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Silver-Hairs Gang
Kanji 護廷十三隊
English Gang of the Silver-Hair
Romaji Ginkami Ichihan
Headquarters None
Leader(s) Seireitou Kawahiru
Purpose Unknown

The Silver-Hairs Gang (銀髪一班, Ginkami Ichihan) refers to the founding members of the Eighth Division of the Gotei 13 that were handpicked by its first Captain, Seireitou Kawahiru. Upon their Captain's defection over a thousand years old, they had also, for one reason or another, abandoned the Soul Society and are all considered to be criminals in the eyes of Central 46. Although they had eventually went on their own paths, they still strongly consider one another comrades, even to this day.


Named for their leader's silver hair, they were a group of souls from different backgrounds that were brought together by Seireitou. Whether they followed him because they admired his ideals and convictions, or chose to study under him as a mentor, they vowed their loyalty to the Captain and became the foundation for what would become the Eighth Division of the Gotei 13. After their Captain abandoned the Soul Society, they contemplated their own reasons for staying, and eventually, one by one, they made the choice to leave the Gotei 13 behind. They were all branded criminals of the Soul Society and an execution order was sent out for each and every one of them. However, they all managed to evade their watchful eyes, and over the course of a thousand years, they found a place for themselves throughout the three worlds.

Seireitou has boasted that each and every one of them is currently at least Captain-class in terms of skill and power.


Notable Members

Silver-Hairs Gang
Name Previous Position Status
Seireitou KawahiruCaptain Active
Keijirō ShibaLieutenant † Deceased
Mikumo IseThird Seat Active
Shintarō KatsuraFourth Seat Active
Tsukuyo SoneFifth Seat Active
Shōji OkadaSixth Seat Active


During his Captaincy, and even afterwards, Seireitou had addressed each and every one of the members of his inner circle with some shortened variation of their name and the occasional addition of an honorific.

Behind the Scenes

The author planned to have five members of the Silver-Hairs Gang become prominent in the story, all of whom are ranked between Third Seat and Seventh Seat from when they were under Captain Seireitou's command. This was decided upon because the author wishes to parallel the Five Animals of southern Chinese kung-fu to the five members of this group that received training from Seireitou. Keijirō represents the Dragon (for power), Katsura represents the Leopard (for speed), Tsukuyo represents the Tiger (for aggression), Mikumo represents the Snake (for fluidity), and Shōji represents the Crane (for balance).

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