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Shozou Suuhai is the 3rd Seat of the 13th Division. He is loyal to his captain Fujin.


Shozou wears a standard Shingami uniform with minor customizations. He has wears a large gold medallion on his neck with the Kanji for Wind on it. He has a special shoulder piece that covers up to his neck to right above his elbow. He has black hair and pale white eyes.


Shozou is calm and friendly. He doesn't like to stand out and perfers to listen instead of contributing to conversations. He is friendly and is like by most of his division.


Flash Step- He is quite skilled in using Flash Steps. This seems to be one of his strong points, as he was once part of the 2nd Division.

Swordsmanship Specialist- He is skilled in sword combat. He pefers this over hand to hand as he is weak. He wields his Zanpakuto with his right hand.

Quick Regeneration- For some unknown reason, he heals quicker than others. A stab wound will heal in the time of a papercut and a slight cut will heal in an instant.

Kido Practioner- He is somewhat skilled at Kido, this is because his Zanpakuto is a Kido type.


Shozou's Zanpakuto's name is Fukku Kijuuki (lit. Hooked Crane). It is a Wind/Kido Type Zanpakuto. The handle is thin a circular with a crane's neck and head like design swirling around the handle. The guard is shaped as a diamond and the blade is long. The release phrase is Teiku Goshujin Sutansu (lit. Take you Stance)

Shikai- In Shikai, Fukku Kijuuki keeps its katana shape. It looses its guard and the handle becomes longer. The wielder gains a pair of wings that are made of pure spiritual pressure.

Shikai Abilities- In Shikai, Fukku Kijuuki can create large blasts of wind. It also lets the wielder fly high in the air. The wielder can channel Kido into the sword to create intense hurricanes that do major damage.


  • Shozou means Crystal Statue and Suuhai means Worship


  • "Take your Stance! Fukku Kijuuki"
  • "Determination is key"
  • "The 13th Division has Pride Unlike any other!"