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The Soul Compass (魂魄の関係図 (ソウル・コンパス) Sōru Konpasu; lit. "Soul Relationship Chart") is User:Tycho's depiction of the various dual natures present in spiritual beings. It shows the opposite relationships between Humans and Hollows, Fullbringers and Pstrykers , Arrancar and Visored, and Shinigami and Quincy.
Soul Compass


Counterclockwise from top:

  • Human (lit. person; first kanji of “Human”)
  • Fullbringer (lit. full, complete; first kanjiof “Fullbringer”)
  • Arrancar (lit. rend; first kanji of “Arrancar”)
  • Shinigami (lit. death)
  • Hollow(lit. “hollow”)
  • Pstryker (lit. idea, thought; first kanjiof “Pstryker”)
  • Visored (lit. mask; second kanji of “Visored”)
  • Quincy (lit. destroy; first kanji of “Quincy)
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