Arturo releases his resurrección, Miedoso. He assumes his former Hollow form, as his hair lengthens, and his outfit changes; black stripes appearing on his Hakama, and his jacket opening up completely as his skin whitens and his mask fully forms across his face. His weapon also changes drastically, becoming a dual bladed, scythe like weapon with a hollow center with which to wield it. Without even so much as a body movement, the two Captains were easily overwhelmed by a large torrent of reiatsu. Kiba soon revealed to have used his massive reiatsu reserves to block the attack, protecting the two of them. Arturo names the attack, Blanco Muerte, and swings his sword down, releasing yet another wave of reiatsu. However, this time, Amaririsu uses Bakudō #90: Sotokonsekisho to block the attack and follows up with Bakudō #9: Geki to restrain Arturo momentarily. Kiba uses this chance and attacks directly at Arturo. However, both are shocked to learn that the blade still releases the wave of reiatsu, despite Arturo being unable to move. The attack grazes Amaririsu's left shoulder, and cuts right through Kiba's abdomen. Using this chance, Arturo frees himself from Geki, and proceeds to end the fight with a single attack. Kiba suggests to the weakened Amaririsu that they work together; using her Shikai to amplify his fighting technique. Amaririsu decides, with all that has happened thus far, that this would be the best course of action.

She calls out to him, preparing to cut the "threads of fate" with her Shikai, as Kiba charges in to meet Arturo in deadlock. Their combined skills allow Kiba to nail a lethal blow to Arturo, cracking his Zanpakutō and shattering his rib cage. Kiba, believing that the fight is over, turns his back to head back to Amaririsu. However, Arturo rises once again, ready to blast Kiba with a fully-powered Blanco Muerte. However, out of nowhere, Amaririsu launches her sword as if it was a spear, landing right through Arturo's chest from behind. Arturo, cursing at Amaririsu's sneak attack, and after Kiba compliments such a smart move, he finishes Arturo with a final strike through the head, cutting it right off. Arturo's broken decapitated body falls to the ground below, where it is presumed he is dead.

The Unseen Sun, the Half-Human Rurouni, and Darkness Incarnate: Nichihare Kurayama and Keiji Gatotsu vs Vergil Oscuro - Espada Segundo[]

After blocking the desired attack on Aizen by Captain Nichihare Kurayama, Vergil Oscuro is about to confront Nichihare himself but is stopped by Keiji Gatotsu. Vergil compliments on the Captains' efforts, though utterly pointless in the long run. Keiji meerly smirks at this, and brandishes his sword. Nichihare remains silent, and watches from afar. Keiji begins his assult on the Espada, clashing blades, meeting in deadlock with each strike. Restraining Vergil with Bakudō #61: Rikujōkōrō, Keiji activates his Bankai: Nekokaburi. Wishing to end it with a final strike, Keiji advances and prepares to kill Vergil on the spot. However, a cero emanating from Vergil's shoulder blasts through Keiji's stomach, sending him crashing into Rukongai homes below. Keiji meerly smiles, and launches his Bankai's long-range attack, slicing Vergil from the back and ultimately pulling him down with Keiji. Nichihare ponders at the Arrancar's movements, and comes to the conclusion that he is holding back.

Keiji gets back on his feet, only for Vergil to meet him in bladed deadlock. At this point, Vergil claims that he can "read Keiji's mind and know exactly what he is planning," making Keiji's facial expression all the more tense. Keiji uses a quick motion of the feet to break the deadlock and send a fist for Vergil's head. Giving off a small smirk, Vergil grabs Keiji's fist with his own palm, and explodes a cero at the same time. Keiji is blasted back into a Rukongai house, his arm being blasted clean off. Vergil moves in to finish Keiji, only for Nichihare to block the attack. Nichihare reveals to have released Shikai of his Zanpakutō, Shukukon, as Nichihare states the technique name Tenbatsu. A large puff of red gas begins to surround the houses, melting them down as Vergil back up with his Sonidò. Nichihare orders Keiji to find shelter, as he charges up to attack Vergil. Vergil, satisfied with the fighting capabilities of his opponent, releases Caballero. The two releases clash, as Vergil's new form is revealed. While in this form he gains giant black wings on his back, and his body is fully coverd in spikey armor, the armor is black in colour with silver symbols all around his body, his head is also covered in a helmet with only the eyes can be seen, which they glow blue in color.

Keiji forms a kidō barrier to protect himself from Nichihare's corrosive gas, as he watches the battle, despite his injuries remaining unhealed. Meanwhile, Vergil berates Nichihare for his weakness and states that Nichihare's power will never touch him without Sonidò. After dealing many damaging blows to Nichihare, Vergil tells him to start fighting seriously with Bankai. When Nichihare spares no responses back, Vergil attempts to deal the finishing blow with the technique, Dragón. However, Vergil is surprised to discover that his attack misses Nichihare by a long margin. When asking what Nichihare did, he tells Vergil to recall the first technique he used. Tenbatsu, was an attempt to spread the gas of his Shikai, which has the power to manipulate brain waves of his opponent. Calling the match finally over, Nichihare prepares to end the fight with Bankai. However, Vergil moves first and activates Redención, dispelling Nichihare's Shikai and ultimately his Zanpakutō's powers. Without his blade's power in use, Nichihare is open to attack as Vergil prepares to release once more. Using Resurrección: Segunda Etapa, Vergil once again transforms; his armor is gone revealing a more skeletal appreance, the upper part of his body consists of a skeletal ribcage which extends past his arms and almost towards his hands, his fingers grow claw-like extensions and there are symbols on his hands. The lower part of his body is covered in black ragged like clothing which also goes to his back and he seems to have no legs. His face is covered in a skull like mask with red eyes and spikey black hair, he also retains his wings but they are much smaller than before. Leaving Nichihare without room to breathe, Vergil prepares to finish the entire fight with a mysterious lance-like attack.

The Bird Takes Flight: Hotaru Fujibayashi vs Setsuna Inoue[]

Elsewhere in the skies above Rukongai, Hotaru and Setsuna exchange greetings. Hotaru asks if Setsuna is an Espada, to which she replies "I'm not a shoddy Shinigami wannabe." Hotaru accepts the answer, and draws her tantō. She tells Setsuna that she has quite a large sword, and aims the tantō for battle; releasing Takame with the release command, "Shatter all Limits." Setsuna countered by drawing her own blade, then begins to explain the mechanics behind her Hakuhada, to which Hotaru doesn't care to hear about. Setsuna then tells Hotaru that Hakuhada can extend as far as her spiritual pressure and then asks Hotaru how long she thinks her Shikai can extend, to which Hotaru states "she didnt come here to play twenty questions". Setsuna decides to then unleash her Shikai, muttering the command: "Shed." Suddenly, Hakuhada's topmost white blades began to extend outwards, instantly cutting through Hotaru's shoulder, leaving a deep gash. Before being struck once more, Hotaru calls out Shōgai-in as several seal talismans spread into the sky, blocking Setsuna's second attack. Smirking, Setsuna shows Hakuhada's flexibility and makes it twist and turn, moving around the shield but is quickly blocked by Hotaru's Zanpakutō. She is swiftly pushed back, as Hakuhada contracts back to Setsuna. Hotaru then comments that this won't be as easy as she thought, as her cheek starts to bleed from an apparent earlier attack.

As Hotaru and Setsuna continue to clash, Hotaru makes careful note of how Hakuhada moves, to look for any consistent pattern in it's movement. Taking control of the situation, Setsuna uses Hakuda to kick Hotaru in the stomach, making her collide with a Rukongai home below. Believing now was as good as ever, Hotaru quickly allows the momentum of the kick pushing her back to spread several of her seals into the air. She then proceeds to call out Bankai, Daitsuki Jo'ō Takame. Standing in her Bankai state, before making any new motions, she activates Taijū Kibakuin, causing the seals from earlier to detonate all around Setsuna. The latter uses Hakuhada to wrap herself around with to block from the explosions, but Hotaru uses the chance to move onto the defense, activating Bakudō #62: Hyapporankan to immobilize Setsuna from moving. Hotaru then charges at Setsuna at high instant speeds, leaving afterimages all over the female enemy as Hotaru moves in for an opening and punches Setsuna's stomach. The latter is blasted off from the speed of the punch, crashing into the ground below. Quickly giving chase, Hotaru reveals to have put three seals on Setsuna's stomach from the punch earlier. Setsuna used Hadō #34: Kongōbaku to counter the offensive Hotaru. However, it was all for naught, as Hotaru's speed has increased to a point where Setsuna's kidō cannot catch up. Hotaru manages to reach Setsuna at close-range as she makes contact with Setsuna's stomach. Hadō #63: Raikōhō is used then by Hotaru at close-range, as a large electrical explosion surrounds the two female Shinigami. Hotaru slowly rises to her feet, overlooking a defeated Setsuna.

Discovery in the Garganta[]

In Hueco Mundo, Seireitou and Shiori are attempting to unravel the mixed particles of the Garganta Space in order to make a solid path. Kamui had used kidō to seal it off, thus making the return to Soul Society seemingly improbable. However, shocking the two of them, a large golden path starts to form in the Garganta. Despite not being the ones to form it, they slowly walk along the road being forged. They are led up a staircase into another portal, which brings them to a dark space, similar to the Dangai Precipice World. There, they meet with a mysterious man who is blocking his face with a Hollow mask. He addresses himself as Datara Kawahiru, making Seireitou surprised to know another Kawahiru Clan member is alive and well. He goes on to explain that Kamui's actions are all but uncommon. The Kawahiru have a history of betraying one another, for power and political position. He also explains that the Kawahiru used the murder of their brethren to merge with the darkness, and obtain powers far darker and evil than any Hollow. Kamui is on this path of darkness, and Seireitou must be the one to kill him. If anyone else does, fate shall continue with the next generation of Kawahiru until they are extinct. He leaves Seireitou, telling him that he must make the choice of what to do when he confronts Kamui. If he doesn't have an answer, he will be killed by Kamui. Datara makes note of the battle between Yeshua Kawahiru and Sydonay Kawahiru, which was the generation before Seireitou and Kamui. Yeshua ended up killing Sydonay, but held much confusion in his heart about his actions, not allowing the darkness within Sydonay to be purified with his death. He warns Seireitou not to make the same mistake, and then disappears in the darkness. Seireitou and Shiori are brought back to the enterance of the Garganta leaving Hueco Mundo. Shiori asks Seireitou what he plans to do, with Seireitou not answering but meerly telling her that they have to hurry to catch up to Kamui.

Fighting For Their Lives: Aaròn Tenga Takes The Lead - Espada Primero[]

Espada Primero

Espada Primero - Aaròn Tenga

During the brawls breaking out, the last Espada, Aaròn Tenga is watching from afar. When Vergil defeats his two Captain opponents, Aaròn is quickly cornered by four of the remaining captains. Ken'omaru Imikirau, Sonozaki Aoko, Hokōra Shimura, Yōshoku Morimoto — all four Captains corner Aaròn in a diamond shape. Aaròn takes the time to start analyzing the reiatsu signatures of the four, to figure out which one is the strongest of the four. Sonozaki mentions to Ken'omaru that this Espada must be the Primero, due to having such a lax personality such as the Primera Espada of Aizen's Espada, Coyote Starrk. Hokōra meerly smiles at her opponent, and slowly begins to draw her sword. Yōshoku draws his as well, and makes the first move. He uses Hadō #26: Yariawai, shooting a beam of lightning from his fist, straight for Aaròn.

Making a swift motion to the side, Yariawai misses Aaròn, much to Yōshoku's annoyance. Using that chance, the other Captains swing into motion. Hokōra thrusts her blade at Aaròn, to which Aaròn deflects with his arm. The two then engage in a clash, following with Yōshoku jumping in from behind to cut Aaròn down. However, Aaròn ducks swiftly, causing Yōshoku to accidently cut Hokōra in the midsection. Aaròn clashes then with Ken'omaru, being able to push him back. Aaròn decides to then draw his own blade, as Ken'omaru activates his Shikai; Engulf, Musaboru. Gravely underestimating Ken'omaru's Shikai, Aaròn charges with blade in hand, only for Ken'omaru to tap Aaròn's shoulder with his blade. Aaròn's shoulder bursts open, as Ken'omaru explains the nature of his Shikai's destructive powers. The other three Captains watch onward, as Aaròn shrugs off Ken'omaru's attack. He reveals his regeneration power, as his shoulder regains normalcy status, only for Aaròn to charge in once more. Using Sonidò to dodge Ken'omaru's blade, he moves behind Ken'omaru and effectively cuts Ken'omaru down. The other three Captains are shocked to see that Ken'omaru lost so easily.

Ken'omaru falls to the ground below, only for Yōshoku to move in next. His Shikai is already active, and clashes with Aaròn's blade. Aaròn comments if Yōshoku is afraid to fight, due to Aaròn already defeating of the other Captains. Yōshoku answers with a kick to Aaròn's gut, and follows through with a roundhouse kick to the head. Aaròn, however, easily blocks the attack. The two then proceed to sword-fight, meeting each attack head to head. Yōshoku pushes back, and stares down Aaròn with his sword pointing down. Yōshoku asks Aaròn if he wishes to see a Shinigami's second release. This raises Aaròn's eyebrow, at the mention of a second release. Yōshoku then proceeds to use his Bankai, Haretsu Shichimi. In Bankai Haretsu Shichimi becomes a small pair of chopsticks which allow Yoshoku to control a large Buddha like figure dressed in white chef's clothing. He has a golden skin, a large gut and a long black braid. On his head sits a large chef hat. He carries a large metal frying pan that seems to be always be cooking some type of curry. Yōshoku fires off several bala-type blasts, prompting Aaròn to use his own bala to counter the attacks. Much to the Espada's surprise, Yōshoku's Bankai "eats" the bala that Aaròn fired, and returned the energy of those attacks all accumilated into a single burst of reiatsu.

Hokōra draws her blade, aiming to finish Aaròn with a sneak-attack. However, Aaròn uses a swift Sonidò to dodge Yōshoku's counter, which actually blasts Hokōra down. Yōshoku runs to Hokōra's side, prompting Sonozaki to rush to the two Captains. Aaròn comments that they are all open, as he moves in to cut down all three Captains. As the three Captains fall to their deaths, Aaròn tells them to watch the outcome, as Kamui-sama conquers the Soul Society. Ken'omaru rises once more, pouncing on Aaròn from above, clashing blades with the Arrancar once more. Aaròn compliments the Shinigami Captain for attempting to spark a rematch. Ken'omaru states that it's a Captain's duty to die for the purpose of destroying evil, as he attempts to punch Aaròn with his free hand. Though being dodged, Ken'omaru uses the momentum to kick Aaròn's ducking head. The two then continue to clash blades, matching eachother blow for blow. Though Ken'omaru starts out well, he proves to be no match for Aaròn as Aaròn impales Ken'omaru through the chest and use his blade to cut down the latter, as he falls to his defeat with the other Captains. As this occurs, a large Garganta is forced open in the skies above Seireitei, catching the attention of the two remaining Espada, Captains, and Kamui as well.

Revisiting the Past: Vizard & Gotei 13 vs. Kamui, Aaròn Tenga, and Vergil Oscuro[]

Initial Standoff[]

When the Shinigami begin to lose their respective battles and the Arrancar begin to mount a comeback that culminates in Kamui's victory, the Vizard appear on the battlefield. Rikuto Nakamura, the leader, briefly greets Kamui in a mocking manner, and then asks his fellow Vizard if there is anyone in the Gotei 13 they would like to speak to. While the Vizard assess people they wish to speak with, Rikuto intervenes in Captain-Commander Magatsuhi's fight with Kamui. Kamui smirks at the arrival of his old classmate, and knocks Rikuto back. Magatsuhi sneers and repriminds Rikuto for interfering in a Shinigami's fight. Rikuto mocks Magatsuhi for using the old way of thinking, and tells him that the Vizard will take over from here. Though hesitant, Magatsuhi pushes Rikuto out of the way and charges at Kamui. Making the foolish decision to rush in, Kamui cuts him down with Mūkagami, as Magatsuhi's blade shatters into pieces, and the Captain-Commander falls to the floor of the Rukongai. Rikuto looks on, mocking Magatsuhi's rash actions as a Captain, but then asks Kamui that if he could have defeated Magatsuhi so quickly, why did he stall for so long. Kamui answers by saying that he expected the Vizards to arrive, and that everything was going according to plan. The other Vizard make their way to the remaining Espada, prepared to assist their fellow Captains.

The Shard Of Light Hidden In Darkness: Aya Kuchiki and Jōshō Adashino vs Vergil Oscuro - Espada Segundo[]

781 realsize

Vergil Oscuro's Resurrección: Segunda Etapa

Rikuto meets blades with Kamui, as Aya Kuchiki and Jōshō Adashino face off against Vergil Oscuro. Vergil had accessed his second release, and already defeated his Captain-ranked opponents. Aya asked Jōshō which of the two should fight with the Arrancar, to which Vergil intervenes and orders them to both come at him. Aya retorts Vergil to "shut up", and then tells Jōshō that she'll handle the "tough guy". Jōshō decides to let her handle the fight, as Aya draws her Zanpakutō and dons her mask. The two Hollow-Shinigami Hybrids then proceed to meet blade for blade, as Vergil shows his power over the Dragón Jabalina technique. As the two meet in bladed deadlock, Aya flash-steps back, making distance between the two. It is at that time that she unleashes her Shikai, Sansai. Using the Shikai's power, Aya is able to create real illusions that trick up Vergil.

Jōshō makes special note of their battle, and sees that Aya lacks a finishing technique. Before long, he is surprised to see that Aya is actually losing the battle due to Dragón Jabalina corroding the physical illusions. Using an opening, Jōshō attacks Vergil and pushes him back as Aya demands to know why Jōshō is intervening. Jōshō explains that he has a technique that can destroy Vergil, but it will take time to form. Aya, not knowing what this plan is, nods anyways and moves in to buy time. She reveals her technique, Sūkōna, which comes in place when the flames have absorbed enough reiatsu. It creates an illusionary world, controlled by Aya. She and Vergil continue fighting in this world, while Vergil does not see that his real body is losing reiatsu and stamina the longer he is fighting, due to Aya tricking his mind. When the illusion finally dissipates, Jōshō reveals the move he had been taking time in making. After using his Bankai, he reveals Chayot, which in short will allow him to erase Vergil's existance. Despite Jōshō's Chayot having the weakness of not working on those stronger than Jōshō, Aya had weakened his physical body and mind to actually make him weaker than Jōshō. He calls it the "endgame", as Jōshō ends it by erasing Vergil's existence. Aya is amazed, as why Jōshō never revealed such a technique before. He calls it new, jokingly, but actually explains that it seals his Bankai for a year after use due to it's massive requirements of reiatsu. As he finishes his explanation, Jōshō's Bankai retreats as he falls to the ground below. Aya heads down to assist her fallen comrade.

A Godless World: Takuya Kimura vs Aaròn Tenga - Espada Primero[]

Vergil Oscuro is defeated, as Aaròn looks on toward the two Vizard who defeated his comrade. Takuya Kimura floats by, telling Aaròn that the Espada has ended with him and him alone. Aaròn retorts that he been alone from the start, and rushes Takuya; matching his blade with Aaròn's own blade. Takuya counters Aaròn's attack with Maryūjinken, a kidō that burns Aaròn severely. Aaròn compliments Takuya for being able to pull off a technique of such potency, as he proceeds to release Los Ambientes. Takuya is shocked by Aaròn's sudden change in appearance, asking if all Arrancar Releases are this strong. Aaròn meerly accepts his compliments and makes his arm disappear, as Takuya begins to grasp his neck in pain; as if something was grabbing it tightly. Though use of the previous kidō spell, Takuya recovers from the attack. Aaròn explains that his power is control of the reishi-enriched atmosphere, and that he can control any part of it and convert it into anything he sees fit. He goes on to call his power, "might of a God", and that it was a gift from Kamui-sama. Takuya retorts that Aaròn talks too much, and charges in.

Takuya continues to use his personal spell to keep Aaròn's "technique" at bay, while trying to find an opening. He concludes that an opponent that has full control over the playing field is like trying to beat God. He then looks at his Zanpakutō and smirks, recognizing the play on words. Takuya uses a reprieve from their bladed showdown to ask Aaròn if he knew what a Bankai was. Aaròn, recalling his fight earlier with the four Captains, tells Takuya that he is aware of Bankai. Satisfied, Takuya proceeds to reveal his Bankai. When released, the area around Takuya seems to melt away/shatters away. However, this is shown as an ilusion; the devastating release Kanna shows in Shikai is evident in Bankai, with said collapsation of buildings and the area around him, taking a form similar to that of an earthquake. The earthquake is followed by a strong gravitational burst, which levels the surrounding area. The sky turns black; the sun turns white. Takuya claims that this is the beginning of what is known as "The Revelation". In Bankai, Takuya appears as a shadow-like creature and names his Bankai, Silhyeon Kanna. Aaròn is surprised at the difference in power and appearance between Takuya's Bankai and Yōshoku's, to which Takuya answers by saying "like Arrancar, our powers are also different from everyone else." Takuya asks Aaròn why he follows Kamui, when he is just using him. Aaròn retorts by saying that he is aware that he is being used, but doesn't want to be alone. He goes on to explain what his earlier life as a Hollow was like, and that he doesn't want to be left alone like he was.

Takuya seems to be able to relate, and suggests that the two can be friends. Aaròn calls him insane, for a Shinigami to befriend a Hollow is absurd. Takuya explains that while they are in this world, his Los Ambientes will not allow him to control the environment here. Aaròn tells Takuya not to underestimate his power, as he prepares to release a second time. However, the strange thing is, is that Aaròn doesn't change in appearance or power. To Takuya's surprise, his reverse world begins to melt away as they return to the real Soul Society. Aaròn explains that he will accept this Shinigami's hand of friendship, and offers his hand. Takuya smiles at this and walks over to grasp Aaròn's hand as Kamui appears behind the latter. He is very shocked as to why he would interrupt him, but before he can ask, Kamui cuts him across and through the chest. He begins cringe from the fatal wound as Kamui announces that he possesses a weak will and ultimately not strong enough to fight for him. With that, he falls to the ground as the last of the top three Espada to be defeated in Soul Society. Takuya yells out Kamui's name out of anger, and charges in blindly at Kamui. Kamui looks down at Takuya and smiles, and the sky cracks open, revealing Seireitou as he ambushes Kamui.

Brother vs Brother: The Last Of The Clan![]

Seireitou confronts Kamui

Seireitou confronts Kamui in Soul Society

Upon exiting the Garganta, Seireitou arrives behind Kamui and strikes at his neck, but is blocked by a barrier. Kamui greets Seireitou as his "little brother", telling him that it is ludicrous to think that he would enter battle without putting a defense on his biggest blind spot. Seireitou takes the chance to look all around him, to see Captains and Vizards alike defeated on the battlefield. Rikuto arrives on the field, greeting his old friend and asks where he's been all this time. Seireitou explains that he's been in Hueco Mundo, and feels like a fool for falling for Kamui's trick. He goes on to say that he will handle Kamui from here on, thanking Rikuto for his efforts as well as to extend his thanks to the others. However, the Captains and Vizard all team up side-by-side of Seireitou, saying that this battle is in their hands.

After Seireitou hears everyone's resolve to defeat Kamui he tells them that they are all really overdoing it and shouldn't fight. Rikuto counters though saying that letting him fight alone would be the stupid thing to do and that if he were to die everyone would give into their anger. He continues to tell him not to bear the burden of the fight himself claiming that it's offensive and that this battle belongs to every single person here. As Seireitou contemplates Kamui's words, Jōshō charges straight towards Kamui and swings his sword down on him but it is blocked very easily. Kamui then taunts him for charging-in void of all discretion, commenting on the recklessness of his action. Jōshō ignores Kamui's taunts and swings his blade down harder, following with Nichihare attacking from behind. As Seireitou watches the battle going on, Takuya thanks him for the moment he arrived and attacked Kamui because if he had not then he would have attacked Kamui out of anger and would have lost his life in the process. Takuya then charges forth to battle Kamui.

Jōshō begins battling Kamui, but his attacks keep missing him. Hotaru then releases her Zanpakutō's Bankai and sneak attacks Kamui from behind and crushing him. Takuya asks Jōshō to forgive him and that he's going to assist him. Jōshō tells him he can do as he likes and that he never intended to keep this one on one anyway. Kamui has revealed that he dodged Hotaru's attack, and actually cut her across the midsection, sending her to the depths of the Rukongai below. Nichihare proceeds to attack Kamui, but misses and is also cut down by Kamui's blade. Before long, Jōshō too is cut down. Seireitou looks on in disbelief that Kamui was able to effortlessly defeat three Captain-level opponents. Ken'omaru then attacks Kamui from behind but he evades and breaks his Zanpakutō. Kamui charges a cero-like attack in his palm, and shoots it at pointblank, straight through Ken'omaru's chest.

Heaven gates kido

Forbidden Kidō, Tendōkyū (闇の世界, Palace of Heaven's Road)

As five Captain-level opponents meet their defeat at Kamui's hand, Kamui resheathes his sword. He stares onward to Seireitou and starts to explain what his true plans are. Making swift use of his flash-step, Kamui arrives to the location where Hotaru defeated Setsuna, and mounted her on his back, as he returned to the skies above. As this occurs, Seireitou attempts to attack Kamui once more but is pushed back by an unnamed kidō. Kamui then begins to state a command phrase; "Open the path to solace, so that the rightful heir may regain footing with the Gods, and finally stand at the top of the World...!" A large staircase is formed behind Kamui, as well as a large golden pair of gates, that open up slowly. Inside is a Garganta-like world, to which Kamui says is the direct pathway to the Soul Palace. He bids his brother, and the others goodbye, as he walks up the pathway, into the gateway. He disappears inside, as the gates close. Seireitou desparately chases after Kamui, banging on the gateway, ordering for it to open. A voice from afar tells him he won't be able to open it that way. Seireitou turns to see Takeshi, Shion Ohmizu, Ryan Getsueikirite, and Matthew Getsueikirite arrive in the Soul Society. Before asking about anything else, Seireitou asks what happened to Hikaru and Mizu. Ryan comments that they decided to "hit the hay" for everything was "such a bore" so far. Seireitou laughs at this, but then turns serious about what Takeshi meant by that method won't work. He explains that in Las Noches, he read over alot of Kamui's blueprints for this portal kidō and found a way to reopen it once it closes. However, he goes on to say that it will require an enormous amount of reiatsu, to keep it open for just a few seconds. No more needed to be said, as the Captains and Vizard begin to exert their remaining reiatsu in the form of pillars. The monsterious amounts force the gate to open once more, to which Takeshi states that he will have only a few minutes to get to the other side before the gates close. Taking Shiori on his back, Seireitou charges into the gate, disappearing inside the darkness.

Invasion of the Soul Palace: Seireitou Kawahiru & Royal Guard vs Kamui's Royal Espada Task Force[]

Chaos of the Storm[]

Seireitou and Shiori arrive in the Soul Palace Dimension, only to see millions upon millions of Menos Grande attacking the areas around the Palace. Shiori tries to think of how Kamui was able to move so many Hollow in this dimension so easily and quickly, but is stopped when the two are met with Royal Guard Captain, Byakuya Kuchiki. Seireitou asks Byakuya what on earth happened, as he explains that Kamui arrived with five other beings, and with their appearance, millions of Garganta began to erupt all over the skies. He goes on to explain that Kamui went on to the Palace, and tells Seireitou that he will accompany him there. As the trio are speaking of this, they are ambushed by three Adjuchas but are quickly defeated by Byakuya's Senbonzakura. Byakuya tells them to hurry, as they run for the Palace.

Hollows continue to ambush the trio, only for Senbonzakura to shred them easily. Seireitou cannot get his head around how planned out Kamui has this, and if he probably expects Seireitou and Shiori to come here. He worries about what Kamui wishes to do here, but then comes to a shocking conclusion; he has to hurry, for his father may be in danger. Elsewhere, the Royal Guard Captains are attempting to fight off the invaders, as an Arrancar arrives to blast up an entire Royal Guard Base with a cero-like attack. Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya counters the Arrancar's attack and confronts him.

The Ice Dragon and the King Of The Sky: Tōshirō Hitsugaya vs Ramiro Ferdidand[]

Tōshirō takes no time, and clashes blades with the Arrancar attacker. The Arrancar formally addresses himself as Ramiro Ferdidand, to which Tōshirō then addresses himself as Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Royal Marshal of the Ring of Four. Tōshirō uses his Shikai, Hyōrinmaru, and launches a wave of ice toward Ramiro. The Arrancar uses his sword to release a burst of wind, blowing the ice off toward the base below. Tōshirō charges at Ramiro, only to be blown away by yet another burst of wind. Ramiro takes this chance to tackle Tōshirō, and throws him into a pillar. Ramiro is quick to insult Tōshirō's ability, calling him and all Shinigami weak. As Ramiro continues to taunt Tōshirō by also claiming that he has "yet to fully demonstrate his amount of power", Tōshirō activates his Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, and charges at Ramiro with a larger wave of ice. Ramiro chuckles and decides to teach the young Shinigami a lesson, as he releases Viento Dios.

Hyōten Hyakkasō

Tōshirō's Hyōten Hyakkasō

The two attacks, of ice and wind, charge at eachother as Tōshirō and Ramiro clash blades once again. This time, Tōshirō is able to push Ramiro back and freeze his shoulder altogether. Ramiro sneers and stares directly at Tōshirō, as he makes a slashing motion with his blade in mid-air. Suddenly, Tōshirō's shoulder is cut deeply in conjunction with Ramiro's previous slashing motion. Ramiro explains that his Viento Dios has control of wind, and he can use the air in any form he sees fit, even as a long-range weapon. As their fight ensues, he tells Tōshirō that he can use any water around him, telling Tōshirō that he will never reach him. Tōshirō then attacks Ramiro. He reciprocates the situation by melting his ice and stating the iron law of battle. Their exchange of attacks continues and Tōshirō tells Ramiro another law of battle. They continue their fight, both being given cut after bloody cut, until Tōshirō grows tired of it and states that their fight isn't going anywhere.

He then reveals his finishing move, Hyōten Hyakkasō. As the sky darkens, snow begins to fall from the sky. Ramiro attempts to keep the snow away from him, but when he tries, the snow starts to form ice flowers on Ramiro's body. He starts to scream, trying to knock them off, but fails to do so. Tōshirō then calmly explains that once all one hundred flowers have bloomed, he will die. He then states that he won't be able to fulfill Kamui-sama's mission after all. It is then revealed that the one hundred ice flowers have encased Ramiro in a gigantic ice-flower obelisk, effectively killing him.

Clash of the Titans: Seireitou Kawahiru vs Arturo Plateado[]


Arturo Plateado confronts Seireitou, Shiori, and Byakuya

Seireitou, Shiori, and Byakuya continue their escapade toward the Soul Palace, only for a familiar-looking Arrancar to stop them from moving any further. Seireitou instantly recognizes the Arrancar as Arturo Plateado, from when he fought Arturo and Akujin in Karakura Town. Arturo laughs at the three, thinking they can stop Kamui. Seireitou retorts the Arrancar, saying that he is being a slave to yet another Arrancar wannabe. Easily angered by Seireitou's words, he releases Fénix, as large energy wings grow from Arturo's back. Seireitou relishes the chance to fight an opponent of Captain-Commander level, and draws his own Zanpakutō from his back waist.

The two then proceed to clash weapons, making equal blows every single time. Arturo makes a flick of the wrist, as an X-shaped projectile is sent off toward Seireitou. Seireitou contends with the attack, and shatters it to pieces with his sword, though Arturo had used it as a distraction to stab Seireitou's back with a energy saber attack. Deciding to up the ante, Seireitou calls out his command, "Radiance of redemption that leads us to sunrise. Let hallowed prayers be spoken ever more! Let there be light!", Hanullim. A large torrent of flames surround Seireitou, as he calls out his first Shikai attack, Some no Sekai - Haennim. Arturo is surrounded by giant torrents of flames, to which he barely escapes from. Arturo attacks from a longer range, using his energy saber attack to pierce Seireitou from a distance. However, Seireitou is able to counter with the Yariawai kidō spell. Making no effort to drag the fight out, Seireitou immediately kicks things up to Tsugi no Sekai - Soonnim. Seireitou, Arturo, and by extention, Shiori and Byakuya are dragged into Hanullim's dark inner world. There, Hanullim's regular spirit and Kaguya attack Arturo and do battle with him. Seireitou brings Shiori and Byakuya back to the real world, but Arturo does not return. He tells them that he will be trapped forever inside Hanullim, and will continue to fight with Hanullim until he dies. Byakuya makes careful note at how frightening Seireitou's powers can be, as the trio continue their run for the Palace.

The Shinigami Turns The Tides: Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto's Assault[]

Yamamoto defeats the Arrancar

Yamamoto defeats the remaining Task Force Arrancars

The Royal Guard are fighting against the many Hollows, while word gets out to the remaining members of Kamui's task force that Arturo and Ramiro have been defeated, leaving three Arrancar left. The three assemble, only to discuss that they are winning, and have already conquered three of the five Royal Guard bases. They begin to think of reporting to Kamui, but then a large burst of flames overtakes the area. Royal Guard High Marshal of the Ring of Three, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, attacks the Hollow with his Ryūjin Jakka. General Yamamoto complains about "having to do everything himself", while referring to his subordinates as "pathetic children". The Arrancar, Victòr Grenado, decides to fight Yamamoto himself and releases his El Infierno and charges straight at him. However, Yamamoto's flames easily conquer the Arrancar and kill him instantly. The other two are speechless, as they release Dios Demonio and Espejo Tornada, respectively.

Blaming himself for what happened to his comrades, Ryūkei Sōkei apologizes to Yamamoto, stating that if he hadn't acted "the way that he did", then things "would've turned out differently". Yamamoto then tells him to "shut up" and continue watching, for the fight isn't done yet. Shocked and furious at having lost their comrade, the two remaining Arrancar simultaneously attack Yamamoto immediately, only to be effortlessly defeated by him, but it remains to be seen if he actually killed them. Ryūkei thanks Yamamoto for his efforts, but is told to report back to the remaining Royal Guard base, for they are planning to make a comeback in this war.

The Kuchiki Commander, the Carefree Combatant, and the Everlasting Cherry Blossom: Ginrei Kuchiki and Shunsui Kyōraku vs Setsuna Inoue[]

Kamui, followed by Setsuna Inoue, enter the inner courtyard of the Palace where they meet opposition by Ginrei Kuchiki and Shunsui Kyōraku. Smiling at the two Shinigami, Kamui tells Setsuna to implement her final position in his plan. She nods and walks toward the two Captains, swinging her large blade at them, pushing them both back. Kamui then flashes inside the Palace complex, as Setsuna attempts yet another attack. Ginrei releases his Umihebiseika and pushes back Setsuna's assault. Shunsui, however, is resilient to attack a female and stands down. Ginrei reprimands Shunsui for this action, as Setsuna cuts across Ginrei's chest with her long-range weapon. Ginrei, badly weakened by that attack, prepares to use Namibamen as large amounts of heated water begin to surround Setsuna. Using accurate and swift motions, Setsuna cuts at the water and actually splits their entire mass, dissipating it into little puddles.

Setsuna throws her long-range weapon at Ginrei, as the Kaiku shield blocks the initial attack as her snake-like sword creeps around the shield and aims to cut Ginrei's head clean off. However, an unexpected attack by Shunsui disrupts the sword's planned path and causes it to retreat back to Setsuna. Ready to kill the two, Setsuna calls out her Bankai, Kegawa no Shikigami, as several blades emerge from the ground and strike at the two High Marshals. Ginrei proves too slow and is stabbed by three of the blades, while Shunsui escapes with three cuts on his chest. Setsuna also shocks both of them as she dons a Hollow mask and charges in with Kegawa no Shikigami. Shunsui counters by releasing his Katen Kyōkotsu, and blocks Setsuna's attack, only to get stabbed by the ground blades from earlier. Shunsui uses flash-step to escape their hold, leaving his pink haori behind. Inside Setsuna's head, she can hear Kamui and what he told her to do when they get to the Palace. She, although scared, promises to fight for Kamui till the end. It is then that she confesses to herself that she loves Kamui, and will do anything for him.

Ginrei and Shunsui are having a hard time dodging the blades as Setsuna comes from behind and stabs Ginrei through the back with Kegawa no Shikigami. Shunsui calls out to him and rushes to his aid, only for the multiple blades from the ground to halt his advancement. Setsuna pushes the blade through Ginrei harder and cuts a very deep gash leading up to his right shoulder. As Ginrei falls to the ground, Shunsui flash-steps over and clashes blades with Setsuna. He tells her that he doesn't wish to fight a female, but cannot allow her to keep hurting his comrades. Setsuna starts to shed small tears behind her Hollow mask, and embraces Shunsui tightly, allowing the blades to stab through her, and stab Shunsui as a result. Several blades make their way through Setsuna, as Shunsui continues to feel the pain with each sword. Using Hadō #1: Shō, he pushes Setsuna back and escapes the blades. Using her remaining strength, she starts charging her reiatsu up as she calls out the attack, Kōkipasu Mitsukai. Her body starts to emit large white wings, as the blades from before all stab through her. She bids farewell to the Captains, and smiles at the prospect of fighting till the end for the man she loves. Her body then explodes, as large amounts of reiatsu start to move in all directions, destroying anything in their path. In the aftermath, Ginrei revealed that he used a barrier to protect the Palace, but the Hollow surrounding the area had all been killed. Several Shinigami also fell victim to Setsuna's final attack. Shunsui used a kidō that took the full brunt of the attack, but ended up breaking his arm and leg. Ginrei staggers over to Shunsui, and attempts to use healing kidō to heal his injuries.

Sensei and Student, Father and Son: Yeshua Kawahiru and Shōyō Shakyamuni vs Madara "Kamui" Kawahiru[]

Kamui, now alone, slowly walks up the steps to the top-most floor of the Palace. There, he is confronted by his former sensei, Shōyō Shakyamuni, and his father Yeshua Kawahiru. Kamui takes the time to greet the two, as Shōyō asks why Madara is doing this. Kamui retorts this by saying "You can still see Madara within me? How funny... I suppose that only his teacher would reconize what's left of him. But make no mistake: Madara is dead. The man standing before you is Kamui, and no one else." Shōyō closes his eyes and nods, as if agreeing with his statement. With hesitation, Shōyō draws his Zanpakutō and points it at Kamui. Kamui draws his Mūkagami, and charges at Shōyō, meeting in deadlock. Yeshua also draws both his Zanpakutō and pushes his son back. Yeshua advances, releasing both Nidhogg and Vedrfolnir, only for him to pass right through Kamui's body. Shōyō and Yeshua shock immense shock at this, as Kamui swings his blade down and cuts through Yeshua's back. Kamui explains that his Mūkagami has a power known as Ōkamigen'ei, which allows him to control his own state of reality, as well as his opponent's. Shōyō is unable to believe such a technique exists, but decides to proceed with caution. He releases his Zanpakutō, Ōitsu Raikōse, and releases a powerful shockwave of lightning for Kamui. Shrugging it off, Kamui merely compliments Shōyō's release, for it "looks as impressive as ever".

Yeshua starts entering battle with Kamui; as Yeshua makes contact, Kamui starts to lose his reiatsu with every hit. Yeshua tells Kamui to recall his father's powers, and re-evaluate his chances to win. Kamui merely scoffs, and flashes away. He tricks his father into charging after him, as then he starts emitting a strange purple smoke from his blade. It is then that Kamui reveals that his Mūkagami had taken Magatsuhi's Zanpakutō and absorbed them upon his defeat back in Soul Society. He stabs his father once, as the potent gas starts entering Yeshua's bloodstream. Unable to hold up, Yeshua keels over and falls, dropping his twin Zanpakutō. Kamui proceeds to shatter both blades, taking their powers for himself. He turns to face Shōyō, to which Kamui's former sensei asks if he felt any remorse for attacking his own father. Kamui scoffs at this, and then charges at Shōyō, clashing blades with him. Shōyō pushes him back, and releases a dome of his lightning, pushing Kamui back further, as he crashes into a wall. Kamui finds it amusing that he is still resisting, and then flashes forward, cutting Shōyō across the midsection. Shōyō then proceeds to launch another wave of lightning, but Kamui resists and holds his ground, cutting Shōyō's left hand off, as his Zanpakutō goes flying. Kamui takes this chance and cuts Shōyō's blade, shattering it in two. It's reiatsu then creeps over to Mūkagami, and is absorbed inside. Kamui laughs, as he claims that he has the power to make the entire universe fall to his whim. A weakened Shōyō latches on to Kamui's leg from below, and cries that he will never allow evil to rule. He proceeds to use Hadō #98, Haku ni Kuroi, in order to kill Kamui by sacrificing himself. Kamui calls him pathetic and "a former shell of his once great self", and kicks Shōyō's face, the force rolling him across the floor and against the wall. Before Kamui takes further action, he is caught by surprise at an immense reiatsu, as Seireitou crashes upwards from the ground, staring down at Kamui as he lands to his feet.

Reunion of the Kawahiru Brothers: Final Battle at the Soul Palace[]

Seireitou and Kamui: Faceoff![]

Seireitou and Kamui stare eachother down, as Kamui welcomes him. He also says that Seireitou is the last one who provides any real chance of opposition, and thus warns him not to waste this chance. He opens his arms and starts to mock Seireitou, telling him to kill him, if he can. Seireitou sneers, but then closes his eyes and breathes. He remembered what Datara said to him, and then opens his eyes, getting into a battle position. Kamui laughs, and then also squats down, aiming his sword toward Seireitou. The two then pushed off the ground, and charged at eachother. As they clashed, large amounts of reiatsu emitting from both opposing sides. As their fight continues, Kamui air-kicks Seireitou, attempting to throw him off-balance and open for an attack, but Seireitou, seeing through his tactic, quickly dodges the air-kick and swings his sword at Kamui, wanting to wound him in retaliation for cutting his right shoulder. Kamui quickly leaps over the sword and attempts to attack Seireitou in mid-air, but the latter, still wanting to injure Kamui in retaliation for his earlier injury, uses Shikon Hisakiten, but Kamui effortlessly slashes through it, much to Seireitou's surprise. Taking advantage, Kamui suddenly vanishes for a brief moment and attacks Seireitou from behind, though the latter instinctively blocks his sword and continues the fight, with Seireitou slightly gaining the upper hand, much to Kamui's surprise. Shiori finally reaches the top floor, only to see Seireitou and Kamui clashing blades once again.

Sticking Together: Ryan Getsueikirite Arrives![]

Outside of the Palace, a lone Garganta opens as Ryan jumps out along with Takeshi. Takeshi reminds Ryan that from here on, they must proceed with caution. Ryan thinks back to all of his previous fights, and then to all of the times he spent with Seireitou, fighting Akujin and Termino Muerte. Along the way, the duo face several Hollow and meet with Isshin Kurosaki halfway through. Isshin explains that this is no place for the Soul Society Captains, but Ryan retorts that he is a Human, not a Captain. He then passes Isshin and runs for the Palace. Takeshi tells Isshin that Ryan is "not one to say no to", as Isshin laughs, finding a comparasion with his own son Ichigo in this case. Ryan draws his blade, as he cuts down all Hollow that are interfering. However, he is stopped by a familiar face.

Destruction's Right Hand: Seireitou Kawahiru vs Madara "Kamui" Kawahiru[]

Kamui, apparently losing his patience, drives Seireitou into a wall and lunges his sword at Seireitou's head, the latter of whom barely dodges, severely damaging the wall as a result. In retaliation, Seireitou slashes his sword at Kamui's head, but he quickly blocks the attack with his own blade and side-swings it at Seireitou's neck. Predictably, Seireitou dodged the attack once again, only to have Kamui quickly lunge his sword at Seireitou's shoulder two more times before destroying a piece of the wall Seireitou had drove Kamui into earlier. As the fight continued, Seireitou eventually notices that he can keep up with Kamui and understand his movements much better than during their first encounter. After dodging another one of his attacks, Seireitou notices an opening in Kamui's stance and quickly catches Kamui's wrist, much to surprise of the latter. Taking advantage, Seireitou opportunistically slashes Kamui across the chest, ripping his haori's front-half of the shirt and leaving a large cut across his chest, though the damage was minimal.

Using that chance, Seireitou launches Shikon Hisakiten at Kamui, sending him crashing through the wall and wounding his shoulder. As Seireitou continues his attack, Kamui blocks his blade and tells him that he has missed his chance to kill him, as he will not present any more openings. Seireitou points out that he has injured Kamui, but Kamui seems not to care much. Kamui quickly pushes Seireitou back, and notices a crack in Mūkagami. As both combatants take the time to briefly rest, catch their breath, and regain their composure, Seireitou informs Kamui that he can "read his movements a lot better than last time".

Seireitou then explains that he "felt like he was fighting a machine" during their last fight as he "could not read Kamui's offense, speed, direction, or reactions", but now he can, either by experience, because Seireitou has become more brutal in his battling, or because Kamui has gained emotion within the period between their two battles. Inwardly offended at the possibility of becoming more emotional, Kamui angrily shoots a large cero at Seireitou, to which the latter deflects with Bakudō #81: Dankū. He then subtly reveals that, up until this point, he had been "holding back" his true potential, and flash-steps directly in front of Seireitou, his speed greatly increased. After failing to analyze Kamui's movements, Seireitou, now with a bloodied left eye, barely dodges Kamui's next attack and dashes across the room, hoping to regain his composure. Kamui suddenly appears behind Seireitou and swings his sword at the latter once again, only to have his attack blocked by Seireitou's unnamed kidō shield. The force of the strike was enough to push Seireitou back, despite not receiving any physical damage.

Wanting to disable Kamui quicker, Seireitou attempts to provoke Kamui into attacking him by insulting his "manner of speech", thus leaving him open for another attack, Seireitou gathers up enough reiatsu to form a large "aura" of flames on his sword, which soon forms a small orb of rotating energy. Kamui questions what technique that is, for he never revealed that in their first fight. He calls it "a sun in the palm of his hand", as he activates San no Sekai - YiSeung and continues with Kakuyōyū. Without hesitation, Seireitou releases the orb as it completely decimates the entire top floor of the Soul Palace, slamming Kamui straight to the bottom of the Palace, his haori completely ripped from his body. Seireitou slowly regains his breath, and floats down to Kamui's location. Kamui staggers up, as Seireitou moves in and slashs Kamui down hard from the shoulder. Relishing at the concept of coming close to victory, Seireitou puts his guard down and tells Kamui it's over. Kamui starts to chuckle, and forms a grey cero in his hands that is launched at Seireitou before the latter has time to react. Seireitou is engulfed by the cero, being blasted far back, the left side of his haori being destroyed and ripped off.

Kamui finally regains composure and compliments Seireitou, for nobody from the Royal Guard, the Gotei 13, or even their own Father or Sensei could do the damage that Seireitou had done. Fed up with their fight remaining at a standstill, Seireitou dons his Hollow mask, visibly surprising Kamui, and charges at the latter, quickly gaining the upper hand against him and managing to drive Kamui through the remaining wall, pierce Kamui's blade, and fully repulse another Cero blast. Realizing that Seireitou's strength has firmly surpassed his own, Kamui jumps up to the skies above the ruins of the Soul Palace, Seireitou close behind. Kamui takes this chance and throws Mūkagami to the ground, as he draws Shinbyeong. Seireitou asks if Kamui sees him as a worthy opponent, now that Kamui has decided to use his actual Zanpakutō instead of that "cheap trick of a blade". Kamui replies by saying that Seireitou has reached a level where he can see Kamui eye to eye, and Kamui goes on to say that he cannot allow a greater power than him to exist. He proceeds to use his Resurrección; Sever, Shinbyeong Naerim - Ocultamiento Salvador. His new form frigthens Seireitou, but not as much as Kamui's immense reiatsu. In order to level the playing field, Seireitou proceeds to use his own as well; Collapse into Silence, Hanullim Shikyoshiki - Chillido Vólpino.

Those Who Challenge The Sun: Seireitou's Hanullim vs Kamui's Shinbyeong[]

Both are surrounded by immense reiatsu, taking on their respective aura colors as the two charge at eachother, clashing weapons. With each clash, mini-earthquakes break out all over the area below them. Ryan, who is reaching the two, notice the glowing auras in the skies, and makes them out to be Seireitou and Kamui. Before he takes further action, Shiori is seen running toward him. Ryan notices Shiori visibly expressing grave concern towards Seireitou's safety, and reassures her that Seireitou will win, regardless of his enemy's power. Though this statement seems to slightly calm Shiori, Ryan inwardly states that he'll "only be able to say that for real" once Seireitou beats Kamui, glares intently at the sky, and quietly states Seireitou's name, noting his concern over his friend.

Seireitou uses his Resurrección's ability to erase the cero attacks used by Kamui, only for Seireitou to retaliate with his own cero, as Kamui easily dodges the attack. Kamui uses more cero in hopes of making Seireitou use his ability again. Predictably, Seireitou does just that, as Kamui moves in from behind with his special technique, Gelemoánimo Horadan, stabbing through Seireitou's back. Fortuantly, it misses Seireitou's heart but deals severe damage to his person. Kamui follows up using his second one, on the other hand, but Seireitou uses his blade to knock off the direction so it only cuts Seireitou's left leg. Due to feeling numb in the chest and in the leg, Seireitou starts to lose his concentration as Kamui grabs him by the neck and questions Seireitou's stubborn refusal to give in despite the immense difference in power between them. Undaunted, Seireitou states that he'll continue to fight Kamui, regardless of both his injuries and Kamui's greater status as a fighter, even going so far as to state that he will defeat Kamui. Using willpower alone, Seireitou stabs his sword straight through Kamui's chest, quick enough for the latter to be unable to stop him. Slowly, and staggering slightly, Seireitou makes out the words, Shikon Hisakiten, as he seemingly blows Kamui up in an explosion of immense reiatsu. As the reiatsu dissipates, Seireitou's mangled body slowly descends and crashes into the ground below. Ryan and Shiori quickly rush to his aid, showing both shock and joy as they come to the conclusion that Seireitou had won.

Inside The Darkness: Kamui's Heart[]

Fully Hollowfied Kamui

Kamui reforming inside the darkness

Ryan and Shiori begin to rejoice Seireitou's victory, but are caught by surprise and shock as a dark aura starts to fill the sky. Though the darkness, they can see something manifesting inside, as the darkness starts to form an orb around the manifestation, and grows and extends downwards. Shiori starts to lose her positioning on the ground and is sucked upwards into the darkness above. Ryan and a weakened Seireitou call out to her as she is absorbed inside the large orb. Seireitou forces himself up and jumps up inside, only to be repelled by a barrier of some sorts. Seireitou screams out Shiori's name, and then turns to Ryan, asking if he can see Kamui. He shakes his head as Seireitou grinds his teeth in anger, and turns to Ryan, asking him to use his Shikai's power to form a portal from the outside world inside the darkness. Ryan nods, and states that he can, but it'll only stay open for a second. Seireitou says he doesn't care, as Ryan activates his Shikai, Tsukurite, and forms a portal inside the darkness. Without thinking it through, Seireitou charges in the darkness as the portal shuts close.

Rushing in the darkness, Seireitou screams out Shiori's name but receives no callback, but instead is met with opposition by several Hollow. He summons large flames from his sword and destroys the Hollow attacking him, while still calling out for Shiori. Shiori is floating in a darkened area, looking at the head of Kamui, suspended in mid-air, a Hollow mask covering his face. Shiori demands to know where he brought her, to which Kamui states that she had been here the entire time. He goes on to say that Shiori will remain in the darkness forever. Meanwhile, Seireitou continues to fight with the Hollow, to which one of them starts to talk to him. The Hollow tells Seireitou that he is within Kamui's soul, and that the girl shall be used as a replacement for Kamui's body, which this act will allow Kamui to fully merge with the darkness.

Shiori stares up at Kamui's head, and then asks why he's been doing all of this. Turning Seireitou and her against one another, turning the brothers Ryan and Matt against one another, and toying with the emotions of their friends. She goes on and says that Kamui wouldn't have been able to do such things without understanding one's heart. That he understands the pain of loss because he knows just how important those bonds are. Kamui questions what she is trying to do, as she softly asks if his true wish ever came true. Kamui shows hesitation, calling her "this woman...", as Shiori goes on to say "You're hesitating, aren't you? Because once you merge with the darkness, you will become a monster devoid of feeling." The Hollow speaking to Seireitou tell him that Shiori will give into her fear of the darkness; as her soul falls, Kamui shall take over her body and become completely merged with the darkness. It is to happen, for this is the never-ending cycle of the Kawahiru blood. They then state that "fate cannot be denied".

Seireitou pushes through the Hollow and calls out for Shiori once more, this time his voice gets through. Shiori hears him as Kamui asks Shiori if she wishes to see him. He demands that she answer him, and give her soul to him, for he will allow her to see Seireitou. The darkness slowly creeps toward an unsure Shiori, but a bright light repels it, coming from Shiori's person. She looks up at Kamui, and tells him that Seireitou will come, she is sure of it. As she says this, Seireitou notices a scar of light in the middle of the darkness, as Hanullim starts to call out to Seireitou. He remarks that Hanullim wants him to cut there, as he forms Shikon Hisakiten and strikes at it, as a large portal opens in it's place.

Kamui - battle damaged

Kamui preparing for one final clash with Seireitou

Seireitou jumps inside, as a sparking white light shines for a second, and the two are reunited. They softly speak eachother's names, and embrace eachother, sharing a short kiss. The two then look at Kamui, as Seireitou tells him it's time to end this. Kamui agrees, as his body starts to manifest into it's full form. The surroundings change into a snowy climate, which Seireitou notes is remarkingly familiar to the location of where Kamui slaughtered the clan members. Kamui stands on the opposite end, his hair flowing and his shirt missing, as Seireitou stands at the ready in his tattered appearance. Both take their stance, and do not exchange a word. Both then charge forward, aiming their blade for the other's hearts. Kamui's blade misses, but Seireitou's blade pierces through Kamui's chest, as Shinbyeong shatters in his very hands. Kamui collapses on Seireitou, and coughs up blood over Seireitou's shoulder. Kamui questions if this pain he feels in his chest is "his heart" As he contemplates this, he apologizes to his younger brother as he slowly falls on his back, his shattered sword falling on the ground as well. Seireitou looks on toward his defeated brother and narrows his eyes, as the three are brought back to the ruins of the Palace. Under Kamui, a large Garganta opens that makes Kamui fall inside, as he plummets to the depths of the Dangai world. He bids a final farewell to his brother and Shiori, as his eyes close and his body disappears in the darkness of the Dangai.

Toward Tomorrow[]

One year has passed since Seireitou's defeat over Kamui, and the Royal Guard have been reconstructing the Palace. In Soul Society, the Gotei 13 have recovered. The former Captain-Commander Magatsuhi had disappeared, and Shōyō Shakyamuni takes over his role. Seireitou stands over, looking out from Sōkyoku Hill. Shiori walks over to him, and asks if he regrets not killing Kamui when he had the chance. Seireitou smiles and kisses Shiori's cheek, saying that he is glad Kamui didn't die. He is his brother, after all. Shiori smiled back and sat down next to Seireitou. Seireitou stares up at the sky, and wonders what Kamui is doing now.

Elsewhere, several dead Hollow are seen laying on the floors of the Menos Forest. Kamui is shown, alive and well, sitting on a rock formation. He starts to think about the events that transpired over a year ago, and begins to see the error of his thinking. He recalls how strong Seireitou and Shiori's bond was, at even when he had seperated the two, they still trusted in eachother. He laughs softly at the prospect of it all, and lies on his back, raising his arm up to the Menos Forest's ceiling. Seireitou, looking up at Soul Society's sky, also raises his arm. As the two wonder if they shall meet the other again, they close their fists, tightening a resolve to meet again.

The End