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This arc is highly unimportant to the site and thus we need everyone to be as respectful as possible. Kogone Uchiha is the Admin of this arc and the final decisions are made by him. If you have any concerns please contact him using his talk page.


The stories takes part randomly in time, and therefor does not crash with someone elses fan fiction (I hope).


1. Kanmuro Town's New Protector

All other Shinigami who has been sent to this town has never returned. Will Metaru be the one to break the curse?

2. Illegal Experimenting in the Research and Development Instute

Highly secret experiments are being done far in the Research and Developement Instute.

3. A Scream for Attention

The highly ignored Hibiki's attempts to gain attention. Will he finally get it?

4. A Day in the 11th Division

What is it some members of the 11th Division do outside of duty? Note: This is a short chapter

5. An Insanity is Building Up

Can even a Captain fall from a failed experiment?

6. The Breakaway From The Espada

Does all of the Espada creations stay under the command of it's creator? Note: Another short chapter