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Simon Moriarty
Simon Moriarty
Race Paladin
Birthplace Aether
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Weight 195 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Aether
Team Holy Decimo
Profession Paladin VI
Base of Operations Paladin HQ (Victoria Cathedral)
Personal Status
Mod Soul Powers
Signature Skill Wind Manipulation
First Appearance
Roleplay Debut The War of Four: An Eagle's Cry
Series Debut Bleach: The War of Four

Simon Moriarty is a Paladin of Aether and a member of the Holy Decimo. His position is Paladin VI, and his personal moniker is "Father Teresa".


Simon Moriarty's Full Appearance

Simon's full appearance, with his blade.

Simon is sociable, intelligent, and rather friendly towards those he interacts with. Towards his men, he exhibits the role of both a disciplined commander and a father figure. He always makes sure to keep them out of certain harm's way and does his best to ensure that all of them return from their missions in one piece. He is most noted for his way of speaking, preferring to use words of archaic and Shakespearean nature. This mixture of presentation grants him respect and reverence, and he is mostly the one sought out for advice or aid. He takes a heavy fascination in literature, and is known to recite poetry and novels in parts of his spare time. It is not uncommon for him to carry a quote with him prior to a battle for motivational purposes.

In combat, he makes sure to uphold the code of the Paladins to a T, expecting the other Paladins to do the same. He makes sure to uphold an extent of honor and integrity when dealing with his opponents, even in the face of ones that prefer to use underhanded measures. Despite this, attitude towards his opponent can vary. When the one he is fighting has done something extremely atrocious or amoral, he will regard them with severe contempt and fury. In such a case, he will focus on completely destroying them and show no mercy. This is a trait shared with Percival, but unlike the 4th Paladin, he is capable of showing restraint and does so against foes who have shown genuine regret.



Powers & Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: As the 6th Paladin, Simon possesses a tremendous amount of spiritual energy.He has exceptional control of it, capable of redirecting and deflecting other energy-based attacks on his person with natural ease.



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